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The Mor Paranoids

If the way to make an album a classic is to split up immediately after it is made, then Mor Paranoids certainly went the right way about trying to secure Circular a place in the annals of rock history. To add to their mystique, the band only ever played three gigs. A decade after their split, Circular is f...view item »

Red Red Eyes

'Horology' is the debut album from Brit duo Red Red Eyes, a cinematic record packed with lusty drone and beautiful, intricate, twanging shoegaze. Hints of psychedlia nod to Laura McMahon and Xavier Watkins' garage-band past, while soft, ethereal vocals lends the album a hypnotic quality. An impressive first album. ...view item »

The Great Electric
The Great Electric

The Great Electric are an indie supergroup who have turned their hand to making music influenced by ‘70s German electronic and prog rock bands. They feature Darren Hayman (Hefner), Pete Gofton (Kenickie), Malcolm Doherty and Rob Hyde. The music is delivered with a slice of...view item »

Howard Hughes & David Tattersall
The Lobster Boat

Not the Howard Hughes of course, or the one played by Stanley Lebor in vastly underrated 80's sitcom 'Ever Decreasing Circles', or the one that used to play piano with The Associates but the one from Coming Soon, a French band. David Tattersall of course is the man...view item »


Emma Winston has sung in loads of folky acts such as Darren Hayman, Enderby's Room and Owl & Mouse, but this -- her first solo offering -- is completely different. She recorded it on synthesisers small enough to take on the bus and so it has more in common with the likes of Grim...view item »


After taking a hiatus from music Woodpigeon returns for his sixth album of delicate indie-folk. These sad acoustic tales of loneliness and heartbreak have been stripped down to the bare essentials, making TROUBLE a raw and uncompromising listen. On CD and vinyl LP from Where Its At Is Where You Are....view item »

The Leaf Library
Daylight Versions

Daylight Versions is the debut album by London four-piece The Leaf Library. They’ve stepped away slightly from the Stereolab influenced sound of their early singles to incorporate the fuzzy warmth of Yo La Tengo, the intelligent meanderings of Talk Talk and the me...view item »

Eux Autres
Broken Bow

The Larimer siblings third LP has more of a flourish about it than earlier recordings, adding a touch of professionalism to the band's bouncy, sixties styled indiepop with dashing results. Heather's vocal contributions as ever steal the show, with single 'You're Alight' packing an emotional punch, the insistent repeated title and cascading piano...view item »

Life! Death! Pizes!

Shrag's debut album proper (following an earlier singles collection) is largely composed of scabrous post-punk pop, leavened by singer Helen King's infectious yelping vocals and her imaginative literary wordplay. The lyric sheet is one of the most important parts of any Shrag record (attention, downloaders), where the full nuances of King's inte...view item »

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