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A decade after his first drop on DEEP MEDi MUSIK, Silkie proves that he’s still got plenty of life in him yet. The dubstep OG brings a triple-threat of 140-bpm bangers on ...view item »

Not a Kick

Soundsystem upstart Compa takes time out from running his own CPA Records to return to Deep Medi with another firebrand set. The three tracks of Not A Kick are a neat demonstration of what the producer does best. Wedding grime drum programming with meditative bassweight and the sort of ...view item »

Sir Spyro
Topper Top (Kahn & Neek Remix)

Heavy one-sider here from Sir Spyro and Kahn & Neek, who put Spyro’s original tune through the wringer. Topper Top has ferocious features from Lady Chann, Teddy Bruckshot and Killa P, and is riddled with street-ruining bass, b...view item »

Dying on Acid

Gantz returns to the Deep Medi fray for the first time since the 2015 purple-patch that yielded Witch Blues and the Kahn/Commodo collaborations. Dying On Acid is as rich and brooding as anything the Turkish producer has put to wax thus far while also demonstrat...view item »

Empire of Dirt

Croatian dub master Egoless hooks up with British dubstep label DEEP MEDi MUSIK for this vinyl release of his "Empire of Dirt" EP, an anthemic three-track record packed with deep, bassy grooves, seductive, off-kilter strings and slow-building beats. A weird and exciting release from a veteran talent. ...view item »

Lion EP

Three slices of heady, sample heavy dubstep from Truth. 'Lion EP' starts in a cold but exotic style with percussive tints to the main drum track. It then moves into a stretched out, snarling cut with breakbeats skipping in. Closing the release is the most sparse number, with deep bass pulses providing a bed for triplet hi-hat gr...view item »


A/T/O/S (A Taste Of Struggle) is the collaborative efforts of Amos and Truenoys. Snapped up by Mala and now releasing their second full length on Deep Medi Musik. Outboxed is a crystal clear take from a post dubstep daze. Fitting comfortably between the likes of ...view item »

It Wasn't You

Silkie brings his ambitious, jazz influenced dubstep back to its rightful home on Mala’s Deep Medi Musik. It Wasn’t You is a dizzying mixture of fierce drum programming, hazy dub atmospherics and, of course, claustrophobic bass. Dancefloor bangers have never sounded so rich and textu...view item »

Sir Spyro
Topper Top

Get pinching that hoodie shut and step back into the alleyway, this stuff is ruff. Rinse FM mainstay Sir Spyro hits with a horn synth line that The Bug would be happy with, and Killa P of Skeng fame. Lady Chann and Teddy Bruckshot just get angrier and a...view item »

Bukez Finezt
The Main Rule

From all accounts Bukez Finezt is a made up man, and who can blame him, with having just dropped his debut full length on Subway Music and now his first track out on the iconic Deep Medi Musik. Bukez leans into the Medi palette with ease, craft intricate deep pulses that you’ll examine as much as you will nod your head....view item »

Seven Sins

Seven Sins, the debut LP from one of the heroes of modern dub music delivers 2 discs of subsonic resonance and skanking grooves, even featuring a few welcome guest vocal performances. If Kaiju's other Deep Medi releases are anything to go by, this will surely vibrate a few stomachs and will continue dubstep on in the direction that it alway...view item »

War Of The Minds

War Of The Minds is the new EP by Truth on the Deep Medi Musik label. DJs Andre Fernandez and Tristan Roake hail from New Zealand and travel to the far flung corners of the world spreading their dubstep and bass sounds. Truth have also released music on Firepower Records, SMOG, ...view item »

Burn Down Babylon

Kaiju are preparing a full-length album for your imminent pleasure, but for now you’ll have to revel in this white label 10”. Burn Down Babylon has 2 premium examples of Kaiju’s slick updating of the crucial old dub styles, complete with skanking rhythms and reverbed toasting. Out on D...view item »

