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Inner Circle, Outer Circle

Droney, folky, rainy - Inner Circle, Outer Circle is a concept album by Scottish artist Pefkin. Sometimes you walk into the woods and you have all these crazy adventures by yourself - or I do, at least. And then when you get back, you realize that all the things that happened to you were part of the same walk in the woods. ...view item »

Annelies Monsere

On Debris, Annelies Monsere shows that there is no reason you can’t put a love for traditional, folk-inspired songwriting and a love of dark drone sounds into the same record. Shunning most of the many illustrious collaborators she has worked with in the past, Monsere skillfully blends her voice w...view item »

Michael Tanner & Sharron Kraus
In the Rheidol Valley

I'm in the mood for a prettiness attack this morning. I want the sound of the Welsh wind buffering the mic during Sharron & Micheal's dreamy valley wanderings and transcendental acoustic musings. That's totally what I'm getting here, this is as close to the sound of nature as free folk gets without being recorded beneath some filched un...view item »


Everyone loves a good bit of harmonium right? Glen Steenkiste, a player with psych band Sylvester Anfang II, certainly does, as he has dedicated his solo project Hellvete...view item »

Matt Christensen
I know What The Fight Is

Inbetween tireless runs of self-released recordings, Matt Christensen bags his first vinyl deal since since Honeymoons last year. Coming through Belgium’s Morc Records this time, I Know What The Fight Is sees the Zelienople member in a particularly slow and calm mood. Trickling guitar, wh...view item »

Boduf Songs / Jessica Bailiff

These two artists have created this single to coincide with a European tour, Jessica Bailiff has reworked her old song ‘Lakeside Blues’ with a gothic synth sound akin to Dead Can Dance, Mat Sweet’s Boduf...view item »


Pefkin is the solo project of Gayle Brogan, who has been involved in bands / projects like Electroscope and Boa Melody Bar for many years. Murmurations is an album of secretive folk-drone, a...view item »

Luster / Hellvete

2 different takes on the folkdrone sub-genre that Belgian label Morc do so well. Hellvete is a solo project centred around electronically-treated harmonium, while Luster is a new grouping that involves ao annelies monseré ...view item »

Urpf Lanze/Edgar Wappenhalter/Hellvete
Split EP

Bloody hell, this person with the eccentric first name sounds like he playing a detuned acoustic with the edge of a frisbee whilst attempting a howling-wind-meets-whimpering-dog impression. His "tune", 'The Wandering Sick' is surprisingly engaging though, the chiming resonance of batt...view item »

Jessica Bailiff And Annelies Monsere

Annelies Monsere & Jessica Bailiff: S/T EP (Morc) Highly limited (310) four track EP on this Belgian label. Opens up with a bowed strings and grey sky droney instrumental. 'Let Me Breathe' the opening vocal track is breathy a cappella intro-ed number that continues the strings/drone/guitar axis that the ethereal vocals are balanced on...view item »

Boduf Songs
Internal Memo

Mat Sweet's hushed indie rock has the heightened dramatic tone of his arena peers, echoing The National but in a lo-fi underworld where his voice is barely heard. It's sparse but ornamented music at once, and Internal Memo documents his move overseas with the usual sombre, dissatisfied atmospherics. ...view item »

Wouter Van Veldhoven
Faroe Islands

"Ooh, is that a lathe-cut?" I said out loud when putting this on the turntable a minute ago. It is indeed lathe cut, hence the super-short run of 70 and hefty price tag. On it sound artist Wouter Van Veldhoven (rumour has it he came up with his stage name after trying to say "Ludwig Van Beethoven" wit...view item »

The Iditarod
Foxfur & Rarebits

This is a new collection of material by psychedelic folk group The Iditarod that was originally spread out over short run cdrs, 7"s and various compilations between 2000-2003. Now often viewed with the benefit of hindsight as a precursor of the so-called ‘Freak Folk’ movement, they developed quite an idiosyncratic version of folk mus...view item »

