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Same Waves
Algorithm of Desire

‘Algorithm of Desire’ by Same Waves is an exercise in oddball electronic pop, both restrained and open-ended. Same Waves are a collaboration between Lindsay Anderson (L’ALTRA) and John Hughes, together making a sound of hushed eccentricity, welcome to scrapes of violin, plonking synths, and at times almost whispered vocals. The LP - which features contributions from the likes of Bill MacKay and Macie Stewart - is released by the Flau label.
  • Vinyl LP (FLAU71LP)
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Ensemble 0
Ensemble 0 Plays Eight Compositions and It Lasts 38:36

Can’t fault them for clarity and accuracy. Ensemble 0 Plays Eight Compositions and It Lasts 38:36 delivers on each of the promises of its title, and the individual tracks follow the same format. This contemporary group devised their own pieces for (mostly) acoustic instrumentation, and the results are tenderly-textured and delicately explorative. LP release on the Flau label.
  • Vinyl LP (FLAU77LP)
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And So I Place You In The Setting Sun

  • CD (FLAU25)
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Emma Gatrill

With credits running to playing with Alessi’s Ark, Rozi Plain and Rachael Dadd, harpist and multi-instrumental Emma Gatrill often gets compared to Joanna Newsom, Björk and Joni Mitchell. Developing her sound further with incorporating synths, drum machines and layering techniques Cocoon brings warm, rich and soulful pop music.

Molnbär av John
The End

‘Experimental Easy Listening’ here from Molnbär av John, who appears to be deploying crackly cassette and vinyl samples and squeezing them into peculiar new miniatures. New album The End comes in a fairly lovely package: the CD is nestled within an arty book, plus photos and poems and illustrations, and even a download card with some extra material. Nice. Out on Flau.

Fábio Caramuru

EcoMúsica is an unusual collaboration between Brazilian pianist Fábio Caramuru and a whole forest’s worth of Brazilian wildlife. Yes that’s right, recordings of animals chirping and cheeping and buzzing are combined with Caramuru’s romantic piano melodies, with fairly charming results. Released on CD by the Flau label.

Port St. Willow

Port St. Willow make a delicate ambient-rock focused on improvisation and subtle melodic shades. For their second album Syncope, on Japanese CD from Flau, the band have focused on intimate instrumentation, found sounds and the lead singer’s soft falsetto. Unsurprisingly Brian Eno is a big fan.


Taiwan group Cicada compose original pieces of modern classical music, very much aligned with the stately neo-romanticism of artists like Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm (as opposed to Helmut Lachenmann or the like). Ocean is a rich album full of gorgeous melodicism: the poetic nautical titles might give you a flavour. CD release on Flau.

Umarete Wa Mita Keredo

High quality quietness from 0 here, an ensemble featuring Sylvain Chauveau. He wrote all the music on Umarete Wa Mita Keredo to accompany a silent Ozu film, which I can imagine being a perfect fit. Entirely acoustic, these pieces are delicate melodic constructions. Released by the Japanese label Flau.
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  • Flau

Crystal Station 64

Crystal are a Japanese gang of sleek synth enthusiasts, apparently taking as much influence from the soundtracks to 1980’s action comedy films as from fellow electro producers as seen on the Ed Banger roster (they were ‘discovered’ by Justice). Crystal Station 64 is their debut full-length, and includes a bonus collaboration with Ikonika!
  • CD (FRAU53)
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The World Left Behind

Rayons is Japanese composer Masako Nakai, who has composed parts for a broad range of classical instruments that, on debut full-length The World Left Behind, knit together into heavily melancholic melodic structures. Several pieces include vocals from frequent collaborator Predawn. Japanese CD release on the Flau label.


Noah emerged from the local indie scene of her home in Northern Japan in a haze of minimalist, spellbinding electro R&B. Following the release of 3 beautifully crafted mixtapes, she has finally released this 15-track, full-length debut, blending a host of influences from 90’s trip hop to French animated soundtrack scores, to create an imaginative fantasy world with her delicate voice, some childlike melodies and oddball drone noises.
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  • Flau

Night Lines

Presented over four tracks as a noir fairytale, ‘Night Lines’ EP is the fourth release by Kyoto native dream pop artist Cuushe, due for release on New York/London based independent alternative record label Cascine. Using her light, mesmerizing vocals as the main instrument, Cuushe builds a haunting soundscape of the darker side of modern Japan with her lyrics while collaborator Aus creates a gritty backdrop using sounds sourced from film, animation and found samples.


Available on CD from Flau. Kobe based Radicalfashion’s first album in 8 years is ten tracks of experimental romantic piano pieces, approaching song writing using techniques taken from traditional painting each song has the ability to jump from serene to heartbreakingly discordant with a simple switch in melody, taking completely unexpected paths.

Rima Kato
Faintly Lit

While still at high school in the late nineties, Rima Kato began her music career in folk-rock duo Strrows, who gradually evolved from their jaunty pop origins towards a slower, more thoughtful folk-pop. Following her 2012 mini album ‘Harmless’, Kato’s album debut ‘Faintly Lit’ consists of a lo-fi arrangement of soft sounding electric guitar along with a selection of wood and wind instruments which carry the simple charm of her poetry delivered through her soft, gentle vocal style.
  • CD (FLAU45)
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Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven
Between The Lines


  • CD (FLAU43)
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Ulises Conti
Los Griegos creían que las estrellas eran pequeños agujeros por donde los dioses escuchaban a los hombres

27 pieces, from A to Z. This recording was thought as a sound alphabet, including different types of resonances and doing a close up in the sound transformation process itself. It includes acoustic manipulations with diferents methods, both digital and analogic. The album contains musical instruments, soundscapes and field recordings of the everyday life, where it is possible to hear from pieces for processed piano to whispers of amusement parks, children, insects, basketball games, aircrafts or bell towers. However, all these sounds both musical instruments and sound objects are processed in such a way that new sounds are redefined. The process of this album took place in 2013 between Germany and Argentina and was produced by Ismael Pinkler. Tracks: 01 A 02 B 03 C 04 D 05 E 06 F 07 G 08 H 09 I 10 J 11 K 12 L 13 M 14 N 15 Ñ 16 O 17 P 18 Q 19 R 20 S 21 T 22 U 23 V 24 W 25 X 26 Y 27 Z
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  • Flau


  • CD (FLAUR10)
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Your Thorn Remixes

  • CD (LAUR04)
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Liz Christine
Sweet Mellow Cat

  • CD (FLAU29)
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Colophon (Tarentel)
Love Loops

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  • Flau

Henning Schmiedt

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  • Flau

Hood, Jasper Leyland, Various
Little Things