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Spin Spin The Dogs
Leave Me In Leicester

Spin Spin The Dogs are in the house! Formed a while back, this London based avant rock band have been doing the rounds for sometime, finally settling on a solid line-up that includes original members Vincent Larkin, Dean Hinks and John Wilson and new addition Luke Younger of Birds Of Prey/delay/etc infamy. Musically the group sit somewhere amongst ...view item »

Thick Syrup
Living In Leeds

Tell me about it. Did a 15 year stretch mate, never again. It's easy to think with that title that this debut from this 'super' group (members of The Wharves and Broken Arm) would a concept album about concrete and rain but it's much more enlivening than that. The band are adept ...view item »

Pearl Mystic

Finally, it’s here! The record you’ve all been waiting for ever since that first EP/mini-album dropped on Sun Ark, Leeds’s very own Hookworms have their debut full-length LP ‘Pearl Mystic’ out on the ever-reliable Gr...view item »

Jutland Songs
Charm on the Chain / Spark Out

Jutland Songs are a bunch of people who have also played in other bands (Eska, Danananakroyd etc) and here write songs that hark back to that golden period of indie rock that we knew as the 1990s. You know the kind of thing: Sebadoh, Superchunk, Polvo...view item »

Grey Hairs
Serious Business

I am obnoxious, so I think I could be in a noise rock band. All you have to do is be angular and abrasive and shout in your least sung voice. Unfortunately I’m also talentless, which is where me and Grey Hairs go our separate ways: this crew can make a structured piece of pop to go with their climaxing dissonance and shouty back-and-forths...view item »

The Wharves

The Wharves are a three piece spread over the whole of the grey slab of land we know as the UK. They make pretty enjoyable spindly guitar rock that reminds me of early Warpaint in all their inconsequential vagueness. It’s a nice sound  - kind of raw but tuneful with guitars ...view item »

That Fucking Tank
China Tour seven-inch

That Fucking Tank are a band so ubiquitous in your West Yorkshire alternative scene life that a friend of mine ended up seeing them perform in Chongqing while researching his phD there. I have seen them, their music has been in my ears, and here they offer the sampler for ...view item »

The Wharves
At Bay

A cinematic prog-pop record that sounds in love with about five different types of melodrama -- from the pastiches of early Fairport Convention to the star-gazing guitars of post-rock, from to the huge vocal chants of Vangelis to the keep-on-keeping-on twee pop of ...view item »

That Fucking Tank
A Document of the Last Set

Don’t worry guys, despite the title of their new live LP suggesting the contrary, Leeds instrumental riff veterans That Fucking Tank haven’t split up yet. The more eagle-brained amongst you may remember that Abbot and Islip’s very first release was a live recording called ‘A Documen...view item »

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