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Acrid Lactations
Aura Mirror Come Fickle, Anachronous Law and Manner

Acrid Lactations turn out this green tape to an unsuspecting world. Aura Mirror Come Fickle, Anachronous Law and Manner is filled with strange this and odd that, field recordings mixing with broken jazz sounds and unhinged vocalisations. Not suitable for anyone who thinks Acrid Lactations is a troubling...view item »

Meet Snake Pass And Other Human Conditions

You can always be assured of one thing with an MV & EE record and that it that its is almost guaranteed to be good. 'Meet snake Pass & Other Human Conditions' is no exception. A live recording of the duo recorded at the Heely Institute in Sheffield back in 2006. This LP has been due for a while with an enormous amount of anticipation. The t...view item »

Pekko Kappi
Vuonna '86

knowledge of folk all lovingly whacked onto an long player black spinny black vinyl disc. I've never heard one of these instruments before... it does sound very old time indeed and the production adds fuel to that. It's a playful sounding record with unusual noises and weird vocals smatterred all over the shop. Strangely enjoyable though and if ...view item »

Dylan Nyoukis
Carrion Hut

Apparently this tidy little odds and ends compilation (made up of five pieces recorded between 2003 and 2007) first appeared as a CDr inside the art edition of the Inside Wino Lodge LP. I guess someone at Singing Knives must've managed to bag themselves a copy and liked what they heard enough to elevate it to 'release proper' status and I can't ...view item »

Various (Harappian Night Recordings, Ben Nash etc.)
Thoughts From Screeching Lake

Here we have a tidy compilation from this reliable imprint. It gathers a whole ton of underground artists/improvisors/mentalists doing free folk/jazz/drone/outsider racket etc. Stellar line up to: Harappian Night Recordings, Shiggajon, Pekko Kappi, Ross Parfitt, Helhesten, Serfs, The Navigators, Stephanie Hladowski, Plum Slate, Ben Nash, A Wake,...view item »

Stephanie Hladowski
The High Nest

We've aquired some stuff on Sheffield's Singing Knives label. Currently vibrating the air are the folk tones of Stephanie Hladowski. A folk accapella that's extremely pure. All this singer songwriter gear that gets put under the folk banner these days can fuck right off. This is proper folk music. When she's accompanied by the acoustic guitar (I as...view item »

Fire Sange I Gul Og Rod

Shiggajon are a Danish music collective that revolves around key players Nikolai Brix Vartenberg and Mikkel Reher-Langberg. 'Fire snge i gul og rod' sounds like an old spiritual recording by some ancient tribe or culture and seems to possess none of the aspects you'd expect from a modern popular music recording. Saying that it does share a lot in c...view item »

Directing Hand
Songs From The Red House

Alex Nielson's Directing Hand have the 'Songs From The Red House' LP out on Singing Knives. His drumming is all over the place in a free jazz kinda way sometimes recalling Chris Corsano. I like the stuff I've heard on this label and I love a lot of free/ avant-garde music,but I just cant get with the wild shrieking female vocal. I get enough o...view item »

The Feather Gatherers
Leaves / Tower At Bollingen

The Feather Gatherers: Leaves (Singing knives) This single features Sharron Kraus and Jonathan Marshall who combine guitar,vocals, banjo, harmonium, bodhran, flute and the unlikely addition of twigs. There's something about the off kilter vocals that seems to go against the flow of the instrumentation. Is this what they (as in other folks...view item »