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Drowning in Daylight

The illustrious esquires at Apollo represent sadcore-ambient titan bvdub’s label of the week for Drowning in Daylight, a quadrilogy of teary twenty-minute longuns wit...view item »

Aphex Twin
Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Not sure that you need us to introduce this one to you. The album that broke Aphex Twin to the masses (relatively speaking), Selected Ambient Works 85-92 starts with two genuinely sublime pieces of music, ‘Xtal’ and ‘Tha’, which your collection literally cannot be without. The whole thing is grea...view item »

Paul Frick
Second Yard Botanicals

Known to many as one third of Brandt Brauer Frick, Paul Frick finally gets his debut LP release via Apollo records. Yes, although Frick has released a handful of EPs over recent years and made music for over twenty years, Second Yard Botanicals is the Berliner's first full-length under his own stea...view item »

Glenn Astro & Hodini
Turquoise Tortoise

Collaborative weird funk album from Glenn Astro and Hodini. Collaborative might be a bit misleading as the distance between Berlin and Cologne meant the pair worked on these tracks separately. Turquoise Tortoise becomes one in their constant referencing of each othe...view item »

Memories (2008-2011)

Synkro's 2015 debut 'Changes' was an excellent slab of evocative electronica that no Burial loving household should be without. While Joe McBride does all he can to live up to this claim with a new record it's time to have a retrospective of his earlier work. These tracks show his formative years spent weaving w...view item »

Slow Love EP

After remixing Lakker on R&S, Lahun has been snapped up by Apollo. Open and sparse but filled with texture and soul, his work falls around James Blake and J Dilla with a palette affected by a 90s rave scene background. Huge developing pads, slow shuffles, and with Sa...view item »

Changes Remix EP

For those of us who couldn’t get enough of Synkro’s debut album Changes, the British dubwunderkind has invited some of his favorite producers to remix his tracks. And so Sven Weisemann, Legowelt and DBridge all provide some excellent interpretations of ...view item »

Broken Promise EP

Let it never be said that I'm not a man who likes it slow. How are you supposed to enjoy all the indulgent detail of a record if it's flying past too fast to catch. No, give me silky slow grooves any day. I'm happy to report that this record is slow. It's one of those bass-driven electro...view item »


Synkro has turned out nigh-on forty releases over the years, but this is the very first full-length album he has released. Changes moves in and out of soothing ambient drifts, always eventually being joined by carefully-crafted beats. Nice to see that Synkro has adapted his sound to the format. Out on t...view item »

Cagney XOR Lacey EP

This is a thrillingly appealing 12” of cut and slice soulful electro from John Davies (aka Datassette). A quick look at his previous releases and it looks like his previous record in our stockroom was from 2008 but this is as fresh as anything made by someone hurling all their ideas onto a debut release. The opening title track is ...view item »

Anton Zap
Subculture EP

Russian electronic producer Anton Zap aka Anton Barbashev returns to Apollo following his highly acclaimed debut release ‘Water’. Building from the rich house sound of his first release, Zap expands into new sonic areas from the blazed hip hop rhythms of’ Free Fall’ or the motivational breakbeats of ‘Incident’...view item »

Send Two Sunsets

Send Two Sunsets is no less than the first full length release of Gacha, a producer with a fondness for low-key semi-ambience. His work fits very well with guest vocalist Natalie Beridze, often singing at a level scarcely above a whisper. Limited edition vinyl in a fetching shade of blue, on the Apollo ...view item »

Nadine Shah
Fast Food

Transparent red vinyl LP on Apollo. Sophomore album from Nadine Shah which she wrote the entirety of in two months, with in studio contributions with Pete Johnson (I am Kloot) it’s a brooding smoke-filled  affair. For fans of PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, ...view item »


Available as a CD or on limited white double vinyl LP through R&S sublabel Apollo. Written and produced at his home studio in Los Angeles Eskmo utilises field samples from the US and around the world as well dipping into string arrangements. Wanting to focus around a narrative Eskmo has created somethin...view item »

Nadine Shah
Fool / Stealing Cars

Following on from 2013’s highly acclaimed debut album Love Your Dum and Mad, Nadine Shah has a forthcoming new album, Fast Food. To precede the highly anticipated release, two tracks from the sophomore effort, Fool/Stealing Cars are available on 12” heart-shaped black vinyl. Limited edition...view item »

