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For Ever

Jungle is massive. Jungle is unstoppable. Jungle For Ever. The posh soul duo have swapped the townhouses of Shepherd’s Bush for the penthouses of Los Angeles in a bid to be more … something. To be honest, this - their second album - just sounds like the first one. It’s another helping of blue-eyed fun...view item »

Hail To The Thief

Radiohead’s ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ album, Hail to the Thief saw the obstinate Oxonians leaving behind a fair bit of the bleakness of the Kid A and Amnesiac period in favour of a lighter, rockier style. With fourteen songs altogether pushing an hour, it’s a wobbly fell...view item »

Thom Yorke
Suspiria (Music for the Luca Guadagnino Film)

It's true then. Thom Yorke is soundtracking Luca Guadagnino's reimagining of the 1977 Dario Argento horror flick. And here is as much proof as you'd need. The soundtrack is a mix of score work, interludes and some actual normal songs featuring Thom singing. If you are a Radiohead fan you should be excited. ...view item »

Heavy, California / Cherry

Jungle gear up for the release of their sophomore LP For Ever with another light dusting of alt-soul. ‘Heavy, California’ and ‘Cherry’ are par for the course, all polite funk grooves and snapback-and-a-pair-of-Huaraches falsetto. This is the sort of breezy whimsy that sinks soft claws into radio ...view item »

Happy Man

More competent modern funk/soul from XL darlings Jungle here. ‘Happy Man’ and ‘House In L.A.’ are the first new material from the group since all that fuss about them and their Millennial take on blue-eyed soul in the mid-2010s. Both of these tunes would have slotted neatly into their sel...view item »

Kid A

Kid A is still Radiohead's most challenging album and the furthest they've headed into electronic textures but it's all the better for it. The band channelled the sounds they were hearing on records by the likes of Autechre and applied them to their own sound. Such a different beast from OK Computer b...view item »

Gil Scott-Heron
Nothing New

If you missed out on this Record Store Day release - here is a second chance to grab this essential album by the late Gil Scott-Heron. Stripped back re-recordings of some of his favourite tracks from each of his albums, these were recorded early on in the sessions that eventually yielded 'I'm New Here'. A beautiful bookend to a wonderf...view item »

Archy Marshall
A New Place 2 Drown

Archy Marshall (also known as King Krule) isn't one for sitting still. He currently has three monikers including The Return of Pimp Shrimp. It might be helping to destroy his career but if it keeps him influenced then it's our gain as his music is invariably excellent. Here he soundtracks a book that was co...view item »

A Moon Shaped Pool

Hello. Thom. It's me. The Radioheadmaster. Your teachers and I are all becoming a little concerned with your workrate. We all agree you're spending a little too much time on BitTorrent and not enough time on your studies. As such we're decided it's best you repeat the fourth grade -- I trust a second attempt at "True Love Waits", "Identikit" and...view item »

Jonny Greenwood

As well as being in enormous miseries Radiohead,  Jonny Greenwood (as well also as having the floppiest hair on the planet) has his own soundtrack biz. This is his debut soundtrack from 2003 and in it he fuses experimental music, jazz, electronic and classical music. It has now been re-issued in a gatefold sty...view item »

Atoms For Peace

Here’s the debut album from the new supergroup on the block, Atoms For Peace, featuring in their ranks Radiohead Thom Yorke, Chili Pepper and Big Lebowski star Flea, producer to the stars Nigel Godrich, and a couple of hired gun percussionists with C...view item »


If I've had a particularly rough night out and suffer the almost-ritual of unbearable Sundays where coffee and cigarettes get abused in an effort to deal with the brutality, I find myself reaching out to Amnesiac. I have a friend who does the same and we've discussed that Amnesiac acts as a therapeutic gift for times when you need to clear your ...view item »

