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Hideto Sasaki
Toshiyuki Sekine Quartet +1 - Stop Over

There’s a lot of Japanese jazz being reissued at the moment, and to back up my claim, this is the 6th Japanese jazz reissue on BBE. This one features Hideto Sasaki, Toshiyuki Sekine Quartet +1 playing their acoustic hard-bop classic, Stop Over, from 1976. If you can imagine Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers powered by recreational chemicals, then you’d be close to imagining the sound in these grooves.
  • CD (BBE589ACD)
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Martin Dumas Jr
Attitude, Belief and Determination / Nonstop To The Top

If you already own Martin Dumas Jr’s Attitude, Belief and Determination / Nonstop To The Top on wax, then you could be rich, as original copies are deeply rare. The tune is great though, so it’s a good thing that the BBE’s Limited Private Wax 12” Series has repressed it, remastered and with the original artwork.

Miyasaka + 5
Animals Garden

Animals Garden by Miyasaka + 5 is a rare 1970s Japanese jazz album. It was originally released on ALM, a cult Japanese private press label, in 1979. The combination of its highly sought after status and the musical chops of the players involved makes it a mouth watering proposition for any jazz head. The high energy progressive jazz troupe were led by drummer, Takeshi ‘Bear’ Miyasaka and featured sax player Kōichi Matsukaze, known for his Earth Mother album. Double LP cut at 45rpm, reproduction sleeve, brand new liner notes, on BBE.
  • CD (BBE579ACD)

Makoto Terashita meets Harold Land

As well as dub and reggae music enjoying the odd meet, jazz is pretty social too and this release tracks one of the most fascinating get togethers. It soundtracks the get together in 1983 of young Japanese pianist Makoto Terashita with elder statesman sax man Harold Land. The result is a fascinating document with the nuanced piano playing of the former against the classic, experienced tones of the latter. Nice heavyweight vinyl re-issue.  
  • CD (BBE504ACD)
  • Vinyl Double LP (BBE504ALP)

J Jazz Volume 2 – Deep Modern Jazz From Japan 1969 – 1983

After getting in on the Japanese jazz reissues act back in 2018 with J-Jazz - Deep Modern Jazz From Japan, BBE Records return with the second instalment. The time-frame of Volume 2 is similar to the first time around (both start in 1969 and this one goes to 1983 rather than 1984) and once again the span of styles on display here is broad. Spiritual explorations, hard-bop stompers and fusion-funk all get a look in across the compilation.
  • CD (BBE470CCD)

IF Music presents You Need This - A Journey Into Deep Jazz Vol. 3 – Compiled by Jean-Claude

Record collector and IF Music store owner Jean-Claude presents the third instalment of his compilation series You Need This - A Journey Into Deep Jazz. As reliably diverse as ever, it features rare cuts from J-C’s personal collection ranging from Hungarian jazz guitarist Szabó Gábor István to Indian musician Yatra Sextett. 
  • Vinyl Triple LP (BBE498CLP)

Ron Trent vs Lono Brazil vs Dazzle Drums
Manchild (In The Promised Land)

Ron Trent and Lono Brazil. You probably know what this is going to sound like already, don’t you? And it does. Trent cooks up one of those classic Mahogani Music-type house tracks that seem to just get better with age, while Brazil chats a sort of pseudo-beat-poet diatribe over the top. The B-side sees Japanese duo Dazzle Drums come through with the sort of edit that this blurb writer would describe as ‘tribal house’ if he thought it was an acceptable term to use.
  • Vinyl 12" (BBE443SLP)

Takeo Moriyama
East Plants

One of them there Japanese jazz reissues here. Takeo Moriyama’s 1983 LP East Plants isn’t a particularly famous record, but it’s held in high esteem by those who know their J-jazz onions. Moriyama is the drummer here, and his careful yet commanding kit work powers his group through a collection of slightly spiritual, slightly avant post-bop. Interestingly there’s no piano on this album - the melodic stuff is left to reeds, bass and tuned percussion.
  • CD (BBE473ACD)

