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Live Skull
Saturday Night Massacre

Live Skull are happy to described as ‘no wave psychos’. The New York band made a big din during the Reagan administration in the ‘80s. It’s taken until now, with an apparently equally weird if not weirder, administration running the US, for them to return. Saturday Night Massacre is the their first album in 30 years. The band feature Thalia Zadek (Come), Rich Hutchins, Mark C,Kent Heine and Marnie Greenholz.
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Micah P. Hinson And The Opera Circuit
Micah P. Hinson And The Opera Circuit - 10th Anniversary Edition

The biggest surprise of 2017 so far as that Micah P Hinson wasn't down to play at the Trump Inauguration  - his political views lying somewhere to the right of the Most Important Man in the World (tm). Instead he's been getting together a 10th anniversary re-issue of this his second album which was recorded while he was addicted to painkillers after a 'play fight' with a pal led to a bad back. His sensuous chocolate drawl and sensitive songwriting belies the real Hinson in those days and at the time this was viewed as a supreme example of caramel flavoured alt country. 

Micah P. Hinson & Nick Phelps
Broken Arrows

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Hazard Blues

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Bronson Comet Lighter
Wipes The Pipes

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Bronson Comet Lighter
Perfect Drum EP

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Bronson Comet Lighter
Gin, The Imperial Vodka

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