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All We Are
I Wear You / Honey

All We Are came together under unlikely circumstances, bringing together people it would cost a lot of postage to get here and there: comprised of artists from Norway, Ireland and Brazil, the band met in Liverpool an started making indispensable music with a lot of harmonizing and communal affection. The 'I Wear You / Honey' 7" teases their fort...view item »

George FitzGerald
All That Must Be

George FitzGerald returns to the Double Six label with his second full length album. Includes collaborations with Bonobo, Lil Silva, Hudson Scott, and Tracey Thorne. Reflecting changes in his personal situation All That Must Be see FitzGerald shift his ...view item »

Trailer Trash Tracys

Drifting from the standard song structure and into a much more experimental and indie sound, Trailer Trash Tracys give us their second full length on Double Six entitled Althaea. A great mix of softly sung vocals and varying genres from Japanese tropical to Latin influenced indie. Available on special edition turquoise ...view item »

All We Are
Sunny Hills

Featuring an excellent video showing a motorway tearing up a local community I was sad that All We Are hadn't put the same kind of effort and originality into their music which is fairly standard indie grind with nods to kraut rock, punk and has something of the Kills. But nevermind Steve Lamacq will love it. ...view item »

She & Him
Volume 1

Zooey Deschanel is definitely a child of California's better nature. On her and M. Ward's first record, she harks back to the golden era of the Golden State, somewhere between Sweetheart of the Rodeo and Heart Like a Wheel, when singer-songwriters from all corners of the US, Canada, and Britain were all in Cali maki...view item »

Jon Hopkins

Much like a giant robot and/or alien standing relentlessly on two buildings at the same time, Jon Hopkins manages to straddle the not-so fine lines between modern classical, IDM and dubstep/bassy nonsense with incredible panache. Opener 'The Wider Sun' is a good place to start to achieve the first of those three...view item »

Steve Mason
Meet The Humans

Steve Mason of the Beta Band recorded this album with Craig Potter, best known as the producer and chap on the keyboards for Elbow. The follow up to Mason's ‘double political concept album’ ‘Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time’ this is a more straightforward and accessible undertaking. Tak...view item »

John Cale

An interesting move here from John Cale, who is simultaneously re-releasing and re-interpreting his 1982 album Music For A New Society. This new version, M:FANS, is unlikely to be confused with the original, as it is laden with very modern electronic production, often coming through as a weird kind of R&B. ...view item »

Petite Noir
La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful

Petite Noir deems his sound and general aesthetic to be ‘Noirwave’, a term that effectively represents the shifting gauze-sheets that these tracks are built up from. La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful mixes martial drums and a howling energy with sleek electronics/ A powerful LP indeed, released on the Dou...view item »

George FitzGerald
Fading Love

George FitzGerald is a DJ and producer who made his name spinning discs at the worlds greatest clubs. He has also been displaying his abilities as a resident DJ on Radio 1 for the past couple of years. Fading Love is his debut album and an attempt to recreate the intimacy of the smaller club nights he used to play. It c...view item »

Petite Noir
The King Of Anxiety EP

Fitting nicely in the row of bass-heavy, vocally high-pitched and electronic artists like Seekae, Chet Faker and James Blake, Petite Noir adds his own brand of South African rhythm to build unique and captivating songs. The King of Anxiety is only a teaser EP for his upcoming full length, but we’ll be playing it o...view item »

All We Are
All We Are

All We Are are made up of an Irishman, a Norwegian and a Brazilian who all met at university in Liverpool. The band’s democratic approach to song-writing allows all three to get involved, turning their love of hip-hop and soul into what bassist Guro Gikling has dubbed “Psychedelic Boogie”. All We Are have recen...view item »

Beyond Ugly

Like a smorgasboard of sound, Malachai don’t particularly stick to a particular style thus destroying yesterdays office discussion that you could judge a record by the first track only. If you judged this one by opener ‘Sweet Flower’ you’d have it down as a kind of gritty, sink-dwelling ...view item »

King Creosote And Jon Hopkins
Jubilee EP

Having tuned in out of guilt to the Radcliffe and Maconie show the other night following its Radio 2 cancellation (preposterous), I was reminded of King Creosote's 'You've No Clue Do You' which is a fine slice of pop, I'd forgotten how near the mainstream he'd reached at one point. So I was interested to hear this collaboration with h...view item »

The Child Of Lov
Fly / Give Me

With his debut album on the verge of release, the Child of Lov drops this double A side 10” this week to get your mouths watering. On the A side we’ve got ‘Fly’, a brilliant bit of wonky soul-pop which cheekily lifts the template of Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’ and adorns it with alien multi-tracked vocals w...view item »

She & Him
Volume 3

If She & Him didn’t exist would there be any reason to invent them? A collaboration between actress Zooey Deschanel and indie makeweight M. Ward, they produce the sound of bits of ‘50s and ‘60s pop music filtered through a blanding machine until it ha...view item »

The Child Of Lov
The Child Of Lov

He was the mysterious person of Prince-influenced pop-funk. Black/white/male/female? No-one knew. Now all of a sudden his disjointed mug appears in everything from the Harrogate Advertiser to Dogs Monthly, including popping on the front of this, his debut album. He has also collaborated with ...view item »

