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Thomas Fehlmann
Los Lagos

Thomas Fehlmann has been keeping busy. Just three months after the release of The Orb’s No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds LP, Fehlmann is set to drop his first solo full-length since 2010’s Gute Luft. Los Lagos contains eight polished pieces of techno and features a collaboration...view item »


On double 12” vinyl or CD from Kompakt. The follow up to Kölsch’s 2013 album 1977 is 1983. Inspired by long car journeys taken during his childhood, it’s happy go-lucky, summer-filled, vibrant techno. Features collaborative tracks with Gregor Schwellenbach, Waa In...view item »


You wait years for a new GAS album and two come along (almost) at once. Hot on the heels of last year's 'Narkopop' this is a different kettle of fish altogether, consisting of one long track which you are meant to listen to in one sitting. Wolfgang Voigt's work is ideal for this long form presentation. He's possibly less good at...view item »

Total 18

In the year of their twenty-fifth birthday, how apt that Kompakt should run the latest instalment of their Total series to twenty-five tracks? Well, on the CD at least - th...view item »


1989 marks the third and final installment of Kölsch’s autobiographical trilogy. It being the year he hit his teens and his parents getting divorced, Kölsch disappeared into music. Uplifting, colourful, and playful soundtracking through techno, house and classical score with collaborator...view item »

Ghost Vision

If listening to two psych tracks at over ten minutes each is your thing, then you might want to give Saturnus by Ghost Vision a listen. This attractive looking release is available on vinyl 12" and released on Kompakt and allows you to fully submerge into a part of your mind that you probably haven't been to before. ...view item »

Pop Ambient 2012

I don't feel qualified enough to review this Pop Ambient collection. Sure, I dig ambient sounds but with Kompakt we're talking serious business - proper studious Ambient music made by proper grown-ups. You've only got to look at the contributing artists to know they ain't messin'. We...view item »

Jupiter George

‘Jupiter George’ is the third release in less than a year on ambient pop label Kompakt records by prolific disco/house champion Dauwd. The title track ‘Jupiter George’ is deeply reminiscent of the classic eighties disco sound whilst maintaining Dauwd’s fundamental originality. The charmingly named ‘Ritter Spor...view item »

Kenneth James Gibson
In The Fields Of Nothing

Kenneth James Gibson - also know by Eight Frozen Modules, dubLoner and about a dozen other names - comes through with his second LP for Kompakt. In The Fields Of Nothing is a heady experience, an LP that combines thousand-yard synthscapes with swirling vortexes of proce...view item »

Mixtape Vol. 1

If you left the city that never sleeps because it managed to sneak a gram of ket into Berghain and moved to the countryside what sort of music would you make? Fahrland (aka Geiger) recently made that move and is now producing the sort of lush, funky, and assured electro pop that screams going to b...view item »

II Remixes

Having dropped their second album on Kompakt earlier in the year, Danilo ‘Motor City Drum Ensemble’ Plessow and Marcus Worgull get the remix treatment from a host of hustlers compatible with the Kompakt way of doing things. Dixon drops a vocal and instrumental version of “Dschu...view item »

John Tejada
Dead Start Program

More techno please John. Thanks. Mr. Tejada returns with yet more for Kompakt with Dead Start Program, which demonstrates his trance-inducing and haze-imbibed style in its totality. With a tinge of signature Tejada soul, these eleven tracks mark an unbelievable thirteenth album in a catalogue of hard-hitters....view item »

The Field
The Follower

Kompakt bring us The Field’s The Follower on CD and 180 gram vinyl. This album is six tracks of luscious long-form techno made from his trademark dense loops and beautiful textures. With even more of a kosmische element, this release is the perfect melancholic headphone music to drift off with....view item »

Jono Ma & Dreems
The Dreemas

The result of a sonic affair between two friends in two European outposts, an EP of lushness and post-modern audio soundwaves. These three tracks represent a meeting of minds distilled into anthemic, distorted techno, or bouncing melodic house, full of synthetic colour washes and dizzying sonic debris....view item »

Speicher 100

Kompakt’s workaholic Speicher series enters triple figures with six charming new numbers on a double twelve. Kompakt heavyweights Jürgen Paape, J&...view item »


Well what do we have here then? Following on from that enormous box set of his greatest work of 20 years vintage, Wolfgang Voigt re-ignites his Gas project with a new album which, though it continues the thick foggy sonics of earlier work introduces dense and sometimes atonal sonics to the magical mist with that...view item »

Pop Ambient 2018

The release of Kompakt’s annual Pop Ambient compilation is always one of the loveliest musical events of the year: always a warm, luscious swirl of pulsating beats and shimmering synths from some of the best producers in the game. Pop Ambient 2018 features exclusive cuts from Max Wurden & Tore Pfeiffer...view item »

