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Koenraad Ecker
Sleepwalkers in a Cold Circus

New on Richard Chartier’s sound-art label Line is Sleepwalkers in a Cold Circus, the evocatively titled new album from Koenraad Ecker. Frosty electroacoustics are the order of the day, unidentified sounds creeping around your headspace anxiously. Ecker uses lots of super-up-close ...view item »

Frank Bretschneider

Berlin based artist Frank Bretschneider is well-known for the effortless rhythms that characterise his work. On Isolation, his new album - his second for LINE, he sets all that aside to deliver a surprising and disturbing study of sensorial space. Isolation was originally composed as part of an installation at the notor...view item »

Derek Piotr

Derek Piotr builds up droning tracks out of super-spliced fragments of samples and voices (mostly Piotr’s, but also Maja Ratke’s), manipulated beyond obvious recognition. Drono functions as ambient background texture, but also richly rewards closer listening to untangle the ...view item »

Asmus Tietchens
Ornamente (zwischen Null und Eins)

Asmus Tiechens is a German professor who experiments with sound. He has been doing so since the mid-1960s when his first experiments involved tape recorders, electronic wave generators and rhythm machines. His first LP was released in 1980 and produced by Peter Baumann (Tangerine Dream). He curr...view item »

Richard Garet

On Meta, Richard Garet makes background noise the focus of our attention - sounds that are derived from our day-to-day experiences, sounds that we wouldn’t particularly notice if it wasn’t for Meta. The hour-long piece on this CD is based on a more complex quadrophonic interactive installation. Limi...view item »


Rossano Polidro is back with a new project. After the duo TU M’, he is now working with triumvirate Triac. Their meticulously orchestrations have been garnering success, and their newest album Days promises to do the same. Expect quivering drones that seem to condense a week&...view item »

Stephan Mathieu + Caro Mikalef
Radioland (Panoramica)

Now this baby is gently massaging then shaving the side of my face off today, I've just been to the dentist for a bitch of a filling so I feel a bit out of sorts and needed something to relax me, I'm not sure I'm exactly where I hoped to be cerebrally with this but I certainly don't want...view item »

Lawrence English
For/Not For John Cage

Here’s a CD on L-NE from renowned sound artist and blurry ambient master Lawrence English, this time an homage (or not?) to everyone’s favourite minimalist ...view item »

Robert Curgenven & Richard Chartier
Built Through

God, I'm sat here in the baking heat in my room listening to this tranquil baby. The second track is particularly relevant to my near-immolated state being the sound of electronic crickets-on-crack chirruping excitedly, undercut with a deep gradually escalating tonal throb reminiscent of ...view item »

Richard Chartier

Once upon a time I was staying in a house in Welwyn Garden City. Adding to the glamorous setting was the fact that the only space to sleep was in a kitchen where the dog normally slept. In order to stretch out satisfactorily I had my head pressed against a fridge. All night I lay there with t...view item »

Richard Chartier
Transparency (Performance)

This is a recording of a performance from October 2010 in the ring Auditorium at Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington DC. The performance is a culmination of recordings from a research fellowship which explored the National Museum of American History's collection of 19th...view item »

Frank Bretschneider

Old Frank has been on loadsa respected labels like Raster Noton, Shitkatapult, ...view item »

William Basinski & Richard Chartier
Aurora Liminalis

Here’s one that should interest a lot of you sound art buffs out there. It’s LINE boss Richard Chartier’s second collaboration with glamorous tape loop giant Billy Basinski - a single track of ebbing and flowing au...view item »


The latest release from Richard Chartier’s Line label is NHK’s Program. NHK, confusingly, is a duo made up of NHK’Koyxen’s Kouhei Matsunaga and Toshio Munehiro. This is a great album of sharp experimental electro...view item »

Frank Bretschneider + Steve Roden
Suite Nuit

From a duo of far-out sound manipulators we have two live recordings of new-old music originally commissioned to celebrate a church in Berlin in 2004. I’m not sure what the connection is between a melee of chopped field recordings and the cultural significance of a church, but I’m sure it must have been a nice concert. ‘Nice&rs...view item »

