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Young Fathers
Tape One / Tape Two

Original reviews from way back in time. Tape One Not heard much really good on Anticon for a long while but this really eats the proverbial biscuit. A hip hop troupe straight out of the mean streets of Edinburgh these lads bring an energy and invention otherwise unse...view item »

Onyx Collective
Lower East Suite Part Three

After the first two instalments of their Lower East Suite series garnered considerable interest, NYC neo-jazz ensemble Onyx Collective complete the trio with an LP. The group's music combines serious jazz/free-jazz chops with techniques from music concrete, hip-hop, neo-soul and other genres, and is imbued with the same sparky DIY aesth...view item »


WEN’s new set EPHEM:ERA observes grime from a studied distance, taking the core club ingredients of the sound and applying the WEN magic to them in o...view item »

Onyx Collective
Fruit Stand / Snake Charmer

New York ensemble Onyx Collective revisit two recent tunes for the wax treatment via Big Dada. The A-side ‘Fruit Stand’ is an improv trot in classic NY busk-jazz style. On the flip ‘Snake Charmer’, you’d have to be a grumpy serpent indeed not to be at least intrigued by the peculiar combination of f...view item »

Young Fathers
Only God Knows feat. Leith Congregational Choir

Young Fathers new track is extra notable in two ways: first of all, it features in the big-deal new film T2: Trainspotting. Secondly, it features Leith Congregational Choir, who enable the Young Fathers to ascend to amazing levels of gospel-powered electro-punk-hop. What a wonderful ecs...view item »

Sampa The Great
Birds And The BEE9 

Born in Zambia, based in Sydney, she prefers coming at her albums from the point of view of a mixtape, hence a wild mix of songwriting, poetics and calls for social action over hip-hop, soul, samba all tied together within the web of modern pop. In many respects an album that simultaneously appeals to those looking for the next K...view item »

Roots Manuva
Witness (One Hope)

OH -- MY -- GO -- OSH!! This is fully the PHATTEST tune - let no hip hop collection ever go without it. I dare ANYone to not dance when they hear this digital bassline. Nuff sed. >> Chai ...view item »

Reflection of Youth

A curveball from Big Dada here, a label not known for its work with singer-songwriters in the PJ Harvey mould. Nevertheless, that’s what we get on EERA’s debut LP - ten fiery songs that bear a pretty strong influence of Peej, as well as Cat Power, Deerhoof...view item »


Big Grime buddy Visionist is putting out a new record on Big Dada. Barely taking a breath after late 2015's Safe, Louis Carnell has produced another study in vulnerability, this time approaching themes of machismo and effeminacy rather than safety and anxiety. Oh, and between the beats you might even spot the vocals of Vis...view item »


Hot on the heels of his impressive 'Ultra' album this three tracker from Zomby explores a more hardware driven sound, eschewing saturation and overdubbing in lieu of a relentless barrage of breaks and beats that is said to fit somewhere between a darkened dance floor and a chugging factory. We think we know what he means. ...view item »

Hype Williams
Rainbow Edition

Who the hell is Hype Williams? This is a question not asked due to journalistic naivety, but a question that is possibly on the lips of Hype Williams fans everywhere. Notorious pranksters Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland are quite possibly doing the best tricksy business they can, ...view item »


The Revenge Of Black Belly Button! (‘TROBBB!’) was bound to be an odd beast. Soundtracking the film of the same name, and masterminded by Sunshine City (L.A.) native Kutmah, since-transpl...view item »

Carve + Gaze

We were all asking … Wen we’d be hearing something new from one of the most original voices in instrumental grime. Having been quite quiet since a flurry of releases in 2014 and 2015, the Kent producer has resurfaced on Big Dada and fronted four tracks of square-wave skullduggery. The anti-drop on lead single &lsquo...view item »

Luv Cry

Apparently no relation to the Four Tet shuffle-anthem, Samuel’s Luv Cry is a 4 track set of futuristic R&B. Samuel’s vocals are full of feels, and they are suppo...view item »

Roots Manuva
Switching Sides

5 fresh new tracks from Roots Manuva here for Record Store Day. He sounds properly energised here: some of the hazy lethargy of his earlier work seems to have been blasted away by the tight and heavy productions of With You (incorporating Switch and Daouda Leonard). 500 12&rdquo...view item »

