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G is For Deep

Been awhile.....been a loooong while. The last time I paid too much attention to Adam Drucker (aka avant hop wordsmith Dose One of cLOUDDEAD, Themselves etc) was the last Subtle album ‘Exiting Arm) which slightly meekly followed ‘For Hero For Fool’ which should have been a...view item »


It’s been a few years, but Baths (aka Will Weisenfeld) appears to have found the time among all the anime and computer games for another Anticon album. Led by affable, confessional songwriting, Romaplasm swings to the steps of camp, bubbly poptronica. It comes off as more lyrical, a touch lighter and more spacious...view item »


It's no secret that we're fans of Hood here. In between albums they're doing the whole solo projects thing and the one they call Chris has a 12" out (album to follow in January)  under the guise of BRACKEN. Bang it on the record deck and immediately you're hooked. Possibly because of Chris's vocals y...view item »

Eternal Recurrence

The former Dirty Projectors/Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks member comes through with a mini-LP of dreamy, slightly psychy pop. Angel Deradoorian ...view item »

Death Valley Oasis

Death Valley Oasis is the debut release from D33J, aka Dajavan Santos, the co-founder of the WEDIDIT Collective. Death Valley Oasis delivers seductive house music of digital production and analog synth, chopped together with experimental field recordings. Features Shlohm...view item »

Pitch Black Prism

Myself and one of Team Norm were discussing the other day about how Anticon has gone from consistently awesome bastion of backpack hip-hop cool to frustratingly patchy over the course of a mere few years. This time resident beat-maker Alias returns with his third solo effort, 'Pitch Black Prism'. As with Alias's previous efforts, though,...view item »

Inherit The Earth

After taking a break from production to concentrate on his label Activia Benz Slugabed is back with a full length on Anticon. Ever inhabiting the fringes of future pop and R’n’B with a heavy bass twist, Inherit The Earth dips into minimalist arrangements as well as maximal funk. Featuring collaborative track...view item »


Legendary experimental hip-hop label Anticon release the self-titled debut album from A7PHA on vinyl LP and CD. The duo comprise veterans Mestizo, who provides the dense, surreal rapping, and Doseone, who frames the lyrics with head-nodding, experimental productions that manage to blend the funky and industrial....view item »

The Expanding Flower Planet

Deradoorian has been a key member of some very significant weird-indie groups in the last few years: she is principally one of the most prominent aspects of Dirty Projectors, as well as performing in Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks. On The Expanding Flower Planet however, she crafts he...view item »

Dosh & Ghostband
Def Kith II: The Price Is Ill

Dosh & Ghostband (look at the pair of them there on the cover) reportedly put together the 4 tracks on Def Kith II: The Price Is Ill in a trifling 4 days: listen carefully and you’ll here the heat of spontaneous creation. It feels like various elements are being car...view item »

We Know About The Need

Quietly legendary, mildly esoteric, shrouded in mystery, HOOD are Leeds' treasured sons of the understated, experimental underground that has thrived like a rampant mushroom in the last 15 years, seemingly around the nucleus of what they dared to create/de-construct within the parameters of 'indie' music. Now s...view item »

Double Ecstasy

Clubs and sex are Antwon’s subjects of choice, and his music sounds exactly like both. Double Ecstasy’s trap-hip-hop detonations drop in and out in less than 20 minutes total, but the atmospheric impact made in that time is undeniable. Pressed to coloured vinyl on Anticon, in a limited edition of 1000 copies...view item »


New York multimedia artist Pictureplane is taking his sound to the dancefloors with Technomancer (I can’t figure out if that name is great or awful). 11 tracks of electro-thud by which Pictureplane means to consider the nature of man’s relationship to machines. CD or coloured vinyl LP on Ant...view item »

2 Fotographic

New project from Raleigh Moncrief. As Campsite he feels able to relax a little bit, and consequently throws out seven little tracks in less than twenty minutes, giving this debut a great bouncy pace. 2 Fotographic will suit fans of electronically-led odd-pop down to the ground. 500 vinyl copies on Antic...view item »

Gravel Remixed

D33J presents four remixes of tracks from his 2013 release Gravel, which busies up that album’s dark and isolated sound. The Cyclist, P. Morris, Purple and Low Limit do sterling work, producing mad funk, industrial weight, slinky minimal house, an...view item »

Young Fathers
Tape Two

If you buy one record this year buy ‘Tape One’ by Young Fathers. It really is a stunner. Read my review here. This is the follow up that child wearing a ‘Chic’ t shirt on the cover? If so, I want one. Young Fathers...view item »

Unindian Songs Vol 1

This weeks Anticon release comes from Pedestrian. This is his debut album. Pedestrian also appears in the musically superior Restiform Bodies. This is another Anticon release. If you like Anticon you might like this. It sounds a bit scrappy and lo-fi . It features contributions from Why?, Sole, Jel...view item »

