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Without Fidel / With Fidel
Trophy Wife / John Coffee

Interesting. The international Digital Hardcore blasters Applicants split several years ago into two friendly factions: Without Fidel and With Fidel, based on which one got to keep key member Fidel Villeneuve. Trophy Wife / John Coffee finds them sharing an energetic, p...view item »

Clone Quartet
Carousel/ Played To Death

Clone Quartet: "Carousel" (Tigertrap) Apt title, this is the sort of so-called up lifting pop that gets played first thing in the morning on your more alternative/commercial radio station. Not exactly the kind of tune that gets me bounding out of bed first thing, in fact if I heard it i'd probably turn it off, that is if it hasn't finishe...view item »

Friend Paste

Now some shouting from THE INFANTS with "friend paste 7" on Tigertrap records. Someone's given the gifted one an electric guitar, the noisy one a drum kit and the rest of them way too much sugar (.. cross between Melt Banana and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) says Phil from his high chair... I'm wearing...view item »

Money is The Drug

At last that 586 7" has arrived & it sounds like a deranged late 70's new wave funk band doing a Prolapse cover version. Truly they're the first band in years to have that mad off kilter friction between a ranting bloke & a cutesy larynxed lady but in the end 'Money is the Drug' sounds more like Ian Dury &...view item »

Gum Takes Tooth
Mirrors Fold

London's ritualistic dance-noise duo Gum Takes Tooth are back in business with a follow-up to their coruscating debut 'Silent Cenotaph'. This time they're taking a slight step back from the gnarly metallic madness of the debut for some trippy rhythmic explorations full of bugged out cosmic synths, crunching industrial-dub-doom noise and bus...view item »

The Patty Winters Show
People Like Us Aren't Meant To Win Things

The Patty Winters Show next. Good grief! What a bizarre name for a band. Better than the freaking Rifles anyhow. 'People like us aren't meant to win things' showcases a discordant yet melodic indie by numbers that would no doubt change someones life when aired half way through the John Peel Show. it's got a frisky tune,...view item »

Far Cries / Popular Workshop

I always like it when I hear a record that I'm expecting is going to make me want to eat my own ears doesn't make me want to eat my own ears... Do you ever get that? I've just had it with this here split 7" from THE FAR CRIES / POPULAR WORKSHOP. The Popular Workshop side is a free wheeling melodic indie meets post hardcore track th...view item »

Wojtek Godzisz
The Moon And The Yew Tree

Wojtek Godzisz 'The Moon And The Yew Tree' 7" has some wicked pictures of cats on the label. This is a guy that used to be in 90's band Symposium. This is indie rock that reminds me a little of the Manic Street Preachers. ...view item »

Wojtek Godzisz

Wojtek Godzisz used to be in Symposium and now he's a solo dude. Here is a 7" by him on Tigertrap which is some slightly folk twinged indie music.... possibly a bit Levellers like.... maybe a more contemporary and popular comparison would be Johnny Flynn... Well similar. Beltane is 7" only.......view item »

Gum Takes Tooth
Silent Cenotaph

Gum Takes Tooth are the newest and wildest in modern noise-math-rock. With crazed jungle beats, courtesy of Thomas Fuglesang, and a sound distorted and mangled by Jussi Brightmore, this energetic, if not to say psychopathic, debut album Silent Cenotaph is going to destroy everything you...view item »

Tiny Masters Of Today

TINY MASTERS OF TODAY are about 12 years old. No shit. I was amazed, Their new single called K.I.D.S make them sound like Billy Childish's satanic kids. I was so not expecting this.... I can't believe such youth can produce something as knacked sounding or as quality as this. Truly splendid... It's catchy yet completely un c...view item »

Look See Proof
Discusions/ Single's The New

The occasionally genius Tigertrap label offer us a new 7" by LOOK SEE PROOF called Discussions. At one point the guy sings sitting by yourself but he says the S far too many times.... Eg S S S Sitting by yourself. I'd like to think he's got a speech impediment but I think he's doing it for effect. Shame really. We need mo...view item »

Look See Proof
Tell Me Tell me Tell Me

LOOK-SEE PROOF is a totally shoddy name for a band. Especially when they sound like a shit Futureheads. I really have heard far too many bands peddle this derivative rubbish. 'Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me' why you can't think of a single original idea you hopeless fuckers. Bet Artrocker mag raves on about this but honestly, it...view item »

Tiny Masters Of Today
Big Noise EP

There's nothing like a blast of naive garage rock made by children to change your life. We have this excellent trash rock classic by Tiny Masters of Today & it's just the kind of record I soooo wanna take home with me. It's discordant & insane with a sound akin to Thee Headcoats hiding in Oscar the Grouc...view item »