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Running to the Red [merry6mas2017]

It’s (almost) Christmas, which means it’s time, among other things, for another merry6mas. The nineteenth, to be precise! Every year, the tireless Yellow6 (Leic...view item »


A seasonal EP from yellow6, featuring a jumble of material that has been worked on over the course of this year. merry6mas2016 pushes the definition of an EP somewhat by being 75 minutes in length, but who’s complaining when that means lots more tasty material? Edition of 100 CDs on the Silber label, with each pac...view item »


British ambient guitar strummer and really Christmassy guy Yellow 6 has rush released a two track EP containing music written in the wake of the death of Tony Conrad (therefore made really recently). It comes on this most unusual of formats a  minimax CD which is actually a 5” size CD with a  3” silvered pl...view item »

No Memories Only Photographs

Jon Attwood’s solo project Yellow6 continues to roam the halls of his half-recollected past, doing so through the medium of drone guitar and billowing electronics. Much of No Memories Only Photographs has a melancholy tinge to it, but this is also a peaceful record, pleasing to sink into. CD relea...view item »


merry6mas2015 continues the lovely tradition of Yellow6 releasing a special festive collection every year for the fans to celebrate the season with. Some tracks missed the boat for last album No Memories, Only Photographs, others were written quickly and recently, catching passing snatches of inspiration. All recorded (pretty much) in one take f...view item »

Alan Sparhawk
Solo Guitar

am listening to this rather difficult Alan Sparhawk solo CD on Silber Music. Christ it's hot....... Anyway back to Alan.... this is a sparse piece music indeed and as I said it's quite difficult at times. At times (later on in the album) it shares the same intensity as Earth or Sunn O))) at time...view item »


There's some bits in on the Silber label this week. One of which is a CD by Vlor who I've not heard before. I did somehow manage to review the first album without even listening to it. That's well poor..... It was probably sealed or something, damned that plastic... Anyway Vlor is a supergroup featuring Brian John Mitchell (who runs Silber), Jessic...view item »

Electric Bird Noise
The Silber Sessions

This is a grab bag mix of various post rock sounds with bizarre song titles and an even more oddball sleeve. It's a compilation of various tracks the band have released over the last 10 years on singles and compilations. The main man Brian McKenzie plays a variety of instruments and constructs some of his compositions from lifting sounds fro...view item »

In Sea

The new Aarktica album (In Sea) sounds how the front sleeve looks (does that make sense?). It sounds like traipsing across icey tundra with nothing but a sandwich to keep you warm..It's another all sounds played by one person affair, and its protagonist Jon DeRosa has come up trumps with this album,and offers a piece of work that is emotive and cin...view item »

merry6mas 2014

Some calming merriment from Yellow6. Merry6mas 2014 is this years installment of searching yuletide vibrations. He creates a multitude of soundscapes based around the guitar and a bucket load of effects - full of careful melodies, drones, reverb and subtle shifts. It's like a stripped down one m...view item »

Closer To The Sea Without Moving

All those genres that make you dream on and feel eternally blissful, meshed into one friendly record. 'Closer To The Sea Without Moving' is their seventeenth fucking album, and they've still got their heads fixed on straight and their minds at ease: their collage of post-rock, ambient, shoegaze et al is back for another meditative inning....view item »

Northern Valentine
Fin De Siecle

Onto some drone now! These guys have been around for a while and I'm sure we've had something in by them before but it's disappeared off the site if we have. Cock knows. Anyhoo once you've opened the Piano Magic esque style digipack and thrown the CD into your aging CD player you'll be confronted with a load of drifty ole drones ala W...view item »

Jon DeRosa

This NY dwelling man has got a beautiful voice no mistake. It's not often I find male timbres so affecting. He's like a really refined Richard Hawley without the '50s obsession. Reading up a little about Jon DeRosa I understand he became deaf in one ear which affected his attitude to ...view item »

