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Edit Navigation Bar Mask Visions Poison

As Statiqbloom Fade Kainer borrows equally from the golden age of IDM and the peak of early industrial musics. The final result on Edit Navigation Bar Mask Visions Poison is a grisly, distorted mass of sandpaper percussion and amplifier hiss, part Aphex Twin and part NIN. Vinyl LP from the Vendetta...view item »


Vendetta presents the new record from Thou, which turns out to be the most melodic work to date from the band. Worth mentioning though that they are a sludge band in love with gargantuan riffs and seas of distortion, so don’t go expecting prettiness. Heathen rises and falls slowly and inexorably, like a trail of m...view item »

We Pass Like Night, From Land To Land

I just had this 7" to review but it was rubbish so we've sacked it off. Offering a variety of contrasts with that unnamed atrocity is an atrocity of a different kind, the sleeve offering pleasant images of bleak forests, wooden gallows and crow-pecked corpses. Nasty. But kinda cool, yeah? MetAAAAAAAL! Yeah so this is another split LP on Vendetta in...view item »
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Clinging to the Edge of the Sky

It seems barely a week goes by without an Aidan Baker project arriving for our listening pleasure. He's an extremely prolific artist. Where does he find the time to cook his tea? He must either live on Pot Noodles or have his very own personal chef... This week we have a lovely looking single sided etched LP from Nadja, released on Messer. Recor...view item »
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Necessary vinyl issue of this monster album from Virginia doomsters Salome. Originally issued last year on Canadian Cvlt imprint Profound Lore, now presented as a tasteful gatefold dual vinyl assault. The band create everything from extended feedback and black ambient soundscapes to full on death sludge with some killer riffs and demented goblin...view item »
Double LP (VEN050, £17.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Terror Bird
Human Culture

I remember us getting a 7" in by Terror Bird a while back and thinking 'that's some nice Gothic infused pop music'. Well, Terror Bird return with a full on debut LP thanks to the lads at Vendetta and Night People ('night night people people...'). It's been said before, and i think it's fair to repeat the claim that Terror Bird's stuff is basical...view item »

Batillus/ Hallowed Butchery

Ok, this one's a heavy mofo. A split between Batillus and Hallowed Butchery, both of which i have never heard before but am suitably impressed by one first listen. Batillus kick things of with an impressive display of power and might. I guess this is predominantly doom type slow-core stuff but with the dynamic of a much faster, livelier band alo...view item »


OK we're halfway through a split LP and I've just been informed I'm to review it. Thou's side was on before and from what I remember of the land of ten minutes ago it was a pained voyage through sludge metal landscapes ending in a post-rocky string fadeout. It was pretty good! It's always a nice change to get a bit of metal on the stereo. Salome ha...view item »
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Black Shape of Nexus

Now on Vendetta is an evil sounding record. This is Black Shape Of Nexus by B.son. It's mastered by James Plotkin and it's slow ultra heavy doom metal with obligatory screamed vocals. It sounds like he has been sucking on a glass lozenge. This is gonna appeal to folks who like Khanate and that type of stuff or for old death metal heads that cant ro...view item »
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