Kompakt Total 17

Wolfgang Voigt co-owned label Kompakt bring their 17th compilation featuring 21 tracks from various artists on their roster and beyond. Comes with 8 exclusive tracks. Includes tracks from Sasha (featuring Poliça...view item »

Anton Kubikov

Best known for his work as one half of Russian synth agitators SCSI-9, Anton Kubikov has stepped out on his own with an album of weightless ambient pieces. The tracks here combine synthetic soundscapes, somnambulant ivory tinkling and generous helpings of reverb. All in all, the overall effect is one of pleasant...view item »


Somewhere between Cloud Boat, Moderat, and Darkside you find Weval. Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers lock themselves away in an attic room in the Netherlands and create this warming, soul filled electronica with pop sensibilities and catchi...view item »

Speicher 97

Kolsch weirdly broke out of the sleek German Kompakt et al scene last year with a single that got played on mainstream UK radio. Nice work, but he hasn’t let it divert the pathway of his work, which continues here with a pair of nice minimalist cuts. Speicher 97 is a 12” release from Kompakt....view item »

Pop Ambient 2017

Just like clockwork (or like the recurrence of a minimal four-four beat), Kompakt land the latest edition of their famed Pop Ambient compilation series on us. The class of 2017 includes Stephan Mathieu, The Orb, Anton Kubikov, Max Würden and many more, and the resu...view item »


Sophomore efforts are always difficult, but Vermont simply continues where they left off. On II, German synthesizer-whisperers Marcus Wogull and Danilo Plessow (from Motor City Drum Ensemble) once again show a world brimming with vintage analog electronics, wh...view item »

The Orb
Cow / Chill Out, World!

Following the success of 2015’s Moonbuilding 2703 AD, The Orb return with their 14th studio album, Cow / Chill Out, World! Known for their genre-bending abilities and being equally comfortable with an experimental take on sound as they are with club-friendly beats, The Orb’s latest e...view item »

Kenneth James Gibson
The Evening Falls

Kenneth James Gibson must be a busy man, running the Adjunct Audio while also performing in a number of projects, from [a]pendics.shuffle to his Bell Gardens duo with Brian McBride o...view item »


Hunger/Game have been sprinkling exciting 12” releases around for a while now, on the likes of Last Night On Earth and Innervisions. Now however, they are fully going for it with their debut full-length album, on the legendary Kompakt label. Adaption is a little less minimal than most of the stuff we’d assoc...view item »

This Side Of Paradise

COMA’s new record straddles the fence between electronic music for the club and electronic music for the home. This Side Of Paradise, their second album, attaches loose clouds of songs to typically beautiful Kompakt semi-ambient minimal beats, all sounding pretty compelling. CD or double 10” vinyl set....view item »

Jens Uwe Beyer
The Emissary

The Emissary by Jens Uwe Beyer is the full-length debut from a seasoned Kompakt alumni. With a raft of releases under his Popnoname alias, Jens Uwe Beyer now steps out under his own name to deliver an intimate, GAS-inspired selection of tasty Pop Ambient morsels. Out on CD and vinyl LP+ CD from Kompakt....view item »

Rainbow Arabia
Without You

Well it's chillwave time here and I intend to pit my reviewing wits (mediocre) against the might and fashionable nous of Rainbow Arabia (probably quite powerful). These guys remind me of Zola Jesus mixed with summat like... erm Washed Out. My knowledge of any genre is quite limited. (aside from Yacht Rock). This record has the following elements...view item »

Pop Ambient 2015

The latest in the hopefully never ending series of Pop Ambient compilations from the good people at Kompakt. Does what it says on the tin really but each one is unique and with a different feel or flow. This one features new and exclusive stuff from Thore Pfeiffer, Dirk Leyers, Gregor Schwellenbach,  Leandro Fresco, Max Würden, Ulf Loh...view item »

The Field
Cupid's Head

Over the summer we went to a festival in North Lancs and after setting up stall in the bustling, excited campsite, we chilled with the customary beers in the sun and unwound for a while. After a few minutes of stoic silence, my friend who had been sat gazing at the glorious panoramic countryside away from the impending madness of the arena, at a...view item »


Everyone needs some Kompakt in their life from time to time don’t they? The Cologne electronic label has long been teaching the value of repeating the beautiful sonic slice into infinity, and this new 12” from Coma is no exception. Atlantis contains three delicious tracks, and will quite possibly make you ha...view item »

John Tejada
The Predicting Machine

The Predicting Machine I think may on the whole be the easiest album of his to access to someone who is not already familiar with his work. The first track "Orbiter" start things off on a bit of an off-putting note however. The first few times I heard that track I didn't much like it, but I came around. I find it a perfect commentary on the huma...view item »

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