Truth in Sound EP

Influential electronica and dubstep label DEEP MEDi MUSIK return with a four track 12” from Compa. The Truth In Sound EP is a super-heavy bass and percussion workout. Each tune is built from icy, skeletal percussion and minimal dub atmospherics. These are sparse and forward thinking s...view item »

Gantz & Commodo
Free Focus / Buckwild

A crafty white label drop here from Gantz and Commodo, who present 2 tracks of very fine contemporary dubstep. Charmingly, Free Focus / Buckwild finds each producer remixing one of the other’s tunes, so two levels of production ingenuity are present on each track. A right pair of heavy rollers. Wh...view item »

Goth Trad
Sinker / Sunbeam VIP

12” double A-side release from Goth Trad. These two numbers are big, fat bassline wobblers: one is totally new (Sinker), and the other is a VIP mix of Sunbeam. This platter continues a long line of releases Goth Trad has had out on the Deep Medi Musik label, and I can see why they continu...view item »

Commodo, Gantz & Kahn
Volume 1

Some really heavy stuff dropping on Deep Medi Musik here, so heavy they needed two 12”s to contain it. Six tracks crafted collectively by three producers: Commodo, Gantz and Kahn. All are talented individually, and combining their powers makes for some seriously high-grade dubstep shuffle....view item »

K Man The Phantom

Party like it’s 2006 with these two numbers on Deep Medi. K Man The Phantom recalls dubstep in the days before it mutated into different strains of brostep. His basslines lead the productions here up and down, the shuffling half-step rhythms keeping it all together. Two tracks, Blink and Power Drill, on a...view item »

Jack Sparrow
Hold and Pull

A new EP of riddim explosions from Jack Sparrow here. He takes Hold And Pull as the perfect excuse to ramp things up to high energy levels on two of the three tracks here, ragga MC samples guiding the journey. Then the third number dubs things out a little. 12” LP out on the Deep Medi Musik label....view item »


Spacious dub release on Mala’s Deep Medi Musik. On Justice Kaiju fuse nostril-vibrating sub-bass with distant drones and roomy reverberations to create an eerily beautiful atmosphere with a real gritty groove to boot. Crank it up loud and embrace the frequencies. Out on vinyl 12" from Deep Medi Musik....view item »

Witch Blues

As winter turns to spring, Witch Blues, The new 12” four-track EP by Gantz makes for perfect listening. An original and eclectic mix of ambience, strange sounds, sharp editing and hypnotic beats makes for an interesting Journey into the mind of the Turkish producer. Rockstar features vocals by Rid...view item »


Kahn is back with another ill piece of trap-inspired dub, this time exploring the world of imagination that exists in the space between notes and bass. Abattoir descends into a sickening hypnosis where warped vocals and distorted synths come flying at you, and AA-side Over Deh So promises to be equally unnerving....view item »


Seeeriously mucky wobbles from Commodo. Shift is an informative piece, with vocals from JME elaborating on hostility one can draw from being out and about, no matter who you are "anyone can get it". This grimey stew consists of 100g of wongin bass, 30g of dready synths, a big handful of truth telling and a cup and a hal...view item »

Dread (Gorgon Sound Version)

Kahn and Neek’s soundsystem reggae moniker Gorgon Sound rework Kahn’s Dread and Late Night Blues  from 2012, pushing them even lower (the frequencies, that is) than they were before. 12” Vinyl Released through Mala’...view item »


Building up tension with twitchy electronics on the background, Compa’s djembes measure time as a countdown. With sporadic glitches marking progression, Narabeh builds up and captures the listener. This 12” is starting to run out so you want to get Narabeh and aa-side Alpha as soon as you can get on...view item »

Changes (Distance Remix) / Miracles (Commodo Remix)

Got some white label 180g vinyl pressure here on Deep Medi Musik courtesy of Distance and Commodo reworking a pair of Mala staples. First up, Distance tackles Changes, the second remix of this tune I ...view item »

