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The Journey

FRAME, a project by Andrea Benedetti and Eugenio Vatta are all about the particular atmosphere of a movie theatre, and have since 1992 been creating powerfully evocative soundscapes to that effect for audiences. Here in front of us we have the FRAME sound distilled into album form. The Journey is released by Glacial Movements.
  • CD (GM036)
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  • Glacial Movements

Line Spectrum

Line Spectrum is the latest boundary-pushing sonic exploration project from Ukranian, Oleg Puzan. Bruma is slowly evolving minimalism - so minimal in places that there are silent passages - that encapsulates field recordings and manipulated sounds. This will take you to a place where nature and tranquility are one and the same. Puzan has also released records as Dronny Darko via Cryo Chamber.
  • CD (GM038)
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Equal Stones
Below Zero

The latest release from Equal Stones - a.k.a. Dutch electronic artist Amandus Schaap - Below Zero evokes the endless frozen wilderness of the permafrost, with thick heavy textures moving almost imperceptibly slowly. Italian ambient label Glacial Movements makes a perfect home for Schaap’s new music. 

Lost In Time

Fernando Corona is Murcof, a Mexican electronica artist who has gradually scaled back the beats in favour of samples and inspiration taken from modern classical music. Lost In Time intersects with the film of the same name, and uses aspects of the Goldberg Variations in order to create a deep and powerful new work. Released by Glacial Movements.
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  • Glacial Movements

Tropic of Coldness
Framed Waves

Italian-American duo Tropic Of Coldness release their latest drone opus via Glacial Movements (bvdub & Loscil, Scanner). It’s a fittingly-named label for an album such as Framed Waves. This is a work of slow beauty built on sonic micro-shifts rather than abrupt changes. Hums, whirrs and groans drift over one another across these five lengthy entries, with the occasional spool of electric guitar added for extra poignancy.

Paul Schütze
The Sky Torn Apart

Polymath Paul Schütze, he of Laughing Hands and Phantom City fame, explores the uncanny parallels between our modern-day environmental transformations and the Nordic myth of Ragnarök, in which the earth is subsumed by water as a consequence of conflicted divinity, in suitably experimental form.