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Conforce pres. Silent Harbour

Sometimes in this life it’s nice to know what you’re getting yourself in for. There are a few labels around in the clubsphere at the moment where you can rely on each new release to do the same thing very well. Echochord is one of these. For over ...view item »

Matrix Sequence EP

Welcome to Doof City, may I take your order? Three dark techno rollers here: ‘Ecto’ and ‘Mocto’ in particular clang and skitter with a furrowed-browed intensity. These will be a boon to any DJ who knows how to use them. Out on the always-beautifully-presented Echocord Colour series....view item »

Buzz Factory EP

Coming in on ‘butterscotch angel delight’ coloured vinyl, I’ve already played the whole thing through once at what I now suspect was the wrong speed. I’m now going to try again at a lower speed and I’m finding that I am enjoying it more. It’s a minimal ...view item »

Mercy Cage EP

Always got a bit of time for producer Scott Monteith a.k.a Deadbeat as he very rarely disappoints. ‘Mercy Cage’ is a typically dubbed out Techno affair perfect for prime-time dancefloor action with it’s smoky late night atmospherics and blurzzed vocal treatments. It’s earthy, warm and relentless in it’s pursuit of d...view item »

Mikkel Metal
Just Enough Light

Mikkel “Metal” Meldgaard returns to pal Kenneth Christiansen’s deep dub factory Echocord with an EP of glazed, distinct productions. Things begin serenely in the lush chords and soft kick of ‘Awake’, before gaining energy for the strut of ‘Bregnan’. Then you have your in...view item »

Space Explorations EP

Lithuanian Deep Techno project Grad_U has turned out enough high quality tracks and remixes over the years that the Echocord label have given him a full EP’s worth of space to fill. What they (and you, dear purchaser) get is a dubby trio of tracks, super-suited to low-end favouring dancefloors....view item »

Upsides & Sideways EP

Athens native Fluxion is a neat fit for Copenhagen’s Echochord, and the Greek producer obliges with three pieces of sombre minimal techno. The dubby chemtrails that permeate Upsides & Sideways make these tracks good mid-set ballast, with ‘En Route’ in particular sure to fit nicely ...view item »

Brendon Moeller
Magic City EP

Deep and dubby, that's how this one plays out. Opening with a swung house leaning, the EP moves into shadowy techno, with the echoed stabs spilling over into the B side's half time 'Magic City in Dub'. Closing on a broken beat flanked by malfunctioning drum machines, this eclectic story is complete and demanding another listen....view item »

Teleport EP

Superb, melodic and driving techno from Argentinian techno producer Seph, moving around various styles over the three tracks. Teleport has a retro synth hook at its heart, with pounding drums keeping it rooted to the floor. Delta takes things into a duskier realm with a broken beat, whilst Motion is a future Deutsch school class...view item »

Sven Weisemann
Bilateral Relations EP

Sven Weisemann has produced 4 new tracks of his dubbier side for the Bilateral Relations EP. Sven began DJ'ing 20 years ago in his home city of Berlin and has released key works for Amsterdam's Delsin label. There are plenty of emotional strings, free-flowing rhythms and heavily reverberating chords here. Cavernous soun...view item »

Stephen Brown
Power Factor EP

Gracing the washy techno shores of Echocord this August is Stephen Brown, a veteran of dance music proving it indubitable on Power Factor. Here he works with stripping away texture as much as he does developing it, taking out layers to emphasise kicks on "Sandtext" and going hushed with the delay on "Wet"...view item »

Tilted Reality EP

Jor-El presents us with three noticeably cold but colourful house tracks, evoking the deeper more emotional end of Sasha's record box. 'Tilted Reality' is awash with overlapping synth atmospheres; 'Elevation' ups the tempo with muted rhythmic keys; 'Solitude' breaks the beat slightly with smooth dub techno....view item »

Ofog EP

Tilliander releases three new tracks on the Echocord label: the first time he has done such a thing in fifteen years. The Ofog EP contains nicely-tweaked club musics with an adventurous touch: tape delays and dub echoes muddy the sleek propulsive waters in the most delightful ways. 12” on Echocord....view item »

Luke Hess
Facette EP

Stepping away from his own DeepLabs imprint, and after releases with Omar S' FXHE, Carl Craig's Planet-e, Visionquest and Obonit. Luke Hess returns to the Echochord camp with his sixth release for them bringing a solid offering of his deep, and oh so very Detroit, dubbed out techno with his ...view item »

Source EP

Hailing from Switzerland, Idealist’s ten year production career to date has given him that instinctive flair for the groove that killer techno really needs. Source is a particularly dubby dancefloor proposition, with all three tracks swathed in deep and tasty reverb. The Source EP is released by Echocord....view item »

