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Alexis Taylor
Listen With(out) Piano

Alexis Taylor is the esteemed face of indietronica kings, Hot Chip. In 2016 he dropped his solo offering, Piano, and he now returns with a companion to his nuanced debut - Listen With(out) Piano. Described as "a series of multiple clothes...view item »

Anna Meredith

The best and incidentally first song from Anna Meredith’s miasma catastrophe ‘Varmints’, this 12” celebrates “Nautilus” the way it deserves, giving it its whole own plate of wax to spin around on. The track’s triumphant horn fanfare is matched with synths that resemble two b-list horror movies sizing eac...view item »

Anna Meredith

Certainly doing pretty nicely amongst the chattering arts set, thank you very much, Anna Meredith won Scottish Album of the Year award for her debut 'Varmints' and has been artist in residence and sat on panels and all that sort of stuff. Now she releases a new collaboration with the Scottish Ensemble where she ...view item »

Benin City
Last Night

Last Night by Benin City examines London’s night life. The band reminisce about the hedonistic times they’ve had in the Big Smoke. Their influences are wide-ranging, from Philip Glass to Metronomy, Ghostpoet to Grizzly Bear...view item »


Funf is Teleman’s third release following 2014’s Breakfast and 2016’s Sanity - two pretty neat albums, it has to be said. The EP is also their most experimental work. The band decided to throw themselves a curve ball, well, five curve balls to be exact. They worked with a differe...view item »

Charles Watson
Now That I’m A River

Good to know that Charles is now a river. Good on him. You only get one life etc. Actually this member of Slow Club and Surfing Magazines despite being made of water and reeds etc has made quite a lovely thing here. The title track is gorgeous! It has that laid back singer s...view item »

Family of Aliens

London indie four-piece, defined by two neat haircuts and two less neat, Teleman follow-up 2016’s Brilliant Sanity with their third studio Album, Family of Aliens. Known for their smart lyrics, carefree guitar work and earworm-ready melodies, Family of Aliens finds them adding electronic shades to their sound. Limited edit...view item »

Anna Meredith

"Varmints" - what a word, very Elmer Fudd! - is Scottish composer and multi-instrumentalist Anna Meredith's debut album, and it starts very strikingly with "Nautilus"; looped acoustic instrumentation - trumpet, cornet, tuba - and then piles on blasts of brass over the top of that - it's a pulsing, hypnotic and lively piece as an opening statemen...view item »

Girl Ray
The Way We Came Back

This new single by Girl Ray contains a song Poppy Hankin wrote when she was 16 years old (she's not much older than that now to be fair). So it's nice to see she's not ashamed of her past. Expect a similar kind of naive and charming indie pop as shown on their recent well regarded album 'Earl Grey'. ...view item »

The Wave Pictures
Brushes With Happiness

The new album from the The Wave Pictures, Brushes With Happiness, has a name inspired by the drummer, Jonny Helm’s positive way with the trap set. Content-wise, the album follows a similar to path to their laid-back 2016 effort, A Season In Hull, and like that album it was recorded live in one day. Violet sparkle coloured ...view item »

Florence + The Machine
Kiss with a Fist

Florence and the Machine now on Moshi Moshi, no idea what said machine is though.. Maybe a blender or a portable battery-powered bidet, I dunno. To be honest I'm going backwards and forwards between thinking this is horrible to wondering if it's maybe just me being harsh, it's really not my cup of tea at all but I'm trying damn it, I'm trying. I ca...view item »

Girl Ray

First ‘proper’ release for youth band Girl Ray, following some online-only tracks. Trouble is the work of three people scarcely out of school, and their bright indie-pop outlook is a welcome corrective to the cynicism of people like you (yes, you). 7” single released as part of the Moshi Moshi singles ...view item »

Kiran Leonard
Derevaun Seraun

I don't know why but I often put books and strings together. A bookshop with a string quartet would probably be my most favourite thing. And a bit of dust. Kiran Leonard has written this album as part of a residency to celebrate the re-opening of Manchester Central Library. Now, we know that libraries are quiet places so he has sensibly decided ...view item »

The Surfing Magazines
The Surfing Magazines

This one has had a post-it note on for a few weeks which announced that it was 'absolutely awful' but I'm finding it hard to figure out what the perpetrator of such aggression got so annoyed about. It just seems no better nor worse than any other the Wave Pictures record. You know with any Wave Pictures an...view item »

