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Annelies Monsere

On Debris, Annelies Monsere shows that there is no reason you can’t put a love for traditional, folk-inspired songwriting and a love of dark drone sounds into the same record. Shunning most of the many illustrious collaborators she has worked with in the past, Monsere skillfully blends her voice w...view item »

Michael Tanner & Sharron Kraus
In the Rheidol Valley

I'm in the mood for a prettiness attack this morning. I want the sound of the Welsh wind buffering the mic during Sharron & Micheal's dreamy valley wanderings and transcendental acoustic musings. That's totally what I'm getting here, this is as close to the sound of nature as free folk gets without being recorded beneath some filched un...view item »


Everyone loves a good bit of harmonium right? Glen Steenkiste, a player with psych band Sylvester Anfang II, certainly does, as he has dedicated his solo project Hellvete...view item »

Matt Christensen
I know What The Fight Is

Matt Christensen’s first vinyl effort in a while is an exercise in lounge sabotage, offering a slowcore spread of distantly and inappropriately arranged sounds. With chords echoing out into distant spaces, drums playing a rhythm of their own mind, keys sprinkling where they’ll sprinkle and gorgeous, irreverently jazzy basslines, this...view item »

Boduf Songs / Jessica Bailiff

These two artists have created this single to coincide with a European tour, Jessica Bailiff has reworked her old song ‘Lakeside Blues’ with a gothic synth sound akin to Dead Can Dance, Mat Sweet’s Boduf...view item »


Well lo and behold! Gayle Brogan of Electroscope has popped her head above the parapet once again -- this time on Belgian label Morc Records (we haven't left the EU yet, you see). In so doing she confirms her title as the Scottish highlands’ very own Grouper. Murmurations is ...view item »

Ceci n'est plus avioth.../Ils chantent pour vous

I always think that 1 sided vinyl is a waste of plastic but I'll still buy into it if I like the record, for I am fickle. This R.O.T 12" is one such record and has a really ace screen printed sleeve. 'Ceci n'est plus avioth...' is the work of Laurent Cartuyvels Floris Vanhoof, Christophe Piette, Bram Borloo, Ferri and D Trep. I know nothing ab...view item »

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