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Modern Cosmology
Summer Long

Astonishingly this collaboration between Stereolab chanteuse Letitia Sadier and Brazilian band Mombojo has almost exactly the same name as the title of the recent Jane Weaver album. I mean, it’s unbelievable isn’t it? How does that happen?  Anyway thi...view item »

The Yearning
Take Me All Over The World

The Yearning have succeeded (more or less) where Franz Ferdinand failed: every release features the same logo, text and visual style, varying only in specific photos and colour schemes. And titles. The band is mainly the work of ...view item »

Camera Obscura
Keep It Clean

Elefant Records celebrate their twenty-fifth birthday with some welcome reissues. Keep it Clean is a single from Camera Obscura’s 2004 album Underachievers Try Harder, and it’s a perfectly representative slice of swe...view item »

Cola Jet Set
El Fin Del Mundo

Cola Jet Set, Barcelona’s finest, play gorgeously bright and sunny sounding pop-punk, with vigorous lashings of Brazilian influence. Sometimes they dial it down a little for some acoustic introspection, but mostly, El Fin Del Mundo is a fun and highly energetic record. LP limited to just 500 copies on Elefant....view item »

Trembling Blue Stars
Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires

Man I'm picking 'em this week... OK, Trembling Blue Stars are another band I know nothing about so again, excuse my ignorance. Phil tells me they formed from the ashes of Field Mice adding a slightly more dance orientated/baggy sound to there previously ultra twee indie pop style. From what I can tell this is TBS's swan song so it's nice that El...view item »

The Primitives
New Thrills

Vintage guitar pop delivered in fine style by The Primitives, back again with songs as bright and fun as ever. New Thrills is a four track maxi-single packed with sweet indie sing-song vocals, catchy guitar riffs and a garage-surfy vibe. Summery super songs! Edition of 1000, pressed to 10” vinyl on the Elefant lab...view item »

Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura are back with their own brand of tweeness on that Spanish label known as Elefant Records. Quite like this one too. Laid back indie prettyness with a theremin. Got a sun kissed Hawaiian feeling to it. Imagine a nice twee pretty indie band making music on Waikiki beach and this is what it would...view item »

Fitness Forever

Fitness Forever is the electronic music project of Carlos Valderrama - no, not the mop-haired former Colombian midfielder. Third album, Tonight is packed with Italian disco which is guaranteed to set the pace and keep going for a great night. Four years as a DJ have lead him to th...view item »

The Primitives

Just play the song. It could be easy for The Primitives to rest on their laurels and just play ‘Lovely’ in its entirety and play ‘Crash’ a coupla times to please the nostalgists. Well instead, here is a completely new Primitives album and guess what? Its a whole heap of pop fun. The open brace of songs are full of...view item »

BMX Bandits
BMX Bandits Forever

After 30 years in the game, Duglas T Stewart fronted BMX Bandits return to Elefant for their 13th album. A favourite of Kurt Cobain’s the Bandits have had numerous changing members always with Stewart at the helm. Described as a “gentle genius” ...Forever proves this p...view item »

Os Peregrinos
Canto Peregrino

Os Peregrinos here release a mini-album in the lesser-spotted format of the 10” record. Canton Peregrino continues Elefant’s ‘New Adventures In Pop’ series, gifting us the wonderful new Spanish pop / jazz / bossa nova stylings of this group. Limited edition of 500 10”s, pressed to grey viny...view item »

The Primitives
The Primitives Reworked By Modular

Original indie guys The Primitives find themselves as candidates for Elefant’s Reworked By series Modular, from Argentina, submit motorik-driven, synth-patterned versions of ‘Purifying Tone’ and ‘Lose The Reason’ that will delight all sorts of listeners. 7” in a retro...view item »

The Perfect Kiss

The Perfect Kiss is Joe Moore (also of The Yearning and Lia Pamina), operating in electro-pop mode. In fact, apart from the excellent vocals of Holly Vanags, a particular Yamaha keyboard from 1985 is the only sound-source on Disconnect, with Joe...view item »

La Casa Azul
Tan Simple Como El Amor

The joyful sound of La Casa Azul, back on vinyl thanks to Elefant Records 25th anniversary. This Spanish project embodies the sound of old-school disco and retro pop, convincingly pulling the listener back into their memories. Tan Simple Como El Amor, their 2003 album, is now reissued in a limited edition of 1000 LPs....view item »

La Casa Azul
La Revolucion Sexual

The joyful sound of La Casa Azul, back on vinyl thanks to Elefant Records 25th anniversary. This Spanish project fully embodies the sound of old-school disco-pop, convincingly pulling the listener onto an imaginary 1979 dancefloor. 2007’s La Revolucion Sexual contains classic covers like ‘Love Is In The Air&...view item »

Canciones De Temporada

This double vinyl reissue from Elefant records marks the label’s 25th anniversary and the rich, orchestrated pop of Canciones De Temporada is the perfect encapsulation of their approach. This is the only album the Spanish band Niza released, and it’s presented here with some gorgeous...view item »

Lia Pamina
Love Is Enough

“Love is Enough”, the latest offering from Castellon’s Lia Pamina, is due to be released on limited edition vinyl with an included download code. In a collaboration with Elefant Records’ Joe Moore, Pamina brings us a distinct breed of musicality that harks back to the female vocalists of the 60s and 70s w...view item »

