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Alex Somers & Sigur Rós
Black Mirror: Hang The DJ (Music From The Netflix Original Series)

Composer & producer Alex Somers rejoined Jónsi & pals of Sigur Rós to soundtrack the fourth season of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror series. The results are collected here, including a couple of outright songs. Typically brittle, unhurried Rós soundscapes, swelling wit...view item »

Lowlife (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Sound artist and composer Kreng gets a physical release for his score for the grizzled crime-comedy flick LOWLIFE. As with a lot of Invada’s other releases, the music here tends towards the more bombastic end of the film-scoring world. What makes Kreng stand out is his ability to mix tense orchest...view item »

Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow
Annihilation (Music From The Motion Picture)

Following their scores for Ex Machina, Black Mirror and Free Fire, Geoff “Portishead ‘n’ Beak>” Barrow and Ben Salisbury take on extraterrestrial unease with last year’s Annihilation. With the disturbing premise of an inscrutable alien landing ...view item »

Jonny Greenwood
You Were Never Really Here (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Mr. Music aka Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood has coughed up another small masterpiece here. This time he’s done it on cue for director Lynne Ramsey in order to score his new film You Were Never Really Here, and he’s also enlisted the help of Oliver Coates...view item »

Brawl In Cellblock 99 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Coloured (and themed) vinyl klaxon! For the release of S. Craig Zahler's Brawl In Cellblock 99, Invada are releasing the soundtrack on "prison jumpsuit orange" in a sleeve with stunning artwork by John Bergin. Featuring soul bands and scored by Zahler and Jeff Herriott, this is an exciting record filled with some atmospheric gems. ...view item »

Mario Batkovic
Mario Batkovic

Drone accordionist Mario Batkovic faces a world glaring at him on this self-titled record that posits his instrument in realms of experimentation it has perhaps never before experienced. We’ve seen minimalists strain their record beyond comprehension a few times before, most notably in Tony Conrad’s ...view item »

Mac Quayle
Mr Robot Vol. 4 (Original Television Series Soundtrack)

American composer Mac Quayle has an extensice credit list for film and TV (including Drive, American Horror Story:Freak Show, Arbitrage, Contagion) as well as working with and remixing huge artists such as Sting, New Order, Donna Summer and ...view item »

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Gustavo Santaolalla, Mogwai
Before The Flood (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

If you’re gonna make a film about climate change, and need the soundtrack to resonate just as much with the message, how about grabbing Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails, Mogwai, and film composer Gustavo Santaolalla. Stirring and captivatin...view item »

Cliff Martinez / Various
Drive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The film Drive was one of the big success stories of 2011 but it was the soundtrack that really interested me. I’ve heard it played out a little recently and was super pleased when I heard Geoff Barrow’s Invada lab...view item »

Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury
Ex Machina (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Hmmm. How to review a soundtrack for a film that you really want to see? Well, for starters, I’m going to confine it to the ‘score’ disc only, the bonus material can remain your surprise. Grasp of the plot only goes so far as ‘AI goes wrong’, but at least Geoff Barrow is an anchor to the familiar. The Bristolian pro...view item »

Sex Music

Here they come again those BEAK> boys. Here the threesome tease a track from their upcoming full length with four minutes of slinking grooves, kraut like pulsating drums and squiggly synths. Not only that but they have drafted in Win Butler the very tall leader from Arcade Fire to do a remix which you'll find...view item »

Fixation / White Walls EP

Children of Invada the KVB have released two very good records of sub-industrial musings in the last two years and continue their gothic pursuits herein with ‘Fixation / White Walls’, an EP mirage of new tunes and several remixes. Opening on the deeply plunged, sonically deep fried “Fixation”, the record reinforces the sh...view item »


Geoff “Portishead” Barrow of Portishead fame has been a busy lad lately, what with his massive hip-hop Quakers thing and his synthy Dredd-fest...view item »

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
Stranger Things: Season 1 - Volume 2

1980’s horror series Stranger Things has been extremely well received for its careful reconstruction of 1980’s film tropes, and the soundtrack is no exception. Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein have done a sterling job of absorbing all that John Carpenter and Vangelis...view item »

Mirror Being

Nothing says cold and calculated like a grayscale picture of pillars holding up a huge empty room, so props to the KVB for accurately prefacing their record. As someone who hates pillars and considers them arbitrary to our particular office’s structure, I’m relieved that this record is everything you could possibly want from our favo...view item »

Always Then

Well, there's a lot of this rumbling bleak new-wave stuff going around at the moment and this lot are particularly excellent at encapsulating that grainy, listless yet implicitly determined mood which kind of suits our current times eh? The KVB rack up somewhere between a lo-fi shoegaze Joy Di...view item »

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
Stranger Things 2 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack)

