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Knightstown is Michael Aston, a man who has most notably composed music for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Being that those take place in World Cup years I can't be the only person who missed it but we now have a fresh chance to acquaint ourselves with Aston. On Knightstown, he centres his falsetto singing over woozy elect...view item »

Breathe Panel
Breathe Panel

I'm very much enjoying the palm tree on the front of this debut album by this Southern Rail linked (ie London and Brighton) band.  The palm suggests that they have the sort of summery sound of the more stretched out and maybe they do but their songs are bold and skyscraping perhaps bringing to mind the wide open spaces of the Nation...view item »

The Twilight Sad
Nobody Wants To Be Here & Nobody Wants To Leave

This week sees the return of The Twilight Sad, with another album of their maudlin sweeping drama-rock. Loads of you bought their previous album 'No One Can Ever Know' so I dare say a few people will have been looking forward to this one. They're continuing their shift from the downcast folk-noise of their ...view item »


Yo! FatCat superstars Traams return with an EP to tide us over until record number two. I’m biased when it comes to these lads, I’ve got nothing but good things to say about what I consider to be one the strongest three-piece line-up’s I’ve had the pleasure of sharing bills with over the last couple of years. Their debut ...view item »

Alog/Astral Social Club
Split #20

Had to stick this in, it got slightly overlooked for some reason, perhaps because you can't tell what it is due to the fact some idiot has drilled holes in it to look like some piece of highbrow contemporary art. It's a split series type affair on old Fat Cat records of London town. The first track is by Alog, two enigmatic Norsk types who speciali...view item »

The Twilight Sad
Forget The Night Ahead

Clint here. We're so so busy - I'm having to do the reviews in record time so no wittering (hooray!). First up we have the new album from The Twilight Sad called 'Forget The Night Ahead'. Their first album and its accompanying EP's created quite a stir both here and across the pond we call the atlantic ocean. I for one was very impressed with their...view item »

Tal National

Their LP gorgeously housed in the year’s loveliest artwork, Niamey’s great rock band Tal National return for another bout of frenetic, pulsating tunes. If you heard them do it on ‘Zoy Zoy’, all I have to say is, you know, why not again? This stuff is fast and fantastic, but we all knew that, the guitars tumbling around dr...view item »

C Duncan
For (Autumn Rebuild)

For is already one of Glaswegian C Duncan’s most popular songs, so why should he not rebuild it for the changing seasons? For (Autumn Rework) is more bombastic, with Steve Reich-like instrumentations creating a musical backdrop. A great antidote to November's rainy gloom. Limited to 500 copies on orange v...view item »

The Official Body

Shopping's third album sees them living in different parts of the country making the kind of improvised post-punk that they previously excelled at more difficult to construct. Their music does sound like it was collaborated on in a dark basement room with a leaking tap.  But being apart from each other hasn't dimmed the kinetic energy this ...view item »

C Duncan
Wanted To Want It Too

After gaining a Mercury prize nomination and a boat load more production skills with his debut album, C Duncan, returns with a new single. It’s a huge washy and glorious synth-ballad. Straight shooting drums and walking bass line with almost orchestral synth arrangements, and his layered voice floating around somewhere in ...view item »

C Duncan
Other Side

Cute lil' 7" from the once folk-quaint C. Duncan, who did what every indie rock darling does and played around with synths on The Midnight Sun. "Other Side" was one of Duncan's first public excursions with electronics and offered a shimmering sideways glance to his usual style, his delicate and decidedly Gr...view item »

C Duncan

Hurling its hat into the ring for the coveted feel good summer pop album of 2015 is this lovely drifty album from Glaswegian Chris Duncan also known as C. Duncan. The time he's saved in coming up with a decent band name has been used wisely in creating a gorgeous textured record. The opening glut of songs are all fantastic. ‘Say&rs...view item »

Milk Maid
Dead Wrong

Milk Maid return with a dramatic, malaise drenched, introspective piece of neoclassicism that is gut wrenchingly emotive and stays with you long after you first hear it...ermmm sorry about that...I got a bad case of review poncery there, I'm not supposed to...view item »

Best Friends
Cold Shapes

Best Friends recently debuted on the scene with their album Hot. Reckless. Totally Insane. Here we have Cold Shapes, the second single to be derived from that album. Sparky young indie pop is the order of the day, and the two tracks are pressed to vinyl that is described as “pearlescent”: yum! On Fa...view item »

The Twilight Sad
Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters

It's probably one of my favourite albums of all time but how to convey why in a short review is today's challenge. It's one of those albums that seeps. On first listen you know it's good but it's only on repeat where it reveals it's true colours and hidden secrets and as the years go by it's an album you can dig out and know that you are going t...view item »

