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Archie and The Bunkers
Archie and The Bunkers

Archie & The Bunkers are a pair of teenage brothers from Cleveland, Ohio. Emmett and Cullen are just 14 and 16 respectively. Their music takes its influences from the organ based jazz of the legendary Jimmy Smith and mixes it with the rock and punk of bands such as The Dead Boys, The...view item »

The Jack Cades
Music For Children

The Jack Cades are a supergroup formed from bands in and around the current Kent garage/freakbeat scene such as The Baron Four, The Embrooks, The Gallileo 7 and The Missing Souls. They weren’t going to be a band due to other...view item »

The Darts
The Darts

Not the late 70s rockabilly throwbacks notable for such hits as 'Daddy Cool' but an all grrrrl (their words) garage/psych rock supergroup featuring members of The Love Me Nots and The Dollyrots. Expect i...view item »

Archie and The Bunkers
Songs From The Lodge

Sibling duo Archie And The Bunkers drop their second LP of organ-billy fun. With one brother on the organ and the other on drums, the pair make a pretty basic racket on Songs From The Lodge, but they do it nicely. Sort of like The Ramones at a funfair. ‘Laura’, unfortunately, is not a ...view item »

Hollywood Sinners
Khöme Kakkä

Garage-punk, eh. Never fails. The latest to join the time-honoured tradition of snotty youngsters thumping tubbs and shredding licks are Spanish rockers Hollywood Sinners. But … what’s that you say? They’ve been going since 2002? All three of the band’s members are nearing middle-age? Ahh well, I guess t...view item »

The Cavemen
The Cavemen

The eponymous debut from New Zealand natives who moved themselves to London, The Cavemen is a short sharp burst of joyously childish and catchy punk rock. Song subjects range, as you can probably imagine, from drug abuse to masturbation and general fast-living debauchery. Blood red coloured vinyl LP and CD, reissued on Dirty Wat...view item »

Wild Evel and the Trashbones
Digging My Grave

Wild Evel and the Trashbones are a knockabout good-times garage-punk gang from Austria, with lots of lessons learned from both the original 60’s garage rockers and Billy Childish’s trash aesthetic revitalisations. Digging My Grave is a driving messy fuzzy torrent of leathery guitar action, r...view item »

King Salami and the Cumberland 3
Goin' Back To Wurstville

Fans of rockabilly, sausage references and classic rhythm & blues will find plenty to love in King Salami and the Cumberland 3. The all-over-the-world-via-London band are full of high octane fun and cool rock’n’roll like they used to make it, delivered with an extra punky vigour. Goin’ Back To Wurstvill...view item »

The Cavemen
Born To Hate

The London based New Zealand band The Cavemen have released their first full length album called Born To Hate. A nostalgic mix of garage-rock and hardcore punk that can be credited to the boys use of turbocharged anger and humorous lyrics that compliment a not-at-all rhythmic musical accompaniment! Available on ...view item »

MFC Chicken
Goin' Chicken Crazy

As one of the more humorous and slapstick outfits setting London's rock'n'roll scene alight, Colonel Spencer and co. release a blissful edition with a spicy concoction of outlandish vocals and vintage party vibes. Goin' Chicken Crazy is upbeat, raw and ultimately clukin' wild!...view item »

Archie and The Bunkers
Mystery Lover

Archie and the Bunkers are two home-schooled siblings from Ohio. They record music in their basement when they are supposed to be doing their schoolwork. And, it's completely brilliant! Emmet capably handles the vocals and frantic, crazy thrashed drums whilst brother Cullen plays some seriously disturbed synth. Just have a listen to the sound cl...view item »

The Arrogants
No Time To Wait

The Arrogants are a French group whose press release seems to position their choice to make garage / blues rock as a radical act. Hmmm, not sure about that. Fair play in following through on their interests though: great fun is clearly being had with No Time To Wait, the group’s debut full-length. Released by Dirt...view item »

MFC Chicken
It’s... MFC Chicken Time!

MFC Chicken play an old school form of rock, the kind that only makes sense with “n’Roll” appended to it. It’s... MFC Chicken Time! is their cheerily-titled third album, full of “twistin’, stompin’ and shoutin’” tunes like ‘Bad News From The Clinic” and &...view item »

Thee Vicars
Don’t Try To Tell Me

Thee Vicars are from the Billy Childish school of amped-up trebly garage played with tinnitis inducing ferocity. Words on paper about this band are useless, they just sound like a wasp shitstorm in a metal bin and I'd kill to see them live. Old skool, that's the rule, 'Don't Try to Tell Me' is pure garage punk, the vocals are spat out like Pete She...view item »

Muck And The Mires
Dial M For Muck

‘Dial M For Muck’ is the latest from Boston’s garage rocker’s Much And The Mires. Teaming up with Kim Fowley of The Runaways and Jim Diamond of The White Stripes, the album features 12 songs reminiscent of The Beatles circa 1964 and the Ramones...view item »

The Revellions
Give It Time

The Revellions are back this week with their first album in five years on Dirty Water! These Irish garage-popsters are peddling a very authentically '60s sound full of Hammond organ, jangly guitars and naively soulful vocals, often buoyed by some uplifting brass which gives it a slight British working men's club kind of feel. Opener 'Bitter &a...view item »

The Youth
Nothing But...

