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Sleaford Mods
Austerity Dogs

Austerity Dogs is the 6th album by Nottingham duo Sleaford Mods, but it’s the one that got them noticed. Since its release in 2013, the band have gone from strength to strength, being a necessary mouthpiece and cathartic outlet for many in the these austere times. They mix a punk snarl with ...view item »

Consumer Electronics
The Weight / Hostility Blues

I’ve probably never heard anything quite so terrifying on vinyl. Consumer Electronics has found the shortcut to my nightmares, easily surpassing my old USSR pressing of Alfred Schnittke’s third symphony. If you ever want to run a 'scared straight'...view item »

Sleaford Mods
Divide And Exit

Regular customers of Norman Records will know all about Sleaford Mods already. Due in no small part to a tireless work ethic (kudos to band and label!) large swathes of the UK and beyond now seem to be catching on, to the point where 'Divide And Exit' feels really quite zeitgeist-y. ...view item »

Suri Gruti

The sounds on Massicot’s new record Suri Gruti were apparently recorded as soundtracks to Man Ray films: from the sounds of the audience at the start and the end, Suri Gruti also appears to be a live document. But this stuff is firmly strong and potent enough to stand as its own record: t...view item »

John Paul
No Filter

Harbinger Sound gets back into the grimy seam from which Sleaford Mods came and comes out with John Paul (no relation to the former Pope), whose No Filter is a cynical journey through small-town shit-time England, with witty slam-poetry wordplay bluntly delivered over simple electronic backing. Yes m8. ...view item »

Muscle Barbie
Muscle Barbie

This self-titled full length from Muscle Barbie is the band's second release and promises more of the same from their first release on tape All Your Stuff. This release has been described as being super super limited, so if you want one you need to act fast! Again, only available on vinyl LP, and released on Ha...view item »

Sudden Infant
Buddhist Nihilism

How could I not reference the press release here? "SUDDEN INFANT is a Swiss Industrial-Dada-Noise-Rock band based in Berlin". How bad-ass does that make this band sound? Buddhist Nihilism is the latest release from SUDDEN INFANT and contains 12 explosive tracks that, like the records before this (see Radiorgasm...view item »

Danger Dance

On Harbinger Sound (Sleaford Mods etc), Noseholes (yup we all have two of them) make a kind of rackety no-wave and post-punk that it sure to blow any cobwebs away. Comparisons have been made to bands like Bush Tetras and Shopping and so this distinctly lop sided tangle of g...view item »

A Harbinger Sound Sampler

The fearsome Harbinger Sound label put together a compilation that captures the diversity and intensity of their current roster. A Harbinger Sound Sampler contains unheard tracks from Sleaford Mods, Consumer Electronics and Pain Jerk, as well as an astonishing array of angry, noisy and political ...view item »

Sleaford Mods / Sudden Infant
You're Brave / Fat Nipple Uptight

Hey look: it's a Sleaford Mods thing. We're all pretty excited to drop the beat and then get our Swear Circle going, which is kinda like a drum circle except without snares and with a lot of variations on the word "fucker". This particular 7" sees "You're Brave" paired with a tune by Joke Lanz's project Sudden Infant, who offers up "Fat Nipple U...view item »

Disco Creep

Sheffield’s Nachthexen continue their fine run that dates back to 2015’s The Other with another EP of righteous, fervid post-punk. The latest weapon in their ar...view item »

Heavy Metal
The Nietzschean Supermen Of Dustbin Rock

Heavy Metal are a weirdo punk band from Berlin. Quite hard to put a finger on their sound but I’m thinking Truman’s Water meets Jilted John. And odd mix, I know. There’s a real plethora of sounds on The Nietzschean Supermen Of Dustbin Rock. Lyric...view item »

A Return To Slavery

Here’s some real nasty old industrial noise / power electronics from 1983, one of the earliest releases on the Broken Flag label. Ramleh’s A Return To Slavery is full of inhuman howling and harsh frequencies, just the way you like it. As the original record was a split, this reissue fills in the other side w...view item »


Brighton’s Structure enter the fray with six slices of throwback post-punk. Clearly massive fans of Wire, Gang Of Four et al, the group rip through the set with a speed and intensity that would make their angular ancestors proud. The jagged wiggle of tracks like ‘Dull’ and &lsq...view item »

Ceramic Hobs
Black Pool Legacy

The great thing about the success of Sleaford Mods is that it has given Harbinger Sound the funds to release some of the more out there music made on these shores. It's therefore no surprise that they've turned their attention to Ceramic Hobs a bonkers psychedelic outfit out of Blackpool who have been scaring people since 1985. ...view item »

Circuit Breaker
Hands Return To Shake

If you can imagine the vocal stylings of ‘80s goth-punks such as Bauhaus and Killing Joke and the angular new wave of Wire paired with the pristine synth work and dissonant electronic sounds of acts such as Autechre and Pan Sonic then you&rs...view item »

Steve Ignorant's Slice Of Life
Just Another

Three-track seven-inch EP from the group led by former Crass frontman and current lifeboatman Steve Ignorant. Like the songs on his LP Love And A Lamp-Post they revolve around personal and social themes like a calmer and more introspective cousin to tour buddies and Harbinger Sound label ma...view item »

Kanker Kommando
Low Tech 1982-88

The Knotwilg imprint, founded by former Kraak boss Johann Loones, team up with Harbinger Sound to front this compilation of primitive electronics by 80s Belgian noisnicks Kanker Kommando. These tracks are spare experiments in circuit bending and lo-fi noise. The likes of ‘...view item »


