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Ancient Crux / Weed Diamond

Ancient Crux is the work of Travis Von Sydow, a young L.A punk who plays with Rabid Youth whilst occasionally making an appearance as a solo artist. 'In Teen Dreams' is basically a Roy Orbison style doo-wop, pop ballad performed in a youthful, lo-fi punk kinda way. Think Spectrals mixed with Jay Retard and you're somewhere close. The other side is ...view item »

Rocket Ship TV
Better Days

Better Days is the ten-track release from the boys in Rocket Ship TV. A cracking combination of experimental guitars and soothing vocal melodies are what makes this release so appealing to any fans of indie-rock and probably of psychedelic-rock, too. Ten nicely created tracks that are available on Vinyl LP. &nbs...view item »

Dark Globes
Everyone I Know Is Falling Apart

Southend-based Dark Globes came together over a few pints in the pub where the town’s creative minds tended to gravitate. They started as three-piece but soon expanded into a sextet with three guitarists. Debut album Everyone I Know Is Falling Apart does a good job of showcasing their influences, namely, T...view item »

Good Book

The Mit 'Good Book' 7" on Half Machine Records is a bouncy electro rock tune which sounds like it's come straight outta Berlin. A bit Adult lite we though but with more of lo fi approach. ...view item »

Banjo or Freakout
Left It Alone

A clear vinyl. I like that. Would I buy that for a dollar?? Maybe. The new single from Banjo or Freakout floated past me before I even realised I'd listened to it. So I played 'Left It Alone' again. The words "Powerfully Foppish" sprang to mind. It's got anthemic leanings, ala Fleet Foxes or dare I say it My Morning Jacket but its nice en...view item »

To Clean

The lead tune on the Woods 7" hits the ground running with a fucking crazy guitar solo then morphs into a vaguely country-ish singalonga lo-fi tune of high goodness before lifting back off with a solo outro. It's called 'To Clean' and it's one of the best tunes on the album, so say Brian and Miss Business (the lady and the tramp innit). 'Rain ...view item »

Roberto Cacciapaglia
Ann Steel Album

‘The Ann Steel Album’ is seen as an “anomaly” in Roberto Cacciapaglia’s impressive canon, the Italian electronic composer joining forces with expat American singer/model Ann Steel to depart from his usual stylistic restraints (his other albums use, as the press rele...view item »

The Magic
Ragged Gold

I don’t know how this has happened but at least three of us recognise immediately the first song on this, seemingly without having previously heard it. ‘Lightning Strikes’ is a very strong opener, a direct cross between Junior Boys...view item »

Psychedelic Horseshit
New Wave Hippies EP

Psychedelic Horeshit's a great name isn't it, I imagine it's what you'd see a lot of if you ran a farm and fed the animals solely on Maoams. 'New Wave Hippies' is pretty great value with five tracks for your pounds and perusal, with the sides playing at different speeds just to confuse you (or maybe just me). This is about as lo-fi as it gets but i...view item »

Neils Children
Stand Up

Next I have the new 7" single by Neils Children on Half Machine Records. I've read a lot about these fellows recently. They certainly seem to get a lot of press so you can guess they going to sound like all those new beautiful young trendy bands of the moment... and they do I guess. Well they sound 80's a...view item »

Real Estate
Fake Blues

Real estate write beautiful indie folk rock. 'Fake Blues' is the official u.k debut from the band and it's a beautifully simple sea shanty-esq melody with a relaxed vibe that reminds Brian of 'Egyptian reggae' by Mr. Jonathan Richmond. You may have noticed i've already reviewed the U.S version of this single but i thought we'd give it another go as...view item »

Mirror Mirror
New Horizons

This Mirror Mirror 7" has a great sleeve with its hieroglyphic symbol and lovely Bridgett Riley style black and white image. Musically its very grand sounding reminding me of The Chap and a bit like a folkie Stereolab in places which probably makes no sense at all but hey gimie a break, I'm not feeling so great.. The vocal harmonies make me th...view item »

Theoretical Girl
Red Mist

I've heard bits of Theoretical Girl here and there while beavering away in the office and had the vague impression that they were a pretty tidy little outfit. 'Red Mist' is their new 7" (although it looks like it's a re-released/re-recorded version of a single they put out a few years back) and it's a prelude to their imminent CD. A trebly lea...view item »