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Arovane & Porya Hatami
Organism / Organism_evolution

Arovane & Porya Hatami turned heads with their 2017 collaboration Organism. The record mixed the ambient IDM of the former and the experimental sound art of the latter with found sounds to create an LP of dense, droning electronic ambiences. Organism now comes bundled together with its follow-up Organis...view item »

Iannis Xenakis
La Légende D'Eer

Karlrecords have allowed Reinhold Friedl (main man in Zeitkratzer) to keep curate a series of major electroacoustic reissues for them: second up is a work by the almighty Iannis Xenakis. La Légende D’Eer is a huge piece of electronic sound, noisy and overwhelming and beauti...view item »

Execution Ground

Painkiller’s heavyweight line-up, in case you had forgotten, was Mick Harris (of Napalm Death), Bill Laswell (of Last Exit) and John Zorn (of absolutely everything, particularly Naked City). Yeah, big stuff. Execution ...view item »

Konstrukt & Keiji Haino
A Philosophy Warping, Little by Little That Way Lies A Quagmire

Berlin’s Karlrecords previously released of a pair of Haino collaborations with experimental ensemble Zeitkratzer, which placed the Man in Black in musical contexts that stood out as unusual even in his vast and varied discography. The same can be said of this LP w...view item »

Zeitkratzer Performs Songs From Kraftwerk 1 and 2

Led by Reinhold Friedl, Zeitkratzer are an ensemble of musicians who work with and reinterpret compositions by an ever reaching range of avant-garde and fringe artists. Their list of works include Lou Reed, Whitehouse, Throbbing Gristle, Stockhausen...view item »

Over Depth

It pleases me immensely to be able to proper crank up new material from living legend Mick Harris (Napalm Death, Scorn, Lull, Monrella, Quoit, Painkiller) I’d almost given up hope of hearing any n...view item »


About Creta: don’t turn them off straight away. Here I’m extending the definition of “straight away” to include “within the first four minutes”, because it’s ambient. Give them a chance and they will rain melody: this triforce of contemporary musicians including Massimo Pupillo, Luciana Lamanna and Rober...view item »

Massimo Pupillo, Alexandre Babel & Caspar Brötzmann
Live at Candy Bomber Studios, Vol. 1

Three is a good number; there are a lot of trios in the world, so it must be. This one is a particularly extreme assembly, offering bassist Massimo Pupillo, percussionist Alexandre Babel and guitarist Casper Brötzmann...view item »

Reinhold Friedl: KORE

Zeitkratzer are not your usual classically trained orchestral collective. They’ve collaborated with Merzbow and Keiji Haino and they covered Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music in its entirety. On Reinhold Friedl: KORE from Karlrecords th...view item »

Morton Subotnick
The Wild Bull

Before he was old and sort of looked like Father Christmas (with tech and wires instead of reindeer and reigns), Morton Subotnick was a figurehead in the embryonic stages of electronic music, becoming the first ever musician to be specifically picked out by a record label to make them some synthy jams. Here, the term jams is used loosely, since ...view item »

Philippe Petit
Off To Titan

This bad boy's subtitled 'A Rework of Gustav Mahler's Symhonic Poem' and that pretty much tells the story: Mahler's 'Titan' (aka 'Symphony No. 1') plays while Petit and chum Kumo sprinkle the classical 99 with their electronic hundreds and thousands. It's certainly a hugely respectful treatment with the original piece always audible and generall...view item »