King Krule
Czech One

Archy Marshall revisits his King Krule project for the first time in four years, after making several hip hop releases under Edgar The Beatmaker and his own name he comes back with production vigor. Czech One has a sunken lounge jazz vibe, with a hazy film-noir tinge. Limited single sid...view item »

Rebuilt EP

With the release of Batu’s new EP, Omar McCutcheon proves he’s still on the frontline of Bristol’s electronic music scene. The founder of Timedance - his record label that showcases the blossoming talent of young DJ’s and producers - Omar found time to release his own EP on XL Recordings, marking...view item »

Dizzee Rascal
Boy In Da Corner

Contrast city strikes again as I have before me the debut long player from cheeky young bashment scamp Dizzee Rascal. 'Boy In Da Corner is his genre worrying nu garage opus brimming with attitood and sinister rhymes. Sounds pretty fresh to me with some flowing MC bites and some razor sharp beats. Thrillingly nic...view item »

Thom Yorke
The Eraser

I suspect you may have heard of some duffer called Thom Yorke. He of little known band called Radiohead. Well he's done that thing all musicians seem to inherently want to do .... the solo project. They all want it. Give 'em an ounce of success and they all want to see if they can make it on their own. Me.... I play the drums and...view item »

Vampire Weekend
Vampire Weekend

MUCH more in my bracket is this Vampire Weekend long playing disc. It's handily self titled too. You'll all have devoured 'Mansard Roof' by now, a whirling, spindly thing with trebly african guitars that makes you wanna twirl round and laugh with delight! The guitars really make them sound quirky, vibrant & stimulating. There's bits of ska in t...view item »

Baba Stiltz

Four new cuts from young Swede Baba Stiltz, documenting the ups and downs of his travelling DJ lifestyle through the very medium of that lifestyle: floor-filling electronic music, though maybe with a bit more of a melancholy touch than you might expect from a...view item »

OK Computer - OKNOTOK 1997-2017

If you happen to be a fan of this album then here’s something you might want to get your mitts on. The whole album remastered plus the B sides from the singles of the time plus the holy grail for Radiohead fans,  three unreleased and long sought after tracks dug out of the vaults. All formats have all the b...view item »

The Teaches Of Peaches

Well XL have chosen roughly the tenth anniversary of the original release of this bad-ass album to unleash its much needed vinyl reissue on pink wax. First generation vinyl copies of this amazing fem-power classic go for a fortune as it not only dominated everywhere from the gay clubs, th...view item »

Hugo Massien
Kontrol EP

Things have changed, kinda: XL Recordings started life by putting out club-ready, oddball rave 12” vinyl slabs by the likes of The Prodigy, SL2, Awesome 3 and Jonny L. By signing up Hugo Massien and putting out his Kontrol EP they...view item »

Jonny L
Piper Remixes

In 2017 XL Recordings, reissued Jonny L's 1997 album Sawtooth. Now, as a victory lap, they've asked some of Jonny's fans to rework the album's most loved track, Piper, in their own image. They've brought together Zomby, Powell, ...view item »

Jack White
Boarding House Reach

Jack is back. First new album for four years for the former White Stripes polymath. This time he holed himself up in an apartment and let his creativity run wild. Boarding House Reach explores rock and roll, punk, electro, gospel and everything in between. A tour de force of his abilities to experiment and surprise.&nbs...view item »

Everything Is Recorded
Close But Not Quite

Everything Is Recorded is the production project of Richard Russell, the head honcho of XL Recordings. Russell used his impressive contacts book to get a whole host of modern vocal talent (plus Warren Ellis!) into his studio to craft excellent and soulful music. The project&rsqu...view item »

The Prodigy
Music For The Jilted Generation

This album was the turning point for Prodigy from Experience to Fat of the Land. It has some of the club/house elements of their debut but shows them going into uncharted territory. They experiment more with guitar, samples, and the actual music is the perfect blend of chaos and melodic electronica. This would be expanded upon more on their next...view item »

