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Katrine Stochholm
Danser Til Radio

Danish solo artist Katrine Stochholm flaunts her vivid imagination with this shimmering experimental electro-pop record. Stochholm's love of poetry and weird rhythms contribute to a wildly creative universe of wacky instrumentals and sweet Danish vocals. An 8 track album which contains the 2016 singles En Dejli...view item »

Girls Love Rallie
Son Of Rock N Roll

Sister Chain & Brother John
The Androgyne Show

I'm not quite sure I'm ready for Parlour Punk. I mean wtf dude? Streampunk is hard enough to deal with but a Victorian punk themed duo?!? Nah. Well, Berlin based Sister Chain & Brother John are on to record number two now so someone must be listening and, if I'm honest, this is pret...view item »

Nils Grondahl
Jeg Har Noget Tilsvarende Derhjemme

Nils Grondahl: "Jeg Har Noget tilsvarende Derhjemme" (Sound Of Perpetual Astonishment) Starts of on a wild free floating scree-out in the vien of Sunburned Hand Of The Man Or No Neck Blues Band, collapsing into a very fine micro-tonal work out that's barely perceptible. Lock up your cats and dogs as it's just about within our hearing rang...view item »


In this week are a bunch of CD's from Danish label Sopa. Home of 2 of my favourite things, bacon and porn so I'm already smiling. First up is a band called 9 with their CD called 'Eponymous' which is limited to 300 copies. Doesn't sound like many but when you think that it only takes physical sales of 10 copies to get a number one these days it's p...view item »

Marzipan Marzipan
Marzipan Marzipan

Marzipan Marzipan: "S/T" (Sound Of Perpetual Astonishment) One girl vocal antics with sparse guitars, fx and electronic instrumentation. Lurching from the semi- harsh to the playfully melodic. Sing-song/half spoken word delivery for fans of Chicks on Speed or any of those femminist Berlin girls with DIY agendas....view item »

Delay Lama
Mk. 1

Now a CD from the amusingly named Delay Lama on Sophamore. 'MK.1' collects recordings from 1997 and 2000 when it was a solo project . This is essentially one long track that begins like a fuzzy humming drone piece but becomes more rhythmical as it evolves. Then different parts are more minimal with strange guitar and electronic sounds and peculiar ...view item »

Machinefabriek, Bleubird, Various
Sopa Deliciosa

Album of the week then? Well if we were to have one then we'd make it a comp and it would be this delightful beast.....Denmark's Sopa label have compiled a superb 44 track opus of bewitching sounds from around the world, encompassing many genres & styles. It's called 'Sopa Deliciosa' (Spanish for delicious soup - very apt) and over the course o...view item »
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Agata & Me
Overnite EP

I've a CD on Sopa (curators of the delicious comp a couple of months ago!) by Agata & Me which combines some melancholic electronics, chiming guitars, rhythmic percussion and wistful vocals to produce some blissful cerebral pop and atmospheric folk. What these two Southern European dudes provide on the 8 trk 'Overnite' EP is nothing particularl...view item »
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Girls Love Rallie
Les Chansons Terribles

Also on Sopa is a CD by Girls Love Rallie. It's called 'Les Chansons Terribles' and it's limited to 100 copies. Though my French is shite (blame that on dreadful French teachers at school who thought it was more important to put the fear of god into me rather than doing their job and teaching French) I think it means the bad songs. Feel free to cor...view item »

Sopa Curiosa

Anyone remember the Sopa Deliciosa compilation 2CD? Well the label have another compilation available. This is a single disc with 22 fairly eclectic tracks from a load of underground artists. Most of which I've never heard of so this disc certainly works at bringing these artists to peoples attention and hopefully showcasing some of their talent. T...view item »