Ocean Death

In 2013, Will Wiesenfeld released his second record under the Baths moniker, 'Obsidian', which saw him turn away from the bright and playful glitch-pop of 'Cerulean' into darker and more abrasive electronic sounds, moulded into proper songs. 'Ocean Death' is an EP of leftovers made around the same time that hint at the recent direction of his li...view item »

Alias & Tarsier
Brookland / Oaklyn

Brookland/Oaklyn is in no small measure one of the highlights from the year 2006. The shear beauty of this album is difficult to is absolutely brilliant and replete with some of the finest production to come from Alias, in my opinion. Tarsier's voice is so hauntingly beautiful as it weaves in and out of the songs, and her stream-of-c...view item »


Do you want to float across pretty horizons while dreaming of nicer days? That’s all producer D33J ever does, and his new 12” EP Gravel is a fancy continuation of his work so far. Floaty beats and trippy vocals is really all you need to have a good night by yourself, and DEEJ wants to be there with you....view item »


I was quite a fan of Baths’ previous release ‘Cerulean’ which at its best took the Flying Lotus blueprint and re-housed it in navel gazing electronic indie pop. It was bold and accessible. I had really high hopes for this second release but opener &rs...view item »

Young Fathers
Tape One

Not heard much really good on Anticon for a long while but this really eats the proverbial biscuit. A hip hop troupe straight out of the mean streets of Edinburgh these lads bring an energy and invention otherwise unseen in (let’s call it) avant-hop for quite some time. But don’t fret this ain&rsquo...view item »


Produced by Jel and Odd Nosdam, with a bit of Why? thrown in and a Thee More Shallows...view item »

Kenny Dennis EP

It's not every day that a new Anticon release appears on our turntable so it always makes my ears prick up a little to find out what they are up to. My initial thoughts on this is that it's not at all what I expected  - it comes across initially like a deeply midwestern take on ...view item »

Raleigh Moncrief
Watered Lawn

The Sacramento based producer behind Dirty Projectors 'Bitte Orca' LP, Raleigh Moncrief emerges from behind the desk as an artist and songwriter in his own right. 'Watered Down' on the much debated Anticon label is Moncrief's debut and it's shockingly strange. It's no surprise this guy ha...view item »

Son Lux
We Are Rising

Don't underestimate Anticon is a mantra that should be repeated ad nauseum until your throat creaks forgiveness. Here is their latest missive from Son Lux who has apparently already released an album on the label but which has passed me by in the slew of other things going on to distract me/previous dithering of the not-always-on-the-ball pr...view item »


Baths is a the work of Will Wiesenfeld who is most notable for his Post-Foetus project. Here we see him having a bash at writing a modern hybrid form of dance orientated pop music that sits handily between previous Anticon releases and the slew of glow-fi, chillwave, psych pop that's doing such good business at the moment. This is a crazy fun re...view item »

The Nothing

Having been given the bulk of this weeks slop, its nice to know that hidden amongst it is a record I actually like. I was very impressed by Baths album earlier in the year and here they are with a 7" which, if you haven't already got the album, is a good place to start. They peddle something that sits somewhere between the clever nerd pop ...view item »

End It All

Yeah yeah yo! Beans returns with his fourth solo outing and it's a beast. After the pressure of producing the fifth album for his recently reunited left-field hip-hop outfit Anti-Pop Consortium Beans felt the need to blow off some steam and do something different and hence the arrival of 'End It All'. Here Beans concentrates on the rhymes and le...view item »

La Uti

That Black Moth Super Rainbow dude returns with a companion piece to the summer's 'Maniac Meat' LP. Here we get three brand new tracks accompanied by four super reworked numbers from 'Maniac Meat' with collaborative assistance provided by Anti-Pop Consortium, Doseone, Rob Sonic (Def Jux), Serengeti, Zackey Force Funk, Wham City associate Height,...view item »

Maniac Meat

Good to see Anticon back with a high profile release. Hopefully it will be a success if only in order to loosen up some funds for new Thee More Shallows and Bracken record......or maybe the type of really top quality avant hop which has been missing in action for some time. That said i'm on the fence about the merits of this record. Its the ...view item »

The Forcefield Kids

Restiform Bodies last year produced one of the finest alt hip-hop albums of all time for me personally. Now Passage from the collective has a solo thing out called "The Forcefield Kids" on Anticon. Starting off as a twisted tribute to Tubeway Army, this is truly groundbreaking stuff, what you'd expect from ...view item »

Telephone Jim Jesus (Restiform Bodies)
A Point Too Far To Astronaut

Here's something new on Anticon by Telephone Jim Jesus who is a member of Restiform Bodies. It's instrumental music in that Anticon style of not really being hip hop but not really being anything else either  - think Odd Nosdam, Dosh etc. The first track is incredibly Christmas-y. All cut up spoken...view item »