Have Fun

Smerz are busy. This Norwegian duo already made five videos in 2017 and already in 2018 they put this release out on XL. They make a strange form of dance music with eerie hushed voices singing over crunching beats and off kilter electronics. It sounds nicely unpalatable in the home but presumably takes light on the dance floor....view item »
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One of those acts who very quickly achieved ubiquity after their 2015 debut on XL, Ibeyi are here to make good on the promise of that record with another LP of emotive soultronica. As befits their elevated status, Ash includes guest spots from Kamasi Washington and Chilly Gonzal...view item »

Everything Is Recorded
Everything Is Recorded by Richard Russell

Richard Russell may have made his name as the boss of XL Records, but he has some production pedigree too - among others, he’s helmed LPs for Bobby Womack and Ibeyi. The cosmopolitan, soulful production style he displayed on those records translates nicely to Everythin...view item »

First EP

Despite being called First EP, this is the second release by Denmark-based four-piece Liss. In November ‘15 you may have caught their double A sided single Try/Always which won plaudits from The Guardian and Crack Magazine. The lofty praise likened them to a meeting of minds between Michael Jackso...view item »

The Prodigy
Their Law: The Singles 1990 - 2005

Everybody seemed to have a copy of this singles collection round about 2005; it did go to number one after all. Now, for the first time, we have the chance to possess it on vinyl -- silver vinyl, no less! The Prodigy have produced a number of pretty brilliant tracks over the years, and most of them are represented on Their L...view item »


Look who is singing now. Only Arca.. and he's ready for a fight. "You want gore? Here's gore" he threatens. This is the third album from the Venezuelan born, London based artist, and freshly signed to XL Recordings - the label that rarely fails. This is sure to be another much anticipated record from this hotshot. ...view item »

Everything Is Recorded
Mountains of Gold (feat. Sampha, Ibeyi, Wiki and Kamasi Washington)

Actually kind of soulful and easy listening from Everything is Recorded (that also features a mountain of artists on the record) called Mountains of Gold. A quality piece of sound art that includes many strong vocals and personalities all on one record - including some mixes by Brian Eno. Available on vinyl 12" on XL Re...view item »
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Thom Yorke
Tomorrow's Modern Boxes

Originally released 5 seconds ago, here's a white vinyl luxury re-issue of the album Thom originally released on Bit Torrent in his latest attempt to re-badge the music industry. The music on record makes no such grand statements, comprised of some of Yorke's most minimal and quiet electronic work yet, continuing his descent from dramatic synth ...view item »

Pablo Honey

Pablo Honey is not one of Radiohead's later, more complex, and what their egotistical "true fans" like to call their most "intellectual" album. Big deal. Get over it. I love Kid A and OK Computer just as much as anyone else, but Radiohead had to start somewhere and Pablo Honey seems just the perfect place. I've heard that the band regrets writin...view item »

I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings

I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings is the sound of the mighty Radiohead touring their Kid A and Amnesiac albums circa 2001. The more electronic tunes get spun out into some beautiful expanded shapes (8 minute version of ‘Everything In Its Right Place’!) and until recently, this was the only ...view item »

Arla III

Waxing nostalgic on some nostalgic wax, Overmono hereby bring their Arla EP trilogy to a close. If you’ve already encountered the first two entries, you’ll be aware that the brothers’ concept was to reminisce on their formative rave years in the Welsh countryside and turn the memories into contemporary tracks. ...view item »

No Mountains In Manhattan

Wiki follows up on the promise of earlier mixtapes with the full-length album No Mountains In Manhattan, a comprehensive piece of work about the young artist’s life. New York is of course of fundamental importance, and the city gives back as much as it gets in the form of local talents like Ghostface Killa...view item »

Jonny L

Vintage ‘neurofunk’ Drum & Bass from Jonny L in 1997, marking the moment that some in the scene got sharp and cold with their productions. Sawtooth sounds of its era sure, but it still has a clear-eyed futuristic vision to it that cannot help but resonate still. Great punchy productions, now available on...view item »