This Berlin punk outfit have a basic but effective approach that harks back to first generation bands like X-Ray Spex and Kleenex but there’s also a measure of anarcho-punk in there.This 10” from Harbinger Sound is a reissue of their 2015 debut cassette that was simp...view item »


Born from the same fertile Sheffield scene as Sievehead and Community, Nachthexen bring together their self-titled 7” and 2015 cassette The Other on one neat 10” vinyl. The eight tracks here are all played with blistering energy and bring to mind comparisons with the likes o...view item »

Chaos U.K
One Hundred Per Cent Two Fingers In The Air Punk Rock

Reissue of a long out of print album from Bristol based hardcore punk band Chaos UK. Self released in tiny numbers, the guys at Harbinger have collected it together with tracks from their split album with Japanese hardcore band Death Side that was also released in 1993, but only in Japan. Comes with photographs ...view item »

Sleaford Mods
Live at SO36

Live recording of Sleaford Mods’ third gig at SO36 in Berlin, from June 2015. Live, angry and righteous, the whole gig was caught on camera and documented. The album contains pretty much all of their biggest tracks, including Jobseeker, Tied Up In Nottz, Joly Fucker, and Tweet, Tweet, Tweet...view item »

John Wall & Mark Durgan

Lovers of sound detritus John Wall and Mark Durgan finally return to their collaborative endeavours with Contrapt, a seven-track missive made through improvisations made over three years. The timespan reflects in the record a structure and narrative in spite of the unprepared ap...view item »

Mark Wynn
More Singles...

Typically perfect for fans of The Fall, Patrik Fitzgerald and many other late 20th Century post-punk outfits, More Singles... is another slice of Mark Wynn's vast back-catalogue. Featuring hits such as 'And Dave Went Mental' and 'Bill Burroughs Was My Baby', this is an...view item »

Sleaford Mods
Key Markets

Just as the UK goes back to the ballot box, our favourite agit-prop duo return with 'proper' album number three. Named after a particularly gruesome sounding supermarket in Grantham in the '70s and '80s, the album contains further ruminations on the disorientation of modern existence and the pointlessness of government politics. "It's a ...view item »

Karies EP

Harbinger Sound have imported this spiky post-punk from Germany, with the help of the This Charming Man label they have out there. This 4 track, self-titled EP from Karies is fierce, tight and noisy: I can’t parse the German-language lyrics, but the singer seems aggravated about something. It’s cool angsty stuff....view item »

The Lowest Form
Personal Space

The Lowest Form is the hardcore outfit of Helm dude and Alter bossman Luke Younger, although they are pleasingly free of any kind of sound-arty reconsiderations of hardcore. This is just fucking hardcore, noisy and aggressive...view item »

Consumer Electronics
Dollhouse Songs

Tech punk aggressors Consumer Electronics return with another noisey affair with the delicately titled Dollhouse Songs. Produced by the mighty Russell Haswell, this dirge of austerity angst jumps right down your earhole and stays there. Out on vinyl LP with lyric sleeve from Harbinger Sound. Limited to 1000 copies....view item »

Mark Wynn
The Singles

Pissed-off wordsmithery from Mark Wynn, labelmate and recent tourmate of Sleaford Mods. The Singles compiles the highlights from a range of hard-to-find self-released CDs, a selection of acoustic frustration with an excellent bleak humour. 500 LP copies with a 20-page booklet of visual materials, on Har...view item »

Circuit Breaker
My Descent Into Capital

Circuit Breaker make music that brings industrial sonics into the present day. My Descent Into Capital is their fullest statement to date, taking the length of a whole album to hammer into the bleak truths of life under the neoliberal rule of late capitalism… with synths and drum machines! Out on Harbinger Sound....view item »

Fish From Tahiti
Decal Baby

Fish From Tahiti are an experimental group from Leicester which combine samples and loops into crazed, hypnotic tracks which merge genres, from dub to hazy abstract sound. Decal Baby combines some tracks which they have released throughout the 2000s, and some previously unreleased material, on a limited vinyl lp...view item »
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Phil Julian

Someone let abstract-electronics-expert Phil Julian into the EMS (Elektronmusikstudion) studio in Stockholm! I can only dream of the delicious range of sound machines one might find in a proper electroacoustic music studio like that… This LP on Harbinger Sound is the result of two weeks in residence at the EMS, and it sou...view item »

XX Committee

Stripping industrial music of any daft rock n’ roll connotations, the XX Committee sounded like industry in its purest, most brutal form. Originally released in 1983, Network still sounds fresh in both concept and delivery, eking out all the whirs and clangs of a factory in motion. Out on vinyl LP, remastered on Harbinger Sound....view item »
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Spoils & Relics
Sins of Omission

For the last 25 years or so Harbinger Sound have been releasing a right old load of noise. Maybe you've only heard of the label since Sleaford Mods went all Wembley but here's a new release on the label taking you back to the roots of what the label does best.... and that is swathes of filthy fucking noise. ...view item »
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Debt of Nature
Order : Spoil the Entire State

I worried last week that it’s very possible subconsciously I have something against Brad Laner. I never seem to rate his music, in whichever format it takes, he must keep catching me on an off day as its nothing personal. In recent weeks we’ve had to deal with a reissue of his school band Earth ...view item »

Le Couperet: Music For The Crimes Of Dr. Petiot

This is the first ever vinyl issue of a 1983 cassette from legendary UK underground noise imprint Broken Flag. It kicks off with Third Phase’s ‘Ashley Grove’ which sounds like a giant robotic bee dying a slow and painful death, gradually the noise becoming increasingly deranged. Comprised of sl...view item »
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Spoils & Relics/ BRB/ Voicecoil

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Hair Police
The Empty Quarter

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John Wiese & Pain Jerk

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