David Wertman & Sun Ensemble
Earthly Delights

Lesser-heard free-jazz from 1978, led by the double-bassist David Wertman Earthly Delights features four pieces over two LPs, with Wertman’s fantastically rich and fluid (and self-taught) bass playing surrounded by drums, saxophone, flute and synthesiser. Its remarkable that this album has been under the radar for so long as it is a truly glorious listen. Reissued by BBE.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BBE573ALP)

African Sunset

African Sunset is a very rare release from 1982 by Kabasa, a very fine South African band. Popular global eighties sounds are brought into dialogue with South African styles and instrumentation, with plenty of funk and jazz to be found in there. It is very unlikely that you already own African Sunset, so take advantage of this remastered reissue!
  • Vinyl Double LP (BBE491ALP)
  • CD (BBE491ACD)

Roy Ayers
Silver Vibrations

Good ol' woozy Roy Ayers here on Silver Vibrations, one of Ayers's classic albums from 1983. Tracks such as "Good, Good Music", "Keep On Movin'" and the iconic "Chicago" are pure Ayers with blissful funk and soul grooves mingling with distinctive synth lines and vocals which can be both punchy and sleazy in equal manner.
  • CD (BBE493ACD)

Koichi Matsukaze Trio + Toshiyuki Daitoku
Earth Mother

In what seems to be a theme of Japanese Jazz Reissues, we’re proud to offer Earth Mother. If you’re not a collector of Far-Eastern jazz vinyl, you have no idea what we mean. Maybe you know the Koichi Matsukaze Trio & Toshiyuki Daitoku from the infamous J-Jazz 1969-1984 compilation. We're here to offer you the chance to become a true aficionado of Japanese jazz. And where better to start than with the legendary Earth Mother? 
  • CD (BBE468ACD)

Tohru Aizawa Quartet

This isn’t just vintage Japanese jazz: its private-pressed, collector-baiting Japanese jazz that was once so rare, many doubted that it even really existed. The Tohru Aizawa Quartet were amateurs who only ever made this one album Tachibana, but by god its a remarkable set, bristling with energy and invention. A very welcome reissue here, on CD and double LP, from BBE.
  • CD (BBE469ACD)

IF Music presents: You Need This - World Jazz Grooves (Compiled by Jean-Claude & Victor Kiswell)

Jean-Claude is a name familiar to vinyl aficionados for having many fingers in even more pies. One of those pies is this release on BBE; IF Music presents: You Need This - World Jazz Grooves. It's a delectable selection of the finest jazz from around the world. Ranging from sultry jazz ballads to free improvs. Jean-Claude and Victor Kiswell get into the groove once again. 
  • CD (BBE448CCD)

Charles Mingus
Jazz in Detroit / Strata Concert Gallery / 46 Selden

A real bumper haul from the Charles Mingus vaults here. The widow of late drummer Roy Brooks had these concert tapes in her care for many years. Only now are they seeing the light of day. Recorded during a week-long residency at Detroit's Strata Concert Gallery in 1973, the five shows here are from a short period when Mingus had John Stubblefield in his band on sax duties. The resulting performances, broadcast at the time on WDET FM, see Mingus and his group bossing the joint night after night.
  • CD box set (BBE453ACD)

Yan Tregger

1978 French library music from Yan Tregger. Like almost all of its library music brethren, this album, the first of two originally recorded for Musical Touch Sound, is monstrously rare on vinyl, so its so good to be able to hear this material properly. Weird and wonderful disco music, heavy with spacey vibes and funk grooves. Reissue editions from BBE.
  • Vinyl LP (BBE474ALP)
  • CD (BBE474ACD)

Yan Tregger
Ducks & Drakes

1979 French library music from Yan Tregger. Like almost all of its library music brethren, Ducks & Drakes has of course been rare as hen’s teeth on vinyl for countless years, so this readily available BBE reissue is a delightful development. Entirely created by Tregger himself, this is an incredibly groovy disco-funk set that you need to hear.
  • CD (BBE477ACD)
  • Vinyl LP (BBE477ALP)

