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Bonny Doon

Bonny Doon already have one pretty damn pleasant self titled album under their belts but have since decamped to the evocatively named Mystic Lake in Michigan to record this swift follow up. Inspired by their surroundings the band have created a twilit world of understated strum pop in the vein of those breezy relaxed songs on the Velvet ...view item »

Kevin Morby
Still Life

The sweet-voiced Kevin Morby, known for his more modest roles as bassist in Woods and one part of Cassie Ramone's band the Babies, is set to release his second solo record, 'Still Life'. It follows up the eclectic folk record 'Harlem River', which ranged from plaintive acoustic ballads to smoky barroom guitar riffing. From hearing "Parade", one ...view item »

Shannon Lay
Living Water

Shannon Lay presents her second album of the year 2017, the beautifully-titled Living Water. Lay’s dexterous guitar playing guides her songs in and o...view item »

Real Estate
Real Estate

It's another big week for Woodsist releases this week with a ton of stuff coming out including Real Estate's debut S/T album. These New Jersey indie pop upstarts have impressed with single 'Fake Blues' and the album is proving itself to be a winner too. Ten tracks of blissed out, beer soaked, bong smelly interpretations of modern country and folk p...view item »

Love Is Love

Written and recorded in the two months following the US election, Love Is Love is a collection of songs that try to bring together and fix the America that Woods think is becoming fractured and broken with hatred. Gentle beats and soft vocals are in abundance on this record that is available on Vinyl LP, CD and Cassette...view item »

John Andrews & The Yawns
Bad Posture

Bad Posture was written at home over the course of the winter in John Andrews’ New Hampshire home, and then recorded in the springtime in the barn of that same home along with his band of freakfolk fellows The Yawns. Bad Posture is intimate rural music for the new American era. LP release...view item »

Root / Void

MV (Matt Valentine) and EE (Erika Elder) have been partners in life and music for a good long while now: they know themselves, each other, and their sound inside out. Root / Void strays away from the heavier psych-jams they’ve often produced, instead rocking a mor...view item »

City Sun Eater In The River of Light

City Sun Eater In The River of Light is the ninth LP by Woods, the American alt-folk-rock troupe with a psychedelic, even jazzy approach to their sound. As only their second recording made in a ‘proper’ studio, the sound is crisp and clear, but not lacking in the oddness either. The album is available on wha...view item »

Rafi Bookstaber
Late Summer

Late Summer sounds like a meet-in-the-middle between old, mellow guitar troubadour-isms and out-there underground rural psych in the vein of MV & EE. Rafi Bookstaber plays analogue-treated guitar in a way that makes it feel almos...view item »

Cian Nugent
Night Fiction

The album cover immediately tells you of the type of dusk-drenched folk that Cian Nugent is gonna deliver here on Night Fiction. Recorded in Dublin, the album contains much of Nugent’s simple guitar skills but also brings in a band with bass, drums, organ and vibes. All the instruments meld to create a fol...view item »

With Light And With Love

It’s unlikely Woods will ever make an unlistenable or bad album, I can’t see it happening. Generally, when reviewing Woods it’s a matter of assessing whether Jeremy Earl and the gang maintain their typically high standards from release to release. I think they go from strength to strength and, though evolution isn’t their...view item »

Wot Oz

Herbcraft are a psychedelically-inclined group (no shit), and they recorded Wot Oz almost by accident. Originally the session was just a warm-up, but soon it turned out the jammed-out material was too good not to do something with. Sounds like the product of a mind overheated on a hot August afternoon: e.g. it sounds ve...view item »

Little Wings

Little Wings is the alias of Kyle Field and he’s accumulated a large discography by now. Explains is the latest addition to that vast collection. Here we have a collection of folk tunes which gingle along gently with Field’s deadpan voice drawing you further into the song and the lyr...view item »

Moon Duo

I'm a bit skeptical with the old Wooden Shjips. I saw them live once and they were terrifyingly tedious. Most of their recorded output does very little for me although I do like some bits of Volume 1. So it's a bit of a surprise how impressed I am by this new one from offshoot band Moon Duo, especially since the apple's fallen so close to the t...view item »

