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Sharon Van Etten

Brian Crook w/ The Renderers
This World Just Eats Me Up Alive

Brian Crook returns, The Renderers in tow, with another set of ramshackle and fired-up ballads. There’s a lot going on across This World Just Eats Me Up Alive - particularly in the arrangements, where Crook and band appear to have taken an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach. It works, though, and the way that the band pile up guitars, theremins, synths, drums and whatever else is reminiscent of Funeral-era Arcade Fire. Ezra Furman and The Brian Jonestown Massacre also come to mind when listening to This World Just Eats Me Up Alive.

Cross Record
Cross Record

Cross Record presents her third album, self-titled as if to suggest a new start following three eventful years (divorce, becoming a death doula etc.) after her previous record. Cross Record is a great example of a proper ‘songs’ record that also pushes and pulls the songs into strange textural spaces. Out on Ba Da Bing!

Lady Lamb
Even In The Tremor

Lady Lamb AKA Aly Spaltro is known for her observational lyrics. On her latest and third album, Even In The Tremor, she turns those observations in on herself. She tries to find the balance between the extremes of her personality and her life whilst balancing indie rock and indie folk. CD and LP on Ba Da Bing!
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  • Ba Da Bing!

Sarah Davachi
Gave In Rest

Proving it's both a marathon and a sprint, drone artist Sarah Davachi puts out yet another record. Hot off the heels of the impressive baroque tone poem Let Night Come On Bells End the Day, Davachi makes the hop to Ba Da Bing! for a record of lonely, isolationist ambient music that reflects the upheaval in her life. Principally a master and architect of synthesizers, Davachi's output has expanded into scores for a wide range of instrumentation, so we'll just wait and see how this likely-to-be opus turns out.

The Dead C
Rare Ravers

The Dead C hail from the famous music city of Dunedin in New Zealand, and, like many bands from there, initially released records through the legendary Flying Nun label as well as Siltbreeze, Xpressway and Precious Metal. The trio of Bruce Russell, Michael Morley, and Robbie Yeats have been experimenting with various forms of alternative/indie music for 32 years now, Rare Ravers is their 16th album of their idiosyncratic free rock.

Jon Porras
Voices Of The Air

John Porras, of Barn Owl fame, was inspired by Gita Sarabhai and John Chowning’s writings on frequency modulation synthesis to make Voices Of The Air. Here he replaces his guitar with a Yamaha DX7 synthesiser, in order to explore more possibilities in the areas of focused minimal sound. Deep material, out on Ba Da Bing!

Arc Iris
Icon of Ego

Brooklyn label Ba Da Bing! (Julie Byrne, Katie Von Schleicher) drop the third LP from avant-pop group Arc Iris. For three people they sure do make a big sound on Icon Of Ego. Singer/guitarist Jocie Adams provides an anchor for the band’s complex, slightly math-indebted brand of electronic rock. Imagine Dirty Projectors with The Physics House Band shoring up the live show and you’re there or thereabouts.

Hamish Kilgour

Hamish Kilgour was a member of the brilliant New Zealand band, The Clean with his brother, David. Finklestein is his second solo album. Whilst his debut, All Of It And Nothing was an intimate set of songs, Finklestein has production values of a Hollywood blockbuster, bringing to life a concept based on a story Kilgour wrote for his son. Gary Olson of The Ladybug Transistor produced and played on the album. LP and CD on Ba Da Bing!

Fall Asleep

One of only a few bands this spring to sing about the tricky business of sex with clouds. ANMLPLNET is the duo of Leah Wellbaum and Mickey Vershbow, and Fall Asleep is what they managed to create while living on opposite coasts of the US. With its dream-diary lyrics, warm texture and emotive crescendos, the record falls somewhere between Americana, indie and dream pop.

Red Goddess (Of This Men Shall Know Nothing)

With Coil's Jhonn Balance as a conducting force, it's never a wonder that the themes contained in Hawthonn's music tread into the esoteric, hypnagogic and ritualistic. The albums sits somewhere between electronic and doom, with a significant prowess for composition and form, for vistas of shadows and light.
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  • Ba Da Bing!

Laura Baird
I Wish I Were A Sparrow

Laura Baird is one half of The Baird Sisters, and she carries that authoritative interpretation of Appalachian folk music over into her own solo music. Half of the songs on I Wish I Were A Sparrow are original Baird numbers and the other half are old folk songs, with a smattering of field recordings folded in here and there. On Ba Da Bing.

David Nance
Negative Boogie

David Nance is a veteran of a form of music that is described as 'warble and hiss'. This is compared in the press release as somewhere between Canned Heat, Pere Ubu and Swell Maps. Quite the combination then. It's a rhythmically potent form of wiry post-punk that is wild, vibrant and tuneful goddammit. Looking forward to this one. 
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  • Ba Da Bing!