Sigur Rós

Von is definately for the more open minded of Sigur Ros fans. If You have only heard Hoppipolla on Xfactor or something, Von probably isn't for you. Yet. But if (like me) your into your into extended passages of disturbing noises and screams interspersed with slow, ethereal 'songs' then your bound to love it.If you haven't got an...view item »

OK Computer

What? This album isn't already reviewed? HOW? Basically it's hard to talk about this album briefly, Radiohead broke new ground in a big way with this truly their magnum opus. Tracks like "Street Spirit" and "Planet Telex" hinted at the coming of 'OK Computer', but no one would have expected that the pop-rockers who produced "Cree...view item »

King Krule

Having gone pretty quiet, the interweb returned ablaze for King Krule recently with announcement that his 2013 debut LP, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon will be followed by The Ooz...view item »

Reverie / Saunter

Two strong cuts from Arca’s Arca album. Reverie / Saunter is a bold listen from the producer, taking apart his own songs with distortion and strange sonics: deconstructed synth art-pop. This is a white label 12” release housed in hot and sexy style: a hot pink sleeve wrapped in ripped fishnets. Oooh...view item »
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Sam Gellaitry
Escapism III

20 year old producer prodigy from Scotland Sam Gellaitry returns to XL recordings for his third installment of his Escapism EP series. Incredible, huge and cinematic hip hop beatwork with a trap bassweight. A definite must for fans of Hudson Mohawke, Flying Lotus, Lapalux...view item »
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Arla II

Overmono is the duo of the producers Truss and Tessela, who happen to be siblings (they must have a proud mother!). Arla II is their second EP together, and it finds the brothers Russell taking a techno framework and using it to allude to hardcore here, ambient there. T...view item »
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One Foot Out

After several years of amazing mixtape releases and big youtube numbers, Nines finally starts playing the game the old-school way and releases his debut album. One Foot Out is what premium UK rap sounds like in the year 2017, and its tracks are gonna be hits before you know it. Released by XL Recordings....view item »

New Gen
New Gen

This album is born out of a radio show, a show series and a studio space. Under the New Gen banner, some of the finest contemporary MC’s and musicians of London came together, including AJ Tracey, Stormzy, Nines, 67 and many more. Somehow, the results of t...view item »

Sam Gellaitry
Escapism II

Shimmering, sparkling production gifts Sam Gellaitry’s tracks a sense of exotic, dreamy atmosphere that combines with delicate key lines and wobbling bass lines to produce hugely dynamic works. The exoticism is helped along by wonderfully detailed beats, setting transient kick drums against mallets and metals....view item »
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Oceana EP

This is Oceana EP, dreamed up by an artist on the ascent - Dark0. Murky and grumbling basslines twist and turn across the London based producer's very own vast-yet-restrained universe of unfathomable atmosphere. Having already gained attention from the likes of Resident Advisor and i-D, this offer...view item »
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Glowed Up / Lite Sports

2 new cuts from Haitian-Canadian producer Kaytranada. The instrumental Lite Spots on the B-side is very fine slice of shiny beat science, but A-side Glowed Up is where it's really at, with Anderson .Paak providing sensuous vocals over the soulful, trap-tinged digital groove. 12” vinyl on ...view item »
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Fresh from his Albiniboard is Powell, who is releasing his debut long player for XL Recordings. Sport is so named because of its nature as both a physically and mentally driven piece, described as "for both mind and body". A bit Descartes, basically, and the first single features someone fr...view item »

Frankie + Jonny

Please enjoy these tracks from the soon-arriving Powell album Sport. These versions of Frankie + Johnny are a little different though, featuring bonus vocals from Jonnine Standish out of HTRK. It feels a little funny to have human vocals appended to the hard machine-sounds of ...view item »
12" (XLT786, £7.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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Jack White
Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016

