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Bilge Pump
Rupert The Sky

Whilst trying desperately to stem a hangover from seeing Bilge Pump (for about the 12th time) last night, I decide the best cure is probably slap their new album on loud. Really fucking loud. The last one wasn't much cop i mutter to myself. It was recorded in a bin for 8 pence and a used kebab I chuckle. Well local legend Richard Formby (who's done...view item »

Spin Spin The Dogs
Leave Me In Leicester

Spin Spin The Dogs are in the house! Formed a while back, this London based avant rock band have been doing the rounds for sometime, finally settling on a solid line-up that includes original members Vincent Larkin, Dean Hinks and John Wilson and new addition Luke Younger of Birds Of Prey/delay/etc infamy. Musically the group sit somewhere amongst ...view item »

Thick Syrup
Living In Leeds

Judging by the title this should really be the most depressing album of all time but to their credit Thick Syrup have made quite an uplifting set of avant rock songs with nods towards Shocking Blue, the Meters and even Sabbath. They are made up of members of The Wha...view item »

Pearl Mystic

This is the 'classic' debut album Leeds psych man band Hookworms. They purvey a kind of heads down, no nonsense kraut boogie which borrows as much from Neu '3' as it does Status Quo 'On the Level'. Moving way into the modern age, it's the kind of album no Spacemen 3 fan should be without. Heavy ...view item »

Jutland Songs
Charm on the Chain / Spark Out

Jutland Songs are a bunch of people who have also played in other bands (Eska, Danananakroyd etc) and here write songs that hark back to that golden period of indie rock that we knew as the 1990s. You know the kind of thing: Sebadoh, Superchunk, Polvo...view item »

Grey Hairs
Serious Business

Grey Hairs play heavy metal / heavy punk / heavy grunge from the perspective of disaffected fortysomethings from Nottingham who’ve put the years into various DIY scenes. So Serious Business contains some proper desolation and some proper fierce riffs to match. Don’t mess with experience. CD and blue vinyl ed...view item »

The Wharves

The Wharves come from loads of different places and combine a kind of fuzzed out folk and minimal psych which is comparable to both of Kim Deal's post Pixies projects (the Breeders and the Amps...view item »

The Van Pelt

Legendary but short lived math/emo band The Van Pelt wormed their way into many befringed young men's hearts back in the early noughties, their unusual mix of plaintive fingerpicked guitar interplay and wordy spoken vocals from singer Chris Leo still sets hearts a quiver to this day, released by Nottingham label Gringo Records Tramonto is a...view item »

That Fucking Tank
China Tour seven-inch

Very limited tour 7” from That Fucking Tank. China Tour captures the brutal, free-form assault that this noise-rock band produce. Their math rock elements have been eased off a little for a more textured sound. But there’s still plenty of distorted tapping and harsh noise if that’s your thing. The vinyl include...view item »

Grey Hairs
Colossal Downer

Originally conceived as serial two EP set: A side ‘Man Gulps’ and B side ‘Little Fingers’, Nottingham post punk, post grunge, post rock four piece Grey Hairs (Featuring members of Lords, Fists, Cult Of Dom Keller, Fonda 500 and Kogumaza.) attempt to provide some listening convenience by packaging the concept neatly on to ...view item »

The Wharves
At Bay

A three-piece who act like a ten-piece, the Wharves make lush psych-rock with plenty of that stuff we like to call fuzz. They've got the same full-bodied vibe contemporary psych acts have been touting, but they also owe a lot to '60s pop and '70s prog, making them a bit new and quite old. 'At Bay' is their debut record. ...view item »

Broken Arm
Life Is Short

Leeds band 'Broken Arm' have been together since the mid 2000s, rising from the dead after the members played in other raucous bands like Sailors and Woman. 'Life is Short', though, is their first ever record, moulded out of noisy subversive punk and showing strands of hardcore influence. After releasing their debut single, the band is fina...view item »

That Fucking Tank
A Document of the Last Set

Don’t worry guys, despite the title of their new live LP suggesting the contrary, Leeds instrumental riff veterans That Fucking Tank haven’t split up yet. The more eagle-brained amongst you may remember that Abbot and Islip’s very first release was a live recording called ‘A Documen...view item »


