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Bring On The Sun

A brand new selection of new studio recordings from celestial mood master Laraaji. From blissed-out jams to vocal hymns to trance-like drones this runs the the whole spectrum of his unique oeuvre. Recorded by Davey Jewell (Peaking Lights/Flaming Lips) this will be a must add to the collecti...view item »

Sun Gong

A major new work from sonic explorer and yoga fanatic Laraaji. A shimmering two track experiment on the tonalities of the gong as he shifts the sound of this most round of instruments through various electronic processes. This single LP will get you ready for the more extensive 'Bring On The Sun' which follows on later. ...view item »

Brian Eno
Nerve Net - Expanded Edition

'Nerve Net' was one of many slightly different experiments Brian Eno conjured up towards the end of the 20th century. Deeming his pure ambient compositions to have had a good run, he turned to a few other musical standards: jazz and rock 'n' roll were his two preferences on this release, which saw Eno in much chirpier spirits than usual. And hey...view item »

Brian Eno
The Shutov Assembly - Expanded Edition

Out on All Saints is the new reissue on vinyl LP and CD of Brian Eno's '92 droner The Shutov Assembly - Expanded Edition. Made primarily for his artist pal Sergi Shutov, TSA is akin to Eno's earlier capacious work's, yet it develops into a slightly more sinister and angular persona. Perhaps thi...view item »

Brian Eno
The Drop

This is not Brian Eno's dubstep album. 'The Drop' is a largely formless collection of ambient soundscapes in the vein of the producers best and most influential works, combining his disciplines with abundant melodies. Originally released towards the turn of the century, like 'Another Green World' happening all over again, a little bit quieter....view item »

Brian Eno
Neroli - Expanded Edition

Sometimes it's good to just always be listening to Brian Eno. 'Neroli' is part of a reissue campaign that features many of his latter-day works -- this particular record was originally released in '93, in a decade where Eno was having a bit of an existential crisis over what approach he should take to his ambient compositions. Here, we just get ...view item »

Remixes (Peaking Lights and Hieroglyphic Being)

Ooh, I like this. Here we've got two top current artists, Peaking Lights and Heiroglyphic Being, paying tribute to elder statesman of kosmische Hans-Joachim Roedelius. I'm starting with Peaking Lights' one, which is quite bouncy w...view item »

Greater Lengths: An All Saints Compilation

Two discs neatly summing up the brilliance of Dominic Norman-Taylor’s All Saints label. Released just as those ‘in the know’ are discussing an ambient revival (did it ever go away?) this compilation contains pieces by Brian Eno (and his bro Roger), Laraaji, Harold Budd...view item »

Jon Hassell
City: Works Of Fiction

An important release says Phil so I have to write a few words even though I’m not allowed to open it. This is a remarkably nicely priced three CD re-issue of Hassell’s 1990 landmark album of rhythmic sci-fi explorations that had a big effect on ol’ clever clogs himself Brian Eno. Containing a liv...view item »

Harold Budd

Nice 12" of remixes of Harold Budd stuff. Patten is always good for an inventive mix and here he is warming things up with some flowing trails of electronica and dubstep beats. Nice to see Nosdam coming out of his lair, his mix hisses and fizzes like the Flying Saucer Attack fan he is. On the other si...view item »

Celestial Music 1978 - 2011

Now that they've exhausted the Arthur Russell back catalogue by re-issuing, re-packaging til there's no more life left in it you may want to switch your attention to this guy. Discovered back in the '70's by Brian Eno, Laraaji was playing autoharp on the streets of New York...view item »

Jon Hassell
Remixes EP (Bandshell, patten, No UFO's, Some Truths)

Cool 12" of remixes in the same series as last weeks 12" of Laraaji interpretations. the opening Bandshell effort is a horrible sludge of distorted sound but I'm really enjoying the Patten track. Sounding a little like early Autechre it has some uniqu...view item »

Remixes (Bee Mask, Ela Orleans, Sun Araw and Motion Sickness Of Time Travel)

Four remixes of classic Laraaji compositions by four big playas in the realm of contemporary ambient and experimental music; Bee Mask, Ela Orleans, Sun Araw and Motion Sickness Of Time ...view item »

Harold Budd
Abandoned Cities

Neo-classical veteran Harold Budd originally released Abandoned Cities in 1984, hoping that his compositions would evoke dystopia, emptiness and traces of human life in a now lifeless land. The record consists of two longform pieces that stretch out with Budd's usual bag of ambient tricks: well twink...view item »

Andy Partridge & Harold Budd
Through The Hill

I’ve always wanted to hear this album (to which you may respond “well why the hell haven’t you since it’s been out since 1994?”). The answer is I don’t know. The album is a collaboration between ambient master Harold Budd and XTC wizard Andy Partridge. The results are ...view item »

Essence / Universe

We’ve got a couple of reissues in from new age pioneer Laraaji this week, and the one which has landed on the review pile is this cosmic synthdrone bliss-out ‘Essence/Universe’, which consists of two epic half hour peace drones full of shimmering tone clusters and blurred smooth synth dreaminess. T...view item »

Harold Budd
The Serpent (in Quicksilver)

The Serpent (in Quicksilver) is a strong album indeed. I love the combination of Budd's piano playing with the pedal steel guitar of Chas Smith on "Afar". This stands out as particularly memorable to me in Budd's body of work because I hadn't heard this combination of instruments on one of his albums before, and it really worked well. The remain...view item »