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All The Pictures Will Be Gone

Fabrizio Cacciamali’s debut as Wolke. A gentle soundscape of rhythms and sounds, tweaking areas of the audible spectrum rarely touched. Created in 2010-11 as a tribute to his deceased mother, this is a collection of textural beat driven ambiance created that uses organic hiss, pops and glitches to compliment sim...view item »


Bit of a quiet legend is this guy, Laurent Girard. He's been making sublime melodic electronica & sound-art with an organic edge for years, releases for electronische labels colossuses such as Static Caravan, Bad Boy Budgie and My Dad is an Antelope amongst others. The last two may be made up. Flicking through there's plenty of rich sonic de...view item »

Set Your Spirit Freak!

The Olympics are coming, as is Euro 2012, so there's bound to be lots of weepy TV montages of athletes who have fallen over, come last in the race or football teams who have lost in the quarter-finals after a dramatic but futile penalty shoot out. The BBC could do worse than use large swa...view item »

Assemblage Sessions 1

Not one but two compilations on Abandon Building are in stock hear at the towers. Waiting to be delivered to you by your humble postman so that you can give them a good home and discover some new music. 'Assemblage Sessions 1' is an 18 track showcase of skittering electronics and quality independent mus...view item »

Assemblage Sessions 2

'Assemblage Sessions 2' has a blistering 21 cuts. Can I be bothered to list all the artists? Oh go on then but only because I love you. Dooey Decibel, Michael Johnson, Siesta, Conrad Newholmes, Kilowatts, Gutevolk, Bacanal Intruder, Otem Rellik, Populous, Color Cassette, Adventure Time, Nara, Caural and Tran...view item »

Rid The Tree of Its Rain

'Rid The Tree of Its Rain' is the latest offering from DOF on Abandon Building. I've not heard this stuff before but it's sounding pretty decent on first listen. State river widening-esque acoustic guitars and banjo's duel with Remote Viewer style beats to create ambient acoustica you can sort of dance too, well toe tap at least. The guitar pl...view item »

Red Pine Pasture

Here's a quirky album by DOF called 'Red Pine Pasture'. His last album (Sun, Strength & Shield) was one of the finest examples of folktronica (I fucking hate that word but it does the job sometimes) that has graced my fat ears. On this new album you get a bunch of brand new tracks and a bunch of remixes. The new track see a change in direction ...view item »

Set In Sand
Nothing Against The Ocean

Some rather nice electronic gear from Set In Sand has just graced the stereo. It is a pleasant mix of pretty sparkling melodic electronics and beats, warm atmospheric, shimmering textures and a hip hop feel both in the beats and vocal delivery reminding me of Why? there are jazzier moments with horns, some cinematic post-rock moments and a sweet ac...view item »

Back Ted N Ted
Pop Animal

Back To Ted N Ted: 'Pop Animal' (Abandon Building) Coming from the same stable as Low In The Sky, these unfortunately named artists have the same sort of jazz/dub/pop sensibilities as their label mates. Adopting a similar sense of space and attention to detail that allows the sounds to breathe and envelop the listener, they use processed and found ...view item »

Low In The Sky
We Are All Counting On You William

Low In The Sky: 'We are all counting on you , William' (Abandon Building) I've been coerced into writing this review with a bit of bargaining to boot, an extra 10 minutes more than usual is now my allotted time in which to encourage you to get your ears round this our album of the week. From the off, what immediately comes to mind is the season we'...view item »

Sun, Strength And Shield

Unfortunately I don't have time to give DoF's' Mine is May' a listen from beginning to end but I will say that it begins with a gorgeous melody that Boards Of Canada would be proud of. Then lunges into some acoustic guitar strumming and fat electronic beat. The palate of sounds is very much the same as th...view item »

Mine Is May

Potential album of the week material here from DoF with a mighty fine CD 'Sun, Strength and Shield'. This is one of those albums that seemingly arrives from nowhere and completely takes you by surprise. Seemlessly fusing the organic with the synthetic, your ears are treated so some genuinely evocative melodies...view item »