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Fumio Itabashi

Watabase is a solo piano record from Fumio Itabashi, a rightful legend of Japanese jazz. Released in 1982, Watabase features some very nimble and spiritual interpretations of compositions by the likes of Dollar Brand and Vernon Duke, with Itabashi’s musical personality clearly shining through. Reissued by Mule Musiq.

Cyber EP

After many years of DJing, putting on parties and running the Secretsundaze label the duo of James Priestley & Giles Smith are now starting to show off their production skills. Following on from the Still Hope EP that came out on Phonica back in June the pair release Cyber. This EP sees the title track done three ways - the deep ‘House Pass’, the Danielle Baldelli-esque ‘Cosmic Slide’ and the Floating Points-aping ‘Ambient Sax Mix’. Good stuff.
  • Vinyl 12" (MULEMUSIQ230)
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Kuniyuki & Fumio Itabashi
Once Again

Now on vinyl for the first time, ‘Once Again’ from the 2009 album Walking in The Naked City is versatile producer Kuniyuki Takahashi’s collaboration with acclaimed jazz pianist Fumio Itabashi and German producer Henrik Schwarz (providing vocals) to create a clattering, groove-oozin’  piece of house fusion. On the flip is another excerpt from the album, ‘River’, a calmer affair with rippling piano, crackling percussion and wafting synth.
  • Vinyl 12" (MULE MUSIQ 224)
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Fumio Itabashi

Fumio Itabashi's many attempts to transcend a jazz idiom are fully on display on the excellent Nature, where he uses his piano to lead a band of  renowned Japanese players. This reissue firmly cements him as one of the country's greatest jazzers, mixing jittery movement with lyrical melodies for a record that feels both respectful of its tradition and keen to move on with it.
  • Vinyl LP (MULEMUSIQ223)

New Wave Project

Japanese producer Kuniyuki Takahashi (DRP, Double K, Saikoss) has had releases on Soundofspeed and Nitelist but his true home is Mule Musiq. Returning for his latest full length of his blending of future jazz and deep house to follow on from his EP of the same name. It’s deep house but with irregular sound sources blurring the lines somewhat.
  • Vinyl Double LP (MM215)
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  • Mule Musiq

Yoyogi Park Remixed

The recent Lawrence album Yoyogi Park gets taken apart and put back together again in yet more dancefloor friendly forms by a brace of German producers. Roman Flugel, Lake People, and Kettenkarussell all contribute (the last one twice), with electro, deep house and electronica approaches to the material. Yoyogi Park Remixed is a 12” release on Mule Musiq.

Yoyogi Park

Lawrence has a knack for both ambient and deep house productions, and Yoyogi Park, the third in a trilogy of albums for the Mule Musiq label, pairs his very fine array of smooth textures with a high-momentum dancefloor undercurrent. CD and double LP editions, each with original artwork from Stefan Marx. On Mule Musiq.

Tonight Will Be Fine
Elephant Island

Tonight Will Be Fine is the name that erstwhile collaborators Julius Steinhoff and Abdeslam Hammouda use for their acoustic-only project. After having worked in the realms of dance music for some time, it seems the duo are happy working with banjos and tablas and hushed vocals for Elephant Island. Out on Mule Musiq.
  • Vinyl LP (MM195)

Oskar Offerman
Le Grand To Do

Oskar Offerman (known for releases on White and Riverette in the last few years) presents a barrage of recent material, taking in house and techno influences and redirecting them through his defiantly basic recording set-up. The result, Le Grand To Do, is a busy set of smart floor-fillers. CD or double LP on the Mule Musiq label.

Mouse On The Keys
Flowers Of Romance

Mouse On The Keys are three Japanese piano players who also play some drums on Flowers Of Romance. They create driving jazz pieces which often has some frantic drumming along with some guest musicians with horns and strings. The whole album was recorded in a live, collaborative manner and you get the sense of experimentation with these tracks. For fans of  BadBadNotGood.


Koss is not your average crazy Japanese electronic composer. He takes it beyond all that. Seamlessly mixing contemporary classical music with jazz progressions and ethereal synthesizes, his solo effort is a testament to his piano and composition skills. Thank goodness that Silence doesn't do its title justice.
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  • Mule Musiq

A Day In The Life

Lawrence, who is actually called Peter Kersten but never you mind, is set to release the follow-up to his last effort, 'Film & Windows'. Lawrence has managed to face the contradiction of the genres he works in by approaching each and every one with the same gentility and respect, and on 'A Day In The Life' his ambient compositions feel like a completely natural shift. It's a record dedicated to the collaborations and friendships of Kersten, label boss Toshiya Kawasaki and Stefen Marx. Aw.

I'm Starting To Feel OK Vol. 6 – 10 Years Edition - Pt 2

From the always positive Mule Musiq label in Tokyo comes a varied compilation I'm Starting To Feel OK Vol. 6 – 10 Years Edition - Pt 2. Spanning two slabs of wax this diverse selection dips its considerable toe into the spectrum from ambient to disco. Difficult to pin down and all the better for it. Out on 2LP vinyl from Mule Musiq.

DJ Sprinkles
Queerifications & Ruins, Vinyl Sampler 4

DJ Sprinkles is the moniker of Terre Thaemlitz, a house musician based in Japan with an interest in gender identity, intersectionality and the aims of underground scenes. This is the fourth sampler in a series that collect tunes from Thaemlitz's remix compilation, 'Queerifications & Ruins', which is released by Mule Records. The remixes range in musical aesthetic from meditative ambient to club-ready basslines, reflecting Thaemlitz's dedication to both working within and distorting the conventions of house music. 

Blue Mountain

Lifting you up and out with Lawrence. Blue Mountain has four delicious slices of dance from the German producer. These tracks are total winter warmers, wrapping you up in a cloud of earthy synths, subtle percussive beats and walls of ambient wellness from the fountain of house & tech. This ones on a 12" vinyl from Mule Musiq.
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  • Mule Musiq