The Rotten Roots EP

Two new tracks from Deadbeat on this here The Rotten Roots EP. As a Berlin resident, techno is obviously present here, but Deadbeat does a good job of swerving away from the straightforward genre approach, instead choosi...view item »

15 Years With Echocord

These guys have been pumping their spacey, classy, echoing electronica out of Copenhagen for a decade and a half now. With this landmark comes ‘15 Years With Echocord’, a behemoth of a comp. Fluxion, Arovane, and co cycle their hypnotic beats and resonating fr...view item »

Mike Dehnert
Timescale EP

No nonsense on this 12” release from Fachwerk label operator Mike Dehnert: the man knows peak-hour techno like the back of his hand, and boy can he work that dancefloor. These 3 new cuts are peeled back to the crucial elements, tweaked with a little dub-vibe for extra depth. The Timescale EP is pressed to coloured...view item »

Tomas Rubeck
The Blueprint EP

Tomas Rubeck is new to the Echocord label. He has previously recorded for many labels including Animal Farm, Telrae, Fifth Interval and Amadeus. His inspiration comes from the blurring between the post-industrial decline and the rural idyll of the Midlands where he is based. ...view item »

Modul EP

Arovane joins the Echocord family after many releases with labels like City-Centre-Offices and DIN. As a veteran producer in the scene, Arovane can whip up dubby atmospheres with ease, and the Modul EP’s 4 tracks immediately imprint their vibe on the space. 12” vinyl release, on Echocord....view item »

Good Vibrations EP

3 more explorations from the home studio of Brendon Moeller, producing as Echologist. True to his name, there is always a dash of dub-grade echo lurking somewhere in the mix, but he’s in too much of a hurry for full dub: the tracks on the Good Vibrations EP have a thrusting techno momentum to comp...view item »

Mikkel Metal

Mikkel Metal returns. The dub techno don has kept us waiting since 2008 for this full length on double vinyl LP and CD. Echocord release Resemblance, and thankfully Meldgaard’s signature blend of deep dub experiments and very intimate minimal techno is still intact, although sharpened up f...view item »

Message Of Sound - Part 2

Part two of STL’s Message Of Sound EP series, featuring three new tracks and two loops for good measure. Each track sits somewhere on the spectrum between ambient and dub house, a good spectrum to be on. STL’s back on the Echocord label after dabbling with the likes of Perlon, Smallville and...view item »

Roberto Clementi
Mobilhome EP

Quickly becoming known as one of the most imaginative and original artists on the underground electronic  scene, Roberto Clementi has made waves with releases on Soma, Steadfast, Baum and Kontra-Musik. His new EP, Mobilhome, contains two tracks of ...view item »

Luke Hess
Adventures In Deep Space EP

Luke Hess returns to the Echochord Colour label after recent releases on DeepLabs and minimood extra. The Adventures In Deep Space EP grants three tracks of cosmic techno jams produced in the heart of Detroit itself. Seems Hess wants us to contemplate our place in the universe while getting down to some...view item »

Message of Sound - Part 1

STL’s Message of Sound is his third EP outing on the Echocord label. On it, he deploys two dubbed-out dance heavyweights, showing off the kind of skill that comes from running a label (Something) and releasing on the likes of Perlon and Smallville. The two tracks are bolstered by two loops to play around with....view item »

Mike Dehnert
Check EP

Mike Dehnert drops a further EP on the Echocord Colour label, containing three tracks of bouncy, spacious-yet-busy techno, precision tooled to drive dancefloor activity. ‘Chaleur Tournant’, the third track, is perhaps the favourite, with a beat that implies wonkiness whilst actually staying on a straight-ahead path....view item »

Brendon Moeller
A Confederacy Of Dunces EP

Nobody ever thinks about the poor DJ who has to carry around piles and piles of vinyl. I know right, poor guys! So that’s why Brendan Moeller stuck his neck out for his record spinning brethren, by putting three different kinds of tracks on one piece of 12”  vinyl! That way, it’ll fit in no matter what. Ad...view item »

Dubs Etched Into Relief

Two new STL tunes and a remix, ‘Dubs Etched into Relief’ on 12” vinyl provides everything a dub-techno fan could want; underwater bass-lines, warm jazzy chords and studio experimentation, all with the slightly rougher and grottier element STL always brings. Jackin’ hi-hats and course handclaps cut through...view item »

Broadwalk Tales Remix EP

This is the remix EP following on from Fluxion's 'Broadwalk Tales' album and EP. Some nice big hitters on here with mixes by Joey Anderson and Rod Modell aka Deepchord. In fact Rod has conjured up two remixes showcasing his deep 'n' heavy underwater style perfect for a bit of the ol' post-club slump....view item »