The SURVIVE members return with their soundtrack to the second series of the Netflix sci-fi show. Recalling the classic synth scores of Tangerine Dream and John Carpenter is part of their remit, but this isn’t just lazy nostalgic simulation - there’s oodles of inventiveness, sensitiv...view item »

Split EP

Why bother finding a band to share a split 12” with when you can just reverse your name and do it all by yourselves. This is also a double B side and if you thought that meant all the songs were bad then you’ve got another thing coming. They are all good. On the first side Geoff Barrows's Beak do two swirly krauty almost...view item »

Mac Quayle
Mr. Robot: Original Television Series Soundtrack Volume 3

Mac Quayle hit the heights with his soundtrack to season 2 of Mr. Robot, but for Mr. Robot: Original Television Series Soundtrack Volume 3, he surpases even that. Of course, he has a pretty classy pedigree, soundtracking Nicholas Winding Refn movies Drive and Only God Forgives and Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers along wit...view item »

Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury
Free Fire (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Geoff Barrow (Portishead/Beak>) and Ben Salisbury (Dolman) join forces again for a the soundtrack to Ben Wheatley’s shoot ‘em up flick Free Fire. A step away from their intense and synth heavy works for Ex Machina...view item »

Adam Taylor
The Handmaid's Tale (Original Series Soundtrack)

The Handmaid’s Tale is a 13-times Emmy nominated show starring Elizabeth Moss, and here’s the emotionally soaring soundtrack from Adam Taylor. Taylor is a composer from California and his minimal scores have been in demand in the indie film world. The show embodied unstoppable forces scarring society, for Ta...view item »

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
Wind River (Original Score)

The score to the lyrical new thriller Wind River, created by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis with a beautiful suite of film soundtrack music. The film was directed by Taylor Sheridan and stars Elizabeth...view item »

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
War Machine (Original Score)

You don’t need me to tell you how much of a winner this is going to be. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, soundtrack scorers to countless high-profile films, have done the appropriate here. The new Netflix film ‘War Machine’ starring Brad Pitt and Tilda Swinton has been given the full eerie synth and strin...view item »

Clint Mansell
Black Mirror: San Junipero (Original Score)

Soundtrack to Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror episode San Junipero, from the fourth series. Scored by Clint Mansell whose notable work includes Moon, High-Rise, as well as a lot for Darren Aronofsky (Requiem For A Dream, The Fountain, ...view item »

Nicholas Britell
Moonlight (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Moonlight, which has been widely hailed as one of the films of the year, features an excellent soundtrack by Nicholas Britell. The remarkable thing about Britell’s music for Moonlight is that it freely combines ‘traditional’ orchestral themes with radically chopped and screwed...view item »

Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow
Black Mirror: Men Against Fire

Phil bless him has ordered a signed copy direct from Invada. That's dedication when you run a record shop and could pretty much just get an unsigned copy for free. He's also allowed me to review if from his copy so I don't destroy one of yours with my massive fingers. He did instruct me not to touch/ruin it so I'm being very careful.  ...view item »

Thought Forms / Esben And The Witch

We have a split LP here from two bands you already like, so I shouldn't have to work too hard to sell this one to you. I'm listening to the Thought Forms side right now, it's got four songs on it. They do a shimmering kind of post-rock/doom/dreampop thing and if you've not heard their albums you should investigate them. Their side starts off in ...view item »

Prevenge (Original Soundtrack)

Geoff Barrow’s Invada label continues to be a safe haven for the finest new soundtrack music: here is Toydrum’s musical accompaniment to the pregnancy-based horror film Prevenge. Toydrum tap into the giallo flavour of the movie with dramatic spacey synthesizer work, just lik...view item »


As a squelching pool of nostalgic synthwork, College's third full-length album - Shanghai - is an enriching building block on top of an already sprawling collection. Inspired by the city itself, this gold-pressed LP is an offering absorbed in mystery and a perfect homage to one of the wo...view item »


Debut full length, as well as their first release on Invada records. And this ain’t a bad start for the London duo, featuring remixes from Clint Mansell and East India Youth (This track will be his last under the moniker). The pair create glorious, near-dystopian soundtrack pieces. Layers of synths, ghostl...view item »

Thought Forms
Songs About Drowning

New on Invada is a makeyouthink indie pop record by Thought Forms, who sublimate little hints of noise texture into a largely plaintive, tactfully melodic record of, dare I even splutter the word, songs. I think they’d like you to think it’s in the family tree of profound shoegazers, though it initially makes me think more of ...view item »

Power Glove
Trials Of The Blood Dragon (Original Game Soundtrack)