Here’s the opportunity for a different angle on the busy career of Jack White. While White is usually electrified, these are Jack White Acoustic Recordings, and they span his whole career to date, from 1998 White Stripes material to 2016 solo material. Includes some real deep cuts...view item »

Elvis Perkins In Dearland
Hey/ Shampoo

Elvis Perkins in Dearland presents his new single 'Hey' and sees the group on fine form mixing lush vocal melodies with complex yet uplifting instrumentation. The band are clearly in playful spirits having as much fun as is possible when committing ideas to tape. The group sound comfortably at ease with the presentation of their music. A quality li...view item »
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Operator (DJ Koze 12" Extended Disco Version)

DJ Koze promises full disco action with this remix of Låpsley’s tune Operator, and he doesn’t disappoint. This is a fully-extended disco remix in the grand 12” tradition, stomping on for 10 groovy minutes. You’ve got the handclaps, the funk bassline, everything you need. Si...view item »
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XL continue on their streak of hyper-hi-fi modern electronic production with this one called Gila, this possibly being his debut. I’ve only got the lead track ‘Tuff Whisper’ and some previews of the rest to go by so bear with me. The beats contained here are largely slow, swaying from side to side like a pendulum having...view item »
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Arla EP

If there's any XL completists out there it would be interesting to see a collection with both this and Adele in it but it's good to see that some of the funds from ol' bleater goes to something good. Brothers Tom and Ed Russell have had individual success as Truss and Tessela but had never worked together s...view item »
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Special Request
Modern Warfare Remixes

Under the Special Request moniker, Paul Woolford calls back to the stylings of the vintage pirate radio era: massive Amen-derived breaks, diva vocals, house piano etc. After a set of Modern Warfare EPs, he now presents a few remixes of that material, showing off new, but equally bangin’ angles of ...view item »
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The Avalanches

Not many bands allow sixteen years to pass between their debut album and the follow-up, but Aussie electro-trip hop outfit The Avalanches aren't like many bands. Highly acclaimed first LP 'Since I Left You' attracted a lot of attention, and fans of the band (now sixteen whole years older) will no doubt be frothing at the mouth at the prospect of...view item »


Kaytranada’s has smashed out EPs on Bromance Records, Jakarta, and HW&W Recordings. Now, his muchly anticipated debut album on XL features many guest artists including AlunaGeorge, Craig David, Little Dragon, Vic Mensa, GoldLink and ...view item »

XL Chapter VI

With it being 20 years since the last in the ‘Chapter’ series from XL there’s some catching up to do. Showcasing the forefront of underground dance culture they have previously featured classic tracks from The Prodigy, Underworld, Liquid, and SL2. Time to showc...view item »
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Sam Gellaitry
Escapism EP

Sam Gellaitry isn’t yet into his 20’s, but he is already debuting his music on XL Recordings. More to the point though, his tunes are well good, combining sharp synths and twisted horn / flute / xylophone samples with potent vocals and deep deep bass drops. Escapism...view item »
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Long Way Home

Lapsley is the solo project of one Holly Fletcher, a highly-capable singer and producer of mournful neo-synth-soul. Long Way Home documents some of the wild changes that have resulted from the success of previous albums. This personal touch carries through every aspect of Long Way Home, as ...view item »

EOS / Wood

Rostam’s productions tend to combine influences from both Middle-Eastern and Western classical music: the same is true of EOS / Wood, but cast in a more minimalist light. The whole track was developed from a quick idea that sprung full-grown into Ro...view item »
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Fones EP

Named for a glitch in an early Pókemon game, London producer MssingNo presents his first EP for XL Recordings. The Fones EP combines bright, sugary melodies and vocal lines with a dark bass surge. The results are perfect for the more experimental clubs and raves out there. 12” vinyl, 4 tracks....view item »
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Sigur Rós
Ágætis byrjun

