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Galaxie 500

Debut album of the short-lived dream pop band. Galaxie 500 are the kind of band whose mastery of texture and unrepentant slowness makes them an ideal salve for the mind. I don't know how hectic life is on a Tugboat, but if I was on one, I'd be content knowing this calming trio were at the helm. 

Galaxie 500
On Fire

On Fire was the second album from legendary US slowcore merchants Galaxie 500 and is an album that has often been cited as the band's definitive statement. For the uninitiated Galaxie 500 played a kind of slow moving dreamy sprawl influenced by the Velvet Underground and Jonathan Richman, slowing the tempo down to crawling pace and spawning a slew of imitators in the process.  

Damon & Naomi
Within These Walls

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Michio Kurihara
Sunset Notes

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