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Menace Beach
Black Rainbow Sound

Yeah, a Leeds band! Menace Beach are Liza Violet and Ryan Needham of 'the scene'. Their third album, Black Rainbow Sound, is distinct from their past efforts in that it was conceived entirely in the studio. Though more dense and experimental than before, their poppy no-wave is still as fun as...view item »

Odetta Hartman
Old Rockhounds Never Die

Odetta Hartman’s sound is an odd mish-mash of stuff. It’s rooted in post-blues styles like rockabilly, 50s r ‘n’ b, country-rock and soul, but there’s also influences cropping up on Old Rockhounds Never Die from genres as diverse as psychtronica and future-boogie. It makes the fifteen track...view item »

Field Music
Open Here

This Sunderland duo are certainly musical clever clogs. They can play every instrument under the sun, they have some pretty classy melodic and rhythmic ideas that they've managed to stretch into a pretty lengthy and successful career. But rarely have I heard a Field Music song that has made me feel anything other than a kind of warm admiration f...view item »


Slug is the recording alter-ego of Ian Black, who was once a touring member of fellow Sunderland musos and label mates, Field Music. HiggledyPiggledy is Black’s second album and follow-up to 2015’s Ripe. Expect more XTC-meets-James Brown-Meets-John Bonham...view item »


On Barbarossa's Lier a heady blend of pop and contemporary soul are paired alongside a lush framework of drifting, synthetic bass and glistening synths. Precise drum work comes from Joel Wästberg and everything is shrouded in a comforting amount of warmth and layered, floating orchestration. ...view item »

Oh My

Oh My is the debut album by Nadine, a trio who come from Minneapolis and New York. Not to be confused with ‘90s alt country band of the same name. They are made up from members of Ava Luna and Phantom Posse. Whilst firmly holding on to their pop sensibilities, they sa...view item »

The Go! Team

Semicircle is the fifth album by The Go! Team. Their mission to bring joy to the world this time around took them ultimately to Detroit where the group’s mainstay and founder Ian Parton found The Detroit Youth Choir. The resulting album contains a bunch of uplifting tracks featuring a gang-style choir, a marching band and ...view item »

Wide Open

Artful shambles Weaves released a loud and lovely debut a year ago so it seems only right they do it again: their guitar rock is bursting at the seams, barricade-tumbling wonder and they continue to dance about the limits on Wide Open, which offers a slightly poppier approach to a band who used to get in,...view item »


I've never yet liked a band from Canada but all that could be set to change with the release of the debut from this raucous, squealing band from Toronto. They make a right old racket but also fill their songs with hooks and melodies. The sort of arty rock made by people who aren't afraid of pushing envelopes.     ...view item »

Warm Digits
Wireless World

Punchy electronic tuneage from Warm Digits, who here add vocals to some of their home electro-funky tracks for the first time. Wireless World’s guest singers range from Sarah Cracknell of Saint Etienne to Mia La Metta of Beards, not to mention a p...view item »

The Ruby Suns

I’ve had better nights’ sleep. Not a wink ‘til about 2am then a dream about being stabbed to death. Nice, eh? But even with a full night’s glorious shuteye, I would still hate this record with every fibre of my being. From the opening track it’s clear that its horrid vapid pop. I don’t know what it’s aim...view item »

The Phoenix Foundation
Give Up Your Dreams

Give Up Your Dreams is the sixth album by pop-rock happy people The Phoenix Foundation. The title track compels the listener to sacrifice ambition for realist acceptance, and yet remains very upbeat: nice one! Notable also for its cover, which seems to be a piece of 1990s computer-rendered landscape paired with an Illum...view item »

The Go! Team
The Scene Between

For the Go! Team's newest slice of are-we-having-fun-yet action, ‘The Scene Between’, the band have returned to their original formula, with principle songwriter Ian Parton sampling his archive of film scores and hip hop tunes. The sunshine is immediate: wide-eyed “What D’You Say” ushers things in with an overl...view item »

Pure Bathing Culture
Pray for Rain

Duo Pure Bathing Culture have a slick pop sound, and have stepped up the colour on this record. Pray For Rain is shimmering with electro-synths and a real spark of energy, a forward jump enabled by producer John Congleton. The album is pressed to see-through turquoise vinyl LP (nice!) by Memphis Industr...view item »