Trials Of The Blood Dragon is a new game, but in a vintage style, allowing the soundtrack to revisit familiar 80’s tropes through 2016 lenses. Power Glove go hard on the synth arpeggios and big drum machines: it really does sound like 1986! Out on CD and double pink vinyl LP, courtesy of Invada....view item »

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
Stranger Things: Season 1 - Volume 1

It’s hard to avoid the much-hyped '80s fetish fest that is Stranger Things. Born from a hoard of cash from deep in the Netflix vaults, it is a stylistic gem that would be incredible passe if it wasn’t so incredibly good. With classic '70s-'80s horror on the rise, it makes sense that it would be a bit popular, but jeez, everyone&rsquo...view item »

Roque Baños
Don't Breathe (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Don’t Breathe is a properly eerie horror film about not breathing, and a fair amount of its visceral impact comes from Roque Baños’ original score, which treats the audience / listener like a plaything. The tense passages are very tense indeed, and the clim...view item »

Mac Quayle
Mr. Robot Season 1 Volume 1 (Original Soundtrack)

Mac Quayle has been soundtracking the excellent show Mr. Robot from the beginning, and Geoff Barrow’s Invada label is now putting that soundtrack out into the world on deluxe vinyl. Quayle worked with Cliff Martinez on all those slick Nicolas Winding Refn...view item »

Brian Reitzell
Hannibal Season 3 - Volume 2

Brian Reitzell is known for his drumming with French synth-poppers Air, but he has carved out a very respectable side-line as a composer for the screen. His background-spook for the third series of cannibal-thriller Hannibal is very fine indeed, and this double vinyl release pairs his original c...view item »

Mac Quayle
Mr. Robot Season 1 Volume 2 (Original Soundtrack)

Mac Quayle has been soundtracking the excellent show Mr. Robot from the beginning, and Geoff Barrow’s Invada label is now putting that soundtrack out into the world on deluxe vinyl. Quayle worked with Cliff Martinez on all those slick Nicolas Winding Refn...view item »

Scarlet Rascal
Scarlet Rascal

Textured and matured indie with one foot in noise rock post punk walls of sound, with Talking Heads esque vocals and rolling basslines, interesting and off kilter. Debut album comes on CD and vinyl through Geoff Barrow’s (Portishead) Invada imprint and mixed by Barrow and Craig Sil...view item »

Camino - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Who’s ready for another round of Fake The Soundtrack Review? Here I am, woefully ill-informed on the content and narrative of film thing ‘Camino’: judging on the particular second of Kreng’s music I’m currently intaking, I imagine it’s about an old dude who has to fix up his mate’s organ, but mate in que...view item »

Ulas Pakkan
Baskin Original Soundtrack

This is the soundtrack to the 2015 Turkish horror flick 'Baskin' which I'm told features lots of blood and gore. The soundtrack though just about stands apart as it's own entity especially the opening two tracks which have the same kind of Carpenter-ish vibe that lurked within Boards of Canada's 'Tomorrow's...view item »

Alex Somers
Captain Fantastic - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

I’ve already played two records at the wrong speed this morning (can there be a law that states that records have to legally state the speed they run at?) and naturally I would have assumed that I’d also played the opening ’New Beginning’ at the wrong speed so high pitched it is but unless Somers has pressed this at 16rpm...view item »

Couple In A Hole Soundtrack

Geoff Barrow has done this film-soundtracking lark before, hasn’t he? He did ‘Ex-Machina’, it says here, and ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’, which I’ve actually seen; so he is a dab hand indeed. He co-wrote this one with his BEAK> bandmates, Billy Fuller and Matt Williams and the sounds herein match the &lsqu...view item »

Brian Reitzell
Hannibal Season 3 - Volume 1

Brian Reitzell is part of French synth-poppers Air, but he has carved out a very respectable side-line as a composer for the screen. He has capably provided background-spook for 3 series of cannibal-thriller Hannibal, and thi...view item »

Of Desire

When he’s not tweeting swears at injustices, Geoff Barrow is putting out music, and you’d better believe he likes the KVB, a prolific duo who themselves are partial to synths, propulsion and talk-whispering. Their last record, ‘Mirror Being’, was a tone poem of taut industrial beats and metallic ambience, though listening...view item »

Jeff Herriott & S. Craig Zahler
Bone Tomahawk - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Invada records do a predictably stunning job pressing the soundtrack to S. Craig Zahler’s brutal and atmospheric horror-western Bone Tomahawk. The score from the director and Jeff Herriott is influenced by Ennio Morricone’s work on giallo and western...view item »

James Newton Howard
Nightcrawler Original Soundtrack

Geoff Barrow’s Invada label release yet another high-grade contemporary film soundtrack: this time, James Newton Howard’s soundtrack to the Jake Gyllenhaal-starring Nightcrawler. Two vinyl versions available: one ‘Cherry Cola’ coloured and one ‘Streetlamp Y...view item »

