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Weapon Design

'Weapon Design' is an 8-track LP (out on Fourth Dimension) full-to-bursting with galvanised beats, labyrinthine textures and searing psychedelia. It's an agile and uncompromising record that simultaneously riffs on '80s cassette culture and brooding sci-fi films. An exciting, distinctive listen from Anthony Di Franco (aka JFK)....view item »


Exit, end, do no twerk. Extension double D, not work. Is this album called Untld for Untold or for Untitled? Andrew Fearn’s moniker raises more questions than feet with this scary and paranoid 10”. There’s only a few going around, so don’t miss out. Extended Network. Maybe that’s i...view item »

Down But Defiant Yet

'Down But Defiant Yet' manages to tread into numerous corners of rock and experimental music in a short space of time, with a meandering twin guitar opening giving way to avant and post rock styles via a healthy dose of noise and atmosphere. Whilst a contemporary release, here the band's history is well represented....view item »


Originally released in 1997, this reissue refreshes the Splinter classic. Boasting a vast palette of influences, 'Moraine' takes us through fuzzed out rock dirges, howling and stuttering noise and free jazz splashes thrown over the top. The atmosphere bleeds in here and there, creating an exciting and dynamic journey overall....view item »

Richard Youngs
This Is Not A Lament

Guest-strewn double album from prolific master of all known forms of experimental music. Richard Youngs drafts in Oren Ambarchi, Simon Wickham-Smith, Neil Campbell, Alasdair Roberts and others for a true opus of improvised sound with each track named after a geographic location only the artists know.  ...view item »

Map 71

Map 71 are the Brighton powerhouse duo of ever-busy drummer Andy Pyne (who has recently played with Boredoms and Man Forever) and performance poet Lisa Jayne, who also provides the artwork. Gloriosa is a pummelling set of tracks that stimulates every pa...view item »

Over Your Heads Forever

Kleistwahr is a pseudonym for Gary Mundy, long-active industrial music man and key member of noisy loose ends Ramleh. Over Your Heads Forever provides 8 new solo pieces, some of which arguably let a few shards of light into the dark howling void Mundy is so co...view item »

The Return

Infamous for his work with Ramleh and Broken Flag, Gary Mundy’s work under his alias Kleistwahr is finally being reissued. Originally released on Noiseville Records, the folk at Fourth Dimension are bringing this noisework back on CD. And from the first notes, or hisses, o...view item »

The World Is Not My Home

One of the oldest and most renowned power electronics artists in the game, Gary Mundy is famous for using his alias Ramleh to make some of the most disturbing and overwhelming sounds out there. Kleistwahr is his second love, a project he has been working on modestly, with a slew of tapes over the years. 'The World Is Not My Home' documents his m...view item »

Just Tracks

Long before the man with the fixed ‘fuck you’ stare, can of beer, e-cigarette and laptop found a home as one half of Sleaford Mods, Andrew Fearn was making music at home comprising samples, loops, frazzled electronic textures, deep bass rumbles, mutated beats, punk snarl, post-dancefloor meltdown mayhem and all manner of other abstra...view item »

Richard Youngs
Primary Concrete Attack

'PCA' is supposedly a result of filmaker/artist friend Luke Fowler throwing down the gauntlet to Mr. Youngs, challenging him to make a dub album. Apparently Richard Youngs isn't a fan of reggae or dub. Hilarity ensues. This is one curious recording from our favourite eclectic and prolific outsider folk/experimental musician. Eight tracks...view item »

Sleaford Mods
Mr. Jolly Fucker / Tweet Tweet Tweet

As you may know,  Nottingham’s finest Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn aka Sleaford Mods have been creating a bit of a stir here at Norman HQ recently, it’s safe to say that these lads are definitely Marmite. This is a double A-side of two tracks that don’t feature on their ‘Austerity Dogs’ album so if...view item »

Richard Youngs
Calmont Breakdown

The ever-prolific Richard Youngs keeps on churning them out as he, to the surprise of nobody at all, brings out another album this week. It’s my challenge to tell you about it. Well, it gets going in a bubbling and chaotic way with layers of fractured electronic loops that wash over you in a somewhat ...view item »

Richard Youngs & Luke Fowler
Yellow Gardens

Another cracking seven here, a collaboration between Youngs and Fowler who’ve decided to experiment with modular synthesis and experimental rhythmic excursions. This first side, ‘Yellow Gardens’ I think, ...view item »


This Circle album 'Triumph' is a bit unexpected but then I suppose with Circle you can expect the unexpected. It starts off with a kinda jazzy Kraut rock-ish number with meandering piano. Then it lunges into a dramatic dark string track that makes me think of Jerry Goldsmith with a very slight electro pulse. Then flip to the C side and there is a d...view item »

Thurston Moore & Tom Surgal
Not Me

Erstwhile guitar-noise practitioner and former Sonic Youth guy Thurston Moore teams up with Tom Surgal and his drum kit for this 1996 free-improv session. The two duck and weave around each other, generating sizzling electro-crackle atmospheres for all the family. This reissue of Not Me ...view item »

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