Ralph Thomas
Eastern Standard Time

What could be better than a happy mix of flute, baritone, alto and tenor saxophone and percussion? A large coke and a cheeseburger? Maybe. But still, baritone, alto AND tenor saxophones. Eastern Standard Time is the record from Ralph Thomas who is the mastermind behind this coming together of flute, a trio of saxophones and percussion. Available on a reissued vinyl LP (the original was *really* expensive or something) and CD. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (BBE404ALP)
  • CD (BBE404ACD)

From The Archive Vol. 2

Volcov’s first …From The Archive compilation was a tasteful collection of jazz-adjacent rarities that dated from as far back as the 1970’s. Two years on and the market for golden age soul-jazz/disco/funk reissues has become crowded, so Volcov has selected ten twenty-first century nuggets for the second installment of the series. The set, which includes tunes by Ron Trent and the Roy Ayers-affiliated Harry Whitaker, flows nicely between nu-jazz, neo-soul and hip-hop. All in all From The Archive Volume 2 is a fine bit of curation.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BBE399CLP)
  • CD (BBE399CCD)

The Herbaliser
Bring Out The Sound

The Herbaliser are of course the live band who work in amongst an ocean of DJ’s and producers, on the Ninja Tune label and across countless gigs in their twenty-five year lifespan. New album Bring Out The Sound finds The Herbaliser doing their funky live hip-hop with total funky panache, with guests including Just Jack and Rodney P. Out on BBE.
  • CD (BBE451ACD)

Ernesto Chahoud presents TAITU – Soul-fuelled Stompers from 1960s – 1970s Ethiopia

Yet another Ethio-Jazz compilation here, this time courtesy of Lebanese crate-digger Ernesto Chahoud and Barely Breaking Even records. It would be easier to lament the slew of reissues of music from Ethiopia’s 60s/70s golden age if the music wasn’t so damn good. Mulatu Astatke features, obviously, but the show is stolen by the tracks indebted to funk, soul and Motown.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (BBE369CLP)
  • CD (BBE369CCD)

Ben & Sadar's
The Red, White & Blue’s

Ben & Sadar's are a great example of how opposites can attract. The Red, White & Blue’s is a four-track EP combining Dutch synth DJ Ben Spaander with Chicago’s disco and funk master Sadar Bahar. A strangely complementing affair that makes you want to get up and dance. The record is available on Vinyl 12”.
  • Vinyl 12" (BBE428ELP)

The Lyman Woodard Organization
Saturday Night Special

The Lyman Woodard Organization‘s 1975 jazz fusion record Saturday Night Special is one of the jewels in the crown of the cult Strata label, whose catalogue BBE are in the process of selectively reissuing. Woodard’s group groove out on some afrocuban styles, with fantastic mellotron and organ action from the leader. Reissued by BBE.
  • CD (BBE414ACD)

DJ Vadim & Blackstone
Double Sided

DJ Vadim’s seventh album on Barely Breaking Even is a collaboration with Californian songstress Katrina Blackstone. Double Sided is an LP that makes good on the pair’s link-up on Vadim’s 2014 record Dubcatcher. The fourteen tracks across Double Sided stand at the crossroads between reggae, funk, soul and hip-hop in a manner that recalls the early work of Lauryn Hill or Erykah Badu.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BBE436ALP)
  • CD (BBE436ACD)

The Orchestra Soledad
Vamonos / Let’s Go

Resurrected on vinyl some forty-seven years after its original release, Vamonos/Let's Go is the debut and only offering created by Brooklyn salsa outfit The Orchestra Soledad. Containing quaint hits such as I'll Make You A Queen and La Puerta Esta, this niche record is one of histories forgotten and hidden gems. 
  • CD (BBE401ACD)

John Armstrong presents Afrobeat Brasil

Afrobeat Brasil, a compilation curated by John Armstrong, shows off the fresh contemporary Afrobeat scene currently flaring up in Brazil. The genres fundamentals are getting cut with numerous Brazilian styles with riotous effect, and the best part? All these tracks have been recorded since 2011, meaning this is a very fresh compilation. On BBE.
  • CD (BBE411CCD)

Keb Darge & Cut Chemist present The Dark Side – 30 Sixties Garage Punk and Psyche Monsters

