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Anna Meredith

Certainly doing pretty nicely amongst the chattering arts set, thank you very much, Anna Meredith won Scottish Album of the Year award for her debut 'Varmints' and has been artist in residence and sat on panels and all that sort of stuff. Now she releases a new collaboration with the Scottish Ensemble where she ...view item »


Funf is Teleman’s third release following 2014’s Breakfast and 2016’s Sanity - two pretty neat albums, it has to be said. The EP is also their most experimental work. The band decided to throw themselves a curve ball, well, five curve balls to be exact. They worked with a differe...view item »

Anna Meredith

Varmints is the debut album by Scottish composer, electronic and acoustic musician Anna Meredith. It follows her two EPs, 2012’s Black Prince Fury and 2013’s Jet Black Raider. The music is complex, dynamic, varied, bombastic and confident. Meredith has shared bills with James Blake...view item »

Invisible Minds
Make Up Your Own Stories

No-one's sure who the person behind Invisible Minds is, but that hasn’t stopped them spiking in popularity since the release of debut single ‘Yo Mae Leh’ at the back-end of 2017. Now Moshi Moshi have gone and snapped up their debut LP. Make Up Your Own Stories is a varied listen - some...view item »

Kiran Leonard
Western Culture

The prolific Kiran Leonard returns to Moshi Moshi with a new LP. Western Culture sees him striking a balance between the home-taped maximalism of Bowler Hat Soup and Grapefruit and the emotive chamber-pop that characterised the more recent Derevaun Seraun. The record is given ...view item »


Meatraffle are one of those innovative if filthy London bands that probably sit in pubs all day and plot new ways to be weird. They make angular post-punk with a distinctly Marxist ethic. They have toured with the likes of Fat White Family and Sleaford Mods and following a single on Speedy ...view item »

The Wave Pictures
Brushes With Happiness

The new album from the The Wave Pictures, Brushes With Happiness, has a name inspired by the drummer, Jonny Helm’s positive way with the trap set. Content-wise, the album follows a similar to path to their laid-back 2016 effort, A Season In Hull, and like that album it was recorded live in one day. Violet sparkle coloured ...view item »

Alexis Taylor
Listen With(out) Piano

Alexis Taylor is the esteemed face of indietronica kings, Hot Chip. In 2016 he dropped his solo offering, Piano, and he now returns with a companion to his nuanced debut - Listen With(out) Piano. Described as "a series of multiple clothes...view item »

Anna Meredith

Nautilus is arguably the stand-out track from composer and electronic artist Anna Meredith’s 2016 album, Varmints, which, among widespread critical acclaim, also won Scottish Album Of The Year. The track is lovingly presented on a one sided 12” with an etching on the flip side. On Moshi Moshi....view item »

Benin City
Last Night

Last Night by Benin City examines London’s night life. The band reminisce about the hedonistic times they’ve had in the Big Smoke. Their influences are wide-ranging, from Philip Glass to Metronomy, Ghostpoet to Grizzly Bear...view item »

Family of Aliens

London indie four-piece, defined by two neat haircuts and two less neat, Teleman follow-up 2016’s Brilliant Sanity with their third studio Album, Family of Aliens. Known for their smart lyrics, carefree guitar work and earworm-ready melodies, Family of Aliens finds them adding electronic shades to their sound. Limited edit...view item »

Sons of Raphael
Eating People

Loral and Ronnel Raphael are a pair of siblings who record under the name Sons Of Raphael. Aided by two guitars and a drum machine the brothers make weirdo indie-pop with scratchy distortion and lo-fi beats. They seem to live in a strange world of their own making where no-one really know whats re...view item »

Girl Ray
The Way We Came Back

This new single by Girl Ray contains a song Poppy Hankin wrote when she was 16 years old (she's not much older than that now to be fair). So it's nice to see she's not ashamed of her past. Expect a similar kind of naive and charming indie pop as shown on their recent well regarded album 'Earl Grey'. ...view item »