Transient EP

UK producer Synkro (aka Joe McBride)'s fourth vinyl release is a nostalgic documentation of his move from the vast sprawl of Manchester back to his childhood town in rural Derbyshire. Atmospheric and soundscape-y, this is Synkro's most emotional work to date. Four track EP on 12" vinyl on Apollo. ...view item »

Model 500
The Passage

A giant in the Detroit techno scene who's been there since the early days, you'll find Juan Atkins spinning the wheels behind the Model 500 moniker. He'd been using the name since the 80s and released the three tracks that make up 'The Passage' in 1992. The tracks are colourful, full of sparkling synth and driven by lively beats. 'The Passage' i...view item »

Leyland Kirby
Breaks My Heart Each Time

Originally the provocateur behind the madcap V/Vm label (sample release ‘Snooker Loopy’ various mangled takes on Snooker-based themes), then for basically inventing hauntology with the much-loved The Caretaker project, finally exploring more acid/rave themes under his (sort of) own name. James Kirby ...view item »

Cloud Boat
Model Of You

Cloud Boat is production duo Tom Clarke and Sam Ricketts, making minimalist and reflective dubstep by the way of Burial and Distance. 'Model of You' is their second record in as many years, produced by Andy Savours of shoegaze and post-rock fame (My Bloody Valentine, Sigur Ros and The Horrors).    Tracks:...view item »

Cloud Boat

One of my favourite bands of my youth was called Carmine. But this is not them. Its by Cloud Boat and they do a nice line in sweeping London Grammar/The XX/Daughter style stadium reaching dream-gaze. Aimed at the aftermath of the call centre post work piss up punch up it will have you weeping into your...view item »

Boozoo Bajou

Here’s album number four, ‘4’, from veteran ambient duo Boozoo Bajou, an eight-piece suite of delicately constructed soundscapes heavy in synths but also containing guitar, percussion and piano. Friends pop up on a couple of tracks playing flugelhorn and strings as well as extra synths. Opener ‘Jan Mayen’ ea...view item »

When The Watchman Saw The Light

With gentle whispers and careful beats, Georgian native Gacha brings his second album from the dynamic city-life of Berlin. When the Watchman Saw the Light features manipulated, contorted single over dreamy instrumentals, with sparse drums thrown in to complete the experience. Like the watchman in the title, you too can...view item »

Nadine Shah
Love Your Dum And Mad

Nadine Shah's debut album "Love Your Dum And Mad" came out in 2013 to great critical acclaim. Whilst I can hear a talented artist I still struggle to see what's so fantastic. It probably means that it's not really my cup of tea and I shouldn't be reviewing it, but I did buy it so I'll carry on. The obvious comparisons to make are with PJ Harvey,...view item »

Nadine Shah
To Be A Young Man

"To Be a Young Man' is a song, by a lady, inspired by a conversation with a man in his late sixties. Tyneside's Nadine Shah likes to take strong and interesting concepts and weave magical tales from them. Described as a cross between Nick Cave and Marianne Faithful, her music has met with remark...view item »

Cloud Boat
Book Of Hours

Apollo Records release the debut album by the dreamy electronica duo Cloud Boat, otherwise known as Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke, the LP version of ‘Book Of Hours’ includes a CD copy of the album and also a bonus five track live disc. This is a stunning collec...view item »

Cloud Boat
Wanderlust / Drean

Here’s the second 10” from Cloud Boat, who here play ‘Wanderlust’, a smooth and tasteful modern electronic soul with a roomy-sounding guitar, sparse beats, with cut-up samples and field recordings taking it into altogether unexpected places. In his review of their previous effort o...view item »

Acceptance EP

Ambient garage anyone? No wait...come back!! Haha, isn’t that what Burial has been doing for the last five years? The first track on here is kind of like, if Will Bevan went to Goa for a three month sabbatical and sat on the beach with a load of crusties who fed him tranquilisers and played him old ...view item »

Model 500
OFI (The Apollo Mixes)

I hold Model 500 material pretty sacred and so when artist come along and remixes his stuff I’m usually a little sceptical. I’ve yet to hear anyone better the originals so let’s see what we have here. First up is Sei I who I know no...view item »

Jack Dixon
You Wont Let Me EP

Ah, more sweet goodness. Not heard London producer Jack Dixon before but the combination of the blazing sunshine and the opening track on this 12” on R&S subsidiary Apollo...view item »