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Koenraad Ecker
Sleepwalkers in a Cold Circus

New on Richard Chartier’s sound-art label Line is Sleepwalkers in a Cold Circus, the evocatively titled new album from Koenraad Ecker. Frosty electroacoustics are the order of the day, unidentified sounds creeping around your headspace anxiously. Ecker uses lots of super-up-close recordings of everyday objects apparently, which makes the abstraction we hear all the more uncanny.

Frank Bretschneider

Berlin based artist Frank Bretschneider is well-known for the effortless rhythms that characterise his work. On Isolation, his new album - his second for LINE, he sets all that aside to deliver a surprising and disturbing study of sensorial space. Isolation was originally composed as part of an installation at the notorious stasi prison, Bautzen II where political prisoners were sequestered under extreme conditions. Unnerving, ethereal and jarring - for the ultimate effect, listen to this on headphones.

Derek Piotr

Derek Piotr builds up droning tracks out of super-spliced fragments of samples and voices (mostly Piotr’s, but also Maja Ratke’s), manipulated beyond obvious recognition. Drono functions as ambient background texture, but also richly rewards closer listening to untangle the blur of sounds. 150 CD copies on Richard Chartier’s LINE label.

Asmus Tietchens

Asmus Tietchens
Ornamente (zwischen Null und Eins)

Asmus Tiechens is a German professor who experiments with sound. He has been doing so since the mid-1960s when his first experiments involved tape recorders, electronic wave generators and rhythm machines. His first LP was released in 1980 and produced by Peter Baumann (Tangerine Dream). He currently works Hamburg’s University of Fine Arts teaching Sound design. Ornamente (Zwischen Null und Eins) features five pieces of experimental, ethereal and dynamic electronic music referred to by the tracklisting as Ornaments 1-5.

Richard Garet

On Meta, Richard Garet makes background noise the focus of our attention - sounds that are derived from our day-to-day experiences, sounds that we wouldn’t particularly notice if it wasn’t for Meta. The hour-long piece on this CD is based on a more complex quadrophonic interactive installation. Limited to 400 copies.


Rossano Polidro is back with a new project. After the duo TU M’, he is now working with triumvirate Triac. Their meticulously orchestrations have been garnering success, and their newest album Days promises to do the same. Expect quivering drones that seem to condense a week’s worth of time into seven tracks.

Stephan Mathieu + Caro Mikalef
Radioland (Panoramica)

Robert Curgenven & Richard Chartier
Built Through

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Richard Chartier

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Richard Chartier
Transparency (Performance)

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William Basinski & Richard Chartier
Aurora Liminalis


The latest release from Richard Chartier’s Line label is NHK’s Program. NHK, confusingly, is a duo made up of NHK’Koyxen’s Kouhei Matsunaga and Toshio Munehiro. This is a great album of sharp experimental electronics, feeling like two exploring minds at play. Exciting miniatures crafted from the bare-bones of digital sound.

Frank Bretschneider + Steve Roden
Suite Nuit

Description of Problem

Pinkcourtesyphone's fourth record, 'Description of Problem', develops the vocal prominence in Richard Chartier's drone and ambient work, pitting hypnotic and often harsh sounds against the sounds of breathing, eerie voicemails left by William Basinski and contributions from the voices of Evelina Domnitch and Cosey Fanni Tutti. 'Description of Problem' is a very bruised type of ambient sound, although there are moments where the whispered voices are married with more downbeat, even pretty ambient layers. 

Seth Cluett
Forms of Forgetting

Actual art, but in a record. If that sounds up your alley, this could be the disc for you. Seth Cluett describes himself as an artist, performer and musician. He plays a load of different instruments, some of which he made himself, and he is very heavy on concepts, experimentation and utilizing a variety of techniques to make music. This has to do with losing, then finding attention in music. Or something. Oh I don't know, buy it anyway. The sleeve looks like a wall. 
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Nicolas Bernier
frequencies (a / fragments)

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Liquified Sky

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Richard Chartier
Interior Field

Field recordings from Richard Chartier from a variety of spaces around the world, large and small, have been converted into a minimalist album that needs space, peace and quiet to truly absorb. The layers and sounds build up to a sedate soundscape well worth exploring.  CD on Line, limited to just 500 copies.
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Asmus Tietchens

Robert Curgenven

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Asmus Tietchens

Stephan Mathieu

William Basinski & Richard Chartier
Untitled 1-3