The Toss & Turn

Ok I'm confused. We're told this is the new Pedestrian 12" on Anticon though one side seems to be a collaboration with Sole and Jel called arrest the President. Its very old school electro hip hop with a neat Beach Boys sample in there. The A side by Pedestrian with contributions from Jel an...view item »

Elephant Eyelash

The new CD/LP from Why? is something of a masterpiece. He's a talented kid. Of all the Anticon crew he is the one that's moved the furthest away from the patented avant-hop sound & I'm sure this may have lost him a few fans along the way but it also sets him apart as the guy who will carry on releasing great records once the...view item »

Josiah Wolf
Jet Lag

I went to see Why? the other week. I was amazed at how many people were there and how brimming with enthusiasm they were. Brilliant. I had missed the support act Josiah Wolf. He is the brother of Yoni Wolf, the animal-from-the-muppets like drummer whose hair veers from a neat fuzz to full on wild afro mode depending on the time of year. Here is his...view item »

In The Loop: 5

Occasionally Dublab like to "present" us with a 12" LP from their ongoing series, 'In The Loop'. We're on volume 5 now, now released through Anticon, and my first encounter with the sleeve is fantastic! With great tracks comin' in yr ears from The Ruby Suns (turning in a very Beach Boys-esque number), Teengirl Fantasy (mogadon euphor...view item »

Darc Mind
Symptomatic Of Greater Ill

DARC MINDS a lost hip hop album from the 1990's on Anticon produced by Public Enemy collaborator X-Ray.. and I remember it was very cool with amazing flowing vocals without the need for bravado of bling. A very enjoyable trip round New York rhyming side streets with jazzy samples and sultry beats...view item »


I did really like the first couple of Themselves albums... I remember eventually tracking a copy of Them down on vinyl (top album) which made me well happy for a short time. It's still a great album and it's definitely my favourite Anticon thing. Lately the label has struggled to find it's identity releasing a bunch of uninspiring records which wer...view item »

13 & God
Men Of Station

After that breathtaking assault on my senses I have to admit a this collaboration between The Notwist & Themselves falls a tad flat. 13 & God's 'Men Of Station' sounds very polished, like a damp Lali Puna. The double 'A', 'Soft Atlas' fails to even register. This 12" is redeemed somewhat by a sympat...view item »


Hello Clint here. Can I just say the word 'autumnal' in relation to that last record? Thanks. Right onto the new stuff. First up Why? on Anticon. This is the first solo record from the cLOUDDEAD/Reaching Quiet guy. Its hip hop but not as we know it. Comes across more like a meeting of minds between ...view item »

The Sanddollars EP

Speaking of They Might Be Giants,  there is absolutely no reason for them to exist now that Why? sounds even more like them than he did before. No doubt this great new EP/mini LP  will get called avant-hop or whatever but there's not a slither of hip hop in it whatsoever. The initial impression of this is of intense irri...view item »

The No Music Of Aiff's

Sticking with Anticon stuff we got the Themselves remix LP and CD in. This is pretty useful 'n all with remixes from such bods as Hood (absolutely stunning mix), Themselves, Hrvatski, Notwist, Why?, Alias, Fog, Grapedope, Electric Birds and probably more people. His still retains the utter fre...view item »

Restiform Bodies
TV Loves You Back

Restiform Bodies have a brand new album out on Anticon. We loved their 1st album here. It was an inventive sprawl of wierd hip hop and pop all mushed together in a huge musical baguette. 'TV Loves You Back' continues the Restiform message with 10 tracks of pop fuelled leftfield hip hop. The first time I heard this I thought it was great. On 2nd lis...view item »

Odd Nosdam
Pretty Swell Explode

Judging from this collection of remixes and B-sides, featuring Black Moth Super Rainbow, Jessica Bailiff, Tarsier, Bracken of cD's beatmaker Odd Nosdam aka David Madson, I think "backpacker hip-hop" is when you put your drugs in that backpack, and lots of them. Madson's music is the sound of drugs, allowing the listener to peer through another d...view item »

Selling Live Water

The Anticon collective bring us a new release by Sole on dbl LP and CD. On the CD it says Jack Kerouac meets Ice Cube meets David Koresh which I think is probably fairly accurate. Superlative left field hip hop for you folks who want it a bit more interesting! Nice.... Selli...view item »

Odd Nosdam
Level Live Wire

Yes Yes YES!!! Odd Nosdam on anticon records. I chuffing love Odd Nosdam. His album Burner is such a sexy piece of work. His latest installment is called 'Level Live Wires' and It's a amazing journey through sound scapes and pop sensibilities with drones and field recordings complementing the guest musicians he brings in. These included Jessica Bay...view item »