Frightened Rabbit
The Midnight Organ Fight

The best of the Frightened Rabbit herd was The Midnight Organ Fight, a glum emo folk classic that made everyone sad about someone's break-up. These gorgeous, countrified songs are perfect for the winter, which we very much wish was over -- we shan't hold the band responsible, but here's a bunch of rocking...view item »

The Durian Brothers / Ensemble Skalectrik
Split Series #22

For the 22nd instalment of its now-legendary ongoing split series with their distinctive drilled sleeves, FatCat have enlisted the services of turntable abusers The Durian Brothers and Ensemble Skalectrik (aka ...view item »

Babes Never Die

Honeyblood are a couple of 'angry' Scottish ladies who have recovered pretty well from one of them leaving after their first album. The new lady has replaced old one pretty effectively. You wouldn't even notice unless you knew what they looked like.  The title track blasts the album off (after a short intro) and it sits at that weir...view item »

Tall Ships

Indie-math outfit Tall Ships reveal their second full-length album after a four year incubation period. Impressions show that they’ve really grown into their sound, with some properly big-sounding production buoying up energetic songs that could almost be considered anthemic. Released by FatCat on CD and LP, with ...view item »

C Duncan
The Midnight Sun

C Duncan’s debut ‘Architect’ was 2015’s biggest surprise. A fantastic album of lush home made songs with lovely melodies and glorious harmonies. A record that pleased all my family and friends.  ‘The Midnight Sun’ sounds like Mr Duncan was put on a deadline to make a follow up as quickly as possib...view item »

Big Deal
Say Yes

A few years ago Big Deal were a kind of folky duo consisting of a middle aged man and a younger woman singing together. Since then, second album 'June Gloom' was actually quite good and headed lovingly at times into Joyzipper territory. Now they are continuing that albums move towards a Big Rock Sound al...view item »

No Grace

Bless them. Radiohead have just put five hundred records in front of our faces and Paws are here, incredulous, imploring us to notice them like the oldest sibling trying to compete with the excitement of a new-born baby. Shouldn’t be too hard: ‘No Grace’ is fast, driving pop-punk hopin...view item »

Modern Dancing

I would probably bet my house on the fact that between their previous album 'Cissa' and this new one, the members of Traams had gone to see Ought play.   The first few tracks are so in awe of the Canadian band that it’s almost comical. ‘AnB’ particularly has the skewed ...view item »

The Twilight Sad
Oran Mor Session

I went down to see the Twilight Sad when they played in acoustic style at Jumbo records a few months ago. To my surprise my brother was in the crowd and afterwards he informed me that although he really likes them he did have concerns that they were a know.... a bit too Scottish. There's no getting away from in, th...view item »

Why Choose

A new Shopping album: wherein I put my feet up on the table, showing complete disregard for our office’s distinct lack of clean, and bop my head like David Byrne if he were more cyborg. Tenseless post-punks, Shopping reference the past participle of their genre but make it sound contemporary, occasionally ...view item »

Best Friends
Fake Spit

Old school, upbeat and energetic punk rock: Best Friends know the shortcut into our hearts. With fuzzy guitars and youthful vocals, Fake Spit is the second single off their album Hot. Reckless. Totally Insane. My mum always warned me about choosing my friends wisely, but with these guys I just can't go wrong....view item »

Best Friends
Hot. Reckless. Totally Insane.

Best Friends are a bunch of racketeers from Sheffield, Yorkshire who should not under any circumstances be confused with Best Fwends. They make ten unpretentious slabs of indie rock like the sort yer dad used to make after a day down t’pit. It’s hard to believe now but even I was young once and if I were twenty years younger ...view item »

Mice Parade

Mice Parade made a few good albums in the early 2000s which were impressive mainly for the incredible drumming of Adam Pierce (Adam Pierce=Mice Parade geddit?). He has a fantastic style that is technically brilliant but also fun to watch and listen to. When I saw them play live way back when, they had Dou...view item »

Tal National
Zoy Zoy

Niger’s favourite band, Tal National have gathered a strong Western audience since the release of their previous album Kaani. Zoy Zoy is their latest effort which blends African folk together with some electronic elements, melding fantastically together to create a twist on traditional Afr...view item »

Tlaotlon / Katie Gately
Split Series #23

Fat Cat's split series continues this week with #23, which features two of the more interesting electronic artists doing the rounds right now. On side A we've got newcomer Katie Gately, an LA-based professional sound designer whose skull-splitting debut mini-LP on ...view item »

Vashti Bunyan

Vashti Bunyan may be releasing music again, but she's never quite recovered from the shots fired at 'Just Another Diamond Day', her psych-folk masterpiece. Ignored in its time and revived thirty years later, Bunyan's debut retains a singularity in her discography: it was proudly twee. It happily engaged in the silliest pastoral lore, chilled wit...view item »