The Youth like to wear suits like the National and make wild, outrageous rock tunes, unlike the National. Inspired by the vibe of the 60s, and sharing a reverence for blues and garage rock, The Youth have made 'Nothing But...', a collection of pop songs that exist so that they can fulfil their lifelong dream: to wear suits. Or make music, whatev...view item »

The Arrogants

Hailing from Huntington Beach, California, deam-pop band The Arrogants formed in 1998 and have since showed a propensity for delving into a variety of sounds, including mod, garage rock, psychedelia and blues. Now, as a four-piece and with the inclusion of an organist, the band still recall the sounds of yesteryear, but have also managed to deve...view item »

The Kneejerk Reactions
The Indestructible Sounds of...

This raw rhythm’n’beat garage-rock’n’roll combo, headed up by the ubiquitous veteran rocker, Sir Bald Diddley (aka Hipbone Slim), delivers super rough, tough and wild mid-’60s inspired sounds that are just about as frantic as a pack of dogs in a lamp post factory. It’s British beat at its best, loaded with gra...view item »

The Thanes
Dishin’ The Dirt / I Don’t Want You

On sunday I lost my spectacles in Valley Gardens, Harrogate. I've been in a slump for days but as we discovered in the earlier Trwbador review,  I am a diagnosed melancholaholic. I've just noticed that the guy pictured top left on the inner sleeve to this record is wearing THE EXACT SAME PAIR. Coincidence? Probably not though I'm no...view item »

King Salami And The Cumberland Three
Cookin' Up a Party

After a slow and cerebral start to the week things have really livened up today with that superb Castleface Velvet Underground thing and now this latest offering from King Salami & the Cumberland ...view item »

The Routes
Do What’s Right By You / Love Like Glue

The Routes are a Japanese garage rock outfit with top notch playing skills and a taste for early Yardbird's style 60's rock n' pop. These guys certainly know how to shred and holler with lively guitar solo's and wild screams dominating 'Do What's Right By You'. 'Love Like Glue' gets freaky with the bpm and rocks out like a fully pepped up Japane...view item »

Thee Vicars
Psychotic Beat

As a 54 year old lover of Northern Soul, Ska, ex punk 1976 all things mod and a devout follower of early sixties garage bands such as 'Bohemian  Vendetta' 'The Sonics' etc What can I say. Only the 'Legendary Shack Shakers' 'The Dirtbombs' and the 'Reverend Horton Heat' come close to the necesarry volume that is 'Thee Vicars' noise. Bough...view item »

Thee Vicars
You Lie

Thee Vicars kick out the jams yo! These young whippersnappers have taken the classic british 60's garage sound and run with it taking elements of punk rock and a healthy serving of U.S. garage rock with them. On the sleeve they look like the real deal (proper mop tops and everything), you'd think this was a re-issue jam by some obscure underrated 6...view item »

The Branded
She's My Woman

The Dirty Water label do a load of garage rock as a rule and The Branded are a band on Dirty Water who make garage rock. Sometimes my job is that easy. Anyway these guys are Swedish, they know how to rock and I'm pretty sure they could handle themselves in a fight. Just listening to 'She's My Woman' makes me think they're rock hard and I've decided...view item »

King Salami And The Cumberland Three
Do The Wurst/Do The Funky Walk

I love meat. We've had meat themed records before but not since the 'Lady In Red is Dancing With Meat' by Chris De Burger (courtesey of V/Vm) has one taken us by storm as much as the new King Salami & The Cumberland Three 7" 'Do The Wurst'. This 7" of sinewy garage rock is one of the finest cut(lets) we've had in ages. 'Do The Wurst' ...view item »

Muck And The Mires

Muck is-f---ing awesome! Can't wait to spin the vynal and go to see these guys/gal Friday night!!! How the hell do you spell vynal??? ...view item »

Los Peyotes

If you buy Thee Vicars then you'd be doing yourself a severe injustice if you didn't also purchase Los Peyotes' 'Bdaaa!!!' 7" It's loony voodoo Argentine garage punk, slightly bluesier but no less feral. These men wear bone necklaces & fur waistcoats ferchrissakes! I wouldn't leave my girlfriend with these guys. The bass player is charming...view item »

The Revellions
The Revellions

At last a great band from Ireland.  Danagerous and moody the Revellions take a little of everything from the last 4 decades of music and make it something new.  So long Bono! Lonfg live the Revellions! ...view item »

Thee Vicars
Back On The Streets

Thee Vicars are the latest in a long line of fabulous scratchy garage rock bands to emerge from this mild Isle. Being a quiet fan of that Medway Magician Childish, I can't help but love this feisty, sartorially appealing 4 piece. Their loose, distorted brand of trebly, vitriolic rock is just the ticket this morning and comes this time in the form o...view item »

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