Description of Problem

Pinkcourtesyphone's fourth record, 'Description of Problem', develops the vocal prominence in Richard Chartier's drone and ambient work, pitting hypnotic and often harsh sounds against the sounds of breathing, eerie voicemails left by William Basinski and contributions from the voices of Evelina Domnitch and Cosey Fanni Tutti. 'Descrip...view item »

Seth Cluett
Forms of Forgetting

Actual art, but in a record. If that sounds up your alley, this could be the disc for you. Seth Cluett describes himself as an artist, performer and musician. He plays a load of different instruments, some of which he made himself, and he is very heavy on concepts, experimentation and utilizing a variety of techniques to make music. This ha...view item »

Nicolas Bernier
frequencies (a / fragments)

Get ready to stroke your beard, there's a new CD from Line in the office! This one's from Nicolas Bernier and contains a combination of sine wave drones and "a series of custom made devices in which computer-controlled solenoids activate a variety of tuning forks", it's a detailed exercise in high pitched, glassy drones in which the physical rin...view item »

Richard Chartier
Interior Field

Field recordings from Richard Chartier from a variety of spaces around the world, large and small, have been converted into a minimalist album that needs space, peace and quiet to truly absorb. The layers and sounds build up to a sedate soundscape well worth exploring.  CD on Line, limited to just 500 copies....view item »

Source Voice

Here’s a new CD by Antye Greie-Ripatti otherwise known as AGF to you and me. I’m sure I’ve heard her music at some point over the last few years but no bells are ringing but seeing as though I can’t remember what I did yesterday that doesn’t mean very much.On this new CD w...view item »

Foley Folly Folio

Richard Chartier, Archduke of Chinstrokington, has got a new album out. What's more, it's on his brand new 'Line [Segments]' imprint, designed to put out music which is allied to his Line...view item »

Seth Horvitz
Eight Studies for Automatic Piano

Seth Horvitz is perhaps better known for his work as Sutekh which is a million miles away from this interesting album that Line have just released. Here he programmed an automatic piano to play some incredibly complex (and fast in places) pieces. This was performed live ...view item »

Stephan Mathieu

This is a sister release to the recent CD on 12K which came and went in no time though a repress is happening soon. Not one to cut and paste from press releases but this is a reasonably informative sentence so here you go 'Remain, a new 60 minute composition utilizes original material from Janek Schaefer's Extended Play, reprocessed by Stephan M...view item »

Alva Noto
For 2

Carsten Nicolai is an artist whose work I always await with high expectations. His approach to creating audio is both artistic and scientific, this also applies to his visual output. Over the years he's amassed an impressive catalogue in both fields, yet is probably best known for his work as Alva Noto and collaborations with Ryuchi Sakamoto....view item »

Scott Cortez
Twin Radiant Flux

Shit man, that Lovesliescrushing chappy from the Southern Americas has some unreleased drone work dating from the late 90s re-mastered released by Mr. Deupree & his fine L_ine stable. I like his stuff a great deal there's a real classical grace to these long, lanquid ambient movements that reminds me a lot of some of Celer's more celebrated ...view item »

Yann Novak
Relocation. Reconstruction

Breaking up the steady slew of comebacks is guessed it! A dark ambient/drone album. This one is by Dragon's Eye founder Yann Novak, a most distinguished name if ever I heard one. A foreboding, solitary track numbering 42 minutes exactly. Without indulging in illicit headphone abuse, it's hard to easily capture distinctive things to sa...view item »

CRWTH (Chorus Redux)

  I've not heard of these folks before. They formed in 1991 and released this album Chorus which was only released in Peru. Apparently Richard Chartier was well into it and he was pretty keen to get his hands on a copy and eventually after a number of conversations with Lovesliescrushing he persuaded them to go back to the original album and r...view item »