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The Great Electric
The Great Electric

I needed this. I needed the version of old-days homaging krautrock and kosmische that is, in fact, really goofy, living with a song in its heart, the trees swaying over it like a kindly guardian. The shiny, unabashedly silly sound of the Great Electric makes their rather well-worn aesthetic newly blissful, the melodies playing out with new, simp...view item »

Howard Hughes & David Tattersall
The Lobster Boat

Not the Howard Hughes of course, or the one played by Stanley Lebor in vastly underrated 80's sitcom 'Ever Decreasing Circles', or the one that used to play piano with The Associates but the one from Coming Soon, a French band. David Tattersall of course is the man...view item »

Mammoth Penguins and Friends
John Doe

Mammoth Penguins have made a concept album....and they've invited their friends along for the ride. 'John Doe' is the story of a group of people close to a man who fakes his own death and the yarn is told via an eclectic mix of indie folk, electronica and post rock full of harmonies and memorable melodies.  ...view item »


I've been listening to this while doing something else just to see if it grew on me. Well I'm pleased to report it did. Emma Winston (aka Deerful) has a funny-ish voice. It's quite posh and a bit squashy but sits quite pleasantly over her naive electronic pop. The album uses all kinds of small synths to make the kind of bleeps you might hear on ...view item »


From Canada originally but with Scottish connections, Woodpigeon have released six records and I’ve not heard a single one. From the sounds of the opening ‘Fence’ here, it’s me that is missing out. What a superb track. It sounds like someone. A slab of gorgeous twinkling alt country  - I’m s...view item »

The Leaf Library
Daylight Versions

At first glance the name The Leaf Library brings to mind the kind of band we've sold records by in the past. They'd maybe have had a limited Cdr out containing a hand pressed leaf back in 2012 and make some kind of neo-classical neo-electronica. But scrub all that because the Leaf Library are nothing like ...view item »

Eux Autres
Broken Bow

The Larimer siblings third LP has more of a flourish about it than earlier recordings, adding a touch of professionalism to the band's bouncy, sixties styled indiepop with dashing results. Heather's vocal contributions as ever steal the show, with single 'You're Alight' packing an emotional punch, the insistent repeated title and cascading piano...view item »

Life! Death! Pizes!

Shrag's debut album proper (following an earlier singles collection) is largely composed of scabrous post-punk pop, leavened by singer Helen King's infectious yelping vocals and her imaginative literary wordplay. The lyric sheet is one of the most important parts of any Shrag record (attention, downloaders), where the full nuances of King's inte...view item »