Girl Ray
(I Wish I Were Giving You A Gift) This Christmas

Some would say the best Christmas songs are those that offset tacked-on festive cheer with a good dollop of glum, lonesome longing. The young North London trio Girl Ray indulge in just such understated sadness for ‘(I Wish I Were Giving You A Gift) This Christmas’, enlisting all the classic signifiers from children&r...view item »

Florence + The Machine
Kiss with a Fist

Florence and the Machine now on Moshi Moshi, no idea what said machine is though.. Maybe a blender or a portable battery-powered bidet, I dunno. To be honest I'm going backwards and forwards between thinking this is horrible to wondering if it's maybe just me being harsh, it's really not my cup of tea at all but I'm trying damn it, I'm trying. I ca...view item »

The Wave Pictures
City Forgiveness

The Wave Pictures have been on tour to the US of A and have come back with an even wider array of guitar solos. There’s literally thousands of them on this new double LP (it would be a single LP if you took off all the solo-ing) and some of them go on for-fucking-ever. At best it recalls Neil Young, at wors...view item »

Girl Ray

First ‘proper’ release for youth band Girl Ray, following some online-only tracks. Trouble is the work of three people scarcely out of school, and their bright indie-pop outlook is a welcome corrective to the cynicism of people like you (yes, you). 7” single released as part of the Moshi Moshi singles ...view item »

Girl Ray

Preacher is the third single by 100% lady three-piece Girl Ray from North London. Their sweetly-sour heartache pop sound fits nicely with the C86 scene, being a bit unintentionally lo-fi with more than a pinch of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci-style piano balladry in the mix. 7" single on Moshi Moshi....view item »

Hot Chip
Coming On Strong

This album is unclassifiable, and amazing -- for about 7 songs. Imagine Paul McCartney getting brain-damaged and haunted by Beck's Midinite Vultures, with only a cheap keyboard to keep him company. Maybe. I am having a hard time even forming an opinion of these guys, which is usually an indicator that they are doing something very good. I don't ...view item »

Kiran Leonard
Derevaun Seraun

Kiran Leonard's music wields emotional outpourings and emo math demolitions into one sporadic and dense rock pantomime, sounding like Adult Jazz if they couldn't tidy their room and Jeff Buckley with half the restraint. He follows the excellent Grapefruit ...view item »

The Surfing Magazines
The Surfing Magazines

“We used to get our kicks from surfing magazines” said the Go Betweens.  Well now you can get your kicks from the Surfing Magazines  - a indie rock supergroup containing members of Slow Club and those ever visible lads from the Wave Pictures...view item »

Weird Little Birthday

'Weird Little Birthday' is the self produced follow up to the critically acclaimed eponymous debut EP released earlier this year from South London trio Happyness. Drawing of the influence of college rock bands such as Sparklehorse, Pavement, MGMT and Yo La Tengo, ‘Wierd Little Birthday’ is a record which plays on the difficult balanc...view item »


New EP from Flamingods, the kaleidoscopic collective who pull international folk and psych musics into a bright frenzy of grooving other-world dance-pop. Kaweil’s four tracks show off the near-telepathic connection the band have built up with one another over the last few years of music-making. 10” EP on Mos...view item »

Girl Ray
Earl Grey

The contemporary wave of lo-fi, angsty and juvenile guitar balladry isn't threatening to seize anytime soon. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of The Big Moon and Goat Girl, Girl Ray are in the centre of the scene. Their debut, Early Grey, strikes gold and fulfils every hope held by a growing fando...view item »

Lo-Fi Fnk

Sleepless, eh? Story of my bloody life. This is a singles club type thingy and it's a reasonably insubstantial breeze of housey electro-pop which wouldn't be out of place playing over the top of the emotional climax of Kevin and Perry Go Large.. I'm only assuming that there might be an emotional climax in there, I HAVEN'T SEEN IT HONEST HONEST H...view item »

