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Bestselling artists on FLOAT this year: Andrea Belfi, Luke Abbott

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Andrea Belfi

Percussionist and composer Andrea Belfi marks the recent announcement of his upcoming tour with Thom Yorke with the release of a mini-album, following two years on from his debut LP Ore. Consisting of six tracks spread, with all but one recorded as live studio takes, Strata is a must-listen for all fans of modern electronica. 
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Luke Abbott
Music From The Edge Of An Island

Luke Abbott puts away his modular synth and electronics collection for a little while in order to create something for Piano Day 2019. Using VST software to simulate a piano, Abbott’s work here still retains a slight MIDI-ish computer tinge to it, which actually lends an interesting extra flavour. Music From The Edge Of An Island is released by FLOAT.

Andrea Belfi

Andrea Belfi is a dab hand behind the drumkit and also behind the live electronics console (here featuring a sampler and a modular synth). On new solo record Ore he mixes his various approaches into a bustling suite of rhythmically driven electroacoustics, showing off Belfi’s smart texturally-driven approach. Released by the Float label.

Bronnt Industries Kapital
Polaris / Last Hope Sound

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The Knowledge Of Bugs/ Asteroth

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