Steve Mason
Monkey Minds In The Devil's Time

This is my favourite record of 2013 and I listened to it non-stop most of the Summer. When a lot of people I know went crazy in the heat and bad luck of last year, this record kept me sane. The album works as a whole with some tunes being variations: using reprises and (dub style) 'versions'. Binding it altogether is ...view item »

The Child Of Lov

The Child of Lov is a mysterious, reclusive youngster who started recording his own unique brand of bedroom soul-funk at the age of 15. Now in his early twenties, he’s preparing to finally drop his debut album, which features contributions ...view item »

Little Girl

Despite being a very rich, talented and successful man Jason Pierce opens this half baked effort with the words “sometimes I wish that I was dead”. No intro, no nothing. That self-pitying whinny is the most interesting thing about this tune which is ill produced, musically complete...view item »

Trailer Trash Tracys

Here we go, my first review of 2012 and it's from the dodgily monikered great new hopes from indie kings Domino. First impressions of this are generally pretty good, though they have a worrying obsession with that Twin Peaks bassline as it turns up twice, on the Bachman Turner Overdrive re...view item »

Sweet Heart Sweet Light

Think you know what to expect from Spiritualized by now? Well, you'd be right! Yup, the English band with the American spelling are back with a new platter of their ambitious indie-psych-pop-gospel-drug music packed with 11 cuts that sound jus...view item »

King Creosote And Jon Hopkins
John Taylor's Month Away

Try as I might, I'm just not overly keen on this King Creosote and Jon Hopkins album that has been lauded by everyone, everywhere it seems. I certainly can't hear the Talk Talk influences that have been bandied around. This is not at all to say its awful, Quite the opposite - its very pl...view item »

Bill Wells

Last night scratting through the obscure TV channels I came across an old episode of 'Last of the Summer Wine'. It culminated in the three old men hurtling down a hill, not in a bath this time but on a bike. You couldn't make it up. I mention this for no other reason that the opening melo...view item »

She & Him
A Very She & Him Christmas

Christmas comes but most of the year. Here it is already like a train hurtling towards you down a darkened tunnel - tinsel, baubles, photocopier 'incidents' at work. And of course the record industry responds as it has done for the last few years not with gems from chart toppers like Wham...view item »

Jon Hopkins
Light Through the Veins

Got a 12" here by Jon Hopkins which is a big epic feelgood electronica tune that will have you busting out your lighters and waving them in the air. It's super silky melodic stuff that keeps building. It's a nice heartwarming tune. Brett thinks this is the sound of going on a bike ride into the countryside in the summer. It's super chilled pol...view item »

Steve Mason
Boys Outside

Ah remember 2013? What a golden year that was. And if you were lucky it was soundtracked the baggy oddball pop of the Beta Band's Steve Mason. Mason is the sort of man who does his best to sound like an interesting Guy Garvey with polished considered pop and a few electronics hurled in. Now back out on viny...view item »

Ugly Side Of Love

I was convinced we reviewed this last time it came in but it looks like we didn't. Maybe we lost the review. We do things like that sometimes.... It was originally released on Invada (Geoff 'Portishead' Barrow's label) and now Domino offshoot Double Six have picked it up to hopefully give it a bit more coverage. It's an album that deserves more cov...view item »

She & Him
Volume 2

I usually balk at the idea of actors making music. From Dogstar to Billy Bob Thornton, the idea of these thesps commiting songs to tape fills me with dread (Apart from Russell Crowe, whose band 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts are amazing..and he used to call himself Russ Le Rock!). Now actress Zooey Deschanel enters the fold with some bittersweet pop...and i...view item »

Laurel Collective
Vuitton Blues

The Laurel Collective have a 7" out on Double Six Records (a division of the Domino empire) and what interests me is the B side is called The Krypton Factor. When someone was dead brainy in school we called 'em Tefal or said they were well Krypton Factor. Did anyone else do that? The single has finished already and I couldn't tell you one...view item »

She & Him
Why Do You Let Me Stay Here

A famous actress with a funny name who looks exactly like Katy Perry (Zooey Deschanel) and a famous troubadour whose first name is a mere letter (M. Ward) are She & Him and they like to write quirky modern countryish pop tunes with big fancy production and that. 'Who Do You Let Me Stay Here?' was originally due in Victorian times but now it's f...view item »

White Williams

I had a good feeling about this White Williams effort on Double Six from the artwork, a colourful messy drawing a little bit in the style of Lightning Bolt's 'Hypermagic Mountain' cover and although it sounds absolutely nothing like that album, I'm still quite impressed. A really lo-fi sound and lazy vocals have been done so many times before but '...view item »

Laurel Collective
Feel Good Hits Of A Nuclear Winter

Thank goodness for the Laurel Collective who have that knack of producing effortlessly pristine indie pop that sounds fresh & energetic & downright confident. It's down to the clear, bright un-faddy production & passionate playing on offer. The singer has an fine, natural vocal range & the tunes are smart, spirited, intelligent blas...view item »

Kings Have Long Arms Ft Candie Payne
Big Umbrella

Odd collaboration of the week is Sheffield's master pranksters Kings Have Long Arms with the delightful Candie Payne. 'Big Umbrella' is a delightful song spun from an alternate radio pop universe. Phil is absolutely spot on when he references Dusty Springfield guesting on a Lemon Jelly/St. Etienne collaboration. It's a hazy timeless pop classic wit...view item »

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