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Matt Berry
Television Themes

The Voice himself aka Matt Berry comes through with a typically zany collection. Along with his band The Maypoles, Berry has reinterpreted several of his favourite television themes - hence the LP being called ... Television Themes - from days of yore. ‘Blankety Blank’, ‘Doctor Wh...view item »

Judy Dyble
Earth Is Sleeping

Folk-rock singer and songwriter Judy Dyble is set to return with a new solo album, Earth Is Sleeping -- following hard on the heels of her work with Andy Lewis, last year's ‘Summer Dancing’. Former (pre-Sandy Denny) Fairport Convention vocalist Judy has garnered much cr...view item »

Return Of The Fabric Four

Acid Jazz heroes Corduroy are back with their first release in almost two decades, and it's a 12-track doozy. Blending pop-art imagery, mid-century rock swagger and swinging '60s pop, this record—released here on limited-edition white vinyl—is a retro-leaning, party-starting future classic. ...view item »

Leroy Hutson
Closer To The Source

Closer To The Source by soul singer, songwriter, producer and arranger Leroy Hutson was originally released in 1978. Earlier in his career he replaced Curtis Mayfield in The Impressions and you can see why - Hutson’s music comes from a similar place, although this is waaaaay smoother, as the cover may lead...view item »

Leroy Hutson
The Man!

The Man! Was Leroy Hutson’s second album, originally released in 1974, following a spell as Curtis Mayfield’s replacement in soul group The Impressions. This album is notable for containing the track The Ghetto ‘74 which he co-wrote with Donny Hathaway who reco...view item »

Leon's Creation
This Is The Beginning

Acid Jazz reissue this rare 1970 LP from San Franciscan seven-piece Leon’s Creation. The group emerged in the wake of Golden Gate city giants like Sly And The Family Stone and Santana - Leon’s Creation frontman Leon Patillo would later collaborate wi...view item »

Martin Freeman & Eddie Piller present
Jazz On The Corner

Acid Jazz co-founder Eddie Piller and famous man Martin Freeman did a radio show together a couple of years ago. That’s the genesis for this compilation, a double LP that kicks of the Acid Jazz 30th birthday celebrations. Features music from old heads like Art Blakey and new ones like ...view item »

Leroy Hutson

Acid Jazz have gone and released a brace of classic Leroy Hutson LPs, from the height of his '70s powers. ‘Hutson’ was a stone-cold high watermark of 1970s soul, produced with Curtis Ma...view item »

Leroy Hutson
Hutson II

The Chicago sound, as embodied by the great work done at Brunswick and later Curtom studios is legendary. I'll take the Chi-lites and Impressions any day before the legendary "JB", but alas... it is just a matter of taste. I'd say my personal favourite is "In the mood" -a very musical but quite humorous "tip of the cap" to Marvin Gaye and the bi...view item »

Leroy Hutson
Anthology: 1972 - 1984

We’re happy to let Acid Jazz bring us Anthology: 1972 - 1984, a comprehensive Leroy Hutson compilation. The collection brings together his Curtom recordings with two ...view item »

Matt Berry
Night Terrors

Night Terrors by actor, comedian and voice, Matt Berry, features remixes of tracks, along with outtakes from his 2016 album The Small Hours. Among the remixers are Clark and St. Etienne, whilst Berry tries his hand at some Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa classics. He...view item »

New Street Adventure
One And The Same - Acoustic EP

Four track EP off acoustic versions of tracks taken from funk/soul four-piece New Street Adventures’ 2017 album Stubborn Sons. Reimaginings of ...view item »

Judy Dyble & Andy Lewis
Summer Dancing

Once she led the Fairport Convention with her folksy vocal fanfare; now she's releasing a record with Andy Lewis who is in fact a weirdo DJ, which I assure you doesn't stop them from making a psychedelic folk record with twee odes and harmonica ragers. Summer Dancing leans ...view item »

The Best Of Rare Mod

It is worth remembering that, beyond all the scooters and jackets and RAF symbols, the Mod subculture was fundamentally about the music. Acid Jazz have been archiving and reissuing lesser-known killer material for a decade now, so it's high time they released a best-of like this. Three CDs of highlights from the series, along with an informative...view item »

John's Children
The Smashed! Blocked! EP

Hailing from Surrey, mod psychedelics John's Children are perhaps best known for their outrageous live performances, famously upstaging The Who on a seven-day tour of Germany. Remaining relatively in the shadows ever since with little to no commercial success, the band went on to be hailed precursors of glam rock and imperative to the punk rock ...view item »

New Street Adventure
Stubborn Sons

Having earned rave reviews on a national level, New Street Adventure have gone on to release Stubborn Sons. A powerful combination of funk and modern jazz, very skilfully mixed with meaningful lyrics sung in a strong Londoner accent. The Vinyl LP contains a down...view item »