Weird Little Birthday

Happyness (sic) have created an indie throwback sandwich here, crafting a record of referential indie rock as contained in a sprawl as maddening as Pavement’s ‘Wowee Zowee’. On these seventeen tracks, they run the spectrum, from the gentle distortion of Yo La Tengo...view item »

Girl Ray
Earl Grey

Although it's been noticed that Girl Ray have taken influenced from the C86 batch of bands who trademarked the spindly guitar and naive melodies that makes the best bits of indie-pop so wholesome, this London three piece are no shamblers. Their melodies and in particular the lush voice of singer Poppy Hankin are aiming higher. The twisting turni...view item »

Lo-Fi Fnk

Sleepless, eh? Story of my bloody life. This is a singles club type thingy and it's a reasonably insubstantial breeze of housey electro-pop which wouldn't be out of place playing over the top of the emotional climax of Kevin and Perry Go Large.. I'm only assuming that there might be an emotional climax in there, I HAVEN'T SEEN IT HONEST HONEST H...view item »

Slow Club

Slow Club are here with their sophomore album. This time round they sound a bit more polished than last time, it seems to me like an album that was written in the studio. This is quite slick and catchy boy/girl indie pop. The girl does most of the singing actually. Sometimes it's quite synth-heavy, sometimes it's more jangly. At one point t...view item »

Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen

With a name like Casiokids you know what to expect. It's like Twilight Sad calling themselves Noisy, Shoegazey Scottish Lads. This has the feel of a group who have heard that Postal Service album and thought 'we can do that' but forgetting to write any songs (thanks Mike for that analogy). ...view item »

See-Saw Girl

Andy Slaughter, MP for Hammersmith and Fulham, describes Totem as “the best band in West London”, and yet despite this fact I am immediately charmed by this curious 7” of puttering repeato-pop which mixes an idiosyncratic Zun Zun Egui-meets-Goat tribalism with i...view item »

Alexis Taylor

Alexis Taylor must be doing something right. His band Hot Chip do very well for themselves despite them being largely appalling. He’s collaborated with Charles Hayward and Green Gartside and has interviewed David Byrne. He now gets to do kind of what he likes with his career and when he came up with the idea ...view item »

Sweet Baboo
Wild Imagination

There probably comes a time when Stephen Black is stressed, but for us, he has to pretend he’s not. Protecting us with his shield of breezing psychedelic pop, his work as Sweet Bamboo has zero problems and ten different sources of sunlight. ‘Wild Imagination’ is another record that proves how rich with psychedelic pop his life ...view item »

Write In

This is the perfect time for Happyness: not quite the second you’ve woken up, but the very moment you’ve surrendered to the long day ahead, allowing it to begin. Having taken up the chill mantle of mixtape-making era Yo La Tengo and countless effervescent slacker bands, these guys know a thing or two...view item »

Wesley Gonzalez
Excellent Musician

Weird and wonderful experimental pop from Wesley Gonzalez, formerly of Let’s Wrestle. The process behind Excellent Musician took years of playful bedroom demos and semi-improvised them into fully-fledged songs in a deliberately hurried way, using a band unfamiliar with the material. The results ar...view item »

The Wave Pictures
Bamboo Diner In The Rain

UK indie-blues outfit The Wave Pictures have a new album in the form of Bamboo Diner In The Rain. Once again, the group’s kitchen-sink songs are full of wit, though this album makes a change from the last acoustic one by being fully electrified: the rich tone of classic electric blues runs throughout the record. R...view item »

Meilyr Jones

There is a sudden rush to name albums after 2013 (see also Malcolm Middleton). What actually happened in 2013? I can’t remember.   Meilyr Jones is the latest tuneful Welsh troubadour to follow in the footsteps of Gruff Rhys, ...view item »

Slow Club
One Day All Of This Won't Matter Any More

Slow Club’s Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor apparently wanted to migrate their slow pop style to the American South, so they recruited the production skills of Matthew E. White and recorded the album at his Spacebomb Studios in Richmond, Virginia. White and his house band imbue the songs ...view item »

Brilliant Sanity

Hands up who wants a fantastic pop LP for the summer months? Well my hands are right up in the aor and I’m hoping this Teleman album will do the trick. It’s one of those albums that just sounds instantly good from the get go and has some moments that are strangely familiar on first listen. The perfect recipe for earworm po...view item »