Pure Bathing Culture
Moon Tides

Going by their name alone I thought Pure Bathing Culture would be some sort of new age synth drift types along the lines of Food Pyramid or Dolphins into the Future. Turns out I am, as usual, way off. This is actually the ...view item »

Life Among The Savages

Papercuts sounds like an edgy name for a band doesn't it? You expect them to be some kind of spiky post-punk types with a lean, aggressive sound full of slicing trebly guitar and whip-crack drums, don't you? Well I thought they were going to be a rock band anyway, but it turns out they're playing a timid and breathy brand of indie which reminds ...view item »


If the Dutch Uncles  'O Shudder' album hadn’t have been released earlier this year then this could win the coveted best attempt at sophisticated eighties pop of 2015. With the records coming out within months of each other I can’t accuse Outfit of copying Dutch Uncles but separately t...view item »

NZCA Lines
Infinite Summer

“The album is based around the idea of a far-future Earth, where the sun has expanded to the size of a red giant and our extinction is imminent,” says leader Michael Lovett about his second album as NCZA Lines. Batten down the hatches ladies and gentlemen we’re in concept album territory. Opener ‘Approach’ has bea...view item »

Violent Light

Brooding Brooklyn band, Milagres’ last album, Glowing Mouth, was written from a hospital bed in a vicodin fog following a climbing accident suffered by singer, Kyle Wilson. Its themes centred around the fragility of life. Conversely it’s follow up, Violent Light is about living life and flippin&rsqu...view item »

Haley Bonar
Last War

My, they grow up quick these days. My previous memory of Haley Bonar was of a winsome folk starlet following Charlie Parr round on a particularly grim UK tour having earlier caught the glint in Sparhawk’s eye. Fast forward several years later here she is, quite literally all over the 6 Music playlist, &...view item »

Haley Bonar
Impossible Dream

She probably doesn’t remember kipping on my sofa back in ’04 but Haley Bonar has come a long way since those dark days. Me? I’ve regressed from that life high water moment but Haley reaches hers on the opening song here ‘Hometown’. What a glorious song. It’s like she has shoehorned the history of brill...view item »

Field Music

What can I say about 'Measure'? It's all over the shop, a sprawling mass of fractured grooves and foolhardy reinterpretations of music that, under general circumstances, should be left well alone. It's not unfair to call Field Music the 10CC of our time but that would be forgetting the influence of The Beatles, Roxy Music, Queen, Sparks, Led Zep, S...view item »

Field Music

I wish I hadn't read the press release as I was looking forward to this. I'm not sure I want to hear a record which lyrically depicts settling down and nappy changing. Just imagine Lou Reed approaching such source material. However, if anyone is going to make such grown up concerns palatable it will be Field Music....view item »

Field Music
Music For Drifters

Firstly a whinge. At the time of Record Store Day, I described this as the ideal Record Store release in that was something that the band might have normally released that would encourage fans into record shops in order to get it. To re-issue it a few months later just further destroys the point of Record Store Day. I know it's probably done to ...view item »

The Cornshed Sisters
Honey & Tar

The Cornshed Sisters’ four members are all singer-songwriters in their own right, giving this Newcastle-and-surrounds group a great weight of talent to build an album out of. Honey & Tar, their first r...view item »

Lipstick Stains / Still Counts

An extremely limited record store day release from Minneapolis’ Poliça. Double single on white 7” features two brand new collaborative tracks. Being well versed in crafting multi-layered melancholic soundscapes as well as crunchy and crisp electro working with Boyz Noize and Spank Rock...view item »

Dutch Uncles
Big Balloon

I've really been looking forward to this but.....but.  First up  - 'O Shudder' was great. Lots of it was great. The odd bit slid past unnoticed but plenty as inventive 80's style pop sometimes so reminiscent of Kate Bush that Theresa May was blushing with pride.  'Big Balloon' is an ok album...view item »

Menace Beach
Lemon Memory

Leeds’ very own Menace Beach return with Lemon Memory, which was apparently produced with the self-conscious intention of making something a little more restrained than Ratworld. They’ve pulled it off too, with tightly focused songwriting and production that lingers on the brink of fuzz overload wit...view item »

Blue States
Restless Spheres

I still listen regularly to Blue States music which makes it even more surprising that this is their first album in nine years. Blue States (actually just one bloke Andrew Dragazis) makes lovely sweeping usually (but not always) instrumental music with a nod to past masters at cinematic composition such as Ennio Morricon...view item »

