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Dennis Young (Liquid Liquid)
Reel To Real

An archive collection of rare and unreleased solo recordings from Dennis Young. Known as the percussionist for Liquid Liquid, this set of sixteen tracks compiles his out of band experiments between '82-83. There’s a homely feel to the recordings, thanks perhaps to Young recording them at home. Just a guess. It's understand...view item »

Garagem Aurora

Telebossa have already created a new musical blueprint on Garagem Aurora by fusing traditional bossa nova sounds influenced by Brazilian musical legends Antonio Carlos Jobim, Caetano Veloso and Joao Gilberto, with contemporary sounds. The guitars and cellos used on thei...view item »

Vivien Goldman
Resolutionary (Songs 1979-1982)

When she started making music in 1979, Vivien Goldman pulled together the sounds of punk, hip-hop and reggae, with a touch of afro-beat groove for good measure. Resoloutionary (Songs 1979-1982) compiles her work as a solo artist, in The Flyin...view item »

Family Fodder
Sunday Girls (Director's Cut)

Here we have a legendary 12” from back in 1979. Sunday Girls (Director’s Cut) is a lovingly prepared reissue of Family Fodder’s debut EP with added tracks from various 7” singles leading into the 80’s. A band that was all about the studio, this high-quality collection is packed with unique ...view item »

The Cocoon
While The Recording Engineer Sleeps

A reissue of the wonderfully named, While The Recording Engineer Sleeps by The Cocoon who were a kind of Krautrock supergroup. It’s an album of psychedelic jazz with some rock elements and vocals. Gunter Hampel’s vibraphone playing gives everything a dreamy edge while some flute and ...view item »

Liebezeit Mertin

Aksak is the meeting of two mighty percussive minds: Jaki Liebezeit of the literal actual Can, and Holger Mertin of Drums And More. The two roll their pulsing rhythms around one another, Leibezeit working magic with a minimal kit while Mertin...view item »

Family Fodder
Just Love Songs

‘Just Love Songs’ is a vinyl exclusive featuring 11 love songs by London collective Family Fodder. Often neglected and still existing within a veil of mystery, Family Fodder are perhaps best known for their oddball hit ‘Dinosaur Sex’ which is still considered a post-punk classic today. Limited to 500 copies, the songs hav...view item »

Mixed Band Philanthropist
The Impossible Humane

Our 'but what that means for you the listener' Clint had a go at reviewing this but gave up, handing it over to me in despair with the mysterious claim “it’s like Nurse With Wound but kind of funnier”. I’m listening to it now and it seems like he pretty much nailed it. This is franti...view item »

The Flying Lizards
The Secret Dub Life Of The Flying Lizards

flying lizards the secret dub life released on vinyl at last! 'bravo', the album flows really nicely & has 'lashings' of echo & lovely  'wonky' bits! dont expect any pop songs, this is strictly for 'dub-heads only!!!!!...view item »


An equal mix of classic Minimalism (i.e. John Adams's Shaker Loops) and techno-savvy, duo Klangwart make wonderfully patient music. To give a little preview, Stadtlandfluss is divided into seven tracks, this marvellous piece begins with an anticipatory hush, a sustained major chord, hardly swelling with harmonics, and obviously pointing somewher...view item »

I'll Be The Same

Oren Ambarchi does his best to confuse his fans: as well as sometimes working with Sunn O))) (which is pronounced ‘Sun’), he also has Sun, a duo with Chris Townend. At least the music is totally different: the Sun sound, as heard on I’...view item »

Sunn O))) & Pansonic/Alan Vega/Stephen Burroughs
Jukebox Buddha

The JUKEBOX BUDDHA compilation CD on Staubgold is a compilation of tunes made by clever electronic types with their buddha machines. I don't know about you but I came to the conclusion the other week that the buddha machines were a nice idea, but in practice they're a cheap tinny piece of tat with dreadful distorted sound. All ...view item »

Leafcutter John
The Forest &; The Sea

Planet Mu sound experimenter Leafcutter John has an interesting new album, his fourth infact, on Staubgold entitled 'The Forest And The Sea'. Its a really heartwarming, gentle, acoustic folk album with conventional instruments such as drums, cello, accordion, trombone as well as some experimental field recordings and pos...view item »