I don’t know if it’s just the sunny weather but I’m enjoying everything I hear today. This one that’s on the stereo right now is the new Fists LP on Gringo/Hello Thor, with the Nottingham quintet effortlessly knoc...view item »

Hookworms / Kogumaza
Split (Form And Function / Ursids)

Well alright! Finally nestled in our cave of wonders this week we have this split single between two of The Narth’s finest psychedelic types, Kogumaza and Hookworms - ...view item »

Part Chimp
You Decide / Big Bird

These guys have been blowing minds since 2000 after Ligament took a shit. Highly regarded as one of the finest UK noise rock acts on the circuit they make a fine racket. This here single is heavy on the repetition and hooks with a jerky punk rock feel and crashing mammoth drums. Bursting with energy like drinking six pints of Red Bull, it oozes ...view item »

Broken Arm
Negative EP

Seems like it's been a while since we've had anything in from Nottingham's Gringo records so I'm pleased this Broken Arm 7" has finally arrived. For those of you unfamiliar with the band, they are a four piece from Leeds who's members have previously played with the likes of Sailors, Woman, Like A Kind Of Matador and The Static Waves. Their musi...view item »

Bilge Pump
The Fucking Cunts Still Treat Us Like Pricks

More golden loveliness from the Gringo records emporium this time from Leeds finest under-achievers Bilge Pump. I have an overwhelming bias toward this band and with good reason....not only are they Gringo's finest but they are also an amazing live group. Their previous two outings on Gringo records we're a total treat and this new 10" 'The Fu...view item »

That Fucking Tank

That Fucking Tank are a highly thrilling live proposition who can often be spotted around these Yorkshire parts and beyond blasting their danceably rhythmic mathy stadium rock into unsuspecting ears. The Day of Death by Bono Adrenaline Shock demonstrated that a couple of years back and the excellent Tanknology follows it up more than ably. A cl...view item »


This is a 4 track EP with the opener (Hot Buttons) coming in somewhere between The Lapse and Fugazi. This is well rocking.... Scuzzy filthy angular rock with elements of Jesus Lizard and such noisebastards. The singers lazy spoken style warblings over a tight ass (yet wonky sounding) rhythm section make this a quality single. Well recommended!...view item »

A Hat

Onto Souvaris who have a new album out on Gringo Records. Souvaris are one of the better post rock bands to have emerged over the years and their new album (fantastically titled A Hat). Being a baldy I love hats... not cos I'm ashamed of my baldness. Oh contraire reader.... more of a case of it's fricking cold without one. Anyhoo this new Souvaris ...view item »

Wolves! Of Greece
Wolves! Of Greece

The mighty Gringo records is fast becoming an incredibly reliable stable for a whole generation of nu-mathcore post-racket kids. The bored generation has gorged on At The Drive In & my old Bob Tilton albums & spewed forth an exhilarating 10" mini LP. They've called themselves Wolves! ...view item »


The first thing that strikes me about the new Polaris album is the quality of the production, the clarity of the recording is really exceptional. This Leeds four piece have been quiet for some years but have re-emerged with this fine little 7 tracker. Brian has just told me a funny story about him and a friend 'play fighting' in the cro...view item »

Kill Yourself
Soft Touch of Man EP

On the flip side of the thrilling, post-hardcore coin (i.e. the talented side) we have northern rabble rousers Kill Yourself who have had a few spins on Peel & are a staple live attraction round these parts. Now I hate to say this but I've NEVER seen a band who do the Shellac rip-off thing with such ...view item »

AVS co10

Seachange are on Gringo, home of my local heroes Bilge Pump, and play intense, dynamic scratchy old school indie with shouty vocals & great hooks! We have the new single on CD only & it's runner up for single of the week after the Whirlwind Heat one cos it looks like guitar...view item »

Hirameka HiFi

Hirameka Hifi- new album on Gringo records. Reminds me of more indie version of Fugazi. Noisy post pop rock. Sounds really good. Like a lofi more tinny Drive Like Jehu. Nice guitar in it.... Sprezzatura is on CD folks........view item »