The Yearning
Evening Souvenirs

Prepare yourself to be whisked away by a wall of complete charm. 70s Burt Bacharach instrumentation and sorrowful glitz. Joe Moore’s compositions and productions take you back in time, through soft focus, and Maddie Dobie’s heartbreaking vocals underpin the nature of the tracks being...view item »

Las Causas Perdidas

Neleonard release their debut full-length via Elefant Records, who have been supporting them with a series of single releases for a while. Las Causas Perdidas is an instantly affecting body of sweet indie pop, with plenty of melancholy beauty and lyrics sung in Spanish. CD or clear vinyl LP editions on Elefant....view item »

Los Flechazos
Dias Grises - 25th Anniversary Edition

Los Flechazos provide funky British mod-groove garage sounds by way of Spain. They make for a damn fun listen. Dias Grises is their 1996 mini-LP, presented here with its six tracks bolstered by extra singles and B-side tracks. Released by the Elefant label in celebration of their 25th birthday. 1000 white vinyl copies w...view item »

Los Flechazos
Alta Fidelidad - 25th Anniversary Edition

A well-deserved reissue of the last album by Los Flechazos, 1995’s Alta Fideliad. Funky British mod-groove garage sounds by way of Spain: lots of fun. Alta Fideliad Includes the band’s covers of songs by The Supremes and The Who. Released by the Elefant label in cel...view item »

Linda Guilala

Second full-length album from Linda Guilala, after a hefty 7 year(!) wait. That time has been spent brewing up this heady psychedelic concoction, an album so full of ideas and sonic flavour that it squeezes 20 tracks into a standard-length running time! The songs are universally bright and colourful, the vibe is noisy and euphor...view item »

Papa Topo
Opalo Negro

Papa Topo have been busily active for 3 years, and are at last ready to release their debut full-length recorded statement (following a 10” and some 7”s). Opalo Negro is, at its heart, a disco-pop record (although it also has some indie-punkishness to it) brimming...view item »

Juniper Moon
El Resto De Mi Vida + Singles Y Rarezas 1999-2003

Juniper Moon are lesser-known cult favourites, beloved of certain in-depth pop-punk fans. Their only album, El Resto De Mi Vida, is reissued here along with a disc of Singles Y Rarezas, which means their entire recorded output is here (some of it on vinyl for the first time). Energetic, sunny and gorgeous, lots...view item »

Fuga Al Paraiso

The new album by Modular sounds like it could easily be from an old library-music or TV-soundtrack oddity, or maybe a mid-period Stereolab album. Don’t take that as a criticism: not only are the songs of Fuga Al Paraiso executed perfectly in terms of their lounge-kraut-pop style, but the songwriti...view item »

Giorgio Tuma
This Life Denied Me Your Love

On the surface Giorgio Tuma makes a pleasant and acoustic folk-blues with plenty of lovely harmonies and finger-picking. But on This Life Denied Me Your Love there are synthesizers, orchestral arrangements and gorgeous choral vocals as well, fleshing out his lovely songcraft in the best possible way....view item »

Die Katapult
Kristall Reinheit

Die Katapult are half Spanish and half Swedish (although apparently they prefer German to either of their native languages, having titled every part of this release auf Deutsche). Kristall Reinheit somehow moves from Toru Takemitsu-esque strings to moody Euro-synth-pop and makes it work. White 10”...view item »

Iko Cheri
Dreaming On

Marie Merlet (performing here as Iko Cheri )essentially decided to get serious about making music after being asked to do so by Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab, and that makes for a pretty strong recommendation. Dreaming On is a suitably dreamy set of gentle Gallic pop son...view item »

Giorgio Tuma with Malik Moore
My Lively Youth

Italian Giorgio Tuma is a punk at heart. He loves The Clash. In his teens however, strange new influences crept into his brain. Stereolab stood out to him and this led him to the likes of Os Mutantes and the bossa nova of Getz and Gilberto. His music generally m...view item »

The Gentle People
Plastic City

The Gentle People were always one of the dubious acts on Rephlex, cheesy pop music & loungecore for ironic eyebrow raisers everywhere. They've joined the ranks of Elefant records for whom they've provided a new 7" called 'Plastic City'. I'm sorry but this dated pile of doo-doo sounds like Robots in Disguise, the joke electro group on The M...view item »

Lightning In A Twilight Hour
Fragments Of A Former Moon

Back in February our anorak-clad Clinton went all fan-boy over Field Mice’s Bobby Wratten’s new project Lightning In A Twilight Hour, reviewing the EP ‘Slow Changes’ and giving it a hasty but well deserved 9/10. Proclaiming it the “feel good indie-pop story of 2015”, he certain...view item »

Cristina Quesada
You Are The One

Silky like honey and sweeter than a kimono, Cristina Quesada’s voice is a tasty as midnight tacos. Her debut album You Are the One is packed with delicious covers and original work, all pop songs filled with lushness. There’s only 750 of these pretty white vinyl treats, so get your hands on one of them!...view item »

Oviformia Sci
Hablamos De Nosotros

Imagine leaving Berlin in the early 80's and arriving in Barcelona for your annual holiday. You switch on the radio to be greeted by some synth ridden techno-pop - you assume it is your native musical geniuses Kraftwerk, only to have Spanish words fly out at your face. What's going on, you ask yourself. After the song ends, the DJ informs you th...view item »

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