Karina ESP
A Still From The Film

A still from the film is a sort of sister release of 2012’s ‘Detachment’. But this album is at the same time more abstract, and more accessible. The A-side is one sidelong melody rising out of a mix of hiss, crackles and guitar sounds. The B-side of the record is more straightforward, with a prominent role for G...view item »

Litio Folk

This is a very lovely sounding record from the super-multi-talented ex-90 Day Man who made the recent live shows by Om sound even more stratospheric than ever the other month. This is a hard record to review, The opener sounds like a mystical ...view item »

Annelies Monsere / Circle Bros
Split EP

Here’s a mega-limited (100 only!) split 7” from a couple of seasoned Belgian experimentalists, Annelies Monsere and Morc Records dude Wim “Circle Bros” Le...view item »

Annelies Monsere

Belgian singer-songwriter Annelies Monsere makes little quiet fragile musical discs that you can touch with your hands and hear with your ears. On this one there are three of her own songs bookended by two adaptations of the traditional 'All Things are Quite Silent', the first of which has...view item »

Karina ESP

Highly limited (to just 150 copies) this is a lovely warm sounding disc full of gorgeous ethereal drones and wandering tuneful bass tones. It has a loose improvised structure with washes of percussion here and there, the drones are pretty much uniform on the first couple of tracks so on t...view item »

Collected Works: Vol.1

Drekka is an American midwestern chap called Michael Anderson, I can't work out where exactly he hails from but Morc have a cool 2xCD anthology out by him entitled 'Collected Works: Volume One'. Starting with grainy, washed-out acoustic musing interspersed with fuzzy dialogue samples & a gradually encroaching approximation of DIY space rock, fu...view item »

Circle Bros

This is gradually weaving its way into my head in a lovely subtle fashion. The guitar melody and the repetition of opener 'No Turning Back' are seducing me, eventually when the slightly mumbled, disembodied vocal comes in I'm hooked. This is like a ambient / drone / folk hybrid, all super dreamy and subdued. I think the label's comparisons to Ri...view item »

Annelies Monsere
Somewhere Someone

I was supposed to review this Annelies Monsere 7" yesterday but I couldn't because my brain was being totally useless and I thought it was dead good so I didn't want to toss off some shite about what brand of toilet paper tastes the best or something like we all usually end up doing. I still can't think of what to say now though. Largely these...view item »

Winter's Day
Winter's Day

This is one absolutely beautiful 7"! The weather outside has suddenly turned to crap this morning - a grey, grizzly mist has descended on Leeds & it really seems to be ushering in the cold, dank season of staying in, wrapped up safe & warm in a duvet. Why, my soundtrack to gazing out of the window into that miserable void should be this ...view item »

Edgar Wappenhalter
On The Beach

I was expecting this to be Sylvester Anfang go surfing. Can you imagine them slaughtering goats on the beach then cracking open a few bottles of Leffe Black & hitting their boards drenched in blood? Yeah man, feel the horror. Nah, this initially starts as a drone record, all spectral, shimmering & gently drowsy. Then he gets his acoustic...view item »

The Puddle Parade

I also really like this CD by The Puddle Parade on Morc Records. It comes in a nice cardboardy printed arigato pak (they're the latest sensation sweeping the CD nation). When I first heard it I'd forgotten how fragile music can sound. Indeed I've not heard anything this fragile since I first heard Empress many moons ago. In fact this isn't a millio...view item »

Karina ESP/Drekka/Circle Bros.

I cant remember the last time I handled (if ever) a 10" lathe cut. It'll probably be a while until I do again, once this hand numbered edition of 50 copies is gone. Karina ESP/Drekka/Circle Bros are the culprits for this hideously limited edition on Morc Tapes. Two long tracks of strange ambient textures and drones. It's difficult music to des...view item »

Ceci n'est plus avioth.../Ils chantent pour vous

I always think that 1 sided vinyl is a waste of plastic but I'll still buy into it if I like the record, for I am fickle. This R.O.T 12" is one such record and has a really ace screen printed sleeve. 'Ceci n'est plus avioth...' is the work of Laurent Cartuyvels Floris Vanhoof, Christophe Piette, Bram Borloo, Ferri and D Trep. I know nothing ab...view item »