We Were Promised Jetpacks

Would you look at that record sleeve! It's a veritable party for the eyes, that one. Sadly it's the most exciting thing about the new offering from Scottish bland'n'earnest types We Were Promised Jetpacks, who are unsurprisingly delivering another album of earnest and grandiose indie pop which brings to mind F...view item »


Here's the eponymous debut LP from Glasgow duo Honeyblood, who are Stina Marie Claire Tweeddale on vocals, guitar and piano and Shona McVicar on drums and vocals. They play a pleasant mixture of hazy California-style '60s girl-group-inspired slacker pop (think Best Coast), impassioned post-grunge (think ...view item »

Wooden Aquarium

Customer reviewer Samuel has made my job that bit harder this morning by already pithily summing up what's going on with Mazes' new album in a single sentence. He's bang on the money when he says it "merges the fuzzy indie pop of their debut with the motorik rhythm of their last album". Not that this is a bad thing, of course - their first two L...view item »

Gentle Friendly

The ghost of Animal Collective looms large over a large majority of modern groups. Here is another. Now onto their second record having transferred from Upset the Rhythm to Fat Cat, they are going to have to win me over with tunes as the first few minutes reveals enough annoying noises to make you go runni...view item »

Youth Culture Forever

Not sure who Paws are but because of their new record I've become quite enamoured by the photography of Gracie Magee whose sublime imagery bookends what is essentially an early Cribs-ish display of Yankophile bluster and submerged student anthems. It starts off almost like Ash by way ...view item »

His Clancyness

Fat Cat Records have released this full length album from Ottawan Jonathan Clancy, under his musical moniker His Clancyness. He makes cool, quirky, psyche-pop gems, recording mostly in his bedroom and then jamming out with friends. With previous releases being early cassettes of demos, it's nice to hear Clancy with decent production and a backin...view item »

Ores & Minerals

Manchester indie tykes Mazes are back with another album, leading off the press release with the self-same Zane Lowe quote which opened the press release for the debut. While some things haven’t changed, however, it’s immediately clear on listening to the record that these boys have grown up a lit...view item »

US Girls

From humble beginnings with the murky ‘60s girl-group-channelling spectre-pop and lo-fi psychedelia/grainy hypnagogic noise of her first couple of records, the lovely Meghan Remy lands on old UK hipster stable FatCat with her "most realised album to date...view item »

Animal Collective
Sung Tongs

Clint here with more. First up Animal Collective  - one of the few new bands to lick my ears in a seductive manner and not have me chop their tongue off with a rusty pair of shears. I'm always amazed by their songs  -its kind of nice acoustic stuff slightly chopped up full of crazy noises and m...view item »

Other People's Problems

Breton. Dearie me, what have FatCat gone and done now? I don't understand this kind of smart hipster pop. Blurry stumbling uninspired hip-hop beats or crashing empty sounding drums; cascading streams of irritating edits and/or clunky loops, de-rigeur string samples; bored flat half-spoken ...view item »

Animal Collective

*** FINALLY BACK IN ON DOUBLE 180 GRAM DMM WAX!!*** The crazies that are Animal Collective have a new album out on Fat Cat on dbl vinyl LP or limited 2CD job avec a bonus disc featuring yet more crazyness.... only LIVE. So their new album is a lot different to the last one. It sounds sounds fuller and hazier yet more lo fi and les...view item »

Milk Maid

Ramshackle sounding odes and ditties from the shitgazing Madchestah urchins. It's a rather nice sounding record is this. It's full to the brim with melodies and enough hooks to get yerself wedged into. Not a million miles away from such acts as Psychedelic ...view item »

Forest Fire
Staring At The X

New on Fat Cat, this is grand widescreen sounding arty rock but with a lo-fidelity clattering production that ensures it stops short of sounding like The Killers or some other sheeny guff. Instead the main comparison would be to The Walkmen or The National. The album is a slow burner but ...view item »

No Age
Weirdo Rippers

FINALLY released on vinyl. And not just any vinyl.. It's that spanky DMM stuff which probably bakes bread and fetches your morning paper. This comp features tracks from the 3 x 12" and 2 x 7" lettered series a while back. It's not got all of the tracks on but to get all of the tracks you'd have to sell your house as they're worth a mint. ...view item »

Disown, Delete EP

And the last one from me this week is a 7" by ENSEMBLE who are a load of folks I've never heard of. But interestingly it does feature Chan Marshall (that lady from Cat Power) making a right drifty affair making us think a little bit of the more orchestral sound of Bjork. Very glacial, spacious and pretty soun...view item »

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