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Matrix Sequence EP

Welcome to Doof City, may I take your order? Three dark techno rollers here: ‘Ecto’ and ‘Mocto’ in particular clang and skitter with a furrowed-browed intensity. These will be a boon to any DJ who knows how to use them. Out on the always-beautifully-presented Echocord Colour series....view item »

Buzz Factory EP

Coming in on ‘butterscotch angel delight’ coloured vinyl, I’ve already played the whole thing through once at what I now suspect was the wrong speed. I’m now going to try again at a lower speed and I’m finding that I am enjoying it more. It’s a minimal ...view item »

Mercy Cage EP

Always got a bit of time for producer Scott Monteith a.k.a Deadbeat as he very rarely disappoints. ‘Mercy Cage’ is a typically dubbed out Techno affair perfect for prime-time dancefloor action with it’s smoky late night atmospherics and blurzzed vocal treatments. It’s earthy, warm and relentless in it’s pursuit of d...view item »

Mikkel Metal
Just Enough Light

Ah yes, this is most assuredly dub techno. Mikkel Metal, real name Mikkel Meldgaard, is a Danish producer who found his way to the genre through the woozing and whirling guitars of Pavement and My Bloody Valentine, and though his album ‘Just Enough Light’ lacks the intensity of the former, it’s clear that the attention to detai...view item »

Space Explorations EP

Lithuanian Deep Techno project Grad_U has turned out enough high quality tracks and remixes over the years that the Echocord label have given him a full EP’s worth of space to fill. What they (and you, dear purchaser) get is a dubby trio of tracks, super-suited to low-end favouring dancefloors....view item »

Upsides & Sideways EP

Athens native Fluxion is a neat fit for Copenhagen’s Echochord, and the Greek producer obliges with three pieces of sombre minimal techno. The dubby chemtrails that permeate Upsides & Sideways make these tracks good mid-set ballast, with ‘En Route’ in particular sure to fit nicely ...view item »

Brendon Moeller
Magic City EP

Deep and dubby, that's how this one plays out. Opening with a swung house leaning, the EP moves into shadowy techno, with the echoed stabs spilling over into the B side's half time 'Magic City in Dub'. Closing on a broken beat flanked by malfunctioning drum machines, this eclectic story is complete and demanding another listen....view item »

Teleport EP

Superb, melodic and driving techno from Argentinian techno producer Seph, moving around various styles over the three tracks. Teleport has a retro synth hook at its heart, with pounding drums keeping it rooted to the floor. Delta takes things into a duskier realm with a broken beat, whilst Motion is a future Deutsch school class...view item »

Stephen Brown
Power Factor EP

Gracing the washy techno shores of Echocord this August is Stephen Brown, a veteran of dance music proving it indubitable on Power Factor. Here he works with stripping away texture as much as he does developing it, taking out layers to emphasise kicks on "Sandtext" and going hushed with the delay on "Wet"...view item »

Tilted Reality EP

Jor-El presents us with three noticeably cold but colourful house tracks, evoking the deeper more emotional end of Sasha's record box. 'Tilted Reality' is awash with overlapping synth atmospheres; 'Elevation' ups the tempo with muted rhythmic keys; 'Solitude' breaks the beat slightly with smooth dub techno....view item »

Source EP

What they don't understand when they only name the artist on one side of the vinyl is that I have to not only swivel in my chair but turn the thing off, then over, then tilt my head at an angle to read it. Unfair!  Luckily my persistence is rewarded with the type of dub techno I was hoping to hear. It skips along at a fair rate soun...view item »

The Rotten Roots EP

Two new tracks from Deadbeat on this here The Rotten Roots EP. As a Berlin resident, techno is obviously present here, but Deadbeat does a good job of swerving away from the straightforward genre approach, instead choosi...view item »

15 Years With Echocord

These guys have been pumping their spacey, classy, echoing electronica out of Copenhagen for a decade and a half now. With this landmark comes ‘15 Years With Echocord’, a behemoth of a comp. Fluxion, Arovane, and co cycle their hypnotic beats and resonating fr...view item »

Roberto Clementi
Bonton EP

The latest instalment of the Echocord Colour series might be pressed into hot orange wax, but Roberto Clementi’s debut for the label gives off about as much warmth as a cold night on the shop floor of a concrete plant.  In the austere world of dub-techno this is invariably seen as a positive.  No cutesy little ukelele ditties aro...view item »

Broadwalk Tales

Dub techno time! Here's the latest from Fluxion on the legendary Echocord imprint, and it sees K. Soublis collaborating with Jamaican vocalist Teddy Selassie for a concoction which harks back to the roots of dub and reggae whilst still having a distinctly chilly modern techno aesthetic. It makes for an enjoyable listen. 'Change' mixes a ...view item »

Emerald's Edge

Philogresz unleashes this nice 3 tracker on Echocord, the lead track of which contains pummeling drumming, a nice stretched out synth melody and a good pinch of icy European bleakness. Its less dub-techno-ey than a lot of the stuff on this very consistent label. The B side starts with a Mikkel Metal remix -nice...view item »

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