An Index Of Birds

Another new one to me. The cover looks an awful lot like an old Piano Magic sleeve. In fact musically it's not a million miles away from Piano Magic. 'An Index of Birds' is a post rock album which wears it influences on its sleeve. Part post rock, part slowcore, part shoegaze think of bands like Hood, Mogwai, Piano Magic and you're somewhere on the...view item »

Azalia Snail
Celestial Respect

Azalia Snail = blast from the past! I remember picking up the split 7" she did with Sebadoh back in 93. That's almost 20 years ago. Yikes! Ms Snail has been knocking music out since 1989 and since then there have been 12 albums and countless singles. She may well be a name you've not heard of before but for those who know of her she's their litt...view item »


Lycia's 'Cold' CD on Silber has a dark 80's inspired synthpop atmosphere with its Gary Numan-esque synths and drum machines, albeit at a much slower tempo. It's slightly dirty sounding with a bit of a gothic thing going on. There's also a 4AD / Cocteau thing happening. A late night dreamy feel runs throughout it's ultra atmospheric meanderings. Coo...view item »

In Sea Remixes

Here's one of those things that sells itself. These types of things are great. You can just list up a bunch of artists, explain what the project is about and bobs yer uncle. You don't even need to say if it's any good or not. Genius. Fortunately this In Sea Remixes is a bit useful like. It's essentially the entire album of In Sea but remixed hence ...view item »

Origami Arktika

Origami Arktika have a pleasant CD out entitled 'Trollebotn' which is cool Norwegian folk with vocals which bizarrely reminds me Keiji Haino's most tender moments. There's lots of gentle acoustic guitar and breezy melody floating in and out of this very traditional spiritual sounding album. Fine stuff....view item »

Sarah June
In Black Robes

Sarah June is a solo singer/songwriter born in Detroit now based in San Francisco. Musically she can be safely categorised as a gothic folk composer with her voice sharing a little in common with Alison Shaw of Cranes and Johanna Newsom. The songs are made up of a single vocal and acoustic guitar with all tracks recorded at home for that intimate, ...view item »

A Fire Is Meant For Burning

on Silber this is a CD by Vlor featuring members of Remora, Aarktica, Rivulets, Jessica Bailiff, Labradford, Windsor For The Derby & Aarktica (they're down on the sticker twice.....) Not heard it yet but it's apparently essential if you're into rock or noise.........view item »

Northern Valentine
The Distance Brings Us Closer

As I've got older and consequently more boring I've got more into drone music. I used to love it about 10-15 years ago and then got horribly bored of it. These days I'm back into it and I can't get enough of the stuff. Admittedly there's not much to it. Some nice chords strung out for ages with the odd throbbing here and there and you've got an ins...view item »

Hotel Hotel
The Sad Sea

'The Sad Sea' is apparently an audio document charting an abortive mission to discover the whereabouts of the "real" Marie Celeste. It's a sweetly packaged CD (all poshly letterpressed) by Hotel Hotel, a Texan "post-rock" band who have quite a colourful biography, what with absconding drummers and eccentric sea-faring chums. The...view item »


Apparently MWVM is some dude from County Durham. His album called 'Rotations' is for fans of Stars Of The Lid, Eluvium and Aarktica. Now for those of you who know and adore those artists the names alone will probably be enough to sell you this. It's that sweet brand of gear where post rock and ambient melt seamlessly into one another. Proper floaty...view item »

Without Number

Plumerai 'Without Number' kicks off with a sunshine summer dub vibe. It's an intriguing listen this one. It's kind of straight up indie pop with a hint of shoegaze from the use of effects. The female vocal is very sexy. Even though there are many elements which are tried and tested it somehow feels fresh. CD only on Silber....view item »

Alan Sparhawk, Remora, Various
Silber Records Sampler

Also on the cheap (cashwise) tip is a quality CD sampler from the under rated Silber Records simply called Silber Records Sampler featuring tracks by Aarktica, Alan Sparhawk, If Thousands, Vlor, Remora, Black Happy Day, Twelve and lots more. As it's less than 3 pounds (yes you read that right.....) for 22 ...view item »