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Medicine and Duty
Sunken Carnival

Medicine and Duty are a new name to me but they feature characters I've come across before, In fact these lot are practically a super group with members of Teeth Of The Sea (Matt Colegate), Shrag, Black Neck Band of the Common Loon (Andy Pyne) and Guillotines' (Jack Cooper) all getting involved. This is their 6th studio album and the first to ma...view item »
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Make Motion Matter

Another quiet talent, Puffin Boy, have a mini album jobbie out on CD. 'Make Motion Matter' sounds like the B-52's being taken hostage by the cast of 'Are You Being Served' at first. It gets into a locked groove of funky noodles & digital chatter further along, percussive but a bit directionless to be honest. Then they go trip...view item »
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Glut / Paused Pregnancy

Aeolipile is comprised of three voluntarily underground noisemakers: elusive tape hiss lover Jason Williams playing sax, bassist Tom Roberts and jazz doom maverick Andy Pyne on drums. They play some sort of... genre, but we're not supposed to know what it is. They call it free-jazz, but they might be lying: whatever it is, it's rather chaotic. W...view item »

Sunrise City Flux / Exit via Ocean

Kellar are a trio who make an unholy racket by improvising, largely through guitar compositions backed with a good dosage of fuzz and some idiosyncratic drumming. They bring to mind the best bands who didn't give a fuck and treated their tracks more as loose experimental vignettes than actual structured songs: think Glenn Branca playing made-up ...view item »

Map 71
Standing / Specimen

Map 71 is the collaborative venture of poet Lisa Jayne and drummer Andy Pyne (Medicine & Duty, Kellar, Black Neck Band). Unsettling and murky, the lyrically nightmarish and musically harsh synth vibe of the A-side is complimented by a quieter and more relaxed flipside. Available on 7" vinyl on Foolproof Projects. ...view item »

Short/ Cut/ Off/ Set

Puffinboy is a chap from Braer Rabbit who I'm rather a large fan of. Consequently I'm a fan of Puffinboy. You see how that works??? Anyway we've got their brand new 7" (Short/ Cut) as well as copies of the excellent last single. This is experimental quirky electro I guess. It doesn't sound like ...view item »
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Voodoo For Beginners

Fats and Brian's tune of the week is the new one from Puffinboy. Its a 7" which Brian says is shit hot. Cool electro to put everyone else to shame. Voodoo Fo Beginners is 7" only...view item »
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High Livin' Round Seven Dials

At last the new Puffinboy single arrives. Puffinboy is one chap from Braer Rabbit and I'm hopefully snagging both acts to do a split for a future Whiskey.mmmm Not sure if I should have said that yet in case it goes all arse over. Well I've gone and done it now. Anyway the lead track on th...view item »
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Braer Rabbit
Munich Beach Club EP

We like Braer Rabbit here at the towers and they've a spanking new 12" out Foolproof Projects. Always fresh and original, this 'uns entitled 'Munich Beachclub' and is 4 tracks of uncategorisable electronic ideas. The lead track has a speedy latin feel, kinda reminiscant of Senor Coconut ...view item »
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Medicine and Duty
The Imperial Black Fracture

Medicine and Duty, two things which are important if you want to be an army medic. And if I was playing some online fragfest as one of the aforementioned I'd quite like to be listening to this 7" on Foolproof Projects during the parts where I'm blowing people's cocks off with grenades. I don't really know why, I'm just waffling becuase the re...view item »
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