United Crushers

They ain’t crushing anything with this record: it lacks racket and it volunteers only the smoothest of synth pop, streamlining songs ‘til they serve more as meditative backdropping music than big hits. ‘United Crushers’ is sweet second gear music, continuing POLIÇA’s infatuation with subliminal grooves, subdu...view item »

Menace Beach
Super Transporterreum EP

Sometimes it’s possible too make too many records. It only seems five minutes since pals to everyone Menace Beach released one of this years best ’90s homages in ‘Ratworld’, a record packed to the brim with indie disco circa ’93 classics -- but this swift, enjoyable enough follow-up EP  fails to reach those diz...view item »

Aero Flynn
Aero Flynn

An alum of Justin Vernon’s friendship circle (so, only a couple of degrees of separation from Kanye, then) Josh Scott has shied away from releasing his music for a very long time. With the backing of his famous folkie friend, he&rsquo...view item »


Barbarossa, aka James Mathé, was once a fully fledged acoustic folkster, working with José González and The Fence Collective. But Imager sees him step fully into a different world, that of electronica. He sounds very at home there (this is a very accomplished record...view item »


Sunderland. Funny place isn't it?. The centre resembles an out of town shopping mall which has been plonked in the middle of the city. Its inside is its outside and its outside is its inside.... which is perhaps why so much lop-sided music seems to emanate from the place. Slug are the latest batch of new wavers. Lead Slug Ian Black ...view item »

Dutch Uncles
O Shudder

You kind of have to do a double take on the opening ‘Babymaking’ on this, the best album so far from Manchester art rockers Dutch Uncles. It sounds unfathomably like Kate Bush. Almost unnervingly so given that it’s being produced in 2015 by an all-male Manchester 5-piece. Certainly singer Dunca...view item »

Paul Smith & Peter Brewis
Frozen By Sight

‘Frozen By Sight’ is a collaboration between Maximo Park's Paul Smith and Peter Brewis of Field Music. Perhaps not the most likely of partnerships, the two combine the best of both worlds here, though it’s a significant departure from...view item »

Peter Matthew Bauer

So then Walkmen fans.  You wait ages for a solo project from one of your lads and two come along at once. Following on from frontman Hamilton Leithauser’s recent croon-some album we now get bassist/organist Peter Matthew Bauer’s solo effort which, like Mr Leithauser’s effort, has r...view item »

Sky Swimming

Here's the debut album of silky synthpop from turbulent lovecouple Elephant, a graceful collection of languid, sun-bleached yacht pop full of soft synth and chiming guitar and sultry female vocals which the press release describes as "uniquely curvy". It's dreamy stuff, cool and measured and inviting in a strangely detached sort of way. ...view item »

Supreme Cuts
Divine Ecstasy

Chicago production duo Supreme Cuts drop their debut LP 'Divine Ecstasy' on Memphis Industries this week. This pair are new to me but within a few tracks I'm enjoying their easygoing, genre-jumping house-pop style. Old school Chicago house shines through as the main influence on the first couple of tracks, the tracks are led by crisp programmed ...view item »

School Of Language
Old Fears

Memphis Industries bread and butter Field Music (a.k.a the Brewis brothers) have a tendency to split themselves in two from time to time with Peter working under the pseudonym The Week That Was and David taking on the School Of Languages name. I believe this is sec...view item »

May You Marry Rich

One of the things on my review pile this week is an album by Colourmusic, who I haven't heard before. Nor is there any information in the press release so I'm just going to dive into this one blind. It's quite an interesting record actually, a kind of dreamy '80s-style pop but with some droney experimental leanings and breathy reverbed vocals....view item »

Tokyo Police Club

I tried to give this LP a preliminary listen at dinner time last night, but it quickly became apparent that this kind of stridently produced indie pop is a bit too hyper-present and distracting to eat to so it didn't last long. 'Forcefield' is album number four from indie poppers Tokyo Police Club. It's a collection of pretty strong guitar pop...view item »

Marijuana Deathsquads
Oh My Sexy Lord

Mad assed album this, loved it for the last two weeks. The main thing that captures you is the brooding apocalyptic nature of their music which weighs in some place between Crystal Castles, Schizo Fun Addict and early Holy Fuck. Live pulverising drums, eerie electronics, vintage synths and nightmare-ish effects-laden vocals result in a strange a...view item »