Roberto Clementi
Bonton EP Part 2

Here comes the second EP by our new artist on Echocord Colour, the super talented Roberto Clementi from Italy. The track Barrel is a super powerfull Techno track full of deepness, heavy staps and dubby elements.Traps is a slower heavy Dub-Techno trip also perfectly for the peaktime hour.This ep also comes with a heavy monster Norman Nodg...view item »

Roberto Clementi
Bonton EP

The latest instalment of the Echocord Colour series might be pressed into hot orange wax, but Roberto Clementi’s debut for the label gives off about as much warmth as a cold night on the shop floor of a concrete plant.  In the austere world of dub-techno this is invariably seen as a positive.  No cutesy little ukelele ditties aro...view item »

Broadwalk Tales

Dub techno time! Here's the latest from Fluxion on the legendary Echocord imprint, and it sees K. Soublis collaborating with Jamaican vocalist Teddy Selassie for a concoction which harks back to the roots of dub and reggae whilst still having a distinctly chilly modern techno aesthetic. It makes for an enjoyable listen. 'Change' mixes a ...view item »

Traces EP

More expertly produced dubby techno on Echocord. This has a underwater type vibe with deep bass throbbing away rhythmically whilst soft synths purr along. It’s all warm ambience with soft warm keys, never breaking out into a beat of ...view item »

Broadwalk Tales EP

Not digging this new record from Fluxion. The A side has some very distant mild dub techno, on top is a pitch-tuned voice which is vaguely irritating. Its sounds like an old rasta dude singing on the street corner whilst some techno-lite pumps from a nearby bedroom. One thing seems to be totally alien to the other and the track doesn’t bui...view item »

Beat Pharmacy
Cut Deep EP

Aaaah its good that something in life is reliable. Good old Echocord churning out. Always the same, always good. Here is a new 12” from Brendan Moeller aka Beat Pharmacy who does that spacious dub techno thing with aplomb. Opener ‘Cut Deep (version)’ uses a slightly lollopy rhythm that mutates into a rather bloody electronic pi...view item »

Emerald's Edge

Philogresz unleashes this nice 3 tracker on Echocord, the lead track of which contains pummeling drumming, a nice stretched out synth melody and a good pinch of icy European bleakness. Its less dub-techno-ey than a lot of the stuff on this very consistent label. The B side starts with a Mikkel Metal remix -nice...view item »

Lasse Buhl
R38 EP

Echocord sub-label Echocord Colour (named due to the fact the releases are on coloured vinyl) have been in fine form recently with a slew of quality 12”s from the likes of Function, Mike Dehnert, ...view item »

Luke Hess
Analog Passion

New on Echocord. Thankfully in life there are something where you know what you are going to get. Margarine for example, its mostly generally the same. I know what I’m going to get from ‘Utterly Butterry’ and it never lets me down. Unlike in music where bands often dismantle the sound you li...view item »

Mike Dehnert
Roulement EP

On powder puff mauve vinyl, this is the latest offering from the consistently good Echocord label. We are all so tired here at Norman Records, Phil says he is suicidally tired. The weather outside defies belief, this has gone on far too long now but if you are wanting a minimal soundtrack to your icy slitheri...view item »

Silent Harbour
Silent Harbour

With its elongated fade-in, booming sub bass and dubbed atmospherics, opener ‘Aquatic Movement’ is a dead ringer for this week’s other dub techno masterpiece by Deepchord. Here, though, it quickly makes way for a more abstra...view item »


These things eh, these bloody records, they never stop arriving. Just one week would be nice where we could put our feet up and sigh with relief as the trucks and the (mostly) men who drive them cease to burst through our doors  brandishing endless boxes and boxes of vinyl bastards a...view item »

Echocord Jubilee Comp

Echocord celebrate their nine (?) year anniversary with this compilation featuring the likes of Deadbeat, Fluxion, Quantec, Fenin and many others. As you may expect its deep dubby techno of a rare quality, as the press release states its suitable for both dancefloor or home. I prefer home, chillaxing with a glass of red (Ribena) in my penthouse ...view item »

Onmutu Mechanicks

I had no idea that the great Arne Weinberg had an alias for his more dubby material until now. He's a cracking techno producer this guy, dropping quality tunes since around 2001 on a ton of labels like Frantic Flowers, Styrax Leaves and his own AW-Recordings label. So here' he's in full dub techno mode, hitting those infinite metallic chords wit...view item »


Konstantinos Soublis has been releasing records as Fluxion since 1998 when his debut appeared on Chain Reaction. Things slowed down after six releases on the label then after 2004 came a five year hiatus until he finally re-emerged to show the new-wave of dub techno artists how it's doneā€¦. So I'm currently listening to Fluxion's 'Perfused' and ...view item »