Slow Club

Slow Club are here with their sophomore album. This time round they sound a bit more polished than last time, it seems to me like an album that was written in the studio. This is quite slick and catchy boy/girl indie pop. The girl does most of the singing actually. Sometimes it's quite synth-heavy, sometimes it's more jangly. At one point t...view item »

Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen

With a name like Casiokids you know what to expect. It's like Twilight Sad calling themselves Noisy, Shoegazey Scottish Lads. This has the feel of a group who have heard that Postal Service album and thought 'we can do that' but forgetting to write any songs (thanks Mike for that analogy). ...view item »

See-Saw Girl

Andy Slaughter, MP for Hammersmith and Fulham, describes Totem as “the best band in West London”, and yet despite this fact I am immediately charmed by this curious 7” of puttering repeato-pop which mixes an idiosyncratic Zun Zun Egui-meets-Goat tribalism with i...view item »

Alexis Taylor

Alexis Taylor steps away from the pop star spotlight of Hot Chip (or indeed the improv lamplight of About Group) for a subtle solo album in a shaded corner. Piano was recorded by Alexis alone, with just his voice and a grand piano, both untreated by effects. New songs a...view item »

Sweet Baboo
Wild Imagination

Welshman Stephen Black has multi-talented fingers in many pies, running his label Businessman, as well as playing on record with contemporaries such as Cate Le Bon, Slow Club, and Teleman. His solo project Sweet Baboo now comes back to Moshi Moshi with it’...view item »

Write In

Happyness return with a second album of fresh-faced alternative rock, titled Write In. They still recall the high years of the US college rock scene, with just the right amount of slacker-swagger to make them charming. That, plus an increasingly bold and melodic songwriting sensibility, makes Write In a winner....view item »

Wesley Gonzalez
Excellent Musician

Weird and wonderful experimental pop from Wesley Gonzalez, formerly of Let’s Wrestle. The process behind Excellent Musician took years of playful bedroom demos and semi-improvised them into fully-fledged songs in a deliberately hurried way, using a band unfamiliar with the material. The results ar...view item »

The Wave Pictures
Bamboo Diner In The Rain

UK indie-blues outfit The Wave Pictures have a new album in the form of Bamboo Diner In The Rain. Once again, the group’s kitchen-sink songs are full of wit, though this album makes a change from the last acoustic one by being fully electrified: the rich tone of classic electric blues runs throughout the record. R...view item »

Meilyr Jones

Meilyr Jones’ album 2013 is intended to convey to the listener the experience of being Meilyr Jones during the year 2013, which it achieves through the medium of broadly orchestrated melodic pop songs. As well as Jones’ vocals, we have trombones, choirs, french harps, bassoo...view item »

Slow Club
One Day All Of This Won't Matter Any More

Slow Club doesn’t exactly take it easy. Only a year after I Swam Out to Greet You, the duo, consisting of multi-instrumentalists Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor, is back. Working with American southern-folk producer Mathew E. White, the duo were able to reinvent...view item »

Wesley Gonzalez
I Spoke To Euan

Wesley Gonzalez may be familiar to you from his time in pop-punk crew Let’s Wrestle, but he’s moving aside from that style for this solo debut. What he’s doing on this single is more like the sound of 70’s rock songwriters: he even learned to play the piano! I Spoke To Euan is ou...view item »

Brilliant Sanity

Seeking out the art of the perfect pop song, Teleman’s second album Brilliant Sanity captures some of the joy that went into the creation of the music. Well honed and impeccably played, featuring the four piece, with brothers Tommy and Johnny on vocals, guitar and synth  drummer Hiro Amamiya and Pete Cattermoul on bas...view item »

Kiran Leonard

Kiran Leonard is an indecently good musician, bearing in mind his tender age of 20. This isn’t even his debut… Grapefruit has lots to show off, from fully rock-action passages to chamber orchestra sections and even some radio hiss ambience, all cemented by Leonard’s remarkable voice. ...view item »

Sweet Baboo

As Sweet Baboo Stephen Black makes a charming pop-rock that sounds like the sweetest Super Furry Animals releases, and we’re not just saying that because they’re both Welsh. Dennis is a mini-album that combines a Christmas song, two songs from his most recent album and three covers. ...view item »

