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Crack Cloud
Crack Cloud

Canadian collective Crack Cloud bring together their two EPs on one slab o’ wax here. Crack Cloud - made up of a similarly eponymous 2016 record and 2017’s Anchoring Point - is a fun, mildly anarchic mix of Gang Of Four-style post-punk and lumbering noise rock. A few points also bri...view item »

Trembling Bells

I just can't get over the sleeve. Just look at it. Kind of suits the music Trembling Bells make though. It's shot through with the folk influence of bands who also wore 17th century garb and claimed a kinship with days of yore. I'm thinking Fairport Convention. But Trembling Bells are also very psychedelic. You'...view item »

Charlie Parr
Cheap Wine

If you are new to the blues stomp and heartbreaking ballads of Duluth country blues raconteur Charlie Parr then this is as good a place to start as any. It's a 2011 era compilation of all his best bits to date taken from a series of albums on a multitude of labels. No-one does this kind of lowdown storytelling blues and folk bet...view item »

Trembling Bells
The Sovereign Self

Their fifth album in six years, The Sovereign Self by Trembling Bells continues down the traditionalist path that the band ploughs so well. From motorik kraut to wig-out prog and freak-folk it’s a heady stew of influences, twisting and turning at every step. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Tin Angel....view item »

Ed Askew
Art and Life

Ed Askew built up a small but solid cult following over the three and a half decades between his 1968 ESP-Disk debut and his 2003 return: he’s now in a place where people are eagerly awaiting new sounds from the man with the Martin Tiple (baritone ukulele). New record Art and Life, with an Askew p...view item »


The danceable sweetness of Batch is both teeth rotting and euphoric enough to spark a generous sugar rush. This Coventry quartet have produced a nippy nine-tracker destined to propel their unique brand of sarcastic pop further up the ladder of the murky indie underground - certainly if Billie Jean-esque lead single 'Aw...view item »

Trembling Bells / Alex Rex
The Auld Triangle

Like a sort of raggle-taggle version of Band Aid, Scottish folk minstrels Trembling Bells have hauled a pile of their famous friends into the studio to sing this song much beloved of drunks. Alasdair Roberts, Ricky Ross (really?) , Dan Haywood, Mike Heron, Scott Fagan and Amy Cutler all len...view item »

Devon Sproule
The Gold String

It seems like Devon Sproule has been around forever but she's still somehow only 34. This latest missive from the Virginia based songwriter is inspired by the time she was staying on a remote and rather than eat her dinner set about writing sprawling verse. The result is a short but lush LP with guest spots from Ed Askew...view item »


Vancouver-incepted six-piece Brasstronaut are a mysterious entity, and one that cannot be assigned to a single genre. Their 2016 released self-titled album melds pop, rock and jazz using synths, clarinets and intricate rhythms in a way that has attracted critical acclaim from the left and the right of the Atlantic pond...view item »

Rough Master

Halifaxians Mauno take an unconventional approach to pop music, almost deconstructive. Pulling elements apart and focusing on them with fresh eyes. Resulting in strangely familiar but also completely alien experiments in pop structure and tones. Lot’s of “what the hell was that? Put that on again” going on here...view item »

Trembling Bells & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
The Bonnie Bells Of Oxford

After collaborating on The Marble Downs Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Trembling Bells went on tour in 2012. The Bonnie Bells Of Oxford is a live album trying to capture the magic of their collaboration including hybrid versions of tracks from each artist, as well as many tracks from the...view item »

John Southworth
Small Town Water Tower

On Small Town Water Tower, John Southwater has made some subtly strange pop music, with songs that are wistful and quietly grand. This isn’t exactly his previous territory (Small Town Water Tower is his tenth album), but why not do something new eh? Especially when it is put together with such skill as th...view item »

Nedelle Torrisi
Advice From Paradise

Indie pop musician Nedelle Torris has paid a lot of dues playing in the backing bands for artists such as Sufjan Stevens and Ariel Pink, but she deserves credit for being a proficient songwriter in her own right; Advice From Paradise ...view item »

Little Annie

Little Annie’s recent career has included a published volume of her prose and a collaborative album with Baby Dee, but this is the first time she has put out an album under her own name since 2007! Trace is a welcome return, pu...view item »

Von Spar

Von Spar are back after releasing a live adaptation of Can's 'Ege Bamyasi', here to unleash their own brand of new-era krautrock to the world with 'Streetlife' -- the weirdest of '70s rock, but with some disco too. This record is, as ever, a highly collaborative affair, bringing on board Marker Starling, Ada and Scout Niblett for a variety of vo...view item »

Trembling Bells
Wide Majestic Aire

Wide Majestic Aire is a ‘mini-album’, containing 7 songs-worth of Trembling Bells’ grounded-but-adventurous folk-rock. A sense of place is crucial to this record: as well as Yorkshire, signified by the River Aire (which happens to be spitting-distance from Norman Records, fact-fans!), Oxford, London, a...view item »

