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Ø [Phase]
Alone In Time?

This Ø [Phase] should not be confused with Mika Vainio’s Ø project (isn’t it bad enough having an unpronounceable name without having one that’s already being used?), although boundary-pushing techno is still the name of the game. Alone In Time?, this ...view item »

Inigo Kennedy

Sixth album from extremely prolific techno producer Inigo Kennedy. Despite having released over a hundred (!) releases since 1996, he has remained inventive and forward thinking. Kennedy has a particular ear for melody and sound design, which lets him stand apart from the never-ending flood that is techno releases. ...view item »

Ø [Phase]
Boundary Interactions

The tautologically named Ø [Phase] returns to Token for a 12" of progressive and long form techno. B-side and title track 'Boundary Interactions' storms over the 17 minute mark with a tension balancing tight rope walk that sustains it for its length. Anxiety and relief on t...view item »

Momentum (10 Years Of Token)

10 year celebratory compilation from Belgian techno label Token. Every track is a collaboration between two members of Token's two family, featuring big hitters like Rødhåd, Sigha, and Ø [Phase]. Vinyl comes in an embossed sleeve. Not sure what it's go t...view item »

Inigo Kennedy

Inigo Kennedy must see his releases as constituent parts of a linear techno continuum, moving forwards towards some unknown point. After all, the 2 tracks on NGC EP take the theme of the last track on recent full-length Vaudeville as their j...view item »

Inigo Kennedy

Vast, all-encompassing and atmospheric - Tornado is an aptly named record by lauded techno producer Inigo Kennedy. Smacking percussion enflames the crisp and well-versed grooves on offer, in what becomes a thunderous two-track with bags of character. Electro/techno fans - overlook at your peril....view item »

Ø [Phase]
Submerged Metropolitan

Ø [Phase] (who is not to be confused with the Mika Vainio project of the same symbol), has two particularly heavyweight new tracks to share with the world. The percussion has industrial techno intensity, while uncanny abstract electroacoustic sound washes around the edges of the tracks. Submerged Metr...view item »


Second full-length from Sigha. Metabolism is a compelling suite of high-tech techno that is notable for consciously playing around with the mono and stereo deployment of different sound elements and frequencies, making headphones or a good system a must. CD and double LP editions on the Token label....view item »

Oscar Mulero
Hyperbolic Paths EP

Basking underneath an Atlantic-sized ocean of depth, is Oscar Mulero's 2016 EP - Hyperbolic Paths. As always with Mulero - Rhythmic, murky and starkly minimal, showcased by tracks such as Inclination and Eccentricity, this offering bares all the hallmarks...view item »

Christ Figures / New Puritan

Christ! Well, maybe not, but Sigha certainly enjoys putting the religious theme through his own brand of deep techno. But don’t fear, it’s not actually a musical theme (no choirboys, or mythical chanting) -- more topical. Christ Figures is incredibly dark and oppressive, with the sub pulse overwhelming a hin...view item »

Alone In Time? Remixed

Re-approaching a couple of tracks from his Alone In Time album, London based techno producer takes the B-side with a rework of the title track from the album, taking it from headspace techno meanderings to a floor worthy pace. Whilst the A-side is a remix of R-Mash by O/V/R turning the paranoid tension of the o...view item »


Sterac was Steve Rachmad’s early 2000’s project, dropping a number of major releases that carved out a special space for hypnotizingly-direct high-percussive techno. This triple LP is a major collection, featuring nine of the finest Sterac tracks from the original releases as well an...view item »


Aphelion is a fitting title for for this collection on Belgium’s fine Token imprint. The is aphelion defined as the point in the orbit of an object where it is farthest from the Sun. That gives a very clear indication of where these tracks will take you; the dark side of deep space but then one would expe...view item »


‘Users’ is CTRLS sixth release on Belgian record label Token. One half of Northern Structures, former drum and bass producer Troels B-Knudsen has turned towards a more energetic, old school, high energy aesthetic with a raw, distorted mechanical industrial atmosphere that characterises the ethos of the label....view item »

Fixed Action Pattern

This is the first record for Token by the techno artist and DJ known as Surgeon (and known in the flesh-realm as Anthony Child). The 'Fixed Action Pattern' 12" features a straight-up slice of industrial-orientated techno and broken beat, with a flip side that reverse engineers the track to sound all dub....view item »

Ø [Phase]
Remixed (Rodhad & Robert Hood mixes)

Two prominent techno innovators combine like Power Rangers to offer reworks of music by Ø [Phase], creating versions that offer safe passage into previously aggressive and hard-won sounds. Rodhad's work is sentimental, as usual, while Robert Hood's work is additive and rhythmic....view item »

Inigo Kennedy

Inigo Kennedy's 'Vaudeville' is in fact, as you may have guessed, not particularly vaudeville in the traditional theatrical sense, being as it is a collection of sleek ambient electronica full of pulsating mechanical beats and cold droney melodies that treads a finely balanced line between dark ambient and Warp-ish electronica. &nb...view item »

Eschaton (Ancient Methods & Orphx)
Eschaton EP

I grinned like a lunatic when sales for this appeared in our inbox. I had no idea these guys had been working together for a release on Belgium’s Token label. Being a huge fan of both artists, seeing them all on the same page had my techno glands secreting on overload and within a nano second I was straight on...view item »