Kiran Leonard
Pink Fruit

Kiran Leonard is an indecently good musician, bearing in mind his tender age of 20. This isn’t even his debut… Pink Fruit is excerpted from his new full-length album Grapefruit, and the track takes several unexpected (but welcome) left turns over the course of its impressive 16 minutes. Single side...view item »

Meilyr Jones
How to Recognise a Work of Art

Meilyr Jones new single How To Recognise A Work Of Art is taken from his solo debut album 2013. Its a broadly orchestrated melodic pop number, built out of Jones’ melodramatic vocals, choirs, french harps, bassoons and some horns that parp out a particularly catchy refrain. 7” singl...view item »

The Very Best

Sweka is taken from this year’s full-length record Makes A King, where it stood out as a groovy jewel in The Very Best’s crown. Now, as a single, it can easily travel out to DJ sets, where it belongs: especially now that it comes backed with remixes by Joshua James and Prins...view item »

Sweet Baboo
The Boombox Ballads

‘The Boombox Ballads’ is the fifth album release from Sweet Baboo. In an effort to move away from the singer/songwriter label he had grown uncomfortable with and focus more on the craft of being a singer, Baboo teamed up with arranger Paul Jones, whose vivid accompaniments channeled the work of the likes of Scott Walker or Harry Nils...view item »

Meilyr Jones
Refugees / Birds

Meilyr Jones splits this single between a heartfelt solo piano and voice song, Refugees, and the full baroque orchestral sweep of Birds. Both pieces showcase a grand musical style and a reality-rooted lyrical intent, with lines including “switch off the television”. Refugees / Birds is out ...view item »

The Wave Pictures
Strange Fruit For David

The Wave Pictures: Strange Fruit For David (Moshi Moshi) The 'she said' style lyric that's emblazoned on the back of the sleeve is worth a read before you actually listen to the song itself. The instrumentation is very much in the neo-folk style of the likes of Johnny Flynn. acoustic guitar, bass, drums and handclaps. It's the cringe worthy lyrics ...view item »

Villa Nah
Running On

I once had a dream about a family that moved into a nice suburban neighborhood. Their house was really nice, but next door to them there was a house that was empty, and quite oppressive looking. The family moved into their nice home, and quickly became accustomed to the laid back suburban way of life. One night, when the family were sleeping, th...view item »

Two Wounded Birds
Together Forever

I like this band. Saw them a few months ago expecting some kind of hipster crap but they actually play really charming '60s style pop/rock'n'roll with the usual reverby guitar and doo-wop harmonies. On this 7” we've got an upbeat song on the A side and a downbeat one on the reverse....view item »

Casual Sex
Stroh 80

Call me old fashioned, but I can’t help but feel like if you’re going to call your band “Casual Sex”, the music should have some edge to it, some sleaze! That’s not really what’s happening on this latest 7” from the Moshi Moshi sin...view item »

Oh Honey

That last Alterkicks single was a right load of old cobblers, like Coldplay or some such wet baz. Newie 'Oh Honey' on Moshi Moshi is a real improvement. A catchy, perky foot tapper spilling infectious shapes & a bit of raw soul into the frantic strummy pop mix. Can imagine it cheering folk up on the way home as It'...view item »

Summer Camp
Bad Love (single)

Bad Love is the title track and first single to be taken from the new album by indie-poppers Summer Camp. Lyrically it deals with the anxieties of a burgeoning relationship told in the way of a classic ‘80s John Hughes film. Musically, it’s a catchy piece of guitar-driven, synth drenched, melodic indie-pop....view item »

The Wave Pictures
The Fire Alarm

Opening with a distinct 80s bass-heavy surfpunk riff, but with lush choruses, it’s no wonder The Fire Alarm is one of our favorite cuts off Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon. The Wave Pictures are releasing this joyful and oldschool take on 7” with a hopefully equally appealing b-side in ...view item »