Matt Berry
The Small Hours

Superbly-voiced comic actor and musician Matt Berry has made a new album, The Small Hours. It follows on from previous releases Witchazel, Kill The Wolf and Music For Insomniacs. This time, and for the first time, his band recorded the basic tracks live using a 60-year old hand built Decca desk. Themat...view item »

Matt Berry
Take My Hand

This is a weird record! You're probably most familiar with Matt Berry for his roles in The IT Crowd, Mighty Boosh and Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, but it turns out there's more to him than just a collection of funny voices. Whilst clearly tongue-in-cheek, I wouldn't exactly say this is a comedy record, either. On the a-side is a smooth and timele...view item »

Men of North Country
This City

Men of North Country are a modern-day Israeli band, although they could probably fool you that they were from NYC in its vintage soul era. They certainly groove, swagger and swing in all the right ways, and they have the fiery energy of all the best soul. This City (referring...view item »

The Filthy Six
More Filth

The Filthy Six play old-school dancefloor soul and R&B with all the elements in place: rock-solid rhythm section, smooth organ lines, tight brass and guitar… Every part works in service to the get-on-up groove, which most listeners will find irresistible. More Filth is released on the Acid Jazz label, in CD a...view item »

The Filthy Six
Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

Funk/Soul outfit The Filthy Six are about to release their third album, More Filth, for the legendary Acid Jazz label. The album is preceded by their version of Michael Jackson’s 1983 classic Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ which is expected to fill dance floors a...view item »

Matt Berry & The Maypoles
Matt Berry & The Maypoles Live

The fact that actor / man-with-a-remarkable-voice Matt Berry is releasing albums and touring with his band The Maypoles may come as a surprise to some, but it shouldn’t really, as Berry has been making music for years. This live recording captures an on-form set of their prog-folk, and com...view item »

The Bluetones
Slight Return / No. 11 (Bluetonic)

To celebrate The Bluetones 20th anniversary, Acid Jazz are releasing a 7” single containing previously unreleased demo versions of Slight Return and No.11 (Bluetonic). Slight Return was the band’s biggest hit and No.11 (Bluetonic) was their first ever single. This is a must-have fo...view item »

We Paid For Blood

Album number two from Dexters, a slickly produced indie rock outfit from Hoxton (although they are quick to stress that they were there before it was cool). We Paid For Blood has some strong, anthemically constructed numbers bound to make an impact with a certain crowd. Released on the Acid Jazz label....view item »

Mark Morriss
The Taste of Mark Morriss

Feel a bit bad saying this, but when I saw the cover of this record, combined with the name The Taste Of Mark Morriss, I thought this was a joke project… I mean, that cover art in 2015? Anyway, the record is much better, being a collection of Bluetones member Mark Morriss covering a varied select...view item »

Rare Mod Volume 6

The latest in the long running series of treasures dug up by the vinyl hounds at Acid Jazz records. Now at number 6 in the series, these are must buys for fans of dancefloor mod soul / rock who don't fancy spending hundreds of pounds or months of their lives uncovering the original rare 7" singles themselves. From the well known (in mod circles)...view item »

The Muleskinners
Knockout R&B

The Muleskinners were championed by many in the early sixties. They came from Twickenham, which doesn't jump into your mind place when you're thinking about authentic R&B. These dudes were anxious to fill the void. They have a really great blues sound, and they have a track called "Back Door Man" an ode to using emergency exits. You know the...view item »

Steve Marriott
Moments EP

This is a cracking ep of tracks from Steve Marriott. Proper modish rock with that soulful swagger to make dancefloors like Blow Up or Brighton Beach move. This is mainly going to appeal due to the track 'You Really Got Me' which has always gone down well when I've given it a spin when out and about. However y...view item »

Terry Callier
I Don't Want To See Myself (without You)

This is a beautiful track, one of Terry Callier's best in my book and he has written some cracking tunes in his time. This single features the soulful, funky almost gospel version of the track that starts out with a lovely female vocal refrain of the title, until the music soars and off we go into go. This is a stirring few minutes of soulful gr...view item »

Swinging Japan

‘Swinging Japan’ is a fourteen track compilation of Japans’ finest Neo-Mod and J-Mod music. Specially selected by London based Acid Jazz records, ‘Swinging Japan’ delivers the raw energy of garage rock and psychedelic jazz through the filter of modern Japanese culture, free from the self-consciousness of European mo...view item »

The Ossie Layne Show
Barcelona '69

‘Barcelona ‘69’ EP is an extremely rare 7” featuring Norman Watt-Roy, best known as the bass player of Ian Dury And The Blockheads, and his brother Garth, guided by the legendary band leader/songwriter Ossie Layne (‘Come Back’, ‘Higher And Higher’). This record is the latest vinyl release as part o...view item »

Matt Berry / Mark Morris
This Is The Lie / October Sun

Comic actor and musician, Matt Berry has recorded a version of his favourite Mark Morriss (The Bluetones) track This Is A Lie. In return, Morriss covered his favourite Matt Berry track, October Sun. Both tracks are released on this limited edition 7” single. Black vinyl o...view item »