Now we have Mansbestfriend with Poly.sci.187 which is almost a scrap book of clippings and ideas. Its a exciting fresh sounding album and the notes inside detail the eclectic nature which Sole goes about putting together his music together...... review terminated cos Phil's turned it down to an inaudible level.. oh the spirit of freedom, think I'l...view item »

Thee More Shallows
Book of Bad Breaks

The Thee More Shallows album is here!! Book of Bad Dreams is here on CD at the (vinyl to follow). Initially I was disappointed by this but after a few listens the disappointment was replaced with a feeling of partial enjoyment. I've heard it a good few times and it's not as immediate as the previous albums but ...view item »

SJ Esau
Wrong Faced Cat Feed Collapse

Following on from singles for Twisted Nerve and the split single with Bronnt Industries on Static Caravan, SJ ESAU make an appearance on Anticon. This fits neatly into the labels change of direction into more experimental indie territory. At the core this is very organic sounding with some folk leanings tende...view item »

Themselves, Sole, Various
Anticon Label Sampler 1999-2004

First up we have (and you know you want this) the Anticon label sampler 1999-2004 CD. This is 80 minutes long which is a long, long time. It has tracks on by Why?, Alias, Sole, Themselves, Odd Nosdam, Sage Francis, Jel, Restiform Bodies and a whole host of others (33 tracks in all). So if you're already d...view item »

Sage Francis
The Makeshift Patriot

Anticon alert..... Sage Francis releases a lovely blue vinyl 12" of yr leftfield hip hop type wears. Rather good is this. Quality leftfield hip hop as you'd expect from the Anticon maffis. The Makeshift patriot bumbles along in in Sage's own inevitable style......view item »

Pure Trash

So first up is the new Dosh LP/CD on Anticon C- Pleasant... it drifts along on the background. DB- a chilled and quirky electro hop oddysey though I didn't notice it was on. FB- Pleasant. Plinky....drifts along nicely. Like a good apple pie. A quality desert but you know there's better out there. C- (spat out ...view item »

Rubber Traits

Anticon Indie faves Why? release an enhanced CD single with a video for the 'Rubber Traits' track and 4 new tracks. 3 of which also feature on a 7" with different artwork but that wont play a video if you stick it in your computer. Expect the usual far out and deeply personal lyrics, restrained guitar and subtle drums. Their ...view item »


Jel is a bit of a hero of mine. Anticon's finest if you ask me. He can string beats together better than someone with a the most expensive beat stringing machine money can buy. Really. His new EP called WMD is an average hip hop affair with some dude ranting politics over it. Not overly impressed which is a shame. The flipside how...view item »

Alias & Ehren

First up Alias and Ehren on Anticon. This is an instrumental LP from the hip hopster and his mate (cousin I think). Anyway its boys in bedrooms hip hop-tronica with far too many wibbly solo's (for both sax and guitar) for my taste. Its reminicent of Boards of Canada in places but initially the sounds are cheap and the beats...view item »

Odd Nosdam

Odd Nosdam's 2nd album 'Burner'. That Jessica Bailiff collaboration wanked my face off on first listen it was sooo good & now we have a blistering slab of feral sonics masquerading as a hip hop (it's actually the future of music...) album. Dark, discordant, eerie, dissonant, beautiful. Like, on 1st listen, this is really what ...view item »

13 & God
13 & God

Listening to Dose One's verbal dexterity and musical daring get reigned in by the tasteful sophisto-pop lite of The Notwist on this new 13 & God collaboration is kind of an underground hip hop take on the catastrophe that a full on album length collaboration between Eminem and Elton John would bring. Ok, m...view item »

Odd Nosdam (featuring Jessica Bailiff)
Untitled Three

Charming collaboration of the week comes from Jessica Bailiff & Odd Nosdam on a 12" mini album through Anticon. 'Untitled Three' sounds like Low through a slow mo haze of ethereal hip hop euphoria. Further tracks come across like fascinating rough experimental cuts, echo chamber beats, accordion, spliced tape l...view item »


New one by Alias.  Average to good instrumental hip-hop with the odd highlight  such as the excellent collaboration with the Notwist dude (who adds typically Neil Tennant-esque vocals while he's there). The rest is kind of dark with bits of detached voices flying in and out of the mix. An...view item »


Dosh is some dude from Fog who are on Ninja Tune. Dosh isn't.... oh no... he's on cooler than thou Anticon label. I have to say I prefer this to any Fog stuff I've heard. Tis avant garde instrumental hip hop with lots of odd noises and strange beats. If yr a fan of the Anticon...view item »

The No Music

This is Dose One (cLOUDDEAD, Boom Bip and Dose One, Dose One and Subtle etc etc) and Jel (Anticon , Jel sometime cLOUDDEAD etc etc). As you might expect its mashed up lo-fi hip hop with Dose's surreal stream of conciousness word play...view item »