Wiley and Zomby
Step 2001

Long-term premium grime MC Wiley has his ‘Step 20’ track reworked by the younger (but still firmly established) producer Zomby, who turns it into Step 2001. Wiley’s ever glorious flow (“I’m a chicken and pasta man /I like rice / Basmati”) is kept fron...view item »

Roots Manuva

Bleeds is Roots Manuva’s first album since 2011’s 4evereveloution. Manuva has jokingly suggested that the title refers to the fact that he is ready to bleed for his art. It is also thought that the title refers to his melding of genres from hip-hop to techno, to funk and reggae - th...view item »

Congo Natty
Jungle Revolution in Dub

Jungle Revolution by Congo Natty was universally praised by critics from the likes of DJ Mag, Mojo, The Guardian, The Times and Q Magazine. Jungle Revolution in Dub takes its influence from over 30 years of British bass music maximising the bottom end that the various styles have in common. Fans of Shy ...view item »


Just to prove that I ain’t no luddite, this is synthy but I like it. Kerry Leatham has already appeared on other people's records (Lapalux for example) but this is her solo debut. ‘Kids and Drunks’ (never a good combination is it?) is an early favourite and an example of why this works nicely. Th...view item »


Sad to say, Offshore (Ewan Robertson) is no longer with us: this album is being released posthumously, with all proceeds from its sale going to a relevant charity. Offshore’s tracks hop around with a light touch, synths, drum machines and a tune-centric sensibility all playing off each other perfe...view item »

Run The Jewels
Run The Jewels

It feels like those two guys were destined to collaborate. I know it sounds corny but the perfection... Maybe not exactly perfection, but the pure awesomeness of what Jaime and Mike bring working together is undeniable. Their flows and ways they have with words, their lyrics and the beats El-P provides, all those thing...view item »

Young Fathers
White Men Are Black Men Too

I remember it well. I was sat in my easy chair about to turn on ITN news when I heard that Young Fathers had won the Mercury Prize. I almost choked on my Shreddie I can tell you. And there I was thinking that a Scottish experimental rap group that were actually any good wouldn’t stand a chance. Thing is…. I never felt that &...view item »

Petals Have Fallen

I had the choice of reviewing Homeboy Sandman (US) or Dels (UK) and I’ve opted for the Brit lad. The difference in the mindset of the two nations is immediately exemplified in the vocal delivery. Whereas Homeboy Sandman comes across as a wacky, jelly bean addicted Eminem style goof, Dels sounds like he...view item »

Tre Mission

Idiosyncratic cross continental beats from Tre Mission. Stigmata is a journey encompassing all things hip-hop from Canada, England and America. His range of influences is similar in scope to his range of collaborations on this record. It's got elements of grime, trap, garage, R&B with poppy sensi...view item »


Dance dad Diplo has been doing his own thing for a decade now and 'F10RIDA' nods at the time lapse sheepishly, offering a bunch of new tracks that celebrate the long, strange trip he's had in being a solo artist. It's a tribute to Florida, his old stomping ground, where a lot of his musical magic began....view item »

Kate Tempest
Everybody Down

“English rapper - Brian to review” said the post-it. I could not correlate the picture of the sad Dickensian person on the sleeve with those ominous words. I thought it had fallen off something else. Kate Tempest is indeed an English rapper and a bloody good one at that. Street tough, personable and electric with a cheeky, homely Sou...view item »

Young Fathers

Time is crashing on today, certainly not enough of to fully dissect the long awaited debut from this Edinburgh based hip hop troup. But I will try. Their debut ‘Tape 1’ was one of my favourite releases of last year, a tuneful boisterous off kilter take on hip hop that the subsequent ‘Tape 2’ didn’t quite live up to....view item »

King Geedorah
Take Me To Your Leader

We’ll let you in on a little secret: King Geedorah is an alias (a mask, if you will) of MF Doom’s, inspired by a Godzilla monster. Take Me To Your Leader dates back to 2003, when Doom was on the highest of top forms. Fantastic underground hip-hop with mighty flows a...view item »

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