Summer Camp
Bad Love

Bad Love is the third album by Summer Camp. Their previously successful recipe of distorted guitars, thick, fuzzy synth lines and glorious pop melodies is refined here to make an album of joyful kitchen sink indie pop. Bad Love is available as an 'indies only' limited vinyl edition of 300 copies with a ...view item »

The Wave Pictures
Pea Green Coat

Created in collaboration with one of their all-time favourite heroes, Billy Childish, ‘Pea Green Coat’ is the first single from the Wave Pictures’ new album Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon. Following on from their last collaborative project with Stanley Binks, Childish creates a riff-h...view item »

The Very Best
Makes A King

The Very Best are a London-based duo made up from Swedish producer, Johan Hugo and Malawian singer and musician, Esau Mwamwaya. The Very Best fuse African style, synth pop and dance beats to create a truly diverse brand of globe-hopping music. Makes A King&nbs...view item »

The Wave Pictures
I Could Hear The Telephone (3 Floors Above Me) / Walking On The Water

I Could Hear The Telephone (3 Floors Above Me) / Walking On Water is the next single to be taken from The Wave Pictures forthcoming long-player Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon. The A-side cuts a garage groove with Go-Betweens-meets-Jonathan-Richman vocal. The B-side, Walking On Water is Creeden...view item »

The Wave Pictures
Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon

Twee runaways The Wave Pictures have written a good getaway tune or two in their time, and a few great love songs. They continue their foray into unconventional indie pop with the impressively titled Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon, which the band co-wrote with Billy Childish...view item »

NZCA Lines
New Atmosphere

Melancholy electropop in the vein of Twin Shadow comes from Nzca Lines. The wistful vocals of Michael Lovett take centre stage atop a wash of heavily filtered synths and reverb-heavy drums. Aided by the crisp production of Charlie Alex March (Gold Panda) and Ash Workman (Metronomy), it’s a...view item »

Hercules & Love Affair
Do You Feel The Same?

Some revivalism from Hercules & Love Affair. Do You Feel The Same? is a single from the full length The Feast Of The Broken Heart. This is a party starter, with old skool styled synths, classic housey percussion and a big vocal hook. On the flip there are two deeper late night numbers to kee...view item »

23 Floors Up

Everyone here looked at me like I was mad when I said that the Teleman singers voice sounded like Janet Street Porter. Ok ok Kate Nash then. There's an alaming similarity. If you don't bother with the album which is generally in the 'good' bracket, you might want to slip on this nice 7". Its a great tune, a bit ...view item »

Summer Camp
Beyond Clueless

A trip back to yer teens with Summer Camp. Beyond Clueless is the musical score by the campers to the coming of age documentary of the same name. It's brimming with indie-pop hooks, shoe-gazey guitars and very funky bass lines. Think St Vincent, Slow Club and Best Coast - it will ...view item »

Sweet Baboo
The Marc Riley BBC Sessions

“The sweetest baboo” Steve Black is back again this week with an album of Marc Riley sessions. The sleeve design has been creasing us up here in the office - remove the LP from the sleeve and Baboo’s face disappears to reveal Riley gurning out from behind the centre hole. Very droll. As for the record itself, it’s very li...view item »

Hercules & Love Affair
Do You Feel The Same? (Remixes)

Dance floor purity from Hercules & Love Affair. Do You Feel The Same? (Remixes) are four juicy reworked bangers of grooving magic from some production heavy weights. Kicking off with H&LA main man, Andy dubs out the original in a Chicagoan fashion a la Cajmere. Deetron and Derrick Carter brin...view item »

The Pictish Trail
Secret Soundz Vol 1 & 2

NOTE: This is a compilation of volumes one and two of 'Secret Soundz'. Here's Mike's review of 'Vol 2' way back when........ My only previous exposure to this Pictish Trail chappie, alter-ego of Fence honcho Johnny Lynch, was on a wacky album...view item »