Sun & Shade

I get to review the new Woods record by virtue of being the first to pounce on it in the box. It's my lucky day. This one's actually been spinning a few times in the office already, and it's totally great. The thing I love most about Woods is that nostalgic warmth and feeling of wellbeing that you get from their records and this one doesn't ...view item »

Cali In A Cup

Woods are absolutely unstoppable! They seem incapable of making bad records and ‘Cali In A Cup’, the first single from their up-and-coming ‘Bend Beyond’ LP is no exception. Absolutely blissful country-tinged psych pop, as good as anyt...view item »

Kevin Morby
Harlem River

This is the solo vehicle from the man who, as well as being one half of The Babies, also acts as Woods bassist. A very busy lad, but not busy enough to write this quite lovely homage to his recent home of New York City.  Opener ‘Miles Miles Miles’ has that swooning sty...view item »

Jonathan Rado
Law And Order

Looking somewhat like a man with Adam Green’s permanently open-mouthed face topped off with a chunk of Syd Barrett’s curly hair, Jonathan Rado looks something like a heart-throb. Also his day job is in Foxygen so there you go. The opening track plods along, a drone like affair with heavy slabs of organ. Funny I should mention Adam Gr...view item »

Alex Bleeker and The Freaks
How Far Away

Oh, how delightful, Alex Bleeker & The Freaks have a new album out on Woodsist. The assembled Freaks on this record include characters from Woods and his other band Real Estate...view item »

The Astral Body Electric

We’ve got two records in from the reliable Woodsist imprint this week. One’s a taut bit of power-pop from The Woolen Men and the other is this languid honk on the cosmic hippie psych lifepipe that is Herbcraft. It&rsq...view item »

Space Homestead

Just imagining the space house on the sleeve shuffling along like Howl's Moving easily distracted.Here's some hazy and laid back American porch folk sounds. F...view item »

White Fence
Is Growing Faith

Woodsist are kranking 'em out at the mo. What with the new Ducktails record landing and now this beastie. Not heard White Fence before but they sound pretty interesting on first listen. Female vocals over swirly sounding 60's psych pop. The opener sets the pace with it's chugging rhythms and later gets quite disorientating as the guitars start t...view item »

Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics

What is it with the US indie underground? Why is it they can't leave the 80s Brit post-punk/indie scene alone? I'm not moaning - this album is mint. Just lay back and from the offset listen to New Order stroking Felt in a dusty cupboard. Add some other soft, hazy mellow fabric of your choice and you've got a fine bizarre love triangle. The wondr...view item »

Golden Calves
Collection: Money Band + Century band

Bit of history lesson, this. Before he was Wooden Wand, James Toth put out a couple of weird little Jandek-influenced psych-folk records under the name Golden Calves way back in the mid-'90s. They contained elements of noise influence within their music and played predominantly within the ...view item »

Blues Control

Here we have a repress of the third Woodsist release, recorded way back in the balmy days of '06. I don't know about you, but that was the craziest year of my life. What we've got here is some fuzzy, hazy, minimal psych of the highest order. It starts out a bit directionless for the first couple of minutes, but as soon as they hit a groove t...view item »


The type of record that could only be made by bespectacled Americans wearing checked shirts and blind if not for very thick horn rimmed glasses. Nodzzz find themselves on the end of the lineage that goes something like Jonathan Richman, Beat Happening, K records et al, Moldy Peaches. Its chirpy, strummy indie rock that manages to be very ec...view item »

V/A (Mantles, Ducktails, Fresh And Onlys, Woods etc)
Welcome Home / Diggin’ The Universe

Woodsist are the up and coming label that remind me of the type of imprint I slavishly followed as a young man, in that they are American, have great quality control and a slew of good lop sided lo-medium fidelity bands. Woods have yet to strike a proper chord with me (surely only a matter of time) and their opening entry is lovely lo-fi pop, ev...view item »


This 23rd record from New York vocal/electronics outfit Excepter is a pretty crazy affair that creates double confusion due to the fact that the A-side plays inside out (or is it back to front?). Can't work out if it's a pressing fault or what but the B-side plays normal style?? Strange. Other than that it's business as usual for this mysterious...view item »

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