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Macintosh Plus
Floral Shoppe

It’s been in vogue, out of vogue, sort-of-vogue and everything between, but fully seven years since the release of Macintosh Plus’s Floral Shoppe the Record That Started Vaporwave™ shows no signs of going away. Heard now, it’s a relic of a simpler, happier time, when Giggs and Scholes were still ...view item »


Of all the recent Olde English Spelling Bee stuff that's passed through the gates of Norman Towers in the past few months Pigeons are the band I've struggled to get to grips with the most. I guess their style verges on folksy territory and I'm not sure about the vocals either but this new 7" is certainly redeeming my clouded memory of their outp...view item »

Tanning Salon
Dream Castle

I can't imagine that when thinking about a band name the first thing that would come into your head would be Tanning Salon but this is the moniker vapour wave artist Vektroid came up with for this side project which isn't actually vapour wave at all. Instead we get six slow and dreamy suites of cushioned ambienc...view item »

Surface To Air Missive
Third Missive

Surface To Air Missive is the a rock project helmed by Taylor Ross, a devotee of the old boogying Southern rock styles and a dab hand at playing it: in the studio, he handles pretty much all the instrumental duties. A welcome addition to the psych-pop landscape, Third Missive is the group’s second...view item »

Alice Cohen
Into The Grey Salons

Alice Cohen’s music takes the sensuous slink of disco music and attaches it to soul / R&B tunes, all with a vibrant modern pop attitude. Apart from guest vocals from Autre Ne Veut and some extra drumming from Bryan Ujueta of Mr. Twin Sister, everything on Into The ...view item »


HKE, formerly known as Hong Kong Express, has tempered his style of vaporwave into a sharp, rhythmic new direction for this new release, Omnia. The CD of music is accompanied by a 2 hour abstract film, packed with more new music and some wild visuals, served up on a DVD. 150 copies only, on Olde English...view item »

Ash Koosha

Iranian producer Ash Koosha is formally trained in classical music, but also closely integrated with contemporary computer music techniques. His music sounds strange and enticing, treating melodies and texture in unusual ways: it would be fair to say that not much else sounds like GUUD. Released on Olde English Spelling...view item »

Chaos Destroy
Lightning Strikes Twice

We’ve got a slab of frantic Jap-influenced noise punk shrapnel here from America’s Chaos Destroy, who turn out ten tracks of head-fuckingly frantic, blown out hardcore punk which is all but obscured by tape muck and feedback and broken, distorted equipment. The primary influences here would have ...view item »

Julian Lynch
Orange You Glad

Julian knows a lot about pop, and it is with a lot of intention that he places these stripped down, smoked out songs on their discursive pop foundations. Orange You Glad springs fourth from the same New Jersey source as Ducktails, Real Estate, Predator Vision, etc... but Julian isn't buying into the simulacra as much as these other dudes are - a...view item »

Matt Kivel
Double Exposure

I have a certain expectation of Olde English Spelling Bee releases and it looks like that expectation is gonna need adjustment as OESB isn’t the label it once was. This is no reflection on the quality of Matt Kivel’s work of course (he’s an excellent singer/songwriter) but I was hoping for something a little crazier. Anyway, wh...view item »

Thought Broadcast
Thought Broadcast

Unhinged and muffled synthetic techno/DA business on this LP here, with thick card screened covers that look pretty cool. It’s total creepy minimal stuff with the odd techno beat and lots of drones and squeaks and whistles and the like. If you put Decimu...view item »

Alice Cohen
Pink Keys

Alice Cohen returns with her second album for Crinoline assisted this time by the newly revived Olde English Spelling Bee. Anyone famili...view item »

Greatest Hits
Danse Pop

Who calls their band Greatest Hits? The best band ever I guess. Now, as I'm sure most of you are aware just about anything coming out on Olde English Spelling Bee must obviously be good, so this is bound to amaze and excite in equal measures right? Ok, I've put it on and (no surprise) it's good...crazy good. Not an easy one to get my head around...view item »

James Ferraro
Night Dolls With Hairspray

Damn! This is a fun record. James Ferraro returns with probably his most consistent and ridiculous LP to date: 'Night Dolls With Hairspray'. This one sees our man Ferraro exploring the inner sanctum of the teenage psyche with a collection of tracks that sound like all the crazy music they used to use to accompany MTV ads and animations in the 19...view item »

