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Dita Von Teese
Dita Von Teese

Quite a collaboration here, between legendary US burlesque revivalist, model and occasional actor Dita Von Teese and naughty French synth-romancer Sébastian Tellier. Mutual admiration brought...view item »


French synth-house wizard Kavinsky has been circling the block in his Ferrari Testarossa for several years now, sizing up the scene and honing his super-slick chops to perfection until now, finally, seven years after his debut EP, his debut full-length is finally here in the office for us to whack our ears ...view item »


Repress of Kavinsky’s 2007 EP. Take all your favourite 80s synth wave sound tracks, we all have those, give em a shake and bring em into the gleaming future. Think John Carpenter on speed making friends with Gatekeeper but retaining the Teenwolf soundtrack kind of cheeky schoolboy...view item »

Sebastien Tellier
L'Incroyable Verite

Several reissues of smooth electro-soul-pop singer Sebastien Tellier’s music are upon us. L’Incroyable Verite (‘The Incredible Truth’) is his debut album, dating from 2001, and it contains a sweet suite of different styles, all of them pretty sleek. So much so that Tellier demand...view item »

Tristesse Contemporaine
Stop and Start

Tristesse Contemporaine are a Japanese / Swedish / Anglo-Jamaican trio based in Paris, where they generate indie-style electro-pop. Stop And Start is their third full-length album, and it pulses onwards and upwards with behind-the-shades swagger and cool pop catchiness. Released on CD and LP with an artsy photographic c...view item »

Sebastien Tellier

Several reissues of smooth electro-soul-pop singer Sebastien Tellier’s music are upon us. Sexuality is a particularly sleek and erotic suite, matching the needless-to-say-excellent production of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (of Daft bloody Punk) with Tellie...view item »

Sebastien Tellier

Several reissues of smooth electro-soul-pop singer Sebastien Tellier’s music are upon us. Sessions, first released in 2006, takes tunes from Tellier’s two albums up to that point and recasts them as intimate, acoustic, piano-centred songs. Sessions has been reissued on CD and vinyl ...view item »

Night Call

Electro doesn't get much better than this. And no wonder when you have a killer collaboration that is Daft Punk and SebastiAn. Lovefoxxx's vocals against that French electro sound and this is a no-mistake purchase. Highly recommended....view item »

Scratch Massive
Day Out Of Days

The soundtrack to Zoe Cassavetes’ recent film Day Out Of Days is provided by the electronic duo Scratch Massive, who took the opportunity to delve into the sweet sounds of the 1980’s for a full-blown synth-pop extravaganza, heavy with the troubled California mood of the film. Released by Rec...view item »

Sebastien Tellier
Allers Vers Le Soleil

Taken from the album ‘L’Aventura’, Sebastien Tillier’s remix EP, ‘Allers Vers Le Soleil’  is a beautiful layering of subtle, uplifting soft synthesizers, classic eighties bass sounds, dreamy melodies and warmly distorted, nostalgic samples with silky soft vocals through a warm fuzzy filter. It’s lik...view item »

Odd look EP

Here is Kavinsky’s 2013 offering from Record Makers. This EP features the title track “Odd Look” as well as 4 alternate remixes from the current and recurring crop of Electro producers. The title track, featuring Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd), is a moody, Tron-esque synth-laden groover. The drums are immovable, yet driving,...view item »

Protovision EP

By never releasing an album, French synth-house genius Kavinsky appears to have passed under boss man Phil’s radar, and I’ve had to retrieve this one from the stockroom myself to give it a spin because it never reached the review pile. For those of you who, like Phil, aren’t familiar with ...view item »