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James Holden & The Animal Spirits
The Animal Spirits

Electronics expert James Holden has expanded his Animal Spirits for a bold set of synth led folk opuses that fuse bits of psychedelia, kraut-rock, world jazz to create a genre blending opus that is also accessible. Sax, cornet, recorder and percussion have been introduced to the sonic maelstrom with Holden acting as band leader ...view item »

James Holden & Camilo Tirado / Luke Abbott
Outdoor Museum of Fractals / 555Hz

DJ, producer and Border Community label head James Holden pairs with artist and producer Luke Abbott for 70 minutes of trippy and minimal synthesizer drone. The two pieces on this double vinyl LP split (with download code) were composed for Terry Riley’s 80th birthday and ...view item »

Two Ways

Following on from being Neneh Cherry’s backing band for her last album and tour (yeah, really), Rocketnumbernine head back to their original duo activities. Produced by James Holden, Two Ways is a pair of improvised live jams, wild drums and cosmic synths matching each other perfe...view item »

Luke Abbott
Wysing Forest

Border Community is a proper survivor of a label. To survive you need to adapt. Epic tech-house club bangers are all very well and good but you gotta keep things fresh and crispy innit. Label chief Holden surprised many with the relatively un-dancefloor friendly aspects of his brilliant kosmische-kissed 'Inheritors'....view item »

The Inheritors

Ever since our office promo of the new Holden album turned up it’s never been too far from the office stereo, since it’s one of the rare records that everyone here can agree on - a lengthy voyage of finely detailed analogue synths, stumbling beats and occasionally surprising instrumentation (check...view item »

Wesley Matsell
Total Order of Being

Wesley Matsell’s music sounds like it comes from a similar place to a lot of 90s dance electronica: somewhere in the middle of the countryside late at night. Not a mere throwback though: Total Order Of Being has grabbed a few of the finest touches from dance music that has passed by since then, so some of this is ...view item »

Luke Abbott
Holkham Drones

Despite what the title suggests, this collection would be far more aptly titled 'Holkham beats', though I don't really know what 'Holkham' has to do with it, and calling something 'beats' or, 'non place-specific beats' is a truly terrible name. This is a collection much in the vein of fellow border community artists James 'Holden' ...view item »

Gone Feral

The new Holden album was spinning on the office stereo when I turned up this morning and I can report that it is very good, with Phil boldly announcing that it will be “album of whatever week it comes out”, such is the universal enthusiasm for his adventurous technoid soundscapes round these parts...view item »


It’s probably best not to look at a photograph of James Holden before listening to his music. With his scarf and assymetrical hair you could be forgiven for thinking of him as an extra in Nathan Barley. I’ve just heard his upcoming album though and its kraut-influenced electroni...view item »

Nathan Fake

Electronica dude Nathan Fake is a popular man in the Norman office, with both Phil and Brian singing his praises enthusiastically when he last album dropped, so I’m curious to see what all the fuss is about here because I’m a bit backward wh...view item »

Nathan Fake
Steam Days

I recall us Normaners being bang into 'Drowning In A Sea Of Love' several years back, it fitted beautifully into that post IDM glut of hugely melodic, astoundingly layered yet deceptively simple and atmospheric 4am music such as Julian Fane a...view item »

Nathan Fake
Iceni Strings

Swashbuckling, icy electro from Nathan Fake, aiming at the dancefloor but also perfect for home listening. There a 4/4 wallop to the rhythms with squelshy keys and lots of phasing in and out as the sounds come and go. The whole thing is driven by lively beats and contains its fair share ...view item »

Luke Abbott

Luke Abbott's makes danceable bedroom kraut/electronica, and on this here single he's taken a pumping cut from his album and slowed it down to a more DJ-friendly pace, turning it into a right old head nodder. The one brand new cut on here, 'Grumble', is a pulsating monster with arpeggios ...view item »

Kate Wax
Dust Collision

Upon first listen, the album reminds me of a darker, mellower, less dancefloor friendly version of Lida Husik's Faith In Space (even down to the similar record covers) Yet the combination of Wax's vocals (which sounds very similar to that gal from The Knife) and subtle hints of guitar and piano take Dust Collision into a darker place. Dust Colli...view item »

Luke Abbott
Trans Forest Alignment

Now then, this feller has been kicking up a bit of a storm on the melodic electronica front in recent times. His style seemingly resembles James Holden's quite a bit. I listened to his album and really quite liked what I heard. This track off Holkham Drones is euphoric, lushly detailed technoid autobahn music at it's best. The Rocketnumbernine m...view item »

Nathan Fake
Hard Islands

Nathan Fake has a quality 6 track mini album 'Hard Islands' out on Border Community. I quite like this guys style, aimed at the dancefloor it is essentially 4/4 techno that keeps twisting and turning but never fucks around too much and keep that groove going, it's melodic and uplifting and at just the right tempo to get you shaking without looking ...view item »

Nathan Fake
You Are Here ( Four Tet Mix)

Nathan Fake: 'You Are Here' (Border Community) Two EP's that includes reworking's from the acclaimed 'Drowning In A Sea Of Love' album. The CD and vinyl offerings include the original & live remix and the addition of a Four Tet reworking. The CD contains a bonus enhanced section with a video of the lead track. The overall feel is of dance floor...view item »