Changes (James Blake Harmonimix)

Here’s an exciting record which we probably won’t have on our shelves for very long - it’s a one-sided white label where two very different modern bass music icons meet head-to-head as James Blake mixes Mala’s ‘Changes’ - a mix which appare...view item »

Out Of Reach

A welcome return to Mala’s Deep Medi imprint from bass soldier V.I.V.E.K who keeps...view item »

Eyes Down EP

This is the fourth outing for V.I.V.E.K on Mala's esteemed Deep Medi label. Four tunes, each on a single side of wax, beginning with 'The Big Bang' which has dialogue about the creation of the universe along with whip cracking claps and all round sinister vibe. On the surface and on first listen it would a...view item »

Goth Trad
New Epoch

Superb, fresh vibrant future Dubstep from Japan, this guy was producing the tuff stuff way back when it was a burgeoning whisper on the fringes of the London Grime scene. Now he leads the way down new paths yet again, a forest of sound and exciting rhythms/textures that reminds you why the thing they called Dubstep went viral in the first place....view item »


Nothing this guy does will quite live up to the quality of his 'Feel It' double pack which was virtually up there with Mala's best work. This new effort is pretty damn fine though, 'Soundman' is built from brooding heavy-hearted dubstep with a sinister agenda, a bleak ambient undercurrent...view item »

Goth Trad
Babylon Fall EP

This Japanese dubstep practitioner has provided the label with some of it's finer moments and here he teams up with the Jamaican legend Max Romeo on the track 'Babylon Fall', a cerebral skanker with real vitality & depth. 'Falling Leaf' follows with some nice real subtle mid-range wob...view item »

Ulrich Troyer
Songs For William

Nominally known as DMZ don Mala's progressive dubstep imprint, Deep Medi now branch out into more abstract waters with this new collection from Austrian sound artist/future-dubber Ulrich Troyer. This arrives smiling from the sleepier side of the ...view item »

A Lot Of Calls From No One Part 2

Tidy 180g slab here with the topside being a particularly sweet slightly off kilter jazzy tune with soulful keys galore. All mellow and smokey this is a major laid back groove. It has me thinking of some of Photek's jazzier stuff. I've not heard Finnish duo Tommi Liikka and ...view item »


This is more like it. Tectonic founder Rob Ellis with another blast of the thing he does so well. The A side has a bassline so deep and heavy that I've involuntarily eaten an entire apple within the first couple of minutes of listening to it. A heavy blast of chugging ba...view item »

City Limits Vol. 1.6 - 1.8

4 cuts split over this doublepack for maximum soundsystem damage. The first 'It's Late' is gonna get some body's shaking on the floor no doubt, a shifty heavy garage tune with gritty bassline, wicked drums and just a really uplifting party vibe that will slip in with the likes of Joy Orbison, Pangaea and Pariah's more crowd friendly tunes. A cra...view item »

Dark Skies/ Tribe

Another heavy plate from Mala's cult imprint from this London producer. The A side kicks off with a dialogue sample from Bladerunner with solid, pounding kicks, sharp hi-hats and massive low end while a searching riff will get the ravers going. 'Tribe' on the B-side get's moving with a vocal sample ( I'm not sure of its ethnicity) and metallic t...view item »

Feel It

This is the second release on Mala's Deep Medi label from V. Shadra, and is four tracks on heavyweight vinyl accompanied by a 45 minute mix CD (THIS CD IS NOW SOLD OUT, sorry!) which includes all four tracks plus a ton of dubplates. Open...view item »

Smooth Skin / Wind Tunnel

This is one hefty slab of vinyl with quality loud cut. Kicking off with a slow stomping beat, hissing hi-hats, cowbell & intricate rimshots and then some shuffling claps as the synth builds and then the drums break down. Only halfway through the track does the bassline emerge and the track gains an almost Fying Lotus kind of swagger, while s...view item »

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