The album that catapulted Sigur Ros from the obscurity of 'Von' into international stardom, world tours, BBC tie ins and a string of hugely successful albums. Before the icy bleakness of '( )', this sees the band full of hope and wonder. Massive sounding, richly orchestrated post-rock executed in vivid style....view item »

Hurt Me

Hurt Me is the fifth single from Southport born singer/songwriter Lapsley - full name Holly Lapsley Fletcher. The 19-year old, who mixes traditional singer/songwriter styling with electronic production, has been winning plaudits from various music publications. Radio 1’s Annie Mac gave Hurt Me her ‘...view item »
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Adele returns! I see she’s sticking to the age-themed album titles, so here we have 25. You can expect to hear about 5 of these tracks in heavy circulation over the next year, so get in early and hear them in the context of the record! More grandiose pop-soul, showcasing that unfathomably popular voice (and those ...view item »


When I first saw Shamir I judged him to be some kind of Stromae-hyper-pop type of character but he’s more a MIKA meets FKA Twigs by way of Ariel Pink. The most striking thing however is the catchy pop tunes on Ratchet, great infectious beats which go from ...view item »


Multilingual melodic pop from 19 year old twin sisters Lisa-Kainde and Naomi Diaz. Daughters of late Cuban percussionist Anga Diaz, Ibeyi elegantly fuse traditional Cuban sounds with a contemporary ear for hip-hop and electronic percussion. A graceful blend of vintage soul and modern production. Out on CD and vinyl LP from XL....view item »


Adele has an incredible voice for TODAY's mainstream music. She sings passionately, and you can tell she speaks from personal experience. And in today's impersonal, chant-driven, melody lacking, beat obsessed top forty play list, she is a nice break. But she's not a god. she's not the next Aretha Franklin. She doesn't do anything new, she takes ...view item »

The King Of Limbs

Who the hell are these weird bastards? I've obviously no eye for art as I love the sleeve for this album - some sort of amorphous jellyfish ghosts in some psychedelic woodland setting. But everyone else here thinks it sucks. 'TKOL' has divided opinion like every Radiohead album does. It's not experimental enough for the chin strokers & is a ...view item »


So for whatever reason they were pretending this lot were some kind of multicultural street collective when in reality they were just two lads from London. That's fine  - everyone is two lads from London so you can't blame them for trying something different. The fact that they are hidden from view shouldn't put you off their fair...view item »

So It Goes

Vonnegut rappers Ratking offer a debut of tremendous force and undeniable quick with So It Goes, a tribute and walk-in atlas of their home city, New York. Influenced by a myriad sounds outside of hip-hop, from grime to "no wave", this is a diverse and multi-disciplined record of various philosophies and s...view item »

King Krule
6 Feet Beneath The Moon

Looking somewhat like my little brother aged six and armed with a voice something like a Billy Bragg who has the slathering, jowely mouth of a bloodhound, King Krule is certainly a distinctive artist and one who will divide opinion. He has slowly unfurled his talents over the...view item »

Vampire Weekend
Modern Vampires Of The City

I’ve heard so many good reports of Vampire Weekend’s new record that I was literally chomping at the bit to hear it. All of which evaporated in a tick at limp opener ‘Obvious Bicycle’...have I even put the correct CD in the tray? It’s a really dull plodder so I’m o...view item »

Tyler, The Creator

There's so much shit in the world right now that the last thing we all need is another rapper whining on, even by hip hop standards this bloke is not a happy bunny. The lyrics are a stream of unrelenting, self absorbed, self obsessed misery. By the end of the first track alone you find out he spends his time jerking off in his grandmas house, ha...view item »

The Horrors

One of the more interesting musical developments in recent memory was The Horrors' transformation from a hopeless mess of hair to the machine that produced the sporadically brilliant future shoegaze of 'Primary Colours'. This, surely their most anticipated album, opens in worrying style with the Psychedelic Furs-m...view item »