Dear Janet

In which a selection of lo-fi indie characters, marshalled together by the Dirty Projectors, cover the music of hi-fi actual pop superstar Janet Jackson. Dear Janet features sincere tributes from the likes of Tune-Yards, Dirty Beaches and Scout Niblett,...view item »
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Ed Askew
Ask The Unicorn

Cult favourite of weird deep-folk, Ask The Unicorn by Ed Askew has, for a very long time, been utterly out of print. This reissue rights that wrong at last, with Askew’s keening voice and unusual Martin tiple instrument fully remastered for maximum clarity. Reissued to CD and white vinyl by Tin An...view item »

Baby Dee
I Am A Stick

Baby Dee finds serial percussionist Alex Neilson (Death Shanties, Trembling Bells) and a band also including Joe Carvell, Victor Herrero and Jordan Hunt working with Dee herself, to bring her piano-led songs to ...view item »

Opal Onyx
Delta Sands

Brooklyn duo Opal Onyx this week drop their debut album of murky and dreamlike darkpop, which pairs clear Zola Jesus-ish vocals with a backing which mixes eerie acoustic Americana with some seriously ghostly, muffled loop-pop action that's quite unusual and effective. They open strongly with 'Black And Cr...view item »

Nicholas Krgovich
On Sunset

Nicholas Krgovich can't decide whether to bow at the Americana altar or give it up for synth pop, and so his song-writing prowess lies between the two, recalling traditional folk songwriters as much as he does artists such as Prefab Sprout and the Dirty Projectors. His new record, 'On Sunset', is a love letter to Los Angeles, and was produced by...view item »

Two Wings
A Wake

Always happy to hear a 12 string as there is on opener 'Peace-Fear' but this lot are steeped in the folk tradition having had backgrounds in Scatter and Trembling Bells amongst others. You are also going to struggle with singer Hanna Tuullikki's voice unless you are a dog, i...view item »
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Trembling Bells & Bonnie Prince Billy
New Trip On The Old Wine

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Baby Dee & Eliot Bates
The Big Bumble Bees

Well you wouldn’t think to look at it. This is by Baby Dee and Eliot Bates despite neither of the artists being mentioned on the frront cover, the spine and only amongst a load of wordsearch like text on the back. Print your names clearly, in blocked capitals, please. Thank you. The lengthy search to find out who this was by at lea...view item »

Tom Brosseau
Grass Punks

One day spring will appear and everything will be warm and lovely. That will be as good a time as any to listen to this sparkling LP of acoustic pop from the LA based singer songwriter. Opener ‘Cradle Your Device’ is a great sunshiney blast of loveliness, with humorous lyrics about a partner more in thrall to their phone/ipad...view item »

Doug Tielli

Doug Tielli lives in Toronto, where he is a well-known name on the underground music scene. Much of Kerelsey, though, was conceived in a rainy two months spent in the suburb of Coventry, England, with the same name. English folk influences are audible on the album, alongside African and Brazilian vibes. On CD or vi...view item »

Ed Askew
For The World

Singer / songwriter and painter Ed Askew is considered something of a New York legend. He released his first album 'Ask the Unicorn' in 1968 and his most recent, 'For the World' in 2013. With only four albums in between, he might not be prolific but what he lacks in output he more than makes up for in admiration. Super fan Sharon Van Etten guest...view item »

Evening Hymns
Spectral Dusk

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Little Annie & Baby Dee
State Of Grace

It's a shame to see Little Annie be so under-known. She's been making great records for decades, sometimes using different names... Annie Anxiety, Little Annie Anxiety, Little Annie Axiety Bandez, etc... Of what I know of her, she started out with a more industrial approach, but with a soft spot for... I don't know what to call it... music hall?...view item »

Xiu Xiu/ Larsen (XXL)

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Cool Cruel Mouth

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Cairo Gang
Holy Clover

Fresh from his outing with Will Oldham here's Emmett Kelly (aka Mr. Cairo Gang) with a fine solo four-tracker of hushed, timeless, loose 'n' folky rock that's full of downplayed vocalising, sparse guitar and deliberately understated arrangements which, in combination, make it all the more effective when he very occasionally lets rip. It's a styl...view item »
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Baby Dee
A Book Of Songs For Anne Marie

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Adrian Crowley
Long Distance Swimmer

Norman Records longtime favorite Adrian Crowley's latest opus 'Long Distance Swimmer' has the man heading in a somewhat different direction. Recorded in Dublin, the essence of the album is pure Crowley, straight from the soul but the sound has had a bit of an overhaul. The addition of a drummer really surprised me and makes for a much fuller polish...view item »
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