Kiran Leonard

In a recent interview teenage Oldham wonder kid Kiran Leonard complained that he wasn’t interested in any music that ‘just comes out’ of artists suggesting that he wouldn’t rate any music that isn’t poured over obsessively. For one this invalidates such seemingly composed with ease works such as ‘Go...view item »

Sweet Baboo

As Sweet Baboo Stephen Black makes a charming pop-rock that sounds like the sweetest Super Furry Animals releases, and we’re not just saying that because they’re both Welsh. Dennis is a mini-album that combines a Christmas song, two songs from his most recent album and three covers. ...view item »

Kiran Leonard
Pink Fruit

Ah the one sided etched 12”. This time  it is justified as it contains the whole 16 minutes of this centrepiece from the upcoming album ‘Grapefruit’ from Oldham's finest. Initially Leonard appears to have all the chops of a Jeff Buckley who has grown up listening only to ...view item »

Meilyr Jones
How to Recognise a Work of Art

What is it with the Welsh? First Super Furry Animals then Gorkys then H. Hawkline. They all seem to have a knack of making bouncy, catchy pop with nods to the sort of people who used to make bouncy catchy pop in the olden days. Meilyr Jones i...view item »

Sweet Baboo
The Boombox Ballads

“You give me the Sweetest Baboo”. So almost sang Sade back in the day. Head Baboo Steve Black certainly slathers on the sweetness on this album of quirky indie songwriting. It’s the type of stuff that will appeal to fans of Camera Obscura, ...view item »

Meilyr Jones
Refugees / Birds

‘You’ve got to switch off your television, start talking’ is the first line that you’re met with on Meilyr Jones’ duo of songs on this here 12” which chronicles the journey of a couch potato starting in their living room, sorting their partner troubles out, making that effort to stand up and then walking out o...view item »

Summer Camp
Bad Love

Bad Love is the third album by Summer Camp. Their previously successful recipe of distorted guitars, thick, fuzzy synth lines and glorious pop melodies is refined here to make an album of joyful kitchen sink indie pop. Bad Love is available as an 'indies only' limited vinyl edition of 300 copies with a ...view item »

Tom Vek

Tom Vek was one of those mid 00's anomalies - a genuinely interesting purveyor of progressive bedroom pop who seemed to pull these quite wonderful earworms from his hide like he was picking a fluffy piece of lint from his sleeve. Then studying it scientifically through his clever boffin specs. He likes his specs so much he had them as star featu...view item »


Listen to 6 Music on a regular basis and between the Elbow records, they sometimes sneak in songs by other people. One thing they’ve been getting rather excited about of late has been Teleman. Now I’d never heard of them but I was aware of the band they rose out of namely ...view item »

Hercules & Love Affair
The Feast Of The Broken Heart

Get on your spandex and pop a gary or five with Hercules & Love Affair. The Feast Of The Broken Heart is the third full length from the pi-atti starters. This one is packed with all your favourite synths, bass grooves, hot vocal hooks and classic house kicks, hats and snares. A strong 90s vibe through...view item »

Tom Williams & The Boat
Easy Fantastic

Got a CD of pedestrian blues rock business here from Tom Williams & the Boat. It appears to have angered our post-it sprinkling stockroom goblin who simply says "Bluesy R6 rock, Gomez meets oh fuck". Gomez is a fair comparison, as are Razorlight in the...view item »

Mariam The Believer
Blood Donation

I have been listening to the album blood donations for a about half a month now and i have really gotten attached to it. I had first heard about her hen a youtuber i follow called Anthony Fantano had like one of your videos. It was the video for the song "Somewhere else". I was so intrigued, the melody of that song was constantly in my head... a...view item »

Summer Camp
Summer Camp

Oh gawd, I thought I was taking one for the team by reviewing some kind of Tennis/Beach House/Best Coast style well-polished slacker pop but this Summer Camp album actually turns out to be some kind of soft, sticky ya...view item »

The Very Best

These guys played at a recent festival I attended. I had never heard of them, but I was blown away. MTMTMK is a terrific mix of catchy dance tunes with more rhythmic tracks featuring experimental sounds. "Kondaine" and "We OK" are about as peppy and upbeat as you can get. "Bantu" is a favourite of mine, featuring a beautiful singer, Baaba Maal. "Ad...view item »

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