Tom Vek

Tom Vek was one of those mid 00's anomalies - a genuinely interesting purveyor of progressive bedroom pop who seemed to pull these quite wonderful earworms from his hide like he was picking a fluffy piece of lint from his sleeve. Then studying it scientifically through his clever boffin specs. He likes his specs so much he had them as star featu...view item »


Listen to 6 Music on a regular basis and between the Elbow records, they sometimes sneak in songs by other people. One thing they’ve been getting rather excited about of late has been Teleman. Now I’d never heard of them but I was aware of the band they rose out of namely ...view item »

Hercules & Love Affair
The Feast Of The Broken Heart

Get on your spandex and pop a gary or five with Hercules & Love Affair. The Feast Of The Broken Heart is the third full length from the pi-atti starters. This one is packed with all your favourite synths, bass grooves, hot vocal hooks and classic house kicks, hats and snares. A strong 90s vibe through...view item »

Tom Williams & The Boat
Easy Fantastic

Got a CD of pedestrian blues rock business here from Tom Williams & the Boat. It appears to have angered our post-it sprinkling stockroom goblin who simply says "Bluesy R6 rock, Gomez meets oh fuck". Gomez is a fair comparison, as are Razorlight in the...view item »

Volery Flighty

"A bit Wild Beasts" shouts the post-it note on the front of this promo. I'm listening to said promo right now and I see what the anonymous post-it donor meant, this is a moody and grandiose kind of synth-based pop with earnest falsetto vocals by the spoonful and the occasional spidery and understated guitar line...view item »

Au Revoir Simone
Crazy / Somebody Who

The '80s fixation continues with this slab of goodness from the New York trio. I’ve done that listen-to-the-B-side-first thing again and have had to completely rewrite this review accordingly. ‘Crazy’ has come lolloping out of the stereogram on one of my regular visits to 6music. It's an extremely catchy slab of electronic pop....view item »

Mariam The Believer
Blood Donation

I have been listening to the album blood donations for a about half a month now and i have really gotten attached to it. I had first heard about her hen a youtuber i follow called Anthony Fantano had like one of your videos. It was the video for the song "Somewhere else". I was so intrigued, the melody of that song was constantly in my head... a...view item »

Summer Camp
Summer Camp

Oh gawd, I thought I was taking one for the team by reviewing some kind of Tennis/Beach House/Best Coast style well-polished slacker pop but this Summer Camp album actually turns out to be some kind of soft, sticky ya...view item »


The latest London indie popsters to emerge from the scrum of hopefuls is Teleman, a guitar, drum and synth trio who have for this single crafted two nuggets of simple but clever indie pop which is earnest, charming and laden with hooks, as well as being expertly produced by Bernard Butler for ...view item »

The Very Best

These guys played at a recent festival I attended. I had never heard of them, but I was blown away. MTMTMK is a terrific mix of catchy dance tunes with more rhythmic tracks featuring experimental sounds. "Kondaine" and "We OK" are about as peppy and upbeat as you can get. "Bantu" is a favourite of mine, featuring a beautiful singer, Baaba Maal. "Ad...view item »


On this seven here, Fiction have quite an '80s-sounding bit of synthpop with smooth vocal melodies and some percussive synthetic weirdness in the background that brings to mind Lloyd Cole singing for Was (Not Was) or somethin...view item »

The Wave Pictures
Instant Coffee Baby

It's coffee this morning for me. The coffee link becomes apparent when I pick up The Wave Pictures CD 'Instant Coffee Baby' which is a lively old skool indie collection of uncluttered romantic & humorous jingles weighing in (initially) somewhere between The Brilliant Corners & Milky Wimpshake. There's definitely a touch of genuine soul &...view item »

Slow Club
Yeah So

Slow Club. Norman Records are the slow club, this came out last week and seeing as though I was stuck in the middle of a muddy field in Lancashire trying to erect a tent whilst drinking some stupidly strong cider the overworked boys opted to give 'Yeah So' a miss in favour of some of the more challenging & esoteric varieties of music we sell. S...view item »

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