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George FitzGerald
All That Must Be

George FitzGerald returns to the Double Six label with his second full length album. Includes collaborations with Bonobo, Lil Silva, Hudson Scott, and Tracey Thorne. Reflecting changes in his personal situation All That Must Be see FitzGerald shift his ...view item »

Alien Stadium
Livin' In Elizabethan Times

As abduction stories go, Alien Stadium’s one is… enthusiastic. Steve Mason (of Beta Band, King Biscuit Time and more recently, Steve Mason) and Martin Duffy (of Felt and Primal Scream) seem to have had a genuin...view item »

Trailer Trash Tracys

It's literally the worst/most misleading band name ever. I'd imagine an Americana/country-rock band. Would you? Well if you did then you'd be sadly mistaken. Trailer Trash Tracys are an English experimental/dream pop band who make a textured form of electronic pop than has the same nods to the '80s as Wild Beasts...view item »

All We Are
Sunny Hills

All We Are are your typical two thousand and teens Domino/related signing  - i.e fucking useless.  Their previous album was notable for sounding like the Wild Beasts but I don't even know what this is. They've given their sound a harder makeover and tracks like 'Human' are closer to the bluesy ...view item »

All We Are
I Wear You / Honey

All We Are came together under unlikely circumstances, bringing together people it would cost a lot of postage to get here and there: comprised of artists from Norway, Ireland and Brazil, the band met in Liverpool an started making indispensable music with a lot of harmonizing and communal affection. The 'I Wear You / Honey' 7" teases their fort...view item »

Steve Mason
Meet The Humans

Check your ears, check your ears this is NOT the new Ian Brown album. Neither is it the new Guy Garvey. For some reason Steve Mason has a lot more underground kudos than both put together but his music is often like a quite astonishingly dull amalgamation of both. It could be his b...view item »

Petite Noir
La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful

“Hey, hey…you there…….what the hell is this?” My initial reaction on hearing this LP was remarkably similar to the time when a sober Father Jack Hackett picked up a spoon. Petite Noir were chosen the exact wrong time to be unveiled in front of our cynical office this morning. Their previous mini album sou...view item »

George FitzGerald
Fading Love

While it may have passed me by completely, George Fitzgerald is currently holding a residency at Radio 1 and is DJing “big clubs”. Considering the Fitz I knew back in late 2011 who graced Leeds’ modest Mint club, it’s fair to say that he’s doing well after the house/garage/future-post-step-whatever scene dissolved a...view item »

Petite Noir
The King Of Anxiety EP

It’s best if music sounds like something else. Easier to market. On the opener ‘Come Inside’ from this new South Africa based signing to Domino’s Double Six imprint, you feel that something fairly original is happening. The track has a dark world music feel with a repeated vocal mantra building in intensity as the track m...view item »

All We Are
All We Are

On the sleeve someone has written on a post it note “Insipid, wet, bland, WANK”. I have my suspects as to the perpetrator. The record isn’t anywhere near as bad as that but if you struggle with sophisticated ‘80’s influenced pop of Wild Beasts and W...view item »

Beyond Ugly

Like a smorgasboard of sound, Malachai don’t particularly stick to a particular style thus destroying yesterdays office discussion that you could judge a record by the first track only. If you judged this one by opener ‘Sweet Flower’ you’d have it down as a kind of gritty, sink-dwelling ...view item »

The Child Of Lov
The Child Of Lov

He was the mysterious person of Prince-influenced pop-funk. Black/white/male/female? No-one knew. Now all of a sudden his disjointed mug appears in everything from the Harrogate Advertiser to Dogs Monthly, including popping on the front of this, his debut album. He has also collaborated with ...view item »

Steve Mason
Monkey Minds In The Devil's Time

This is my favourite record of 2013 and I listened to it non-stop most of the Summer. When a lot of people I know went crazy in the heat and bad luck of last year, this record kept me sane. The album works as a whole with some tunes being variations: using reprises and (dub style) 'versions'. Binding it altogether is ...view item »

John Cale
Shifty Adentures In Nookie Wood

Despite my love of John Cale’s stellar album ‘Paris 1919’, I have never knowingly delved into his varied solo back catalogue for fear of ruining it all for myself. I’ve enjoyed his ...view item »

Trailer Trash Tracys

Here we go, my first review of 2012 and it's from the dodgily monikered great new hopes from indie kings Domino. First impressions of this are generally pretty good, though they have a worrying obsession with that Twin Peaks bassline as it turns up twice, on the Bachman Turner Overdrive re...view item »

Sweet Heart Sweet Light

Think you know what to expect from Spiritualized by now? Well, you'd be right! Yup, the English band with the American spelling are back with a new platter of their ambitious indie-psych-pop-gospel-drug music packed with 11 cuts that sound jus...view item »

King Creosote And Jon Hopkins
John Taylor's Month Away

Try as I might, I'm just not overly keen on this King Creosote and Jon Hopkins album that has been lauded by everyone, everywhere it seems. I certainly can't hear the Talk Talk influences that have been bandied around. This is not at all to say its awful, Quite the opposite - its very pl...view item »

Bill Wells

Last night scratting through the obscure TV channels I came across an old episode of 'Last of the Summer Wine'. It culminated in the three old men hurtling down a hill, not in a bath this time but on a bike. You couldn't make it up. I mention this for no other reason that the opening melo...view item »

She & Him
A Very She & Him Christmas

Christmas comes but most of the year. Here it is already like a train hurtling towards you down a darkened tunnel - tinsel, baubles, photocopier 'incidents' at work. And of course the record industry responds as it has done for the last few years not with gems from chart toppers like Wham...view item »

Steve Mason
Boys Outside

Ah remember 2013? What a golden year that was. And if you were lucky it was soundtracked the baggy oddball pop of the Beta Band's Steve Mason. Mason is the sort of man who does his best to sound like an interesting Guy Garvey with polished considered pop and a few electronics hurled in. Now back out on viny...view item »

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