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The Blue Angel Lounge
The Blue Angel Lounge

German soundscaping duo The Blue Angel Lounge take their name from the club that first showcased The Velvet Underground’s German contralto, Nico. Their self-titled debut was originally released in 2008, and whilst existing outside of the mainstream for the last ten years, this album has earned famous fans such as Interpol, Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols, grabbing the odd support slot along the way.  Remastered blue vinyl LP or remastered CD on 8MM Musik/a Recordings.
  • Vinyl LP (8MM029LP)
  • CD (8MM029CD)

The Blue Angel Lounge

  • Vinyl LP (8MM011LP)
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  • CD (8MM011CD)

The Blue Angel Lounge
In Times 2006 - 2010

Germany’s Blue Angel Lounge seemed to drop out of a view for good a few years ago: but now they offer us this collection of demos (including those for some of the greatest tracks) and previously unheard recordings. In Times 2006-2010 contains 20 tracks in all, and is released by 8MM Musik and ‘a’ Recordings.
  • CD (8MM011CD)

High And Low And Low And High

Jawbones are a Berlin-based psych-rock outfit with a sound that flirts heavily with the sixties psychedelic originators without just being a pastiche act. High And Low And Low And High is their conceptually-driven debut record, released by Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre)’s ‘a’ Recordings in collaboration with 8MM Musik.
  • Vinyl LP (8MM024LP)

Gunman & The Holy Ghost
The Story of Radiate & Novocaine

Gunman & The Holy Ghost are Hakon Adalsteinsson’s Icelandic psych-country group, and The Story Of Radiate & Novocaine is their second full-length. Adalsteinsson uses the lessons he’s learned as an Anton Newcombe collaborator, giving this project a heavy, hazy vibe that’s just delicious. Released by 8mm Musik and ‘a’ Recordings.

Singapore Sling
The Curse, The Life ,The Blood

Singapore Sling are a fine Icelandic group, very keen on the dark-tinged psych-rock of forebears like The Jesus & Mary Chain. The Curse, The Life, The Blood anthologises their first three records, condensing the finest moments of each down onto this single disc. Distorted post-punk grooves on 8mm Musik.

Singapore Sling
Perversity, Desperation and Death

Singapore Sling are a fine Icelandic group, very keen on the dark-tinged psych-rock of forebears like The Jesus & Mary Chain. Perversity, Desperation and Death is a title that gives a good impression of the band’s vibe: of the murky realms from which they pull up their distorted grooves. CD on 8mm Musik.


If you could roast blues on a stick, and then marinate it a bit in noise, you would get the tasty sensation that is DYN. These Berliners are pleased with nothing but dirty, nasty and hella greasy riffs. Their self-titled album is a tribute to the power of lo-fi DIY energy and the fanatic dedication of these two rockers.
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