The Horrors
Primary Colours

I remember us being initially incensed by The Horrors, a bunch of novelty goth kids on that Loog label pretending to be some noir-garage bunch of slasher maniacs but just looking like a bunch of fashion victims ala Nathan Barley. Now they've found a new home (XL) and have started wearing colours other than black. All very good I say, nice work boys...view item »

Gil Scott-Heron And Jamie XX
We're New Here

OK, I haven't heard the original 'I'm New Here' album from which this is based so I'm reviewing this on its own terms. Ok with that? Good, let me begin. So for some reason the tapes from 'I'm New Here' were given to Jamie XX (who is in The XX) to play around with. What he's generally done is created late night dubbed out atmospheres an...view item »

Gil Scott-Heron
I'm New Here

Gil Scott-Heron's one of those guys I've more read about than actually heard (barring copious sampling and his undoubted influence on myriad artists and the entire hip-hop scene down the years) so it's a real pleasure to have the chance of sitting down with I'm New Here, his XL debut and first album in fourteen years (if Wikipedia's to be beli...view item »
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Holly Miranda
The Magician's Private Library

XL have signed up Holly Miranda and released her first album which has been produced by Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio. 'The Magician's Private Library' sounds fully accomplished for a debut from this bright young singer songwriter. There's a kind of dreamy vibe emanating from these polished pop songs. I'm a little lost for words really as this isn'...view item »
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Vampire Weekend

Onto Vampire Weekend with their highly anticipated opus Contra. Loads of folks waiting on this one. I wasn't hugely impressed by the first album though there was a couple of good tunes on it. But after hearing Cousins we were pretty much all interested in hearing this new album. On first listen it didn't do very much for us though. The single is by...view item »

Sigur Rós
( )

Sigur Ros are back with another album. Rather splendid packaging it comes in too with a cut out plastic thingy over the jewel case. Not seen the vinyl yet but that's cos it's not ready. Gonna be at least another week or 2 as there has been problems with the sleeve already. Anyway there's 2 schools of...view item »

Modern Guilt

And just out of nowhere is a band new Beck album. I'm sure these things seem to creep up on you. Gone are the months of plugging and radio/ magazine promotion in favour of rush releasing records before some spoddy nugget thinks he's doing the world a favour by uploading it to the internet. Maybe you wouldn't get to hear it otherwise if you didn't d...view item »


Ratatat keeps up the good work with this album. I can't really say whether LP3 is better or worse than Wildcat or Classics, since Ratatat's music really defies that kind of thinking. Asking whether a particular Ratatat song is better than another song is like asking whether this lemonade is better than that tree; they are unique items with uniqu...view item »


Hot tip for world domination is Adele with her debut album 19. Fortunately I've just bought my brand new enormous coffee table and I'm gonna put it in the middle of the road as that is where this music lies. Sure she's got a great voice which 'sounds' very soul.. I wouldn't knock that. The girl can sing and she seems top be able to string a song...view item »

In Rainbows

OK it's a reasonably well known fact that I'm a bit of a Radiohead fanboy. I think pretty much all of their output with the exception of the 1st album which is shit has been really strong and each album has taken them a step forwards in some way. The music has progressed and they got to the ridiculously confident point of following OK Computer (wid...view item »

Devendra Banhart
Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon

I used to quite like Devendra Banhart but he wound me up after a while. The whole Jesus thing you know...... I wanted to smash his bearded goon face in. Well not really.... he's probably a nice guy and I'm a total pacifist. His warbling voice takes a bit of getting used to but once you've got used to lamb bleeting there is some joy to be had in his...view item »

The White Stripes
Under Great White Northern Lights

Bit of a tricky one to review as i haven't seen the movie that accompanies this release. From what i can gather from the press release 'Under Great White Northern Lights' documents The White Strips first full length tour of Canada and includes footage of the group playing venues large and small, conventional and unconventional. The CD companion pie...view item »

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