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Cassette Three

Now I like what I hear from the man/martian/beast known as Pub. I even have an ambient CD by him/them/it somewhere in my vast box which is pretty lovely. 'Cassette Three' is a 2 track effort in the most abysmal packaging ever. Designed to put people who work in record shops in a thoroughly foul mood, these cute 3" discs are affixed to pieces o...view item »

Cassette Two

Time for Cassette Two by Pub. It comes in a demented glued cardboard thing that's actually really annoying and impractical but hey, everyone loves annoying and impractical packaging these days don't they? With the first tune we're in homespun minimal electronica country and of course he does it very, very well indeed, with bassy drones and static h...view item »

Move D, Various
Ruts 3/3

Thank fuck the ultra-grim month of January is almost over... To ease the pain Ampoule have collaborated with Meakusma to unleash a mighty DVD containing 23 music videos, 5 short films, 1 poster and 24 tracks as .wav files. The disc is PAL region free. More excitingly for vinyl freaks there are 3 volumes of limited edition 12"s containing track...view item »

Making Trakcx 9

Also on Ampoule is the second to last installment in the ever reliable mega chilled Pub - Making Trakcx 3" CDr series. Number nine begins with warm tones that suggest and hint at melodies that wander and float graciously like a majestic church organ. A very lovely track full of emotion and feeling. Clocking in at just over 9 minutes it build w...view item »

Making Trakcx 7

Another bloody 3".. Story of my life. Pub is back again on this one, Making Trakcx 7. If you've been keeping up with these I'm sure you've a decent idea what to expect from this, if not then I can't imagine you'll be buying into the series halfway through.. Then again I'm assuming everyone else is the same sort of OCD completist that I am. Thi...view item »

Mt. 6

Instead of going to the pub, Pub has been making Trakcx and now he's up to volume 6 in the series. They've all been of a high quality in this series so far... This volume begins with a minimal, hypnotic head nodder with a down tempo 4/4 and a deep and dreamy tranquilized vibe with the synth flourishes. The second tune is kinda funky with a broken j...view item »


3" CD thang on Ampoule, the home of Pub. Well the pub is always a home from home to me! This one's a new title from Bachel and starts off with some sombre piano like Satie on moggies before the keys descend into an ominous cyclic vortex where the tones melt into some minimal ambient tones that hum like a bevvy of tranced out monks before dissolvi...view item »

Making Trakcx.5

Just in is 'Making Trakcx 5' from Pub.. The fifth installment in the ongoing series. I know that this is the fifth installment because it is number 5 and the one that came out before it was number 4 and 5 comes after 4. Housed in the usual little card jacket, this 3" beauty is a sublime and blissed out electronic odyssey to chill out to in the...view item »


Pub: Making Tracx.4 (Ampoule) Fourth edition in their mini Cd series has my favourite Scot's exponent of psychedelic Techno or methtronica as I like to call it. Going for a even more expansive, open lensed blissout, these two tracks employ a more experimental approach that takes in smudged tones, glistening, glass like chimes with undertones of hum...view item »


Pub: 'Making Trakcx.3' (Ampoule) Third in this series of 3" CD's from Scotlands pioneers of meth tech-dub. Comes packaged in cardboard sleeve with sticker and handstamped info. Of all the purveyors of this post-Techno hybrib of drift/dub Pub come out tops for me as the quality of their productions have that certain post-club glow highlighted b...view item »

Moped Endo
Flaccid Handbreak

Moped Endo: 'Flaccid Handbrake' (Ampoule) It's those lads from Paisley again on the ever wonderful Ampoule imprint. Instead of Pub's lush ambient dreaming we get some 808 pre-set frenzy. This set is full of squelch, acidic lines, crunchy, bouncy beats and messed up noise, all on a classic late eighties Techno grid. What is also apparent is the keen...view item »

Sekatuo Ton

Yo! Mingus Rude reporting here to put a finger in your ear, yer hear! Apparently I've been given a new moniker: Killa or Killer or something. The only thing I've killed are a few of my own braincells. That said, maybe I've killed some other people's with a dj set or radio broadcast...who knows? First up in my pile of things to review, slay or big u...view item »

Moped Endo
Edible Digestion Flat

Here's a cute looking Moped Endo 3": "Edible Digestion Flat" CD that comes in a petri dish. Three tracks of noisy, crunchy electroid hardcore leaning experimentation closing with a trademark Ampoule bliss-out. Seek! ...view item »