Power Glove

You guessed it, it’s the 2nd EP from Power Glove! I don’t actually know who they are, was just spelling out the title for you. Apparently, they’re the Melbourne duo responsible for the Far Cry 3 soundtrack, which my brother played insane amounts of until he realised that you just do the same thing over and over. Kill animals, s...view item »

Secret Diary

The superb synthpop soundtrack to 2011’s ‘Drive’ has been a resounding success and a strong seller here over the past year or two. It’s already made a minor star of Kavinsky, whose slick debut LP of electro-house synth wizardr...view item »

Teenage Color

Here we have Teenage Color by College. Pop-music history has many cases of people dining out on a single notorious song for life...but now the Invada label are releasing the French Producer's debut album and EP after that Real Hero song caught that relentless wave off ...view item »

Cliff Martinez
Far Cry 4 - Original Soundtrack

I haven’t played this game. So instead of an assessment of how it elaborates the game’s nuanced story, have some Cliff Martinez factoids courtesy of Norman Towers - he played on the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ first 2 records, played with ...view item »

Brian Reitzell
Hannibal Season 2 (Original Television Soundtrack)

Brian Reitzell is doing a myriad different things in the musical sphere, but he's been a master of neo-classical for a minute, and his soundtrack for Hannibal Season 2 is another high watermark moment in his career as a composer. As dark and violently transgressive as the TV show, Reitzell's music wavers ...view item »

Brian Reitzell
Hannibal Season 1 (Original Television Soundtrack)

As well as putting out an excellent debut from CUTS and a rude 12” from the ol’ Sleaford Mods, Invada have also been slipping in some soundtrack releases this year from score guru Brian Reitzell, who’s one of those composers that, despite coming from a DIY band ...view item »

Craig Safan
Warning Sign - Original Soundtrack

Some vegetable stock from Craig Safan. Warning Sign - Original Soundtrack is a vinyl pressing from the 80's horror / sci-fi film score baron. It's jammed with many a synth, one for every occasion - fear, happiness, suspense, action - you want some sounds to accompany your on screen life? Safan's got you covered. Got a l...view item »

Cliff Martinez

Many days of late I have ranted under my breath about the unceasing proliferation of re-issued "classic" soundtracks and beg the existential question to myself much of the time: "Is there any real need for all this vinyl fetishism? Just watch the bleedin' film!" Then along comes Cliff Martinez and his glorious OST for the otherwise fairl...view item »


Oh you, Discogs. You and your ridiculous style tags. "U guyz, have you heard that new doomcore artist Cuts? He's my favourite doomcore musician of 2014" - I'm sure I heard that on no street corners anywhere ever. A fusion of doom metal and grindcore this is not; what it is however is an spacey electronic feast that's even closer t...view item »

Brian Reitzell
Watch_Dogs (Original Game Soundtrack)

Since being drummer for Redd Kross, Brian Reitzell has kept himself busy with soundtrack work, with big titles like 'Lost In Translation', 'Stranger Than Fiction', 'The Virgin Suicides' and '30 Days Of Night' on his impressive CV. Lately he's also been branching out into TV work, scoring the 'Boss' and 'Hannibal'...view item »

Adrian Utley’s Guitar Orchestra
In C

This is of course Portishead’s Adrian Utley and an assembled orchestra of 18 guitars, 4 organs, bass clarinet and percussion performing Terry Riley’s history-changing minimal masterwork ‘In C’. The ensemble boasts the likes of ...view item »

The Fauns

Ooooh Geoff Barrow and Clint Mansell are fans so they MUST be good? The Fauns are a 6-piece, female-fronted band from Bristol who do that whole modern stadium shoegaze thing very, very well. It’s hard to know what to say when you’ve consumed/been buried under so SO so much music of this ilk ove...view item »

Boris / Joe Volk

It’s the split LP you’ve all been waiting for! This one’s got Jap drone-metal kings (and queen) Boris on one side and a solo effort from Crippled Black Phoenix man Joe Volk on the other! T...view item »

Peeesseye & Talibam!
Peeesseye & Talibam!

Ok, here we got ourselves a collaborative effort from then insane improvers Talibam! and the Gothic Junk folk experimentalism of Peeesseye, both emperors of the NYC improv scene playing in all sorts of outfits including the outstanding Storm and Stress. Anyway, after years of mutual friendship and touring activity they decided to get tog...view item »


Trippy, throwback, groovy, spacey and certainly not pretentious, Beak> is an experience. Think Joy Division or Radiohead. Hey, why not even mention Portishead? Beak> is a blend of all three, in my opinion. According to discogs, this album was recorded live in one room with no overdubs or repair, with only edits to create arrangements. You ...view item »

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