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The Other Years
The Other Years

Kentucky duo The Other Years consists of Anna Krippenstapel (Joan Shelley, Freakwater) on fiddle and Heather Summers on guitar and banjo, with both singing. Their self-titled debut offers a charming and haunting suite of original songs alongside Michael Hurley’s ‘Wil...view item »

Nathan Salsburg

Nathan Salsburg has allowed five years to elapse since his previous album, during which time he’s been working with Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Joan Shelley and James Elkington, among others. But on his own, Salsburg’s sound really shines, wor...view item »

Doug Paisley (featuring Bonnie Prince Billy)
Until I Find You

Are you really going to keep letting him look for you? Because, in his own words, Doug Paisley won’t stop Until I Find You. To double his search efforts, he has called upon the support of Bonnie “Prince” Billy. This 7” is limited edition and features Emmett Kelly ...view item »

Endless Boogie
Full House Head

This is kind of a weird one. On the one hand it's quite easy to sum up as the band have already done an excellent job of it by calling themselves Endless Boogie but on the other it kinda feels like a bit of a mixed bag quality-wise. I'm spending a fair portion of it quite enjoying their extended Magic Band-esque good-time country/blues/rock jams...view item »

Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band
Dreaming In The Non-Dream

The press release for this is almost as long as Chris Forsyth's last album. I see the words Pere Ubu, Neu and Roxy Music in there so I'm assuming this next opus contains moments of '70s art rock amongst the blistering solo's and heat hazed Americana that he produced on earlier work. Prolific tho...view item »

Endless Boogie
Vibe Killer

Endless Boogie craftily anticipate the comments that listeners might offer by putting the phrase in their name. And they do indeed boogie endlessly, settling into a psychedelic ZZ Top kind of vibe and then riding it all the way over the horizon. Vibe Killer is another fine collection of cosmic chug, rel...view item »

Joan Shelley
Joan Shelley

Another perfectly balanced folk record from Joan Shelley. Joan’s band on this album features Spencer Tweedy, James Elkington, Nathan Salsburg and Wilco main-man Jeff Tweedy, who also produces. Joan Shelley is a pe...view item »

Joan Shelley
Cost of the Cold / Here and Whole

In anticipation of her new album here are a couple of new tracks from Kentucky based singer songwriter Joan Shelley. This finger pickin' musician plays lovely country-ish tunes with a classic voice that is not all that far away from Tracey Thorn. The music however fits snugly into the American and UK folk tradit...view item »

Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band
The Rarity of Experience Pts. I & II

Chris Forsyth is a guitar virtuoso, but one who decides to use his powers for good, not evil. Which is to say that he avoids tedious technical showcases in favour of expansive, classic-feeling jams with his excellent Solar Motel Band. The Rarity of Experience Pts. I & II is released as a double CD a...view item »

Laddio Bolocko
Live & Unreleased 1997-2000

Laddio Bolocko are a remarkable and lesser-known band, whose two albums are well worth your time. But everything on Live And Unreleased is previously unheard: 3 LPs worth of old recordings from suitcases! Liner notes from Oneida’s Kid Millions: if he likes it, you should too. Also...view item »

Joan Shelley
Over and Even

Joan Shelley is a poetic singer-songwriter, performing perfectly-formed country / folk / americana with the help of a talented band (including back-up singing from Will Oldham). Shelley’s voice is subtle and clear, carrying the songs with a sense of delicate precision. Over And Even...view item »

Zachary Cale

A sad man with a guitar continues to channel his inner self-serious balladeer with tunes shot through the lens of late (but good) era Bob Dylan and the constancy of Nick Cave's spidery, touching songs. This guy's name is actually Zachary Cale and Duskland ...view item »


One of the most experimental and prolific of contemporary underground bands, Finland's Circle is difficult to pin down in words alone. Harkening back to the experimental, boundary-shattering ethos of 1970s German bands like Guru Guru and Amon Duul II in spirit and sound, Circle recognise few, if any, musical restrictions. Incorporating elements ...view item »

No News From Home

Not the eccentric label who have the audacity to release all your favourite records, but an equally exciting band of psychedelic-influenced mavericks. Houndstooth continue to define their sound with No News From Home, which sees the band follow up Ride Out The Dark with another rec...view item »

Jennifer Castle
Pink City

Jennifer Castle writes super sparse folk songs about very simple but not cliched things. Her new record, 'Pink City', is little more than some guitar, some piano and her voice; occasionally there are some complementary strings, but they're from Owen Pallett, so that's cool. Recommended for fans of the most hushed and stark folk music that h...view item »

Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band
Intensity Ghost

Drone conductor Chris Forsyth formed a band off the back of last year's 'Solar Motel', enlisting members of a variety of rock bands (including the ambient-leaning War on Drugs) to help him explore his rock 'n' drone'. 'Intensity Ghost' shows that band in full force, soloing until sore on tracks that are often purely instrumental, tightly-knit bu...view item »