Matt Berry

Matt Berry is so engaging with his comic personae, as seen in most of the good comedy Channel 4 have commissioned in the last decade, that it is almost difficult to take him seriously as a musical artist. But we should: Opium is a reissue of a sold-out album from a few years ago, and it is a fully fledged work of 70s-ti...view item »

New Street Adventures
The Big A.C

Apparently written after a visit to the 100 Club, the second single from New Street Adventure’s debut album No Hard Feelings is a lighthearted jaunt into Northern Soul. The Big AC is probably not about a giant air conditioner and demonstrates a renewed interest in the good-time feel of Northern Soul. Out on 7...view item »

New Street Adventure
No Hard Feelings

Debut album on Acid Jazz from this East London collective who make the type of soulful sound that you may expect from the Acid Jazz label. Working class soul that sits somewhere between Paul Weller (circa Style Council in particular) and the not-very-working class Jamiroquai.  Someone from Q magazine has declared this a "masterpiece". ...view item »

Carl Douglas
Crazy Feeling

Had you asked me what I knew about Carl Douglas yesterday, all I'd have been able to tell you was that he was the 'Kung Fu Fighting' guy, but it turns out that he enjoyed modest success in the '60s with a constantly-mutating backing group that recorded variously as Carl Douglas & the Charmers, The Carl Douglas Set, and Carl Douglas & t...view item »

Men of North Country
I'm Com'un Home (In The Morn'un)

Stunning psychedelic soul cover version of the northern soul classic. A summer anthem for moddie boys and girls. A. I’m Com’un Home (In The Morn’un) This epic soul/ mod crossover anthem, originally recorded by Northern Soul legend Lou Pride, shows Men Of North Country at their spectacular best. With its psychede...view item »

Matt Berry
Music For Insomniacs

It's 5am on Friday morning and I'm wide awake - what more perfect time to write about Matt Berry's latest offering 'Music for Insomniacs'? Now those of you with long memories may recall that I was a bit disappointed by his last one 'Kill The Wolf', with too many guitars, not enough synths and some recycled ideas rendering it an inconsistent sh...view item »

Three Ages Of Man

Three Ages Of Man by Satisfaction is a lost classic. Fortunately it was found by Acid Jazz label co-owner Derek Griffiths in an unmarked box containing the original reel-to-reel tapes. Their sound has been likened to the blues-rock of Blood, Sweat and Tears and early 70s Chicago, before...view item »

Shimmer Gold

Laddy football rockers The Dexters have a whole host of like-minded celebrity fans from Kasabian to Miles Kane and Noel Gallagher. Their songs have been heard on football related TV shows such as Soccer A.M. Their new album Shimmer Gold is available on vinyl LP (including a special indies only c...view item »

Mark Morriss
A Flash Of Darkness

Once the singer with much loved indie band The Bluetones, Mark Morriss has gone solo. His new album A Flash Of Darkness, his second solo outing, is released on the Acid Jazz label and contains the single This is a Lie. The single has received airplay from Dermot O’Lea...view item »

Rare Mod 5

The fifth edition of this popular compilation, Rare Mod 5 delivers another confident mixture of mod, soul and r&b tracks from the mid sixties. Rarely stretching past two and a half minutes, each song is a rare pop gem. A must for nostalgic psych-heads and fuzzed out poppers. Out on vinyl LP from Acid Jazz....view item »

The Riot Squad
The Toy Soldier EP

The Riot Squad were a campy 60’s outfit fond of face paint and theatrical stage shows, and.......oh they contained amongst their personnel one David Jones, later to become David Bowie. Opener ‘Toy Soldier’ sounds like Syd Barrett singing a show t...view item »

Matt Berry
Kill The Wolf

Reviewing the follow-up to an album you really love, especially when time is limited, can be a bit of a handicap sometimes. It can take two or three listens to really get over the fact that the new album isn’t the old album and accept it on its own terms. I did in fact catch one of Matt Berry’...view item »

The Fleur De Lys
You've Got To Earn It

The Fleur De Lys will make any self-respecting mod weak at the knees. They’re the band that the awful Ocean Colour Scene only wish they could have been. They have cool connections – Jimmy Page produced their first single, Jimi H...view item »

The Filthy Six

great alternate take on this tune,certainly hits the spot for me....view item »

Matt Berry

Is there anything that this bearded genius can't do? Not content with filling me with mirth (and other things) as a comedian, Matt Berry turns his pudgy hand to music again. Having composed music for TV and film, he isn't a chancer in that department. He's not like some Hollywood twat who thinks "I wanna try putting an album of covers out... yea...view item »

The Moons
Everyday Heroes

I'm kinda sceptical about anything that comes out on the Acid Jazz label. I remember the mid-nineties and it wasn't pleasant....not pleasant at all. Corduroy? James Taylor Quartet? You know what I'm talking about right? Well, i think they've cleaned up their act a bit over the years and now they seem to be selling quite a few rekkids by this ban...view item »

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