One man funk funk library Keb Darge teams up with Cut Chemist again to follow up from their 2007 compilation and delve once more into the lost world of 60s garage music. Filled with rarities and the obscure from both players’ personal collections they aim to inspire their love for the genre and get you hooked, and who better to lead you.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BBE360CLP)
  • CD (BBE360CCD)

IF Music presents You Need This - A Journey Into Deep Jazz Vol. 2

The titling is right: this is some well deep jazz music, and you do need this in your life. Expertly compiled BBE release IF Music presents You Need This - A Journey Into Deep Jazz Vol.2 contains nine tracks, but takes six sides of vinyl to do so, due to the stretched-out / blissed-out nature of most of these tunes, such as the side-consuming epics of Billy Bang Sextet and Sparrow. Triple LP set on BBE.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (BBE396CLP)

PAZ are Back

PAZ may well have been London’s premier jazz-funk outfit while they were around in the 70’s and ‘80s, containing amazing players who’d worked with Ian Dury, Mike Oldfield and Dusty Springfield to name just a few. PAZ Are Back was their 1982 studio recording, originally issued by Spotlite Records in much too limited qualities. Now, BBE have the reissue.
  • Vinyl LP (BBE398ALP)

Gabriele Poso presents The Languages of Tambores

Gabriele Poso is a man who really knows his percussion, having released several albums of phenomenal percussive music himself. Here he operates as selector, picking out fourteen international examples of percussion-lead music that floats his boat. The Languages Of Tambores is a suite of spiritual rhythms, pressed to two LPs and released by BBE.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BBE385CLP)

Kev Beadle presents Private Collection - Independent Jazz Sounds From The Seventies & Eighties

It can be hard to figure out the inside story of a musical scene that ceased to exist several decades ago, so why not let an expert do it for you? Kev Beadle can help. Private Collection: Independent Jazz Sounds From The Seventies & Eighties gives an insight into Beadle’s favourites from his time exploring this music in and around London back in the day. Double LP reissue on BBE.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BBE219CLP)

Kon & The Gang

One half of Kon & Amir, Kon himself has been active since 1986 and lent his hand to countless house and disco track edits and reworks. Kon & The Gang acts as a way to compile some of the tracks his has worked on in some way. This release features artists such as Doc Daneeka, Serge Gamesbourg, and Eli Escobar.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BBE362CLP)

Time Is Wasting

We don’t know a damn thing about TJ: his tape was discovered by Amir Abdullah while on a trawl through the Strata archives, and TJ is all it says. But this vintage Detroit soul sound (it will have been from the 70’s) was too raw and beautiful not to share, and hence Time Is Wasting Away has been remastered and released, for the very first time. On BBE.
  • Vinyl 10" (BBE372SLP)
  • Limited edition

Americana - Rock Your Soul - Blue Eyed Soul and Sounds from the Land of the Free

Classic United States atmosphere here on this compilation. Americana - Rock Your Soul - Blue Eyed Soul and Sounds from the Land of the Free surveys soul, funk, R&B etc. with a deep crate-diggers knowledge. Artists include Midnight Flyer, James Walsh Gypsy Band and some group called 1619 Bad Ass Band. Reissued double LP compilation on the BBE label.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BBE181CLP)

DJ Format's Psych Out

DJ Format loves his psych music, apparently slightly more than the audiences at his funky DJ set shows. So this compilation scratches his fuzzy psychedelic itch, gathering up a stack of rare cuts from around the worlds, including The Tijuana Brats, Bana Pop Band and Aleksandr Sergeyevich Zatsepin. On BBE.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BBE350CLP)
  • CD (BBE350CCD)

The People's Workshop
Houston Talent Expo '82

Houston Talent Expo ‘82 is a record with an unusual origin story. The Peoples’ Workshop was a ‘Pop Music Lab’ operating within Texas Southern University for the benefit of the local community, teaching students in the ways of soul and funk. This LP of the Workshop’s efforts has been incredibly rare, and is now being reissued by BBE.
  • Vinyl LP (BBE347ALP)