Ned Oldham
Further Gone

Ned Oldham is a man of many folk talents, mainly playing the Americana game and always paying homage. He has played under many monikers including Palace and most recently Old Calf, in which he played as part of a roots-obsessed trio -- accor...view item »

Bob Carpenter
Silent Passage

The late Bob Carpenter finished working on 'Silent Passage' in 1974, but thanks to a contract headache on Warner Records' behalf, it wasn't released until 1984, by which time Carpenter was no longer active in the country rock scene. The record is a sinister personal collection of songs performed with Carpenter's rusty and unforgiving vocals at t...view item »

Joan Shelley
Electric Ursa

Plaintive folk, anyone? Joan Shelley's plucked tunes aren't innovative, but they breathe new light into old traditions. 'Electric Ursa' brings together her compelling voice, which sounds a little like Lotte Kestner -- and sometimes recalls the lower end of Joni Mitchell's register -- with strikingly fluid guitar collaborations. 'Electr...view item »

Nathan Salsburg
Hard For To Win And Can't Be Won

Kentucky guitarist / producer Nathan Salsburg's follow up to the debut 'ode to racehorses' album 'Affirmed' (2011). By day, Salsburg is a curator, archiving American folklore. By night, he plays lovely acoustic guitar music. 'Hard for the win and can't be won', whilst still acoustic, has a bigger, grander sound. Available on CD (No Quarter).&nbs...view item »

Doug Paisley
Growing Souls / Lies To Lies  

Bonnie Prince Billy tourmate, Canadian singer / songwriter Doug Paisley released this incredibly limited single exclusively for Record Store Day. The A-side is taken from his much-lauded album 'Strong Feelings' and the record also includes a previously unreleased B-side. Alternative country with a dark twist. ...view item »

Doug Paisley
Strong Feelings

Doug Paisley ramps up the country vibe on his third album “Strange Feelings”. “Radio Girl” is more twangy, vocally and instrumentally than anything previous. It feels looser, and less smooth than its classy predecessor, “Constant Companion”, although “Our Love” sl...view item »

Cian Nugent & The Cosmos
Born With The Caul

I have to rate this highly because it is a beautifully haunting album. It has three long songs and the sound is like...think of irish folk with elements of modern psych and progressive ambient. Perfect for a nice highway or couch chilling experience. It is instrumental all the way with marvellous intensity in the crescendos and most importantly ...view item »

Ride Out The Dark

Epic country-tinged indie rock here from Portland’s Houndstooth. They’re two girls and three boys, none of whom are from Portland, with Katie Bernstein (described in the press release simply as a “Southerner”) fronting on vocals and guitar. It’s quite nice, laid back stuff with pleasantly bouncing grooves, playful i...view item »

Endless Boogie
Long Island

Here’s the third album from New York’s classic rock worshippers Endless Boogie, as they boogie endlessly (averaging about 10 minutes per song) over four sides of vinyl. Matt Sweeney is on it, and also helped produce, and there’s certainly similari...view item »

Jennifer Castle

The signs aren't good on opener 'Summer (for PLC)' which drifts along with the word 'summer' in every line which grates on these ears, as does Castle's voice on 'Neverride' which just a little too Newsom for me but things really come together on 'Powers' which is a gorgeous slice of atmos...view item »

Reading All The Right Signals Wrong

Justin Broadrick is a busy fellow, the amount of material he's released over the years under so, so many alias' is fairly astonishing. What amazes me though is that the quality control is consistently high.. Anyway I'm currently listening to the latest album under one of his earliest and obscure pseudonyms: Final, a project he's been doing on and o...view item »

Doug Paisley
Constant Companion

I guess the comparisons between Canadian singer/songwriter Doug Paisley and his fellow countryman Gordon Lightfoot are inevitable as they both play gentle country-ish acoustic ballads. Paisley’s songs are beautiful, nicely arranged, acoustic guitars, organ, harmonies and a rhythm section that just does ex...view item »

Legacy of Dissolution

hey gringo. Do you like Earth? Not the planet you fool, the dronecore doom laden fun band from yesteryear. They appear to be having somewhat of a comeback probably down to the likes of Sunn O)))) and that. Anyway they have a new CD in called Legacy of  Dissolution featuring remixes by Mogwai, Sunn O))), Autechre, Jim O' Ro...view item »

Burning Star Core
Papercuts Theater

And now I'm thoroughly expected to have my face melted off by Burning Star Core. Never really heard much by these guys before but I thought now is the time! This is an interesting concept for an album and not one I've heard of before. It's (to quote the press releases) 'One long piece, broken into 4 movements, culled from over 60 live performance...view item »

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