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Sweet Williams
Where Does The Time Come From

Keeping a band together is murder these days what with people having to go to work and have children and whatnot. It's a shame that the last line up of Sweet Williams dissolved as their Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight was a superb album of taut and wiry post-punk and post-hardcore guitar tangles. All is not lost though as leader Thomas House has returned all on his lonesome as Sweet Williams for this follow up LP which sees House trying to maintain the bands kinetic energy in a more studio environment. He has previous form though as a member of Charlottefield and Joeyfat he has been involved in some of the best British loud music of the last 20 years. Expect good things.    

Grey Hairs
Health & Social Care

Building up their reputation in touring with the likes of Sleaford Mods prior to the album's release, Nottingham punk act Grey Hairs deliver a scathing third album in Health & Social Care. Their first record in three years, it’s an intelligent, vitriolic yet human experience designed to weed out the part-time punks. 

Bilge Pump

We're all Leeds aren't we? Well yes, but none more so than Bilge Pump who have been considered stalwarts of our city's DIY scene for about as long as I've been alive. WE LOVE YOU is their first full length in ten years and the feeling is very much mutual. It's all big riffs and tight grooves, and they're as tight as they've ever been.

Pearl Mystic

This is the 'classic' debut album Leeds psych man band Hookworms. They purvey a kind of heads down, no nonsense kraut boogie which borrows as much from Neu '3' as it does Status Quo 'On the Level'. Moving way into the modern age, it's the kind of album no Spacemen 3 fan should be without. Heavy psych wibbling for all the family.  

Thick Syrup
Living In Leeds

Judging by the title this should really be the most depressing album of all time but to their credit Thick Syrup have made quite an uplifting set of avant rock songs with nods towards Shocking Blue, the Meters and even Sabbath. They are made up of members of The Wharves and Broken Arm and only one of them lives in Leeds so that's good. 

Jutland Songs
Charm on the Chain / Spark Out

Jutland Songs are a bunch of people who have also played in other bands (Eska, Danananakroyd etc) and here write songs that hark back to that golden period of indie rock that we knew as the 1990s. You know the kind of thing: Sebadoh, Superchunk, Polvo, Guided By Voices etc. They are also influenced by both dogs and cats. Hmmm.

Grey Hairs
Serious Business

Grey Hairs play heavy metal / heavy punk / heavy grunge from the perspective of disaffected fortysomethings from Nottingham who’ve put the years into various DIY scenes. So Serious Business contains some proper desolation and some proper fierce riffs to match. Don’t mess with experience. CD and blue vinyl editions, out on Gringo.

The Wharves

The Wharves come from loads of different places and combine a kind of fuzzed out folk and minimal psych which is comparable to both of Kim Deal's post Pixies projects (the Breeders and the Amps) as well as Sleater Kinney. They mix three part harmonies and elements of progressive 70s folk with their lo-fi song craft for a bold and entertaining third album.    

That Fucking Tank
China Tour seven-inch

Very limited tour 7” from That Fucking Tank. China Tour captures the brutal, free-form assault that this noise-rock band produce. Their math rock elements have been eased off a little for a more textured sound. But there’s still plenty of distorted tapping and harsh noise if that’s your thing. The vinyl includes a download with Game Program (a Hookworm) remix too.
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Hirameka Hifi/ Electro Group

  • Vinyl 7"
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The Wharves
At Bay

A three-piece who act like a ten-piece, the Wharves make lush psych-rock with plenty of that stuff we like to call fuzz. They've got the same full-bodied vibe contemporary psych acts have been touting, but they also owe a lot to '60s pop and '70s prog, making them a bit new and quite old. 'At Bay' is their debut record. 

Gator In The Pool

  • CD
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