Eji Oyewole
Charity Begins At Home

1970’s Nigerian super-music from Eji Oyewole, who plays a gorgeous form of highlife heavy on the funk. Charity Begins At Home is a record that captures the man (who was bigger than Fela Kuti in Nigeria at his peak) at his polyrhythmic peak, laying out four extended tracks over four sides of vinyl. Reissued by BBE.
  • CD (BBE339ACD)

Jay Dee aka J Dilla
Welcome 2 Detroit (20th Anniversary Edition)

Despite his sad passing some years ago, J Dilla’s beats still sound fresh and full of life, and listeners are still discovering the majesty of his catalogue. Welcome 2 Detroit was the debut full-length of J Dilla / Jay Dee, first released in 2001. These tracks swing, thud and groove: the man was a master.
  • Vinyl 7" box set (BBEBG001SLP)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

Rim Kwaku Obeng
Rim Arrives

BBE release 'Rim Arrives' previously only available as a rare as hell private press. A collection of grooves from the disco era, this is going to go down a storm with the global disco hunters out there. Includes the 'Rim Arrives' album on one disc and the 'International Funk' 12" on the second disc. Includes download code.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BBE328ALP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Nana Love
Disco Documentary – Full Of Funk

This is purportedly one of the most mysterious Afro-Disco records produced in the 1970's. Its been unearthed by the BBE folks and forms the third instalment of their “Masters We Love” series. When the original album master tapes were found, unreleased material was discovered at the same time making this a bumper extended package. The music is perfectly poised between disco, boogie, soul and funk and is jam-packed with funky bass and top notch drum breaks and Nana wails like a banshee!   
  • Vinyl LP (BBE250ALP)

DJ Vadim

DJ Vadim turns his esoteric stylings towards dub reggae, featuring guest vocals from all manner of reggae friends. ‘X does a dub album’ might sound a familar path, but to be fair to Vadim, he pulls this off with aplomb. And wouldn’t you make a dub album if you had the chance? Packaged in an attractively faux-aged dub-superhero sleeve and available either as CD or as a double LP.
  • CD (BBE274ACD)

Hal Bradbury
This Is Love

  • CD (BBE268ACD)

Breakaway / Straight On To The Top!

Another gem in the long line of Breakaway reissues, Straight On To the Top! is another must for all you 70s funk fans out there. Now also out on CD, you really can't go without it for 2015's don’t-forget-your-’stache-fest, where all the jeans are wide-legged, the horns are loud, and the groove is heavy.
  • CD (BBE253ACD)

Keb Darge & Little Edith’s Legendary Wild Rockers Vol. 3

  • CD (BBE238CCD)

DJ Vadim
This DJ

  • Vinyl 12" (BBE225SLP)

DJ Vadim
Don't Be Scared

  • CD (BBE225ACD)
  • Vinyl Double LP (BBE225ALP)

DJ Vadim
U Can’t Lurn Imaginashun

  • CD (BBE145ACD)

The Jazz Room compiled by Paul Murphy

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Kon & Amir present
Off Track Vol. III: Brooklyn

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Bert Myrick
Live’n Well

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Sun Palace
Rude Movements (Part I & II)

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Sun Palace
Raw Movements / Rude Movements

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Kon & Amir present
Off Track Volume Two: Queens

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Private Wax Volume Two

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In Another Life

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J Dilla
The Shining

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Roy Ayers
Virgin Ubiquity Remixed

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J Dilla
Love feat. Pharoahe Monch

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The Hempolics
Life Ain’t Easy

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Mawa EP

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DJ Vadim
Hope / Give It Up

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Chris Read presents The Pharcyde
Runnin’ / Passin’ Me By (Chris Read Remixes)

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Amrad's Trinidad Cavaliers / Özel Türkas
Strange Breaks & Mr Thing 3 Sampler: It Sure Is Funky / Özels Dance Routine

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Straight On To The Top!

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King Tutt
Private Wax 12" Series Vol. 1

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Americana 2

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David Rodigan's Dubwize Shower

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Shawn Lee
Mary Jane

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DJ Vadim
Got To Rock

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J Dilla
The Shining (Instrumentals)

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