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G is For Deep

Been awhile.....been a loooong while. The last time I paid too much attention to Adam Drucker (aka avant hop wordsmith Dose One of cLOUDDEAD, Themselves etc) was the last Subtle album ‘Exiting Arm) which slightly meekly followed ‘For Hero For Fool’ which should have been a...view item »


Twitter’s darling anime fan Will Weisenfeld returns with his first Baths material since the electronic void emo of ‘Obsidian’, and while we’ve had his chiller, housier alt Geotic to tie us over, it sure is nice to see him back on his main account. Billing the record as pure escapism -- into a world of fantasy RPGs and sci...view item »

Eternal Recurrence

The former Dirty Projectors/Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks member comes through with a mini-LP of dreamy, slightly psychy pop. Angel Deradoorian ...view item »

Death Valley Oasis

Death Valley Oasis is the debut release from D33J, aka Dajavan Santos, the co-founder of the WEDIDIT Collective. Death Valley Oasis delivers seductive house music of digital production and analog synth, chopped together with experimental field recordings. Features Shlohm...view item »

Pitch Black Prism

Myself and one of Team Norm were discussing the other day about how Anticon has gone from consistently awesome bastion of backpack hip-hop cool to frustratingly patchy over the course of a mere few years. This time resident beat-maker Alias returns with his third solo effort, 'Pitch Black Prism'. As with Alias's previous efforts, though,...view item »

Inherit The Earth

After taking a break from production to concentrate on his label Activia Benz Slugabed is back with a full length on Anticon. Ever inhabiting the fringes of future pop and R’n’B with a heavy bass twist, Inherit The Earth dips into minimalist arrangements as well as maximal funk. Featuring collaborative track...view item »


Legendary experimental hip-hop label Anticon release the self-titled debut album from A7PHA on vinyl LP and CD. The duo comprise veterans Mestizo, who provides the dense, surreal rapping, and Doseone, who frames the lyrics with head-nodding, experimental productions that manage to blend the funky and industrial....view item »

The Expanding Flower Planet

An affiliate of both the Animal Collective and Dirty Projectors campsites, Angel Deradoorian is no stranger to making that slightly weird but ultimately very catchy pop music that compels as it estranges. Both of the indie rock bands ...view item »

Dosh & Ghostband
Def Kith II: The Price Is Ill

Dosh & Ghostband (look at the pair of them there on the cover) reportedly put together the 4 tracks on Def Kith II: The Price Is Ill in a trifling 4 days: listen carefully and you’ll here the heat of spontaneous creation. It feels like various elements are being car...view item »

We Know About The Need

Quietly legendary, mildly esoteric, shrouded in mystery, HOOD are Leeds' treasured sons of the understated, experimental underground that has thrived like a rampant mushroom in the last 15 years, seemingly around the nucleus of what they dared to create/de-construct within the parameters of 'indie' music. Now s...view item »


New York multimedia artist Pictureplane is taking his sound to the dancefloors with Technomancer (I can’t figure out if that name is great or awful). 11 tracks of electro-thud by which Pictureplane means to consider the nature of man’s relationship to machines. CD or coloured vinyl LP on Ant...view item »

Unindian Songs Vol 1

This weeks Anticon release comes from Pedestrian. This is his debut album. Pedestrian also appears in the musically superior Restiform Bodies. This is another Anticon release. If you like Anticon you might like this. It sounds a bit scrappy and lo-fi . It features contributions from Why?, Sole, Jel...view item »


Do you want to float across pretty horizons while dreaming of nicer days? That’s all producer D33J ever does, and his new 12” EP Gravel is a fancy continuation of his work so far. Floaty beats and trippy vocals is really all you need to have a good night by yourself, and DEEJ wants to be there with you....view item »

Telephone Jim Jesus (Restiform Bodies)
A Point Too Far To Astronaut

Here's something new on Anticon by Telephone Jim Jesus who is a member of Restiform Bodies. It's instrumental music in that Anticon style of not really being hip hop but not really being anything else either  - think Odd Nosdam, Dosh etc. The first track is incredibly Christmas-y. All cut up spoken...view item »

In The Loop: 5

Occasionally Dublab like to "present" us with a 12" LP from their ongoing series, 'In The Loop'. We're on volume 5 now, now released through Anticon, and my first encounter with the sleeve is fantastic! With great tracks comin' in yr ears from The Ruby Suns (turning in a very Beach Boys-esque number), Teengirl Fantasy (mogadon euphor...view item »


I did really like the first couple of Themselves albums... I remember eventually tracking a copy of Them down on vinyl (top album) which made me well happy for a short time. It's still a great album and it's definitely my favourite Anticon thing. Lately the label has struggled to find it's identity releasing a bunch of uninspiring records which wer...view item »

Odd Nosdam
Pretty Swell Explode

Judging from this collection of remixes and B-sides, featuring Black Moth Super Rainbow, Jessica Bailiff, Tarsier, Bracken of cD's beatmaker Odd Nosdam aka David Madson, I think "backpacker hip-hop" is when you put your drugs in that backpack, and lots of them. Madson's music is the sound of drugs, allowing the listener to peer through another d...view item »

Odd Nosdam
Level Live Wire

Yes Yes YES!!! Odd Nosdam on anticon records. I chuffing love Odd Nosdam. His album Burner is such a sexy piece of work. His latest installment is called 'Level Live Wires' and It's a amazing journey through sound scapes and pop sensibilities with drones and field recordings complementing the guest musicians he brings in. These included Jessica Bay...view item »

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