As TALsounds, Natalie Chami improvises with synthesisers and looped vocals in intensive sessions. She then offers up the results without using overdubs, only mixing carefully to make each performance sound true to itself. With that in mind, Lovesick is a remarkably songish set of pop-abstract tracks. Released by Ba Da Bing!

Seventeen Words

Two top-of-the-line melodic dronemakers team up to form Gailes: that’s Benoit Pioulard and Rafael Anton Irisarri. Seventeen Words was recorded during heavy winter times, and it has the special ability to sound both cold (the wind, the snow drifts) and warm (the thick walls and the fire). This is a vinyl release on Ba Da Bing!

The Terminals

New album from New Zealand alternative rock veterans The Terminals! It’s been a straight decade since their previous album Last Days Of The Sun, during which time there has been a small personnel change. But Antiseptic is still pure Terminals, dark and gritty and special. Out on Ba Da Bing!, the American label that loves to represent the New Zealanders.
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  • Ba Da Bing!

Tiny Vipers

Tiny Vipers is Jesy Fortino, a collaborator with Rafael Anton Irisarri and Liz Harris of Grouper. She shares the latter’s love for submerging her voice among layers of distance, but third album Laughter has the residual forms of synth-pop looming in the background. Atmospheric electronic song on the Ba Da Bing label.

The Baird Sisters
Until You Find Your Green

The Baird Sisters are Laura and Meg Baird, and yes, they are actually sisters. Nevertheless, Until You Find Your Green is their first full-length studio collaboration, despite the fact that both have been producing high-grade work for some time now. The Bairds play intimate deep folk that immediately grabs the attention: this is carefully crafted stuff. Out on Ba Da Bing.

The Dead C

I should be able to just say “this is a new album from The Dead C” and you’d go and buy it straight away, but in case you need convincing… Trouble is a big fat double LP, calling to mind their classic Harsh 70’s Reality record in both size and sound. The Dead C keep on doing their magical thing of playing messed-up, noisy, broken-sounding rock music in a somehow virtuoso way, and boy is it wonderful. Out on Ba Da Bing: quality stuff.

Ben Chatwin
Heat & Entropy

Strings form the underlying core of this album: rubbed, bowed, strummed, prepared, and attached to a wide array of instruments from pianos to quasi-pianos to guitars to mandolins. Lovely strings! And some electronics too. Ben Chatwin has done a great job harnessing these many textures in service of the curious melodies of Heat & Entropy. It’s out on Ba Da Bing.

Kane Strang
Blue Cheese

Proper DIY, bedroom garage from Kane Strang and Ba Da Bing! records. His guitars may be lo-fi and rough, but on Blue Cheese Strang also perfects weightless vocals that are reminiscent of Bradford Cox and some lovely varied arrangements full of keyboards and guitar melodies. These are charming pop songs with the right amount of scuzz and sophistication.

Cross Record
Wabi Sabi

An unusual album this one. Cross Record are husband and wife and Dan. Moving from Chicago to Texas, they found themselves working 60-hour weeks, hopping between working at supermarkets, restaurants and nannying. That’s the backstory to what went into the making of Wabi Sabi. It’s an album of ethereal beauty, slightly unsettling in its stillness and calm, only for it to rip open with some heavy psyche guitar and blasting drums. The interplay of quiet and loud, soft and hard is played really well here.   

Comets On Fire
Field Recordings From the Sun

A great album name here. Field Recordings from the Sun is the second LP from Comets On Fire, a grungy psyche band from the West Coast. It’s a swirling cosmic mess of punky grunge with some shouty vocals and general mayhem let loose. Turn it up loud and grab a beer because this one’s gonna knock you for six.    A remastered vinyl LP.
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  • Ba Da Bing!

Comets On Fire
Comets On Fire

The self-titled debut album of Comets On Fire, reissued at last on the always-worthwhile Ba Da Bing label. The band make genuinely-deranged sounding psych-rock in case you didn’t know, the throat-shredding vocals and the loud, reverb-drenched production fighting each other to be the most intense. A furious blast, on remastered vinyl.
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  • Ba Da Bing!

Natural Snow Buildings
Terror's Horns

Very exciting times as a brand new Natural Snow Buildings announce a new record on Ba Da Bing! Terror's Horns is a relatively brief excursion for the duo, and is a little less droney than most past efforts. The vocals can recall bleak English folk, but the music is a wonderful, multi-faceted blur. Gorgeous stuff.

Jackson C. Frank
The Complete Recordings

Like Jackson C. Frank? Well then, Ba Da Bing! are your new best friends: the label is releasing The Complete Recordings of the great man, conveniently available as either three separate records or a single triple-disc CD box-set. His delicate, mournful, and all-round remarkable folk music is well worth owning in full.

Lady Lamb
Ripley Pine

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Muu's Way

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