Minneapolis combo Polica have been getting a lot of attention since their previous album ‘Give You The Ghost’ hit to widespread acclaim last year. We sold quite a lot of it but I never actually heard that album, so now I’m getting caught up on what the kids are into via their latest album ‘S...view item »

The Load

New on Memphis Industries, there are a tonne of records out there that sound like this - a mid-fi pop song somewhere between folk and electronica, it has a homespun feel leaving the track feeling curiously unfinished. What it does have is a catchy chorus, and main guy James Mathe has a voice that at ...view item »

Dutch Uncles

The press release helpfully mentions a whole host of artists to use as comparison to this Manchester five-piece but not seemingly the ones I know as poindexter and his bespectacled crew. Yes, there is no getting away from it there is more than a passing resemblance to ...view item »

Field Music

Field Music are keeping the Rock N' Roll dream alive. They play those songs like they damn well mean it and somehow still manage to sound fresh to my ears even though their sound is basically a Supertramp/10CC/Beatles/Led Zeppelin hybrid. How they manage to keep squeezing awesome tracks o...view item »

Glowing Mouth

Ever wondered what it would sound like if Chris Martin fronted The National? Well, wonder no more, because Milagres are here with an LP where they illustrate this exact fantasy scenario. Bit of a Wild Beasts feel in its more interesting moments, too, but what we're looking at here is epic ...view item »

Cymbals Eat Guitars
Lenses Alien

Tearing me away from the Joey Barton twitter feed (current subjects: being transferred to QPR against his wishes, becoming environmentally friendly, Shearer's hair) is this new record from Cymbals Eat Guitars. What the Metronomy-loving Barton would think of this racket remains to be se...view item »

My _____ Is Pink

Colourmusic aren't an easy band to pin down in a few sentences - I'm not even sure where they are from! Anyway, they make a technicoloured racket that manipulates rhythm and tone to it's own advantage to produce a sound heavy on groove and steeped in obscure low-end drones. 'My _____ is Pink' is made up of loads of micro-pop songs, all off which...view item »

The Go! Team
Buy Nothing Day

I was surprised by how much I didn't hate the new Go Team album although I can't even remember if I even actually heard them the first time around. I feel like I did even though I'm fairly confident I didn't 'cos they were, like, totally everywhere at the time. 'Buy Nothing Day' features Bethany Cosentino "of Best Coast/previously of Pocahaunted...view item »

Banjo or Freakout
Banjo or Freakout

Who the hell are these guys? I always liked the name in a weird way. I know a couple of banjo players and I'd pay good money to see them "freak out" instead of plucking away with dazed gormless expressions on their face. Let's have some wild, unabated anarchy from those strings please!! These guys are actually one chap, an Italian called Allesio...view item »

The Go! Team
Rolling Blackouts

We rinsed the hell out of that first Go! Team album in this office. I used to love to DJ with that Huddle Formation tune especially, what a party banger that was! I dunno how often their exclamation mark gets used, I keep forgetting they've got one! They've a third album outnow, I never even heard the second installment! Look how I keep on s...view item »

The Phoenix Foundation

Fuck, this is mellow as. Not one to lift your flagging insomniac mind-body (dis)construct in the mid-afternoon but quite nice nonetheless with its gently driving, lightly psych-prog flavoured indie pop-rock shizzle. I feel like I used too many hyphens there but never-mind. It's a sunny-sounding (COCK!), expansively produced record from start to ...view item »

Banjo or Freakout
105 / Dead In The Snow

This single from Banjo or Freakout is like being rocked to sleep by Hightower from Police Academy. It's gentle yet oddly stoic. It can also throw pigskins at you and catching it will propel you through a wall. It reminds me of Grandaddy. It's psychedelic and quite folky and it doesn't do anything offensive enough to make you hate it. It also has...view item »

We Are Scientists

This time around the boys from Brooklyn come out with a masterful album, after the off-kilter Brain Thrust Mastery. Barbara combines the catchy punk-pop of With Love and Squalor with the pop 80's style they went for in their second album. Along for the ride is new drummer (and former Razorlight member) Andy Burrows. I'm not sure if the inclusion of...view item »

Field Music
Tones of Town

Now ... again I'm reviewing FIELD MUSIC and their bonny new album TONES OF TOWN. If music were a dog this would be golden retriever all prim and proper with shiny nose and bright eyes collecting your slippers and getting drool all over them. Its very prog and 70's with their harmonies and sounds they're busting out. We like the cha...view item »

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