James Ferraro
Last American Hero

James Ferraro returns for more hypnogogic fun with 'Last American Hero', a musical vision I am more than willing to indulge in. Essentially made up of three tracks (one long tune on the A-side and two on the B-side), side A's 'F-150 as Energy Drink Worship Temple/F-150 Night Eros at the Highway's End' is definitely a favourite Ferraro composition. ...view item »


You know i'm digging the sweet sounds of Matthew Mandanilee a.k.a Ducktails. You know i'm digging the new L.P (well new to us) 'Landscapes' out on Olde English Spelling Bee. Mandanilee has fallen upon a winning formula of jangly, sun-drenched instrumentals that seems to improve with every new release. With 'Landscapes' he's even blessed us ...view item »

Forest Swords
Dagger Paths

Always a worry when you get a CD plonked into your hands with the words "you'll love this" but this one passes the Clint shit-o-meter with flying colours. Initially there's a spectacular cross fusion of genres here. Mmmmm! Fusion! It fits somewhere between what we now call witch step (sorry) and the haunting soundtrack-y atmospheres of a La Brad...view item »

Julian Lynch

I'm getting pretty obsessed with Olde English Spelling Bee and the characters that make it the righteous label that it is so I'm sorta kicking myself for missing out on Lynch's O.E.S.B. debut 'Orange You Glad'. Other than his awesome guitar playing on the Alex Bleeker and the Freaks LP I've not had much exposure to Mr. Lynch's style. Today is th...view item »

Autre Ne Veut
Autre Ne Veut

Well this is about the most 80s-sounding thing I've heard in a bit. Essentially what you've got here is a totally unapologetic pop album put through some sort of super hypnogogic filter. The first tune sounds exactly like Go West being mashed up by a half-asleep Lee Perry after a particularly heavy night before, the second sounds like Scritti Po...view item »

Big Troubles

Happy days. We got a big old delivery of new beach flavours from the ever reliable Olde English Spelling Bee label. First up it's Big Troubles debut LP 'Worry'. Now you may recall me wittering on about B.T's Spector vs. Hannett production sound in the review of their 7" single and I'm pleased to here that theme runs true throughout 'Worry'. ...view item »

Monopoly Child Star Searchers
Bamboo For Two

This is the first vinyl outing for this Spencer Clark project coming on after a ton of CDr's and tapes. Spencer as you probably know was half the the sadly missed Skater duo with James Ferraro and also does some good shit as Vodka Soap and Black Joker. This actually reminds me of the last Black Joker record with its emphasis on tribal/tropical p...view item »

Outer Limits Recordings

Sam Mehran a.k.a. Sam Meringue returns with another dose of Outer Limits Recordings fun. 'Julie' is Meringue's British power pop ballad that dwells on dramatic themes of love/suicide/reincarnation etc. By comparison to previous O.L.R. releases this effort is very much consistent with the concept of a proper pop song, featuring coherent vocals an...view item »

Big Troubles
Drastic & Difficult

This Big Troubles 7" is the first in a series of Olde English Spelling Bee 7"s due over the coming months. Recommended to the label by Matt Mondanile (Real Estate, Ducktails etc.). Big Troubles trade in a mutant form of lo-fi pop recorded in an almost industrial style. Be warned, though B.T. are slightly harsh on the ears you'll be rewarded long...view item »

Hamilton Road

The more I listen to Ducktails the happier I become it would seem. Something about the primitive drum machines and the washed out, guitar fuzz tranquility that really works for me. It's obvious M.M crafts a fine tune but it's even better that he's happy for those ideas to be presented in such a ramshackle, home-recorded way. This 7" preview's th...view item »

Si Faustine

Wow, I've got another husband and wife duo here.. They're all the rage this week. I was instantly keen on this one when it was played the other day and I'm even keener this time around. It's a little bit of a departure for Olde English Spelling Bee, surely our favourite peddlers of hypnagogia and outsider oddness, being one of the most tradition...view item »

Black Joker
Watch Out!

God there's tons of interesting stuff coming shooting across the Atlantic at us currently. A box from Olde English Spelling Bee buzzed into the office, narrowly missing the peak of Brett's leather sportz cap and causing all kinds of kerfufflement and excitement before settling down to pollenate Phil's desktop. I've chosen the Black Joker LP (some...view item »

James Ferraro

I was kinda excited when a big box of vinyl arrived from Olde English Spelling Bee over in the US. I've got a few records on the label and have been wanting to get hold of more for quite some time so I'm thrilled to report we're now dealing with them.... Since the "Hypnagogic Pop" article in the Wire a bit ago it seems that James Ferraro'...view item »

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