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Big Lad
Pro Rock

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne label Box Records (Lower Slaughter, Casual Nun) issue the sophomore LP from Big Lad. It’s a very Lightning Bolt-ish affair, is Pro Rock. Though bass is swapped out for synths, the duo still come through with the kind of wacky, Hella-ish noise grooves that Brians Chippendale and Gibson have supplied us with so many of down the years.
  • Vinyl LP (BOXREC35)
  • Coloured vinyl

We Are Ill

We Are Ill. Aren’t we all, eh? Anyway, this rabble are from Manchester and their LP is being released by Box Records (Gnod, Bong). The nine tracks here are a weird, fuzzy hybrid of psych-rock, groovy post-punk and a bit of riot girl too. Ill do their best to bring the noise while still keeping one hand on the melody control. Tracks like ‘Stuck On A Loop’ hit the sweet spot between The Slits and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard.
  • Vinyl LP (BOXREC27LP)
  • CD (BOXREC27)
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  • ILL
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  • Box Records


Ore is Sam Underwood’s brass doom project, in which tubas and trombones and the like are massed together into pieces that throb with the same elemental power as the most interesting end of doom metal, though of course with a totally different textural palette. No novelty here, just amazing original music. Belatedly, which features Sophie Cooper and Khyam Allami, is released by Box Records.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BOXREC26)

Lower Slaughter
What Big Eyes

A complete and utter madness of a record from Lower Slaughter - featuring Ex Divorce vocalist Sinead Young. What Big Eyes is their debut album and it really does pack an absolute punch when it comes to riffs and aggression- noise and thick guitars allow for the chorus’ to become rivers of pure sound that make you angry just listening to them. Available on Vinyl LP and CD.      

Terminal Cheesecake
Dandelion Sauce Of The Ancients

Slow and epic, tension filled builds of Swans with a solid bass and drumline they and Tool would be proud of. The Disarmingly named Terminal Cheesecake do krautrock with balls, big balls. Bigger balls than most. Distortion building to the point of collapse. Dandelion Sauce Of The Ancients is their first album in 22 years.

Casual Nun
Psychometric Testing By…

Casual None inhabit the really advanced end of psych-rock, which is to say the point at which the fuzz and distortion are so fierce that they almost push the whole sound into noise collapse. Not quite though: there is always some lurching infinite rhythm beneath the scree of Psychometric Testing By…, not to mention riffs upon riffs upon riffs. LP release on Box Records.

Girl Sweat
Bad Happenings

Who needs garage-rock when you can have garage-noise? If it’s messy, blasted-out fun-time vibes you want, go straight for Girl Sweat, who utilises a lap steel, some synths and drum machines, and some howled / hollered vocals, all squeezed through stacks of distortion and echo. Bad Happenings is the debut full-length, and it’s out on Box Records.
  • Vinyl LP (BOXREC020LP)

Haikai No Ku
Temporary Infinity

Haikai No Ku are a noise-psych horde from Newcastle and Temporary Infinity is their latest excursion into psychedelic walls of feedback and deranged ultra-slow metal. This three-piece make an unholy racket that far exceeds their number. Box Records have released this nightmarish and heavy drone-rock on 180 gram wax that includes a download code.

Luminous Bodies
Luminous Bodies

Luminous Bodies only started existing as of the 2014 edition of Supernormal Festival, combining music-playing idiots from the likes of Gum Takes Tooth, Part Chimp and Terminal Cheesecake. Consequently, we have an insane blend of noisy rock nonsense, with this debut LP being released on the Box Records label.

Foot Hair
Foot Hair

180 gram vinyl LP, Extremely limited to 250 copies on Box Records. Barely in tune noise mongers from Newcastle Foot Hair feature members of Obey and Haikai No Ku. Trashy, filthy 4-chord fuzz that entertains, energizes and terrifies in equal measure. for fans of Drunks with Guns and Upsidedown Cross.
  • Vinyl LP (BoxRec011)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Haikai No Ku
Ultra High Dimensionality

Doom purveyors Haikai No Ku provide screeching metallic riffs and plenty of misery on 'Ultra High Dimensionality', the follow-up to last year's 'Sick On My Journey'. Comprised of five tracks that take up forty minutes of playtime, 'Ultra High Dimensionality' is an unmoveable slab of psych and doom, played on crushing guitars with rarely modulated riffs, and complemented with resolute drumming. It recalls a better produced Les Rallizes Denude and a slightly more gentle Sleep.

Beauty Pageant

There’s never really enough dirty bands that raise their middle finger at anybody who doesn’t like noise, although Beauty Pageant are definitely doing enough to fill all our needs in that department. Their newest EP, by the name of Torso, is a celebration of the body at the cost of all pretense - expect noise and, well, noise.
  • Vinyl 10"
  • In stock and ready to ship
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  • Box Records